Saturday 3 February 2024

Ringgit Malaysia, under a clear and present danger, warns, a trillion US Dollar Fund.

THE lust for power, or maybe  it's the love for Najib Razak.  Call it what you wish, but Anwar Ibrahim's Government should use the law to stop to conversations on Najib's sentence reduction,spilling over to a bona fide financial crisis.

EITHER  politicians such as UMNO Youth leader, Muhamad Akmal Saleh learn to put Malaysia's interest ahead of Najib Razak, or what will be heading  our way is a currency crisis cooked up by immature politicians. READ : Hamzah Zainuddin has his eye on the Singapore Dollar's incredible strength against the Ringgit ',

STATE Street Corp , READ : The World's third largest asset manager with nearly USD $3.2 trillion in assets under management (AUM), has already sounded off a WARNING for and to MALAYIA.

KNOWING the dire situation which we find ourselves in, those intending to cause uncertainty by deception, should be slapped with economic sabotage charges against them, or to put it simply economic treason  charges against the state.

IT is okay for have strong opinions and it is also okay to voice them out , but what is not okay is for POLITICIANS to say READ : We were played out.

THE UMNO Youth head should come out and state who played who out and how.  Merely leaving questions hanging in the air , is  very poor leadership by Akmal Saleh.

THOSE who have actually been played OUT the B40, mostly Malay Paddy farmers, who after 67 years of independence, READ : still see a quarter of farmers earn 300 per cent less than foreign workers who take home about RM1800. Our farmers only take home RM600 a month

APART  from one or twoTik Tik clips from Akmal Saleh, i have seen no outrage from this man, that too many farmer, are taking second and third jobs to feed themselves.

THEY have no voice, TV Crews or , quick Tik Tok  clips to chronicle their suffering. The UMNO of today, with the likes of Akmal Saleh are only there for them , when the paddy farmers plight makes the TV3 NEWS @ 8pm.

UMNO had left the building long time ago, with Najib Razak being one of the few in UMNO, who actualy got on well with the people and is very much liked.

THE fresh batch of UMNO leaders today are  yuppies with I phones plus Starbucks coffee in hand.

NOT forgetting for a second , the fresh batch also process  extra ordinary THICK SKIN, that allows them to have no remose,no shame and no outrage that after 67 years of mostly UMNO rule, 25 per cent of Malaysian farmers earn nearly 30O per cent less that Bangladesh workers who can't even spell straight in MALAY .