Monday, 26 September 2022

SGD10,000 notes : Sang Penikam

is a song from Noh Salleh released in 2014.  The single is taken from the album Angin Kencang.

THE angin is memang Kencang to tarnish the public perception against UMNO president Zahid Hamidi by a host of bloggers on how the SD10,000 notes  can fit in a single envolope . VIEW:  Singapore has 10,000 NOTES that can fill a single envolope..

Kau kan memburukuDalam bencimuDa da da da
Dalam terang malam
Ku cari semua yang telah padamDari suaramuDendam

IT is true that Singapore has the SGD10,000 notes and it is true that it is legal tender, but there are other truths about this SGD10,000 notes that are not being told, for unknown reasons.

SINCE 2014, Singapore has stopped issuing these 10,000 Singapore Dollar Notes. READ:  Singapore to stop issuing SGD10,000 notes in a bid to stop money laundering activities.

SO anyone who has this notes will probably have to provide their details such as name and IC number if they wish to cash out . ALSO READ : Some SGD10,000 notes were withdrawn as early as 1989