Wednesday 28 September 2022

Ismail Sabri : Running Out of Time

is a song taken from Simple Plan's third studio album the self titled 2008 release, which made the top ten in atleast five major countries, including Brazil and the USA.

THERE is no denying Ismail Sabri  has been a fairly decent Prime Minister but the Premier is Running OUT OF TIME .

You're stuck in your old mentalityYou can try to lead us on 
But there's no one else to blameWon't be left to clean the mess
When you're gone
We're running out of timeAnd you just don't get it.

THE primier should decide if he still wants to be the Prime Minister.  Because if he does then he should cut down on the READ : Enough with the cuti cuti luar negeri.

YESTERDAY, the stock exchange fell during intra day trading to a fresh 52 week low, the Ringgit looks like it's heading towards RM4.70 to the dollar and the flood season has begun. 

THE Prime Minister should get on with the job or call for fresh elections, so that he can be out of a job.