Sunday 23 June 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : All Roads Lead To Revenue Group.

BESRA Gold , the gold mining company listed on the Australian stock exchange has been suspended from trading until Wednesday, June 26 2024. VIEW : BESRA Gold Suspended since middle of June from being traded. Notice Quantum Metal Recovery Inc

AND with that details are emerging, details that Kamari Zaman Juhari cannot deny that he was not privy too since those details are publicly available details, and Kamari Zaman Juhari, as at then chairman of Quantum Metal certainly has the skill sets to understand them.

WELL it turns out, that the main beneficiary of Quantum Metal Recovery Inc are not the B40 folks in Malaysia but Lim Khong Soon himself.

SO now Bank Negara Malaysia, you have a choice clamp down on Lim Khong Soon and Revenue Group's KAMARI Zaman Juhari or ....