Friday 21 June 2024

State of the Nation : Meet the Three Men Fighting For Their Political Survival

HOW many Malaysian politicians have become Millionaires after being appointed as a state EXCO member or by winning a seat as a Member of Parliament? 

THE answer is too many. And how many of our Politicians are actually fighting for our wants and needs ?

THE answer is too few. And how many of our politicians are fighting for their own vested interest and their political lives ?

THE answer to that question  is too many. Take for example the question of BlackRock's investment in Malaysia Airports.

IS there really  groundswell support to kick BlackRock out of the deal to acquire a stake in Malaysia Airports? 

THE answer to that question is not really. Just have a look at the amount or to be precise the lack of support  to kick BlackRock out of the deal VIEW : on, where the movement have only managed to convince less than 8000 Malaysians since February to sign up for it

AND mind you, Change.Org was one of the most important platforms used to boot Muhyiddin Yassin out of office.

KHAIRY Jamaluddin and his stooge Muhammad Akmal Saleh are making noise because they want to be relevant.

ONE earns much better money legitimately or other wise as a politician rather than a DJ , while for Muhammad Akmal Saleh it's an opportunity to hide how he shamelessly  degraded himself and nodded like house kept poodle to the Melaka chief minister's suggestion READ : to appoint a women described by the legally appointed Government of China as not a socially responsible human being as the brand ambassador of Melaka.

LAST but not least, we have the member of Parliament of Kepong, who in his time of need READ : pleaded and received RM2 million for free from generous Malaysians so that he won't be declared a bankrupt, but has now turned a deaf ear to his fellow Malaysians being bullied by people from a COMMUNISTS nation. 

LIM Lip Eng is keeping his mouth shut, because it suits his political survival mode while READ : the MCA man who had become the voice of the resident's, has been summoned by the Police