Sunday, 25 September 2022

Ringgit now going for RM4.74 per : American Dollars.

is a song from the Toronto based experimental pop project consisting solely of American musicians and record producer Meghan Remy .

COMMERCIAL bank RHB will only part with the US dollar if you are willing to pay RM4.74  for every dollar.  This is a steep premium to official exchange rate of RM4.58.  VIEW : Official RHB Exchange Rate

Numbers on a screen mean nothin' to meWe're on the same boat but different seatsAnd how could you ever believeIt's not personal it's business

OTHER commercial banks were a tad bit kinder,. with Bank Islam demanding only RM4.63 for every dollar,.while Maybank wants RM4.64

ALL these points to a stronger dollar in the coming weeks that can run helter skelter in November if the floods are bloody enough.

WHERE is that Jihad minister who is supposed to put inflation to sword????? READ : Annuar Musa : Jihad Force Will Not Be Disbanded.