Sunday 31 March 2024

Quantum Metal's April Fool's day starts early on March 31

APRIL fool's day came a day earlier for Quantum Metal investors as some of its so called partners in crime consultants and QM leaders have started to VIEW : delete their Tik Tok accounts and block QM investors .

QUANTUM Metal had mis used the name of Islam with the help from the likes of VIEW : Ahmad Dusuki Abd Rani, who is part of the PAS Dewan Ulama Negeri Selangor and economically hard pressed Malays via groups such as VIEW : Semboyan Dan Quantum Metal berpisah tiada.

NOW some of the Quantum Metal consultants who just months ago vouched VIEW : Quantum Metal saya pandai . . kelebihan quantum metal are now wearing their Arabic gowns  VIEW : to advice investors on what will happen if Quantum Metal were to go down.

EXPECT police reports to start flying soon, with much hope placed on the inspector general of police, who seems to be tuned to the pulse of the people to lead the charge for justice