Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Suara Tunku Abdul Rahman : The way it is!!!

is the chart topper from Bruce Hornsby & The Range, taken from their 1986 debut album, titled The Way It Is.

THE truth is still out there somewhere if indeed Suara Tengku Abdul Rahman is the real acronym for the STAR publication. READ :  There was a popular belief that The Star stood for Suara Tunku Abdul Rahman, or the Voice of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

THE STAR had a piece today on how READ : The Japanese YEN was sold out , with all those changing the money being mainly Chinese and then we have Tun Dr Mahathir making a claim that VIEW: The Chinese own half of the land in West Malaysia .

YET, if the internet is to be believed, Malaysia is READ The second most racist country in the world.  

Standing in line, marking timeWaiting for the welfare dime'Cause they can't buy a jobThe man in the silk suit hurries byAs he catches the poor old ladies' eyesJust for fun he says, "get a job"
That's just the way it isSome things'll never change

SO are we a racist country or are we just helping the wrong set of people?  VIEW : Anak hidup mewah travel merata, naik kereta mahal, tunang naik first class.