Tuesday 26 September 2023

BERNAS did not pursue it, but Anwar Ibrahim must do it, by pursuing the Bukit Bintang Option in revitalising Paddy as a commercial crop.

WITHIN the borders of Bukit Bintang, in plain sight for everyone to see, lays one of the powerful options, Malaysia can use to revitalise and rebrand the paddy sector.

STRANGE, as it may seen, Bukit Bintang known more for its vibrant massage parlours, is harbouring a huge slice of the key, that can unlock paddy yield potentials to the point, it becomes commercially viable to make a decent living as a rice farmer.

WHY did Syed Mokthar's Bernas not pursue the Bukit Bintang option to boost yields,  when one of Bernas functions was to ensure that Malaysia achieved 100 per cent sustainable rice self  sufficiency?

WAS  it because the Bukit Bintang is mere hype or is it because the Bukit Bintang option is armed with the tools ,to give Malaysia, that one giant leap into self sufficiency,  that would result in Bernas having to close shop. 

WHATEVER, the reason is the Prime Minister, should take the Apex role in pursuing  this option  to the fullest.

SANDWICHED between swanky up market Bukit Bintang , and the seedier part of the city at Level 7, Menara Yayasan Tun Razak, 200 Jalan Bukit Bintang, is home to the Taipei  Economic and Cultural Centre, which represents Taiwan's interest in Malaysia. 

AGRICULTURE contributes VIEW : merely 1.4 per cent of Taiwan's GDP in 2022. The low contribution to GDP is understandable because of Taiwan's  READ : 60 per cent domination of the world semi conductor market and 90 per cent hold on more sophisticated chops

TAIWAN's yields are READ : as comparable with top rice yield producer, China which averages about 6.5 ha per tonne, with the core difference being  the Taiwanese rice are of  better quality and of a higher grade. 

TAIWAN aside, others which we should look at is  Egypt and how it transformed itself into rice self sufficiency . READ : United Nations backed rice cultivation project harvest a world record setting yield of 9.5 tonnes per ha in 2005.

BUT why the emphasis on Taiwan instead of Egypt then? Obviously,  Taiwan's superior paddy sees know how and its ability to cut water utilisation are mere bonuses in the scheme of things.

TAIWAN stands out, because the nation state has proven time after time, its ability to deliver results  well beyond her shores,  meaning  in Taiwan, we have a ready made partner who has proven expertise and experience in delivering the  goods globally.