Tuesday 26 March 2024

Salam 31 TAN shocker ; Quantum Metal Won't Meet March 31st Deadline To Return Investors Money

QUANTUM Metal, the company founded by Lim Khong Soon, and supported by Malay rights advocate Yusuf Azmi of Semboyan, actor Azad Jasmin John Louis Jefri, and the medical doctor who had his license to practise, stripped by the Malaysia Medical Council, Che Rozmey Che Din has a new shocker in store.

HAVING, shocked middle Malaysia, with its ludicrous claim READ : of having gold assets to the tune of 31 tonnes, just 7.8 tonnes short of Bank Negara Malaysia's gold holdings, Quantum Metal had deliberately targeted, Malaysia's most vulnerable member ; the lesser educated B40 group, by using a mixture of religion and false promises. READ : Quantum Metal Ikhlas dan tulus bantu golongan B40.

THE latest, TALL GRAND MOTHER tale coming out from Quantum Metal insiders, is that the company, will not be able to meet it's own March 31 deadline to return B40 investors the principal amount they had invested with the company.

IF indeed, Quantum Metal fails to return the cash as promised on the deadline date, the Royal Malaysian Police Force should immediately detain and arrest, the entire Quantum Metal team.

NO  one is a saint here, but it really takes A SPECIAL TYPE OF EVIL to go out of their way to cause misery to the POOR