Saturday 15 June 2024

State of The Nation : Meet The Direct Award Party (DAP)

I wonder where  Lim Kit Siang is hibernating because his beloved Democratic Action Party (DAP) is increasingly being laughed at as the Direct Award Party.

WORST still the DAP of 2024, no longer carries the voice of the man in the street, but rather it has become a party which kisses up to, and then willingly rolls over to be lackeys of the ultra rich and powerful.

Take for example, the MP for Kepong, Lim Lip Eng who was at the forefront READ : demanding that the approved permit business for automotives to be cancelled.

BUT now that his party is in power, and fuel subsidies are being dismantled, Lim Lip Eng has suddenly lost his boisterous voice.

PERHAPS, Lim Lip Eng is too engrossed with the Direct Award Party's Kepong office being used to bully READ : the condominium residents in Mont Kiara.

OR how about the Direct Award Party' willingly being the chief latchkey to Tony Fernandes in the award of the transit system project to a  company, which on paper is partially controlled by Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh’s husband.

WHY is the Selangor state government then delirious in this Direct Award Party' Transaction, which will see a company silently controlled by a billionaire receive state subsidies?

DOES this not defeat the entire rationale of culling fuel subsidies, or are we supposed to tighten our belts so that billionaires can have a free lunch?

THE Direct Award Party's transgression does not stop here. 

MOST recently, Housing minister, Nga Kor Ming says READ : has picked 200 of the ministry's staff to be online ambassadors and yet again no word from the Direct Award Party' on how much this will cost tax payers to fund these soldiers of fortune, or how they were selected or even if they are actually hired contractors from the notorious RED BEAN ARMY .