Friday 23 February 2024

Najib Razak/ Anwar Ibrahim ; When Two Tribes Go To War

SINCE  October last year, there were already whispers that Najib Razak, wasn't happy anymore with Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim.

TO their credit, both men had kept it cordial and civil, up to last week, when the cold truce, had been official broken .

BACK in January 31 2024, short of calling Fahmi Fadzil an idiotic, moronic, bonafide but as yet to be certified baboon, I had chosen to be a bit more diplomatic READ : by stating, that the failed actor cannot even be quantified as half decent in his role as the PKR information chief

THE reason for my cordial description of Fahmi Fadzil, was in part due VIEW : to the Information chief of Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia, Wan Hadi saying PH needs Najib Razak badly

I guess everyone in town with the EXCEPTION of supposedly the chief communicator of Madani Government Fahmi Fadzil, was already in the loop that the relationship between the Anwar Ibrahim camp and team Najib Razak, NO LONGER  EXiST .

BEING incompetent, Fahmi Fadzil's communication team at Jabatan Komunikasi Komuniti (J-KOM), allowed Anwar Ibrahim to be wrongly held responsible for the steep slide in the Ringgit DESPITE WARNINGS from, READ STATE Street Corp, which manages US$3.2 trillion, that the Ringgit is on a one way ticket to RM5 at the slightest hint of political trouble in Malaysia

SOME 20 something days after the PKR communication team had toasted, and placed Najib Razak on their heads, the information chief of Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia, Wan Hadi has boosted his credibility to that of a DONKEY ASS, by now VIEW : singing a very NEGATIVE tune about Najib Razak.

IT was team Najib Razak which actually drew first blood, when an old close friend of Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution, from his days in PAS, but now seen as a Najib Razak loyalist VIEW : openly mocked the Prime Minister on the state of the Ringgit.

ANWAR Ibrahim, should shoulder the blame, on why Team Najib Razak feels secure and brave enough to go head on with the Prime Minister.

THE  Prime Minister had been repeatedly told, that, his blue eyed boy Fahmi Fadzil doesn't have the intellectual capacity to even come up with a poorly done half baked communiation strategy, and having  those loser types piggy back for a free ride, might cost Anwar Ibrahim his job.

ANWAR Ibrahim cannot have the cake and eat it too. The Prime Minister will have to choose now, if he still wishes to have READ : An Abang Adik Relationship With Syed Mokthar or kick start his reform agenda by killing off Bernas.

IF he chooses, Syed Mokthar, then the conclusion on the winner of this tribal war, is one that is cast in stone.

POLITICALLY,  Anwar Ibrahim, should no longer look at Syed Mokthar as merely READ ; the RM195 million cash donor to Bersatu, or the owner of BERNAS, which allegedly had help finance Bersatu with an additional RM300 million.

HE should be looking at Syed Mokthar as the ultimate owner of BERSATU.