Monday 25 September 2023

The Rice Blame Game : Malu Berani, Mati Takut!

MALU berani, mati takut is his one would describe a coward in Malay, without having to use tbe word Pengecut or Coward.

ONE can sence, when it comes to the issue of rice, Bersatu and Perikatan Nasional  have been infected with a huge doze of the Malu Berani, Mati Takut syndrome. 

INSTEAD of coming out to challenge the Government on the management of rice. BERSATU  and Perikatan Nasional have decided to send VIEW  : three idiots to do their bidding on the Tik Tok platform of misinformation.

I know it's rude to label people as idiots bit when the shoe fits, then there is no running away.  The three who are paid Perikatan Nasional operatives have  asked the following questions like why the government of Malaysia did not stock more rice and also why did the government not lock in foreign rice buyers.

THE reason is simple, because the Perikatan Nasional leader, when he was Prime Minister signed off a ten year concession to Bernas and READ :76 days latter, the Bernas owner Syed Mokthar gave Bersatu RM195 million.

UNDER the concession , it is Bernas which will acquire , store and manage rice stock pile and it is BERNAS who will procure on its own  rice from abroad .

WHY is Perikatan Nasional so sheepish with Bernas? is it because, of the RM195 million lolly pop given by Syed Mokthar?

THE Rice mess we have today is mess created by Perikatan and covered up by Ismail Sabri.