Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Corruption @ The SC :. Where Are You Now?

was a top five dance hit on both sides of the Atlantic last year for Belgian DJ. Lost Frequencies and English single Calum Scott.

WONDER is all we can do to whatever happened to the following allegations :

1. HIGH ranking SC officials who received bribes in order to close an investigation into a public listed company involved in insider trading.

2. CONFLICT of interest by a board member totalling RM28.2 million in which the board member had interests in a company with work ties with the SC.

ONE can read more about this allegations and the reports made on this matter.  READ ;  Insider trading charges dropped by paying kick back,. report alleges

Like my favorite song 
Going round and 'round 
Where are you now?Where are you now?Where are you now?Where are you now?

IT  has been EIGHT months  now, the public has the right to be informed if the allegations made in the report specifically  with regards to taking kick backs to close insider trading investigation.

THE urgency has heightend,because journalist are being charged with criminal offenses after highlighting  stock market manipulation that may or may not include insider trading activities. READ : UiTM alumni : Stop shooting the messenger and start investigating the veracity of the message