Thursday 13 December 2018

Malaysia. The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

Was a really big big global hit for Imany a couple of years back.

The good, the bad and the crazy concerning Malaysia are as follows.

The Good. Brent Crude oil looks poised to trade at US$75 a barrel average price next year. Currently is about US$61 a barrel. This should help Malaysia earn some extra dollar gain earnings as petroleum related exports account for 15 per cent of our income.

The Bad. Well, this is not really bad. According to Fitch, the Malaysian Ringgit will be at RM4.33 against the Ringgit in 18 months time. Should help export related companies, but is massive ego dent for us Malaysians .

The Crazy. Anwar Ibrahim. Just last month, he was seen smiling at the parliment lobby with disgraced Tabung Haji supremo Azeez.  Yesterday, according to Nazri Aziz, if Anwar Ibrahim becomes the Prime Minister , then Najib Razak will no longer be shamed with so many court appearance and multiple posting of court bails. And why is this so? Has any of the charges against Najib been made up? Or is Anwar Ibrahim saying under him rule of law will die and the rule of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will prevail? The only person who looks likely to stop Anwar Ibrahim from becoming Prime Minister is AI himself

Thursday 15 November 2018

Malaysia. High Hopes

Is a current top 30 dance hit for Panic!!at the disco. When Dr Mahathir's Pakatan Harapan swept into power, this nation had high hopes, that we once again will be able to feel prosperity and not merely read about it .

Looks like, Malaysia is on the verge of facing its first real economic test. Like it or not, we are all counting on Dr Mahathir to pull a rabbit out of the hat and save us.

Bloomberg has the story on why, mayhem is about to come calling. Read below :

Malaysia’s Market Calm Rests on Sticky Foundations

The ringgit and stocks have remained relatively stable thanks to the rising price of oil. With that support removed, things could get messy.

By Shuli Ren

Shuli Ren is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering Asian markets. She previously wrote on markets for Barron's, following a career as an investment banker, and is a CFA charterholder.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has been lucky, so far.

His country looks to have come out of this year’s emerging-markets rout largely unscathed. The ringgit has fallen only 3.4 percent against the dollar, while the MSCI Malaysia Index has dipped a mere 5.9 percent, compared with a 16 percent slump for the broader emerging-markets gauge.

Beneath the calm is a steady exodus by foreign investors, though. They started selling Malaysian bonds as soon as Mahathir won the May election, driving cumulative withdrawals this year to almost $3 billion.

Mahathir Slump

Foreign bond investors quickened the pace of selling after Malaysia's elections in early May

Source: Bloomberg

To plug the hole, the government is increasingly relying on local demand, by issuing sukuk, or bonds that comply with Islamic law. As of 2017, the $195 billion Employees Provident Fund had 23 percent of its assets allocated to government debt, from only 18 percent three years earlier.

Rise Of Islamic Bonds

Local banks and pension funds are replacing foreigners as buyers of government bonds, while Malaysia is relying on sukuk issues to cater to local demand

Source: Morgan Stanley

Note: 2018 as of September.

One can’t help questioning whether Malaysia can become self-reliant. Mahathir certainly thinks so, having canceled the Chinese-funded East Coast Rail Link after campaigning against undue influence from the nation. That decision alienated Beijing, a driving force behind foreign direct investment in Malaysia in recent years.

But foreigners still owned about 23 percent of Malaysian government bonds as of September — a high proportion by international standards. These investors are being spooked by the prospect of a twin deficit, a taboo that Mahathir is testing.

The country is pushing its budget deficit to the highest in five years. Meanwhile, its current account surplus will undoubtedly narrow if the bear market in oil persists.

Mounting Debt

Malaysia expects its fiscal deficit to reach a five-year high as a share of GDP

To be sure, Mahathir was dealt a bad hand by the government of his predecessor Najib Razak. Collectively, the 70 billion ringgit ($16.7 billion) he needs to shell out to service tax refunds and debt payments on behalf of troubled state fund 1MDB account for 30 percent of government income. 

The new government is adding to the pressure, though. Mahathir repealed a 6 percent goods and services tax that contributed about 20 percent of the government’s total income last year. 

The tax burden will fall instead on state-owned oil and gas giant Petroliam Nasional Berhad. The government plans to claw out 54 billion ringgit in dividends from Petronas next year, double the 26 billion ringgit it received in 2018. That’s a big ask, given the company’s 93 percent payout ratio and falling oil prices.

National Service

Malaysia wants Petronas to more than double its dividend next year, which would probably raise its payout ratio above 100 percent

To make matters worse, similarly rated oil exporters from the Gulf will be entering JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s emerging-markets government bond indexes next year. Unlike Malaysia, Saudi Arabia is narrowing its fiscal deficit faster than expected, while Abu Dhabi will record a surplus soon.

Meanwhile, putting a larger share of Malaysia’s pension fund into fixed-income may not be serving the country’s interests. Most of the world, including Japan and South Korea, is walking the other way. The best-performing pension funds last year had the highest proportionof assets in equities, according to a recent study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Malaysia’s calm has been underpinned by rising prices for its oil exports. As the black gold hits the skids, we may start to see what a fragile veneer that was.

Monday 12 November 2018

Ringgit Malaysia. Electricity

Is the hit from Silk City and Dua Lipa. Looks like the electricity has hit the Ringgit. The currency touched RM4.20 to the US Dollar today, before easing to RM4.19.

This is just the begining....the voltage hasn't hit top notch yet, and even the Rupiah has become a bit more expensive.

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Stock market. Firestone

Is the hit from Kygo. For those of you who believe that the 400 point upward swing by the Dow Jones, means that the equity markets have stabilised, please think again.
In Malaysia, the situation is actually more chronic, with RM10 billion net outflow in the first ten months of the year, which comes up to RM1 billion a month or RM30 million a day for every single day of the month.
There is a Firestone about to hit us.
Read MarketWatch from the godfather himself :

‘Godfather’ of chart analysis says ‘damage done to the stock market’ is much, much worse’ than anyone is talking about

Acampora tells MarketWatch that the action under way in the stock market reminds him of the 1987 crash

Ralph Acampora is bearish on stocks

Prominent market technician Ralph Acampora says the stock market is in bad shape and it’s worse than many on Wall Street investors appreciate.

A pioneer in the field of chart-based trading, Acampora said the technical damage that has resulted in the Dow Jones Industrial AverageDJIA+1.77% and the S&P 500 index SPX+1.57% erasing all of their gains for 2018, and the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP+1.58%falling into correction territory—usually characterized as a decline of at least 10% from a recent peak—will take months to repair.

“From a technical perspective, the damage that has been done technically to the stock market is much, much worse than people are talking about,” he told MarketWatch in a phone interview on Tuesday.

Acampora cited a break down of so-called FANG stocks—a quartet of technology and internet-related companies that include Facebook Inc. FB+2.91% Inc.AMZN-0.55% Netflix Inc.NFLX+0.34% and Google-parent Alphabet Inc. GOOGL+1.43% —as the clearest sign that the worm has turned on the bull market.

On Monday, those names, which have been significant catalysts for market sentiment and price moves, shed a combined $120 billion in market value. On top of that, Amazon became the most recent of that group to close in bear-market territory, defined as drop of at least 20% from a recent peak.

“I’ve been a bull for a long, long time and like everyone, I was waiting for a correction but this is something different,” said Acampora, who many chartists refer to as the “godfather” of technical analysis.

Monday 29 October 2018

Ringgit Malaysia. Venom

Is a hit now in the UK for rapper Eminem. On September 30th, I wrote the Ringgit would trade at RM4.18 against the US Dollar the following week.
I won't spit any venom, because the Ringgit did not fall to RM4.18 against the dollar anytime between October 1 and October 7th.
22 days latter though, it's a different story. The Ringgit now is at RM4.18 to the dollar, and the sun doesn't seem like it will rise anytime soon underneath the redeemer and the sky.
But, you can be assured that at this level there is more to come and plenty of VENOM!!!

Saturday 20 October 2018

MyEG + Datasonic : IRIS

Is the smash hit from 20 years ago from the goo goo dolls. With the MACC saying that it has not cleared any company (MyEG & Datasonic) with regards to the corruption case of Zahid Hamidi, expect a killing field on Monday.

If nothing happens within the next 39 hours, to clear Datasonic & MyEG, the knives will be out on Monday.

All this will only benefit IRIS, which currently trades at 17 Sen. 

The Star has the story, which has basically placed MyEG & Datasonic in a COFFIN. Read below : 

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will investigate all the companies involved in the case of Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who was charged with abuse of power and corruption on Friday (Oct 19).

MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Datuk Seri Azam Baki said any company and person involved in corrupt activities will not escape investigation.

"We investigate whoever is involved in corruption, so far one company has said they are not involved... it is up to them to say. The clarification will come from MACC, if our investigation shows that the company is not involved in any corruption, they are not guilty," he told reporters after the IBR oath-taking ceremony of the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) at the Malaysian Badminton Academy here Saturday (Oct 20).

Wednesday 10 October 2018

2019. Rock you like a hurricane

Is the massive 1984 hit by the Scorpions. We all know by now that the Dow Jones has been rocked like a hurricane, with the index falling by more than 800 points.

The Dow now is in bear territory but don't expect a big index effect on the local stock market. For sure MMC and Gamuda will get hit. Pentmaster and Frontken will also see some pressure.

There is one stock though, which won't be moving up or down this round. I shall write more about this stock latter now.

For now, she is resting in order to rock you like a hurricane in 2019.

Sunday 30 September 2018

Ringgit Malaysia. Killshot

Is turning out to be one of the most popular rap song ever. The single is from Eminem, taken from the album kamakazie.

Ringgit currently trades at RM4.14 to the US Dollar. This coming week looks like the killshot for the Ringgit, with the currency expected to come under pressure and test the RM4.18 to RM4.20 level.

ING Barrings meanwhile says that the Ringgit will hit RM4.25 to the dollar. Me thinks that the Ringgit will be RM4.30 come Jan 2019. Anyway this is what ING said:

Article19 September 2018Reading time 4 minutes

Malaysia: Enjoying the lowest inflation in Asia

Inflation missed estimates again in August. But with sufficiently positive real interest rates, the Malaysian ringgit will remain among Asia's top-performing currencies in the remainder of the year, and probably beyond. The risk to our end-2018 USD/MYR rate forecast of 4.25 is tilted more to the downside than to the upside

Thursday 20 September 2018

Lucky You

Is the latest rap single from Eminem ft Joyner Lucas. For those of you looking for the next big investment in the world now that the sun has stopped shining on crypto currency.
Lucky You. The next big this is a familiar product which most of us would have used at one point in our life time, but am too embarrassed to admit it.
Lucky you, has the story :
How the Canadian cannabis company Tilray became worth more than American Airlines

The pot company’s stock has only been public since July. And it’s making many people — including Peter Thiel — very rich.

The Canadian cannabis producer Tilray became the first marijuana company to go public on the Nasdaq in July. Its initial share price: $17. As of a month ago, its price had about doubled, to around $35. But in recent days, Tilray’s stock has skyrocketed well past $200. The company is now worth more than $20 billion — more than American Airlines, Expedia, and pharmaceutical company Mylan.

So what gives?

Based in the Vancouver Island town of Nanaimo in Canada, Tilray, according to its website, is dedicated to “cultivating and delivering the benefits of medical cannabis safely and reliably.” Its revenues were just $20 million last year, but because Canada is about to legalize marijuana in October, its business prospects recently have become much more attractive.

Saturday 11 August 2018

Ringgit. No Brainer

Is the hit single from DJ Khaled, currently riding high on the UK charts.

It's a no brainer that the Ringgit currently trading at 4.08 to the US Dollar is going slide further beyond the RM4.10 mark before the coming week is over.

Already RHB is selling the Ringgit at RM4.21 to the dollar, while CIMB and Maybank has it at RM4.17 and RM4.14 respectively.

The wide discrepancy in the sale of currency between the three major banks is a firm indication that even the bank's don't know for sure yet, how low the Ringgit will go.

Saturday 21 July 2018

War Song

Is a 1984 hit for the Culture Club. According to Bloomberg, the war has started and Malaysia is standing straight on the firing line .

Read below :

The currency war has arrived.

So say some of the best and brightest in the $5.1 trillion-per-day foreign-exchange market. U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday accused China and the European Union of “manipulating their currencies and interest rates lower.” The comments came after the yuan plunged to its lowest level in a year, with little sign of China’s central bank intervening to stem the slide. They also follow a decline in the euro this year and add to the calculus that European Central Bank policy makers might need to consider when they meet next week.

As the world’s largest economies open up a new front in their increasingly acrimonious game of brinkmanship, the consequences could be dire -- and ripple far beyond the U.S. and Chinese currencies. Everything from equities to oil to emerging-market assets are in danger of becoming collateral damage as the current global financial order is assailed from Beijing to Washington.

“The real risk is that we have broad-based unravelling of global trade and currency cooperation, and that is not going to be pretty,” said Jens Nordvig, Wall Street’s top-ranked currency strategist for five years running before founding Exante Data LLC in 2016. Trump’s recent rhetoric “is certainly shifting this from a trade war to a currency war.”

China’s shock devaluation of the yuan in 2015 provides a good template for what the contagion might look like, according to Robin Brooks, the chief economist at the Institute of International Finance and the former head currency strategist at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Risk assets and oil prices would likely tumble as worries about growth arise, hitting currencies of commodity-exporting countries particularly hard -- namely, the Russian ruble, Colombian peso and Malaysian ringgit -- before taking down the rest of Asia.

Friday 6 July 2018


Is currently riding at number one in the UK charts. The single is by George Ezra.
It seems that the crude oil price is beginning to act like a shotgun pointed on the head of Barisan Nasional and Najib Razak.
It's also a shot gun which Dr Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim will most likely use to blow away Barisan Nasional and Najib Razak.
Regardless of the politics, if what CNBC reports becomes reality, than this shotgun is good news indeed for Malaysia.
Read part of the report below :
Big oil is sowing the seeds for a 'super-spike' in crude prices above $150, Bernstein warns

Tom DiChristopher@tdichristopher

Oil prices could top all-time highs as energy companies invest too little money in new production, Bernstein Research warns.The underinvestment could cause a super-spike "potentially much larger than" $150 a barrel.Reinvestment in oil reserves is the lowest in a generation, while the amount of time those reserves will last has shrunk since 2000, according to Bernstein.

Sunday 1 July 2018

Ringgit 4.04. Enter Sandman

Is the massive massive ever green hit from heavy metal band Metallica.

The sandman is back for the currency but this time, we're not off yet to never never land

You need RM4.04 to buy one US Dollar now. This is good for exporters, but others will rightly tell you that RM4.04 to the dollar, there is a huge mismatch as the Ringgit should be at RM3.80.

That though, is just one side of the story. Now for RM1000 you can now get 3.54 million Indonesian Rupiah. A couple of months ago, perhaps you'd be lucky to get 3 million Indonesian Rupiah.

RM2.86 now can get one Sing dollar, a couple of months ago, you needed RM3 to get one Sing dollar.

Saturday 30 June 2018

Zahid Hamidi. Girls like you

Is the hit that just won't die by Maroon5 & rapper Cardi B.

Something else, that just won't die is a statement made by Zahid Hamidi that he had met the Arabian who donated US$700 million to Najib.

"Girls like you", will now have to anwser to the law, and it's not going to be pretty.

The star has the story and much more on the newly minted UMNO president from INDONESIA. Read Below :

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will have to face graft investigators who will be calling him tomorrow to seek an explanation on the alleged use of funds belonging to a foundation.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Com­mission officers are also expected to take statements on his purported meeting with a member of Saudi Arabia’s royal family who is said to have donated money to former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Highly-placed sources said the former deputy prime minister will be asked to explain allegations that funds from the foundation were used to pay off credit cards belonging to him and his wife amounting to RM800,000.

Dr Ahmad Zahid is the chairman of the foundation. Records showed the foundation was registered in 1997 and its role is to receive and administer funds to eradicate poverty.

It is understood that sources had found several documents showing payment transactions for him and his wife.

“Investigators will also be asking about a statement which he made about him meeting a Saudi prince. We would like to find out more about this person whom he is said to have met and what transpired during the meeting,” said a source.

On Aug 22, 2015 Dr Ahmad Zahid, who was speaking at the opening of Sri Gading Umno division, said that he had met the wealthy Arab family who donated US$700mil that was channelled into Najib’s personal account.

Friday 29 June 2018

Coming soon. RISE

Is the smash hit from Jonas Blue with a little help from Jack & Jack.

Looks like Malaysia will also be getting a little help from upstairs, as oil is poised to RISE to US$90 a barrel.

CNBC has the story with a little help from the Bank of America :
soon push oil prices above $90 a barrel, Bank of America Merrill Lynch says

“We are in a very attractive oil price environment and our house view is that oil will hit $90 by the end of the second quarter of next year,” Hootan Yazhari, head of frontier markets equity research at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said.On Tuesday, the U.S. demanded that all countries halt imports of Iranian crude from early November. The Trump administration’s hardline position comes as part of a broader push to try to further isolate Tehran both politically and economically.

Thursday 28 June 2018

Oil. Better now

Is the smash hit from Post Malone.

Oil prices are better now, and this bodes well for Mahathir's new Malaysia.

Market Watch has the story on Oli prices. Read below :

Oil prices climbed Thursday, with the U.S. benchmark again marking its highest level since 2014 in the wake of the biggest weekly decline of the year for domestic crude supplies and ongoing global output risks.

Traders also showed concerns that U.S. sanctions on Iranian oil and production issues at a Canadian oil sands facility will contribute to tighter global supplies.

Natural-gas prices, meanwhile, finished lower after a U.S. government report revealed an upward revision to previously reported weekly stockpiles of the fuel.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange, August West Texas Intermediate crude CLQ8-0.05% added 69 cents, or nearly 1%, to settle at $73.45 a barrel, for its highest finish since Nov. 26, 2014.

Thursday 21 June 2018

Lim Guan Eng. Nice for what

Is the smash hit from drake, currently sitting at number one on the US Top 40.

Some politicians are blaming Lim Guan Eng for the slide in the stock market, supposedly for exposing the people who stole Malaysia's money.

Yes, the stock market is falling, but Lim Guan Eng need to be nice for what?

Malaysia's economy is not run by the stock market and the Malaysian composite index is so artificial because 70 per cent of the float is owned by government linked entities such as EPF and PNB.

Obviously, the government has made a decision not to support the market heavily, in the face of foreign money exiting our equity market.

Be nice for what to foreign funds existing the markets, considering that oil prices are now at USD 80 per barrel and look to hit USD100 before year end.

The Malaysian economy should do better, so be nice for what to stock market speculators?

By the way, very little foreign money has exited from the bond market, meaning the serious money is still here in Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday 17 June 2018

UMNO President. Yes Indeed.

Is the smash hit from Lil Baby & Drake.

Yes indeed there are seven contestant for the UMNO presidency.

The seventh contestant is Khairy Jamalludin, whoes father in law Abdullah Ahmad Badawi brought Jho Low to corporate Malaysia.

At that time, talk in town was and now still is, Jho Low is a close friend of Khairy Jamalludin while they were in the United Kingdom .

Khairy Jamalludin is said to have the backing of failed media chief Kalimullah Hassan, whoes brother in law runs Malaysian Insight.

Looks like the fourth floor boys after plundering Malaysia, now wants one final shot, this time to plunder UMNO itself.

Below is the seven humans, who believe they can lead UMNO back to Putrajaya. Good luck to them, Yes Indeed, we have a better chance of striking the 6/49 number, than UMNO coming back to power with zero game plan!!!

Monday 28 May 2018

Malaysia. No money

Is a smash hit for Galantis. Talk in town is, Malaysia is going to come up with a new set of currency.

The new money will be in RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50, RM100 and perhaps the re introduction of the RM1000 notes.

Sunday 27 May 2018

Never Enough (the greatest showman)

Is the smash hit from Loren Allred.

Sarawak Report is adding spice to the greatest financial scandal in the history of mankind...and it looks like for the looters the money is NEVER ENOUGH.

Here is part of the report :

Sarawak Report has received further undocumented information about this and related accounts, from sources it has reason to believe. Back in 2015 these sources confided that Rosmah held no less than RM2 billion in this Afin Bank and related accounts in other bands.  We now understand that the sum in fact topped RM4 billion ringgit, but that much has been transported out.

Friday 25 May 2018

Najib Razak. Beware

Is a hit for Big Sean. Those who still want to listen to the advise from Najib Razak on the finances of the country. BEWARE.

BEWARE because in 2016, Najib Razak was voted as the worst finance minister in Asia. Last year, Najib came in second last.

Luckily this year, Najib won't be representing Malaysia. This is what South China Morning Post had to say :

Hong Kong-based financial magazine FinanceAsiaranked Najib second last among the finance ministers of Asia’s top 12 economies.

Najib, the magazine said, was a “prime example” of a finance minister who had “through their actions or speeches detracted from the credibility and prestige of the institutions they represent”.

Thursday 24 May 2018

Najib Razak. Would I lie to you

Is a one hit wonder for Charles & Eddie.
If Najib Razak were to ask the man in the street would I
lie to you?
The reply most likely will be yeah man, you would lie to us.
Najib Razak, suddenly is worried that our stock market dropped on Wednesday, while others are saying that more than RM4 billion exited the stock market because Tun Dr Mahathir said that the nation's debt had hit RM1 trillion.
First of all, Tun never said it's a net debt. He merely said it's a debt.
Secondly, RM4 billion is a lot of money, but in a stock market which is valued at RM3.3 TRILLION, the outflow is considered small.

Monday 21 May 2018

Ringgit Malaysia. Man Down

Is the smash hit for Shakka.

There is a Russian saying, the rouble is like your grandmother, like or don't like, have to keep. The Euro is like your mistress, it starts hot, but eventually it boils down to nothing.

The US dollar, though is like your wife...need to keep and maintain it till the end.

With that, it seems the Ringgit is like a man down, at the moment.

Currently the currency trades at RM3.98 to the dollar. Maybank and RHB are selling the US dollar at between RM4.03 and RM4.07.

CIMB says that by September, the Ringgit will be at RM3.75 against the dollar while Singapore's DBS Bank sees the Ringgit at RM4.20 to the dollar by year end.

Saturday 19 May 2018

Inari & Mieco. Rockstar

Is the smash hit from Post Malone. We'll talk is, the Ringgit is going to slide to RM4.20 against the US Dollar by year end.

If that is the case, the export oriented stocks such as Inari and Mieco Chipboard are Bursa Malaysia's rockstar in waiting. Better get them now, while the valuation is still not mind boggling.

The Edge has the story on the Ringgit. Read below :

KUALA LUMPUR: The ringgit could depreciate to 4.20 against the greenback by the end of the year as domestic and external events may exert pressure on the currency, according to DBS Group Research.

“A surprise election outcome, potential downside on the fiscal position and more hawkish monetary policy action from the US [Federal Reserve] may weigh on the ringgit.

“We expect the ringgit to hit 4.20 against the US dollar by end-2018,” said Irvin Seah, DBS economist.

Najib Razak. Star Treatment

Is the single released just this week by Arctic Monkeys.

Najib Razak, unfortunately is not going to receive the star treatment next week.

Somebody once told me, if you break the law, then the law will break you.

But Najib is right to say, that former minister's like KJ who kept their lips sealed when Najib was the man of steel in Malaysia, should hold their peace.

Don't give Khairy Jamalludin, the star treatment either. Testicles can't be grown, either you are born with it from your moral fiber, or you lack morality. And that's the bottom line!!!

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Liverpool. There's no stoppin us

Is the one hit wonder from Ollie & Jerry.

Liverpool FC can now help the world complete a unique trinity.

In 1981, Mahathir Mohammed became the prime minister of Malaysia.

In 1981, there was a royal wedding in England between Charles & Diana.

In 1981, Liverpool beat Real Madrid one zero to become European champions.

Fast forward to 2018, Mahathir Mohammed is back as prime minister of Malaysia, while in the UK , there is going to be a royal wedding .

Come end of this month, Liverpool takes on Real Madrid...there's no stoppin us, Liverpool must somehow find that Malaysian strength, fight against the odds, slay a giant and be crowned champions of Europe!!!

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Sirul Azhar. Apokalips

The Guardian newspaper had an interesting piece on Sirul Azhar, who was convicted of murdering Mongolian model/Interpretor Alantuya.

Below is what the guardian wrote :

In recent weeks there have been teleconferences between Sirul’s Australian lawyers and the department. The timeline is now set for a hearing of his case in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. By Friday 11 May, he had to give “any additional evidence” he “intends to rely on and a statement of issues, facts and contentions”. The department must reply by 30 May. By 1 June both Sirul and the department must “give a hearing certificate” in which they need to list witnesses, experts and their legal representatives.

For Sirul, he can’t remain silent any longer if he’s to prove why he isn’t “ineligible for the grant of a protection visa”.

M.Nasir : 
1. 2. 3. Do. Re. Mi. 
Apa nak jadi 
Alif. Ba. Ta. A. B. C. 
Apa nak jadi 
Akan terjadi 
Hujan pasti berhenti

KJ, Tony F & Wahid Omar. Apokalips

Is the classic from M.Nasir. Yesterday Tony Fernandes said, he was basically threatened to support BN.

KJ meanwhile indicated he didnt have the guts to tell Najib that 1MDB stinks.

Wahid Omar, meanwhile after his spelling and grammar filled error in support for BN, atleast has kept his dignity intact.

M. Nasir : Hidup dan nasib roler koster Susah dan senang bersilih ganti Bila-bila boleh naik dan turun Apokalips

Monday 14 May 2018

Jalil Hamid. I'm gonna tear your playhouse down

Was a massive hit for Paul Young in the 1980's.

Yesterday, the CEO of NST, told the newspaper"s staff that, how reporting is done at NST, will now need to be changed.

Little does Jalil know, the writting is on the wall, and somebody at the NST editorial desk is singing right now I'm gonna tear your playhouse down.

Saturday 12 May 2018

Tabung Haji, Felda. Shakedown.

Abdul Azeez Rahim & Sharir Samad's stay as the main people overseeing Tabung Haji & Felda are said to be almost over.

Shakedown in both Tabung Haji and Felda. Wahid Omar meanwhile , might just survive.

Media Prima. Shakedown

Is the rock N roll classic by Bob Segar.

Media Prima currently trading at 32 Sen, is poised to see the most intrigue now that the general election is over.

Talk is there is going to be a massive shakedown in Media Prima.

Zahid Hamidi, will most likely want those to close to him, to takeover the reigns in UMNO's jewel in the crown.

While Anwar Ibrahim is said to be eyeing a takeover of Media Prima from UMNO. No doubt the government of the day, will have the tools to do it.

As the vultures surround on who will get the spoils in NST and TV3, one thing is for sure. On the editorial floor, there is going to be a shakedown.

Thursday 10 May 2018

Opcom. I like it

Is the rising hit by Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin.

This is a no brainer, Opcom which was last traded at 60 Sen a share, has been rising just before the election.

Mokhzani is the chairman, while Mukhriz is the major shareholder. Both are sons of 93 year old Mahathir Mohammed, Malaysia's much loved new Prime Minister.

Mahathir, said yesterday, people must be allowed to push up shares. During his tenure as Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, the trading volume on Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) was on par and on some days even exceeded the Dow Jones.

Mahathir is back as the seventh prime minister, and needless to say , I like it. Opcom for RM1 .

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Malaysia. This is your...

Fight Song!!. Was a massive hit for Rachel Platten. If one match ,can cause and explosion, then one vote can either cause liberation or utter destruction.

If you ask me. I'd go for Barisan Nasional. Najib has really liberalised the economy. Before Najib, you won't have seen a Chinese have complete control of a giant company like GRAB without giving shares out to Bumis.

Yes, Najib screwed up big time in 1MDB. Who hasn't F up? Overall he is a good PM. Yes he got flaws and some of his cabinet are retards. But there are good people too in the cabinet.

Vote for PH if , you must. In Dr Mahathir, they have a leader who is respected everywhere in the world.

Whoever, you vote for. Make your vote count, because this is your fight song...

Sunday 6 May 2018

Election. Paranoid

Is the single from Post Malone which has come from nowhere in its first week of release, smashing in at number 11 on the UK Top 40.

With election day nearing, the financial markets are acting paranoid.

Foreign funds, sold RM438 million worth of shares last week. This is the first time in four weeks, foreign funds are net sellers on Bursa Malaysia.

Elsewhere, the Ringgit against the US dollar is trading at RM3.94.... so much for talk that Najib will bring it to RM3.80 on election day.

Are the markers just paranoid, or do they already know, what we all think we know....

Thursday 3 May 2018

Great Depression. Be Careful

Is a current US top 20 hit by female rapper Cardi B.

Some 14 Nobel peace prize winners and over 1,000 top economist are warning Donald Trump's America, to be careful, as they are on the brink of pushing the world into a great depression.

CNN has the story. Read below :

Over a thousand economists have written to Donald Trump warning his “economic protectionism” and tough rhetoric on trade threatens to repeat the mistakes the US made in the 1930s, mistakes that plunged the world into the Great Depression.

The 1,140 economists, including 14 Nobel prize winners, sent the letter on Thursday amid an escalating row over trade between the US and the European Union. Trump has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium imports but has granted temporary reprieves to the EU, Australia and other countries.

“In 1930, 1,028 economists urged Congress to reject the protectionist Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act,” the authors write, citing a trade act that many economists argue was one of the triggers for the Great Depression.

“Today, Americans face a host of new protectionist activity, including threats to withdraw from trade agreements, misguided calls for new tariffs in response to trade imbalances, and the imposition of tariffs on washing machines, solar components, and even steel and aluminum used by US manufacturers.

“Congress did not take economists’ advice in 1930, and Americans across the country paid the price. The undersigned economists and teachers of economics strongly urge you not to repeat that mistake. Much has changed since 1930 – for example, trade is now significantly more important to our economy – but the fundamental economic principles as explained at the time have not.”

On the campaign trail and since taking office Trump has threatened to dismantle decades of trade deals, including the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta). The president has blamed Nafta for hollowing out the US’s manufacturing base.

The letter is signed by Nobel laureates including lvin Roth, Richard Thaler, Oliver Hart, Roger Myerson and James Heckman as well as Jason Furman, former chair of the Council of Economic Advisors to Barack Obama, and James Miller, budget director to Ronald Reagan

Saturday 28 April 2018

Najib Razak. No Tears Left To Cry

Is the smash hit, by Ariana Grande, which has shot from nowhere to the number two spot on the UK Top 40 charts.

We all know, that Najib Razak, had visited a Chinese school recently. Here is an account from a 17 year old child of that experience.

Reading, gives one a feeling that there is no tears left to cry for Najib Razak. has the sorry story :
A 17-year-old student from a private secondary Chinese school in Kuala Lumpur recently published a Facebook post on caretaker Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's visit to his school

In the Facebook post which has since been removed, the student described the events leading up to Najib's arrival at his school, as well as his feelings about the caretaker Prime Minister's speech.

Previously, New Straits Times (NST) reported that Najib was speaking at the school's campus redevelopment opening ceremony on 23 April.

The student's lengthy post mainly lamented the politicisation of the opening ceremony, and the allegedly "staged" elements of the event

"We're in Form Five, we didn't have to attend the ceremony," the post began, before claiming that all Form Five students were asked to be present at the event in a last minute notice. 

"Students were also being directed to fill up empty spaces in the hall. It was an event for parents, and the school has 4,600 students. Our presence was unnecessary, but we all know why," he added, while criticising the school's decision to invite "a man who did not contribute to the redevelopment project at all" to the ceremony.

The student also alleged that the school's discipline teacher instructed them to only clap their hands during the event, and not make any "funny sounds". 

"I was about to fall asleep during PM's speech before I heard him saying the words 'Barisan Nasional', that's when I began paying full attention," the student wrote.

"The impressive, vibrant stage of the school instantly became a political boxing ring," he added. 

According to the student, Najib did not have to use the term "cutthroat strategy" in his comments about the Democratic Action Party (DAP). It is believed that the same issue mentioned was reported by NST.

"We are here to enjoy the fruits of our redeveloped campus, not to be forced to listen to you talking about politics," he wrote.

The student ended his essay claiming that 2018 will be the darkest chapter of the school's 110 years of history

"What did we get from this? Media reports did not focus on the opening ceremony of our new campus at all," he wrote. 

"This year will be the darkest chapter in the school's history," the student added.

Nonetheless, he encouraged his peers to not give up after the ceremony, as there is still hope in the future. 

The post has since been heavily circulated by netizens, who mostly praised the 17-year-old for his bravery to speak up

"So well-written. A student who's brave enough to speak up on behalf of the people and the country deserves to be praised," one netizen wrote.

"Hopefully he doesn't face any consequences. The country's future leaders should be given a fair platform," another netizen wrote.

However, other netizens expressed concern over his wellbeing since the Facebook post was taken down

"My heart aches for this boy, hope nothing happens to him," one netizen wrote.

The concern came after China Press reported that the student's profile picture on Facebook was changed to a black background, in addition to the removal of the post.

Another netizen is also worried that the student might be expelled for his Facebook post.

"Do you think the boy is able to handle the stress on him from his school, politics, media, and the Internet?" one netizen questioned.

"I really hope that the Opposition leaders will pay attention to this matter, and make sure the boy graduates without any problems," he added.

China Press reported that it has reached out to the principal of the private secondary Chinese school for comments but she has yet to respond.

Although the original post has been taken down, you can still read the full text of his thoughts here:

Friday 27 April 2018

Wahid Omar. Cheerleader

Is the smash hit by OMI featuring superstar DJ Felix Jeahn.

Wahid Omar, says he is a cheerleader. He wrote in the business insider, about the Malaysia he knows.

There is nothing wrong with any of the statistical facts dished out by Wahid Omar. They are all, absolutely correct .

Unfortunately though, Wahid Omar fails to mention a single word about the Malaysia the world knows. One clouded by pink diamonds, a leadership that refuse to issue a warrant of ARREST against Jho Low, that says no crime was committed at 1MDB.

Salute Wahid Omar, for his well strung piece in the business insider.  Someday, history shall judge, When the time came, where did this courages man leave his pants.

Read Wahid Omar's cheerleader story here :
Chartered accountant and former one-term minister Abdul Wahid Omar says Malaysia is now on the cusp of joining the ranks of fully developed nations.Permodalan Nasional Berhad

I was born as the ninth child in a family of eleven siblings in 1964 and grew up in Kampung Tarom, a small village in the southern Malaysian state of Johor. Like many Malays of my time, we were poor. After all, 49.3% of Malaysian households in 1970 were living in poverty.

Needless to say, English was not my lingua franca in those days. During my primary school examinations, I scored 4As and 1C — no prizes for guessing what the ‘C’ was.

But I was granted the opportunity to enrol in a government run MARA Junior Science College, and from there managed to improve my language skills. My government then, and even now, believes that providing good education is key to elevating people out of poverty. My heart was set on becoming an accountant, to a point where I was able to study accountancy in the UK under a scholarship from MARA, the agency set up to help the underprivileged Bumiputera community.

And now, here I am, having risen to a position where my opinions may be received by an international readership keen to hear from the ground what the ‘real’ Malaysia might be like, beyond the headlines.

Unless you live in this country, I think you will be largely unable to grasp the many complexities that come with managing a relatively small diversified nation of people that has always punched above its weight, and further nuanced by differing economic and social pressures.


Malaysia is now on the cusp of joining the ranks of fully developed nations, transforming into a high-income economy as per the World Bank’s definition.

Allow me to share some simple facts:

1. The World Bank points out that since gaining independence, Malaysia has successfully diversified her economy from an essentially agriculture and commodity-based one to one that now hosts robust manufacturing and services sectors, making us one of the world’s leading exporters of electrical appliances, electronic parts and components.

2. Government policies have helped turn Malaysia into one of the most open economies in the world, with a-trade-to-GDP ratio averaging over 140% since 2010.

3. Our openness to trade and investment has been instrumental in creating employment and spurring income growth; 40% of our jobs linked to export activities.

4. Since the Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998, Malaysia’s economy has been on an upward trajectory, averaging growth of 5.4% since 2010.

5. This year, the central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, has raised its growth forecast for 2018 to 5.5-6.0 percent, one of the fastest growth in the region, thanks to the resilience and diversity of our economy, buttressed by vibrant domestic consumption and business investment.

And now with less than 1% of Malaysian households living in extreme poverty, my government’s focus has shifted toward addressing the well-being of the bottom 40% of the population.

It is a band which my family and I once belonged to and is for me personally a hugely important policy development in terms of narrowing the wealth gap and ensuring that Malaysians of all walks of life succeed and prosper together.


I was 37 when I was asked to head UEM-Renong Group, at the time Malaysia’s largest infrastructure company, with 11 publicly traded companies in its stable.

Many of my peers were also accorded leadership positions in large government linked companies when they were in their 30s and early 40s. They were not from rich and well-connected families. They were given equitable opportunity and recognised for their abilities.

This trust in our talent and diversity has helped make Malaysia what it is today.

Yet because of the opportunities my country has given me, I am but one of millions of Malaysians, who through sheer hard work, grit and hunger, have helped pushed Malaysia into a position where we are today comfortably inside the global Top 30 in terms of GDP measured by Purchasing Power Parity based on World Bank’s World Development Indicators 2016 database.

Malaysia is certainly not perfect and there are many areas for improvement. But having seen my Malaysia through the eyes of a once poor village boy who made it to the corporate world, I will say this: business thrives on a stable foundation and a proven track record of economic governance.

In the 61 years it has helmed Malaysia, my government has brought development, prosperity and peace to the people of a still-young nation.

And lest the world forgets, Malaysia is still growing, and fast. We are still climbing, and fast.

I would like to end by saying this:


I am an unabashed and unapologetic cheerleader of the social and economic upliftment policies implemented by the Government.

Sunday 15 April 2018

Malaysia. Only God Knows Why

Is the indie rock hit from Kid Rock, taken from the album devil without a cause.

Najib Razak, today said that Malaysia is the only country, in the world whoes GDP has been revised upwards four times over the past 16 months, by the World Bank.

Only God Knows Why, the citizens of this country say that they are suffering. Could it be due to GST, or IMDB, or the complete lack of faith in Najib. Hisshamudin Hussein for PRIME MINISTER.

NST has the below :
Malaysia only country with four times upward revision forecast by World Bank

APRIL 15, 2018 @ 1:13PM 

PEKAN: The country can look forward to a brighter economy with the World Bank revising upwards the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) four times over the last 16 months.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said Malaysia is the only country where the World Bank has revised (the forecast) upwards four times within one year and four months.

“This proves that the Barisan Nasional (BN) government is managing the country’s economy well towards becoming an advanced high-income nation.

Saturday 7 April 2018

Rizalman Mokthar. Its A Sin

Is the smash hit from the Pet Shop Boys.

The Star today reported that Rizalman Mokthar is innocent of the drug charge sheet. Read below :

Rizalman grateful to be vindicated, asks for attacks to stop


Saturday, 7 Apr 2018

2:32 PM MYT

By Farik Zolkepli

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Rizalman Mokhtar (pic) is relieved that his urine was tested negative for drugs by the Kuala Lumpur Hospital's Pathology unit.

The Bandar Tun Razak Umno division chief said there was no further action required and the case is considered closed.

"I hope all parties will stop spreading lies about me or personally attacking me on social media," he said when contacted on Saturday (April 7).

So now that Rizalman Mokthar has been declared innocent, will this Datuk get to stand in Bandar Tun Razak as the Barisan Nasional candidate in the upcoming election?

HELL no, because It's A SIN to drink coffee at a NIGHT CLUB @ 2 AM😂

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Rizalman Mokthar .Apo Nak Dikato

Is the evergreen by Malaysia's very own Blues Gang.
Apo Nak Dikato? Rizalman Mokthar, the UMNO guy, sitting in a nightclub, which is known to serve alcoholic drinks.

Rizalman' was also tested positive for meth/syabu/kaca.

Rizalman' said he was set up. He may well have been, but it's better if he don't stand as a BN candidate, because guilty or innocent, the damage already done.

Here is what, Rizalman, had to Kato, according to the STAR:

KUALA LUMPUR: Bandar Tun Razak Umno division chief Datuk Rizalman Mokhtar has admitted he was the Umno leader who was arrested after allegedly testing positive for drugs during a raid on a karaoke centre on Monday (April 2).

He however maintained his innocence, saying that he is not involved in drugs.

“If the reports saying that I am positive are right, I am sure it is a setup to tarnish my good name,” he said during a packed press conference at the Bandar Tun Razak Umno division headquarters on Wednesday (April 4).

His family, including his wife and children, and Barisan Nasional supporters from Bandar Tun Razak were also present to show their support.

Friday 30 March 2018

Wikepedia SHOCKER. The middle

(finger) is the smash hit from Zedd and Maren Morris currently dominating the US charts.

Wikipedia, has indeed shocked Malaysia and Malaysians by stating that Jho Low is a Tan Sri.

Read Below, what Wikipedia has to say :

Tan Sri Low Taek Jho (Chinese: 刘特佐; pinyin: Liú Tèzuǒ; Sidney Lau: Lau4 Dak1Joh3), often called Jho Low, is a Malaysian financier and the beneficiary of numerous discretionary trust assets said by the US Government to originate from payments out of the Malaysian 1MDB fund.

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Sharil Hamdan. Zombie

Is the smash hit by Bad Wolves, which has blown the rock charts.

Sharil Hamdan, an UMNO exco member has written an opinion piece on Malaysiakini, about Dr Mahathir Mohammed.

I wonder, when NST will allow the Pakatan Harapan boss to have his opinion piece published. ZOMBIE, like NEVER.

Anyway, Rockybru feels that it's a great article. ZOMBIE, more like mention about the billions stolen, 1MDB, GST or JHO LOW.

Sharil Hamdan is the ZOMBIE of the month.

Read below from Rockybru :

Umno's Letter to The Editor of Malaysiakini you ought to read

Here's why the unpolished gems in Umno should be allowed to come out more often to air their views. This letter to the editor published by the Malaysiakini penned by Shahril Hamdan is an excellent read, someone who does not care much for Umno told me. I blogged about the 31-year old exco member of Umno Youth once (The day Syed Saddiq made a name for his opponent, Sept 2017). Dira Abu Zahar is the other "star" in Puteri Umno who came out, seemingly out of nowhere, to shine. 

There are more, if BN chairman Najib Razak is interested to field younger candidates at the GE14. But quite a number of the old ones don't want to go ...

Sunday 18 March 2018

Xavier Justo. Bat Out Of Hell

Is the lead track from the album of the same name by Meat Loaf. The 1978 album has spent more than 520 weeks on the British charts.

Hence, you can't really say it's an ever green, as the album is still on the UK charts, just like Xavier Justo, the swiss banker, is still fresh on the minds of those who keenly follow the 1MDB scandal.

Justo who spend jail time in Thailand, is back like a bat out of hell, increasing pressure for Najib Razak to do something about Jho Low.

Malaysiakini has the story on Justo Xavier, and his first major interview after serving his time in prison.

Read below :

Former PetroSaudi International executive Xavier Justo has broken his silence and accused his former employer of manipulating the media to tarnish his reputation, the Swiss daily Le Temps reports.

At a press conference in Zurich yesterday, Justo announced that he had filed a complaint with the Swiss Attorney-General’s Office against two PetroSaudi executives, Tarek Obaid and Patrick Mahony, for threats, blackmail, extortion and coercion, among other grievances.

Justo also reportedly revealed emails that reportedly showed a Geneva-based "reputation management" company, KBSD, was engaged by PetroSaudi to allegedly disseminate the narrative that Justo was not a whistleblower, but an extortionist motivated by profit.

Thursday 15 March 2018

Ringgit to rise to RM3.80. IDGAF

Is the smash hit from Dua Lipa. Malaysian Insight has the story. Read below :

THE ringgit is expected to rise to 3.80 against the US dollar in the near term, said Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Najib, who is also finance minister, said his optimism is due to several positive economic indicators, like the nation's strong performance and export value of more than RM80 billion in the first quarter of the year.

"Our currency yesterday dropped slightly to 3.90 from 3.89 (against the US dollar). Insyaallah, in the near term, it may rise to 3.80.

“In terms of currency value, ours is among the best-performing currencies. Several months ago, the ringgit had weakened to 4.49. But it will surge to 3.80 soon," he said at the Prime Minister’s Budget 2018 with People and Civil Servants programme in Ipoh today.

DUA LIPA : I Don't Give A Fuck (IDGAF)

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Mahathir Mohammed. Eye of the TIGER

Is the massive massive hit for survivor. Taken from the sound track of Rocky, the song is all about beating the odds with a BANG.

At 92, Mahathir Mohammed is the hell rider out to bring down Najib Razak's Barisan Nasional.

Indeed, Najib has the support of the majority of voters, but this coming election is too close to call.

Rising up like an eye of the tiger is Mahathir Mohammed, a man who knows how to even the odds, against all odds.

Read the report below by Finews :

As embattled Malaysian leader Najib Razak faces snap elections in coming months, the billion-dollar graft scandal surrounding state fund 1MDB threatens to parses the details.

Singapore has shut the book on 1MDB, a scandal which shut down two banks in the city-state and led to charges against private bankers over money-laundering and other crimes. Switzerland, where banks also willingly helped launder money from 1MDB, is conducting criminal proceedings as part of a six-country probe led by American prosecutors.

The U.S. alleges that $4.5 billion was pilfered from 1MDB and used for everything from luxury real estate to a diamond necklace for first lady Rosmah Mansor – or «kleptocracy at its worst,» as U.S. prosecutor Jeff Sessions called it in December.

The only place where the scandal has barely rippled is Malaysia itself, which might have noticed several billion missing from its public purse. Why? Malaysia quashed an auditor's report into the affair, and lawmakers were blocked in court recently from attempting to make its contents public.

Close Race

Nearly two years on from when the scandal first surfaced, Prime Minister Najib Razak is expected to call an election in coming months, which has put 1MDB back into the headlines. Najib enjoys wide popularity, in part because the Malaysian opposition is in such pitiful shape that is has been forced to enlist a former PM – Mahathir Mohamad. 

Mahathir is no silver bullet: at 92, he was forced to pledge to serve no longer than two years if elected, and he is hobbled with his own scandal over foreign exchange losses in the 1990s. Nevertheless, the sprightly former PM has managed to unite a fractured opposition along a common goal: ousting Najib. The PM has admitted lapses at 1MDB, but denied he was involved in any wrong-doing. 

poll conducted last month showed a surprisingly close race: 18 percent of voters want Mahathir, while 21 percent support Najib