Sunday 30 April 2023

ROQUE : The Gang of Four @ Malaysia Airports Bhd.

WHAT is a babe like Hani Ezra Hussin doing hanging out with a plain jane like Azailiza Mohd Ahad ? Obviously not cooking up some MLM get rich scheme in Indonesia, which a certain person working now in Malaysia Airports risk exposing if ....

SO what is this beauty doing with this beast with a lot of help from Mohd Rastam Shahrom, the group Chief Financial Officer, who has enough misdeeds at UEM Sunrise, to build a tower as high as KLCC up to?

WELL, they have built a cartel, a so called gang of four who has already neutralised one of Anwar Ibrahim's key person on the Malaysia Airports boardroom with a fake sexual harresment threath involving the official's son in law.

HOW far will this four go?  Well far enough to sabotage Malaysia's drive to bring in tourist from China. READ : Malaysia’s tourism industry is struggling to recover as Chinese visitors trickle in.

AND why does this four want to sabotage the arrival of tourist from China, and with that cut a life line that Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is banking on to bring much needed tourism dollars now that the threath of a full blown recession is on the cards? READ : Taiwan slips into recession as Q1 GDP hits 14-year low.

WELL, this has nothing to do with national politics but a lot to do with office politics, as the four are getting edgy because Malaysia Airports managing director Iskandar Mizal Mahmood is almost done with a review of the conduct of who did what, and when  which could lead to some of the supposedly independent directors, waving goodbye to their non independent ways.

HOW are they trying to fix Iskandar Mizal Mahmood up? They are trying to do so by feeding one of Anwar Ibrahim's political enemies on twitter, about the airport's tie up with the SOUTH AFRICAN controlled Ten Cent Corp, China's most valuable company of 2022.  READ : MAHB eyes ‘digital superhighway’ to boost China tourist arrivals.

THE  platform, called My-Compass, is tipped to be a component of a Chinese super app that has more than 870 million users in the mainland alone, increasing the visibility of Malaysia as a choice travel destination.

WHAT are the lessons we can learn from this? If there is a slug fest, the first to go will be the beauty (indonesians have long memories), followed by the shylock, and best will be served for last ; the beast !

The Madani/ESG hour of reckoning has arrived on four wheels.

IN a nutshell what are the core objectives of Malaysia Madani in the Environmental, Social and Governance aspect? 

MY guess would be to create a Malaysian society that receives a fair shake, as well as to cut off excess profits from companies that do not value add.

MEET SEAGULL, the Chinese made environmentaly friendly EV car from BYD,  priced under RM55,000 which is giving the real Elon Musk, and not the one from Thailand, a mighty headache, as well as a loss in sales and market share.  

WILL Malaysian consumers be allowed to enjoy this car at the price everyone else gets to enjoy it, or will the hidden hands of the Approved Permit scrooge price it beyond the affordability level of the Malaysia Madani consumer.

THE push to have the AP business for the automotive sector reigned in, has the support of the DAP. READ : Do away with APs for all imports, says DAP MP.

BUT that was when they had no power, but now that the DAP is part of the Government, how they feel about abolishing APs is good as anybody's guess.

Saturday 29 April 2023

Malaysia seen failing on the enforcement side of the Madani ESG frame work.

QUICK can somebody please get Marcus Cicero,  a belated Noble Peace Prize or two, for the wisdom  he has left us from thousands of years ago.

A lack of enforcement of the Madani/ESG frame work today does not equate to bad policemen or bitter immigration officials but it has everything to do with politicians and their will to stick to the rules.

CLOSER to home, look no further that the Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew built. What if he had bended the rules a bit here and there, will Singapore be the rich, clean and prosperous nation that it is, or a Malaysia 2.0?

PRIME minister Anwar Ibrahim in his haste to do the right thing under the Madani/ ESG guise had fallen to some rectifiable pitfalls, that nevertheless has serious concequences. 

MALAYSIA has a foreign labour crisis which has yet to hit the headlines, and it is this crisis which has led the MACC to knock very hard on the doors of the Human Resources Minister. READ : MACC nabs aide to HR minister in RM97 million graft probe.

IN our haste to do good and at the same time feed our industries starved of labour, we had forgotten how to enforce the orderly entry of foreign labour. 

THE same goes for our financial markets. Almost everyone has heard of the Corporate Mafia, a ruthless group, who have attempted to compensate their in- competence on the trading floor as illegal market makers, with scare tactics using people with supposedly deep ties with law enforcement. READ : Rahsia MAFIA korporat Malaysia, Victor Chin Boon Long peralat penguatkuasa terbongkar.

AS in the case of Victor Chin Boon Long, one name keeps propping up often enough on how his ventures are being funded. 

MEET Kenanga Investment Bank, the largest independent investment bank in the country wirh 30 branches nationwide as well as the winner of three awards at the United Nations Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei Sustainability Performance Awards 2022.

GRANTED,  Kenanga like the rest of us probably had no clue what the corporate mafia boys were up to, but now that they have been exposed, it will be interesting to see how Kenanga, will deal with this bunch going forward.

BLOGGER, AnotherBrickintheWall  is spot on that there is another Mafia out there, which is much more powerful and potent than the increasingly impotent corporate mafia.

MEET the dark forces within the Securities Commission, who many market players say are now the norm rather than the exception. READ : Top SC officials, politicians implicated in RM28.2 million graft report.

PRIME minister Anwar Ibrahim and neither has the MACC acted with speed and vigour to enforce the ESG rules of fairplay within the walls of the Securities Commission, which must be made into a top priority initiative, as there are already more than half a trillion ringgit worth of ESG related funds invested here already.

How Malaysia's Madani is putting the F word into ESG?

IS  Anwar Ibrahim's, Malaysia Madani concept merely a foreign sounding word, for what is known in English as the Environmental, Social and Governance frame work?

I believe, China's most underrated leader of the last century, Mr Deng Xiaoping has the anwser to the question ; "It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice."

WHY is it important for the MADANI cat to catch the ESG mice then ? Well because, for so long now we have ignored some basic facts, eventhough the facts have been given to us in a clear and precise manner.

THE ESG army are already on our shores, with more money invested in Malaysia then the Government itself invest in the country, via the national budget.

THAT, folks is an investment of more than 1.5 times the national budget. Therefore it makes sence for MADANI to have common virtues with ESG, and for Malaysia Madani to allocate the F for financing word to accomodate our RM600 billion ESG guest.

THE financing aspect of Madani into ESG is pretty obvious when one looks into the 2023 budget, where the Government has promised to pump in  READ : RM12 billion to create the frame work for an environmentallly reponsible Malaysia.

THIS financial commitment fits into the common goal of Malaysia Madani and the ESG frame work, namely better protection of workers rights, eradication of poverty, a just society, creation of a technological literate society and minimising corruption.

ALL the above sectors will not only lead to greater investments into Malaysia but will draw us closer to our major trading partners, specifically  China . READ : In China ESG is a national rallying cry backed by trillion dollar funds.

THUS, it comes as no surprise , that in principle China has given a commitment to invest as much as READ :RM170 billion into Malaysia Madani's economic landscape .

AT the end of the day, the Madani in ESG  equates to a nation with a higher standard of living, which makes Implementing the Madani framework alongside ESG in Malaysia a very smooth experience.

THE problems, Malaysia Madani is facing is enforcing those ethos.

NEXT :  Malaysia seen failing on the Enforcement side.

Friday 28 April 2023

How, ESG Can Screw A Nation

GRANTED, many out there with a narrow mindset, including myself at a certain point, who believe that apart from selling carbon credits, environmental, social or governance (ESG) dogma is all talk and no action.

ESG actually carries a very large stick that can impact nation states in a jiffy, which in turn can cause havoc on  the cost of borrowing, strength of currencies, the price of goods, inflation and the entire economic spectrum understandble to all of us.

HOW on earth ESG, which most of us still can't place the dollar sence in it, can cause such extreme rampage to our lives ? 

WELL, ESG is able to do so because it is increasingly being used by rating agencies such as Moody's and Standard & Poor's as an important sub sector that eventually determinies a country's soverign ratings. 

SO the next time, someone says to you, ESG is just a concept with no economic bite, you know what to say, YES no economic bite if you consider higher cost of borrowing, a reduced bang for the currency, higher unemployment and rise in the cost of living, as inconsequential economic events 

Revenue Group Bhd : Executive Chairman Quits

PAYMENT Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd's (PayNet), chief commercial officer Gary Yeoh better get prepared to lose his job with the Bank Negara owned company and join one of the visibly shaken Victor Chin Boon Long's  penny stock companies.

GARY Yeoh had attempted to drag the Bank Negara's 9th Governor Nor Samsiah Mohd Yunus into the shit that is taking place in Revenue Group by publicly endorsing Revenue Group, which is filled with people linked to a RM30 million cash theft at Caley Bhd.

WHY this Chinese man wants to sabotage this Malay lady's  standing is anybody's guess. READ : Gary Yeoh of Paynet endorses under probe Francis Leong Seng Wui's Revenue Group.

AND how do we know, that Gary Yeoh had acted on his own accord, in a Victor Chin Boon Long PR exercise without the knowledge of Bank Negara or even Pay Net itself? Simple lah, just go PAYNET's officially endorsed and sanctioned press release HERE, and you will find no such endorsement.

AND why is this at all important at this point of time?  Well because, the executive chairman of Revenue Group Bhd READ : Nor Azzam Abdul Jalil has resigned from the company, ahead of it's third quarter results due in May 2023.

AHEAD of what will be a cast in red bloddy third quarter results, Revenue Group's long standing auditors had also tendered their resignation.

ROQUE : The story of The Malaysian Twitter War Animal Takes A New Twist.

AFTER being exposed for being involved in clandestine operations as soldiers of fortune, using Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's  fight against corruption platform as cover,  ROQUE , the Malaysian Twitter War Animal, the band of brothers and sister with the bad grammar has shown its true colours.

READ :  ROQUE : The story of The Malaysian Twitter War Animal

ROQUE, the Malaysian  Twitter War Animal which had falsely claimed to have delivered the Pakatan Harapan GE 15 victory, and with that the Prime Ministership itself to Anwar Ibrahim, has now attacked the Prime Minister , by stating his RM170 billion investment from China as a bullshit headline number.

I won't vouch for the entire RM170 billion claim made by the Prime Minister, made foolishly on the advise  from the callous failure named Agus Yusoff, but i can tell you that atleast RM110 billion is as real as you, me and everything else in this universe.

WHILE, the owner of Proton, Geely Holding Group Co Ltd will be investing READ : RM30 billion in the development and commercialisation of the Automotive High-Tech Valley (AHTV) in Tanjung Malim, Perak.

WHY, Anwar Ibrahim turned a winning hand into a losing hand, is a question he should be asking the two men with the big, fat, juicy monthly pay cheques ; Agus Yusoff and Fahmi Fadzli.

Thursday 27 April 2023

No Retreat, No Surrender : Malaysia's Central Bank Under Attack from Kerala

BANK Negara Malaysia, has reportedly been target and taken out by group of  Indian hackers, known as the Kerala Cyber Xtractors.

The Kerala Cyber Extractors group has a following of 961 individuals on Facebook. A post on Facebook claiming the Malaysia Central Bank cyberattack read, “Bank Negara Malaysia MALAYSIA CENTRAL BANK IS DOWN FOR 2 HOURS. THIS IS A PAYBACK FOR ATTACKING INDIAN GOVERNMENT WEBSITES AND OTHERS.”

The group runs Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts besides using Telegram to post about their misadventures.

The Pirates of Bursa Malaysia : The First Cut Is The Deepest

PUAN Chan Cheong makes a hurried return to Green Packet Bhd, sometime on July 2019 after a three year absence.

THREE years prior to this, CC Puan had left Malaysia a wealthy man, having successfully listed Green Packet, which had a market capitalisation of RM1 billion and then successfully selling of the Wimax business to Telekom Malaysia.

PUAN who had sat in silence for 100 days in Nepal, was back now in Kuala Lumpur, because a whistle blower had tipped of the unit risikan to look into the Wimax sale deal to Telekom Malaysia. READ : CC Puan Returns to Lead Green Packet, just 15 days after Telekom Malaysia said that the MACC is investigating the deal.

WHO betrayed CC PUAN?  It was the special assistant, that meek men, with low self confidence, who had a personal score to settle, and a desire to make Green Packet, his very own kingdom.

BY January 2022,  CC PUAN,  had left Malaysia, with a lesson learned on what it means and how it feels to experience the First Cut Is The Deepest kiss of death.

CC Puan had to sell all his shares in Green Packet to Francis Leong Seng Wui. Officially, READ : is the former Macpie CEO, who has become the largest shareholder of GreenPacket.

UNOFFICIALLY, though Francis Leong Seng Wui is a salaried man, paid for by Victor Chin Boon Long. 

MONTHS latter, Francis Leong Seng Wui, would be joined in Green Packet by a SPM dropout, who suddenly saw value in buying an information technology company.  His name is Lim Kok Han.

WITH that team Victor Chin Boon Long, was ready  on all fronts to go on rampage, MA BAKER style, so brutal that they would be dubbed the Corporate Mafia.

BUT unknown to the now powerful Corporate Mafia, deep in the heart of Selangor, a man  beaten to pulp and striped down naked many times over, was plotting the impossible.

SOME 8784 days,  after being certified  as 'DEAD' ,  if the undertakers, would show him some mercy, he will be the equaliser to even up the game  with a greeting to TEAM CORPORATE MAFIA  : You, Are DEAD MEN WALKING.

Malaysia Airports, neither stirred nor shaken by Twitter's failed warriors

IT is very easy to beat a Sdn Bhd company silly like in the case of the privately held company managing the nation's iconic Kuala Lumpur Tower, .

AND then announce to the world you won the fight, when there are very few matrix available for the public to judge, who actually came out of the fight badly bruised and bloodied.

IT is a very different world, when you take on a public listed company as in the case of Malaysia Airports Bhd, whereby it really doesn't matter if you are former member of Parliament, or a cry baby public relations officer who some how believe, that with a few tweets, one can transform themselves like ULTRAMAN into an independent financial journalist.

TO the likes of Wee Choo Keong, the former Bukit Bintang member of Parliament, who failed to fill the shoes of Lee Lam Thye, failed yet again in life as the chairman of  the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board and to his sidekick, named after the Male Reproductive Organ Anatomy, there are indeed matrix to measure if your words, point of view is taken seriously or dismissed as bitter grapes.  READ : Wee Choo Keong, guilty as charged after failing to prove his damning allegations against Malaysia Airports and AirAsia.

I for one, should and actually do know how this matrix works, how it is measured as I am the guy, who took on and took out Computer Forms Malaysia Bhd and the Elon Musk of Thailand, despite the very public backing of the then newly minted Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

YES, in Malaysia, David can win handsomely against Goliath as the financial market managers will punish Goliath brutally if he is found wanting as in the case of Computer Forms Holding, whoes share price  now trades at 28 SEN.

SO why is it,  despite Wee Choo Keong andhis band of misfits, having thrown everything including several kitchen sinks on Malaysia Airports anfd its managing director Iskandar Mizal Mahmood, the share price of Malaysia Airports is just 9 sen short at RM7.15 a share of matching its best performce in well over a year? 

ALL this , against back the backdrop of a 11per cent drop in the benchnark KLCI index.  The WHY on why Malaysia Airport shares are being supported by large funds despite the noise on Twitter is a no brainer.

NUMBERS, don't lie. Domestic passenger movements have reached 81.2 per cent of the 2019 level whil international passenger movements are  at 78.4 per cebt  of 2019 level.

 MARKET managers are pleased the airport manager is  have tied up with technology partners here, who have roped in the mainly South African Owned  Ten Cent Corp, China's most valuable company of 2022,  so that with just one click of the mouse, One Billion Human Beings, have access on what Malaysia can offer them.

THE twitter head who self named himself the Male Reproductive Organ Anatomy, should  assist here by providing some of that manhood to Wee Choo Keong.

 NO amount of Twitter shaming Siew Ka We's daughters, wont erase the still bitter memory of being unseated from the cozy seat  as chairman of  the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board  to the tycoon.

ON the bright side, sleep will come easy, waking up in cold sweat in the middle of the night, will be a distant memory too,  and those wicked the ego breaking whispers that fund managers half the age of the tweet owner saying loudly  SO WHAT to the tweet, will die down too.

Anwar Ibrahim Has Bet On The Wrong Ghetto Superstar

THE Malaysian social media will on fire tomorrow regardless which way it goes on Najib Razak's Royal Pardon appeal.

IF Bossku, gets a get out of jail card tomorrow then he will be armed, dangerous and fully loaded to launch an assult on the Prime Ministership .

WHAT Anwar Ibrahim will gain from all this is one year of good sleep as Najib Razak has sufficent clout to put a rebellion led by Johari Abdul Ghani that has all the hall marks of spilling out in time the open.

WHAT, Malaysians will gain if Najib Razak is freed is perhaps a lot of frowns and stares from foreigners and definitely the middle  finger from those who hail from Switzerland and the USA.

THEY are spot on of course, because any which way you see it, Najib Razak will stir emotions from both extremes,  but by bringing home Jho Low the fraudster, will have the same unity effect, anytime Malaysia brings home the Thomas Cup.


Bank Negara Malaysia, Victor Chin Boon Long and Francis Leong Seng Wui Are Walking On Very Dangerous Ground.

WHAT has an A$19 million payment gateway scandal brewing in Austalia, involving a reputable legal firm here, and the conduct of the Australian public listed company's Malaysian personnel got to do with Bank Negara Malaysia ?

ALTHOUGH, the company is listed  in Australia, much of its revenue is generated  by providing smartphone mobile banking and digital payments in Malaysia alongside BNPL services and OTT (over-the-top) media services via local telcos.

IOUpay has a money lending license, companies incorporated here, as well as the required approval from Bank Negara Malaysia, to operate on the buy now pay latter platform .

POINTED fingers will definitely come Bank Negara's  way as some of the transactions were illegally facilated by the Aussie company's ex Malaysian staff.

WE are not talking about a lone wolf action that has brought the Australian company  down to its knees but the actions of group of people.

WHY has the central bank's 2018 Employee Screening Guideline's failed to deliver the goods, especially since Bank Negara itself understands that failuer here is not an option.  

PERHAPS, Bank Negara Malaysia has become too well fed  a cat, to notice  a man accused of being in a team that cleaned RM30  million of  CAELY Bhd,  has been duly appointed Executive director at Revenue Group.

REVENUE, is the payment gateway flashing all the correct red flags ;  staff quiting by the droves & auditors no longer wanting you as a client, that the roof is about to cave in

Wednesday 26 April 2023

The Pirates of Bursa Malaysia : Market Manipulation By Green Packet's Special Assistant

LONG  before  before Victor Chin Boon Long's emerged as the managing director of 1 Utopia Bhd around 2011, he had served for more than half a decade as a short of confidence special  assistant to  Puan Chan Cheong , who is commonly referred to as C C Puan.

PUAN,founded Green Packet  Bhd in 2000 eventually listing it on Bursa Malaysia, gaining the distinction of being the first tech firm with a RM1 billion capitalisation .

VICTOR Chin Boon Long, was hired by C C Puan in 2006 to be his special assistant, and remained in the Green Packet payroll more than  half a decade later .

GREEN Packet's 2012 Annual Report list downn Victor Chin Boon Long  ss the company's investor relations point men

IT was during this critical period, that Green Packet's name was being name  dropped to prop up shares in companies controlled by Victor Chin Boon Long on paper,, as Victor Chin Boon Long himself many auspect   is just the public of an unknown powerful face

IMAGINE, a salaried investor relations man turning down a RM90 million all cash offer for his shares in Ingenuity Bhd, or his other offshoot 1 Utopia Bhd being the single largest tenant in Low Yat Plaza.

IF Victor Chin Boon Long had so much money back then, what is he then doing wotking for C C. Puan as his I R point men, as listed on Green Packet Bhd 's 2012 Annual Report.

WHAT  all this means is  Victor Chin Boon Long is a sitting duck as during this period, many of the companies that had Victor Chin onboard were name dropping  Green Packet's to boost their own shares.

THERE there is nothing on the Bursa Malaysia website to indicate the investing public knew that Victor Chin Boon Long was playing for both sides.

For example in 2012, Ingenuity Bhd shares were chased upwards, having started  its climb months before that from.3.5 sen to an eventual  peak at above 50 sen , on some self serving rumours READ :A RM125 million contract from Green Packet.

ARE there conflcts of. Interest here? On the disclosure side there are plenty and this trend of closely associating his business with Geeen Packet would continue for many more years .READ :  Yen Global Bhd, linked to ex Green Packet staff gets 4 UMA on speculation that Green Packet plans to buy the company.

BY  2019, Victor Chin Boon Long had eyes on a much biggeer and larger catch,  but first he has to lure CC Puan home.

Tuesday 25 April 2023

The Pirates of Bursa Malaysia : Victor Chin Boon Long, In the begining there was Ingenuity Solutions Bhd.

THE  story of Victor Chin Boon Long , starts with Ingenuity Solutions Bhd, where possibly several crimes may have taken place, among them  market rigging, providing deceptive information to the public, tax evasion, illegal warehousing operations and money laundering.

FROM the script exercise right down to  the enduring share trading melodrama, the brains behind this exercise is estimated to have either pocketed or have access to a fund size in range of RM500 million.0

THE good news for market manipulators is neither the Securities Commission nor Bursa Malaysia, were able to determine if there were enough red flags to justify iterry to the 

NOT a soul was charged for manipulation of Ingenuity Solutions share price, even though manipulation was the order of the day. 

WE should thank Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission in pretending to be unable to connect the dots, although Bursa Malaysia did promise us READ : That it will keep an eye on Ingenuity.

IF this was Singapore, Victor Chin Boon Long, would have been placed in a caged cell long before John Soh Chee Wen was busted in the Island state. READ :  Malaysian mastermind of 2013 Singapore penny stocks crash John Soh gets 36 years’ jail.

A year before John Soh was busy engineering a penny stock meltdown in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, there was a massive bull run for Ingenuity Solutions Bhd on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, which co incidently took place just after the company raised RM30 million via a rights issue.

BY September 2012, Victor Chin Boon Long should have been elavated to a status befitting the Dalai Lama, or atleast been nominated for an Ocsar , when he turned down a RM90 million offer to sell his stake.

VICTOR Chin Boon Long must be a very principled man, to turn down an offer from  Ninetology Marketing Sdn Bhd.

NEVERMIND, that both Ninetology and Victor Chin Boon Long were operating under the same roof at Low Yat Plaza.

LET's also discount other odd details, that a good lawyer,  could have used to jail not only the people from Ninetology but also its partner in crime.

IN total, Ninetology, which was less than six months old, with a profit less than RM1 million, but nevertheless claimed that a white knight fund will bank roll the purchase steeply valued at RM320 million.

NEVERMIND,  also that until today, the stock exchange nor the Securities Commission has never revealed the identity of the so called angel fund was the party that supposedly wa supposed to be financing the take over at such a huge premium.

SOME perhaps can stomach the huge premium, the Low Yat Plaza tenants were offering each other, but nobody could pin down why on earth, would anyone be interested in  Ingenuity shares, consisering, its ICT Business were operating under the exetremly razor thin margins.

WAIT, there is more to this drama,  Victor Chin Boon Long who turned down the offer to sell his shares at 55 sen a piece, would miraculous sell of his Ingenuity shares  two years latter for READ :  17 sen a share while the actual market price was 9 sen.

AGAIN nobody bothered to ask the hard questions , why turn down 55 sen for 17 sen and why 17 sen,  when the market price was just 9 sen. Was it a premium for a controlling stake or was money being cleansed.

VICTOR Chin, still has a big say in Ingenuity, that changed its name to MMAG Holdings Bhd, in 2016, the same year it issued another script exercise to raise a few hundred million Rimggit.

ESG in Malaysia is thriving, but for how long?

BY all accounts, on the ESG front, it has been a month for Malaysia, with Spain's Solarpack READ : Raising RM285 million in Green Bonds to build a plant in Kedah, while Bursa Malaysia and the London Stock Exchange created sustainability reporting platform.

THIS platform is a key enabler to Malaysia’s pivot to green, as it will provide the country's small to medium enterprises, a space to  disclose environmental, social or governance (ESG) data in line with established global standards.

NOT, to be out done, Maybank announced this month, READ :  mobilised RM34.37 billion in sustainable finance cumulatively in period of two years.  

MAYBANK added itz initial RM50 billion target in sustainable finance to be mobilised by 2025 to help one million households, has now been raised to RM80 billion, to help as many as two billion Asean households.

SO far so good. So who can screw up our ESG ambitions ?  Well look no further than the Government of Malaysia and the next couple of weeks, should provide us some clue.

THERE is no alphabet C in ESG, but, C as in corruption equals to bad Governance. READ : Corruption in Malaysia is in its worst position in a decade.

ANWAR Ibrahim must read the riot act to the current human resources minister, as well as reguest MACC to probe in the corrupt practise in the ministry started with the current minister or is it a legacy issue. READ : PM Anwar says premature to ask HR minister Sivakumar to take leave from work as MACC probe ongoing.

THE World Economic Forum in Davos, this year noted that READ : Without Artifical Intelligence,we won’t meet ESG goals.  

Basically, the ESG framework is heavy into block chains, artifical intelligence,  cloud technology and on various type of innovative new clean technology, which will require in certain cases steep investments that may soon reap some major economic fruits.  READ : Malaysia’s digital economy to grow RM156b by 2025.

WITH digitalisation, coupled with the ESG framework and guidelines in place or in the process of being put in place, the challenge will be to build a work force are life long learners, who are able to absorb abd adobt how new technologies evolve. 

 ONE thing though that bothers me is, at some point Artificial Intelligence, will be part and parcel on how we interact with the government and how the government interacts with us. 

HAS the Government prepared the Civil Service for this future reality,  that many of the government jobs of today will be redundant.

Monday 24 April 2023

The Missing F word in ESG

THE Environmental, social and governance frame work on its own is a frame work that is too opaque to be fully grasped by the lay man.

I fear, the Anwar Ibrahim government's bid to link the ESG concept to his Madani concept is a recipe that is perfect to confuse the market place. READ :EKONOMI MALAYSIA , AMALAN ESG SERTA PENERAPAN NILAI MADANI.

FOR one by attempting to link ESG to the Madani frame work, breaks a cardinal rule of what ESG is all about. READ:  ESG: It’s Not Ideology, It’s Economics.

MOST people in this Madani Government when they talk about ESG will want you to believe thst ESG was a frame work developed in the early 2000.

THE nucleas of ESG was actually developed decades before that to fight the injustices taking place under the racially biased Apartheid regime in South Africa under the guise of social responsibility investing. READ : Apartheid is Over, But Socially Responsible Investing is Not

NOW coming back to ESG in the Malaysian context is, it is lacking the F word. F as in finance, or to put it in plain english, how do we monotise ESG.

THE anwser is very clear on the Environmental side, ie by selling carbon credits. The challenge to the Anwar Ibrahim government should be to show us how to monotise the social responsibility and governance aspects.

WE know how crooks have monotised billions under the ESG guise, but how about the honest businessmen? READ: FTX founder Sam Bankman manipulated ESG to earn billions

Sunday 23 April 2023

The Pirates of Bursa Malaysia : The Proof Is In The Pudding

NOW that Hari Raya is over,  Anwar Ibrahim must act in a decisive manner against the likes of unlicensed roque market makers cum manipulators, or run the risk of Bursa Malaysia sinking further into oblivion, under his second watch as Finance Minister.

SOME 30 years ago, when Anwar Ibrahim first held the finance ministry post, he had help lay the ground works for an unbeatable Malaysian stock market, whose trading volume could easily beat the New York Stock Exchange.

IF the finance minister, who also happens to it be the Prime Minister now, has any intentions to rebuild on that unmatchable legacy, he has to crack the whip, and crack it hard.

IN between, Anwar Ibrahim's forced removal as Finance Minister, when it came to the stock market, Malaysians had very little to cheer about, and even then it came with a double eged sword.

 THE Malaysian stock market hadanother record to its name in 2020 READ : Najib Razak Gave Malaysia, the longest bull run in the history of this planet.

ON paper, the resume itself on the longest bull run in the planet is mighty impressive, but beneth the surface there is a grim story, waiting to be told.

OVER the past five years since GE 14, that forced Najib Razak out of power, the Malaysian stock market have been sinking slowly into abyss.

THE record states , that over those five years, the Malaysian market has regressed by 23.7 per cent or in plain English it has lost nearly a quarter of its value, while the Indonesian market was up by 19.4 per cent, the US market by 38.5 per cent, the Chinese market by 8.6 per cent and the Japanese market by 32.4 percent.

THERE are many reasons for this steep decline, some of which are either cyclical or seasonal such as policital instabiliy and challenges to the GDP growth engine .

ONE permanent factor which has been chocking the stock market has been GOVERNANCE, that has been sacrificed some for poliical goodwill but in most cases due to corrupt practise taking at the highest level within the four walls of Bursa Malaysia, the Securitis Comission and Bank Negarq Malaysia  

POLITICAL considerations too can be placed in the seasonal or cyclical pedestal, and as such, it is the constant and consistent ill gotten bread and butter meal, being eaten by vast majority of the regulators,  which have put off serious investors. 

INDEED there have been formal accusations that the level of corruption is at the highest level, having by passed the chronic level,  yet the public has yet to be fed with the blood they bay for. 

ACROSS the causeway, the insulting joke Malaysia has to put up is the real John Soh Chee Wen, who hails from Perak has been put in jail for rigging the market but the new Soh Chee Wen of Malaysia,  Kenneth Vun Yun Liun who dare not operate or set foot on Singaporean soil, can roam freely in Malaysia.

KENNETH Vun is an angel when compared to
 Victor Chin Boon Long and his posse of retired policemen, ex government laywers and ex regulators who help him curry favours and out right buy influence.

WHY has the attroney general been silent on this especially so since his office has been sitting on its backsides againt a case involving Victor Chin, deemed to be so serious that even the Royal Malaysian Police made a police report of its own in order to widen the scope of investigation before handing over the file case to the AG's office to prosecute. 

THAT file specifically zeros in on the embezzlement of RM30 millon from Caely Holdings Bhd,  but the Victor Chin posse is much more than that, there are also into gangster tactics such as threatening and iniimidation tactics.  

WHAT happens when you allow gangsers into the board room? Well they will end up doing what they know to do best, which is to incorporate their criminal activities into the legal business by utilising their assets to ether clean dirty money or to incorporate those assets into their storage and distributing network . 

IT won't surprise me a tad bit, when the dust settles in on the latest round of drugs found in Australia originating from Malaysia, which according to Prime Minister READ :  this is the 13th time this has happened, the private report will identify the same set of posse using public listed companies aseet, to store, package and transport the drugs to the port before being shipped down under.

ROQUE : The story of The Malaysian Twitter War Animal

ON twitter, the boast is that the war animals had delivered the election victory to Pakatan Harapan in GE15.

THE pro Pakatan Harapan war animals, some financed by Pakatan Harapan themselves, unofficially of course, were actually preaching only to the converted, with almost ZERO little influence on the mostly Malay majority Twitter user base. VIEW : PAS led Trengganu, Kelantan, Perlis and Kedah have the highest number of Twitter users in Malaysia.

THIS small dose of factuality, didnt stop the ROQUE bunch from brunching out as a gun for hire to corporations and individual  businessmen to take down rivals, using the corruption fighter mask pretense.

THEIR first known victim was Hydroshoppe Sdn Bhd, who won the KL Tower concession during Perikatan Nasional rule. READ : TM distances itself from KL Tower controversy

MANY wrongly pinned the entire Hydroshoppe KL Tower lease,  PR OPERATIONS ON TWITTER  as the brainchild of  the newly minted communicatios minister Fahmi Fadzli as part of Anwar Ibrahim's pledge to fight corruption.

YES, the PM wants to kill corruption, but he also had promised not to go on a witch hunt that could destabilise the economy and livelihood of wage earners. 

THE entire exercise to get Hydroshoppe Sdn Bhd kicked out  as the concession owner, was financed by a personality with business interest in the tower, who used to work directly under Najib Razak.

HE now roams Kuala Lumpur, under the guise of a business owner, with a penchant for finaning sporting activities, specifically in Canoeing , Football and Hockey.

THE  ROQUE war animals on Twitter became heroes because Hydroshoppe had indeed a past to hide, but they actually failed to meet their paymaster's objective,to have hiw company to take over the concession.

WHO are this ROQUE twitter warriors ?  THE team consist of a failed 69 year old politician, who decades ago was picked by Lim Kit Siang himself to be one of the future cornerstones of the party,  a former outsourced motoring journalist with the New Straits Times, and a former PR practicioner from the motoring industry, who has self proclaimed himself to be an independent financial journalist.

AND why are these ROQUE warriors about to be placed under a very intense microscope  ?  Apparently,  they have recently picked up  a new assignment, but this time the lines are a bit murkier. 

TO achieve their intended goal, they will have to throw some shit on the choices made by a China based company , that Anwar Ibrahim has been wooing relentlessly. READ : Meet Ma Huateng: The Man Who Owns Facebook, WhatsApp Of China

Thursday 20 April 2023

Azam Baki, will you put your money where your mouth is?

PUT up or shut up is the crude that has been thrown to the MACC chief by the actions of his own men last week at the up scale Pavillion Hotel.

THE Corporate Secret .com, the leading whistle blower site on business related events , made a claim 
last week, which i understand will be backed with pictorial evidence  at a latter date, if attempts to dismiss the report as fake starts to circulate.

MACC ,took a mere 66 days to Investigate, interview witness and charge rhe Ng brothers for crimnal breach of trust over an asset that is valued in Revenue Group's book  at ZERO.

THE  MACC investigation, the drama created by the  investigation, couple with the speed the Ng brothers wete charged in court.

THE charade shaved off RM100 million from the company's capitalisation, and in the process damaging legions of small scale investors 

DROVES were in tears, as Revenue Grouo shares tumbled from one 52 week to another, in what is now emerging  to be a  well scripted  play, to defraud investors to part away with good Revenue Group for as little monry as possible.

AZAM  Baki's razor sharp words against  the
Bar Council,  chidding the lawyer body  REA,D To stop practicing double stanadards ,  have now come knocking on Azam Baki's door. 

WHAT will Azam Baki do? Bolt or will he put his money where his mouth is???

Malaysia messed up the E, experienced the power of S, but missing the big G.

ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social, Governance, that is used to measure the sustainability of a business, company or sector using non  financial tool as a benchmark.

OVER here ESG investments are parked under what is known as VIEW : Sustainable and Responsible Investment Funds, with a total fund size on its way to meet the RM5 billion mark.

AS a nation we are way behind Vietnam, which is understandable as non millennials as well as those from Generation Z, view ESG, which has been around since 2014, as just another fad, but the millennials see it as the future.

CAN'T blame the non millennials though as READ : ESG funds are quietly buying oil and gas stocks to chase returns

MALAYSIA'S  Waltz with ESG, hasn't been smooth sailing, with some even making its to the front pages of the news papers for both negative and  positive vibes.

ESG can put big sums of money into our pockets, due to its global fund size which staggers around US52 trilion, as well as punish those who violate the ESG ethos as in the case of Top Glove.

THE bottom line is what it is ; environmental and sustainable are sewn to the hip or the BIG G in ESG.

GOVERNACE is our  biggest Achilles heel, glaringly  transparent in the financial sector, as well as in regulatory and enforcement section. 

THE time is ripe for the Prime Minister and Home Minister to step in, or we will soon be sliding into a future where corrupt money won't be given in envolpes, rather it will carried live via Tik tok


Tuesday 18 April 2023

The Pirates Of Bursa Malaysia : The very friendly market regulator

THE Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia, who consider changing their name to Dear Jane, the Daily Mail's friendly sex collumist, which specialise on relationship coaching.

THERE is something extremely troubling with our market requlators, whenever the name Victor Chin Boon Long or his henchman pops out.

A common word that appears is to to give the benefit of the doubt despite mounting evidence, that the safest thing to do is to sanction the culprits

IT's a no brainer, that the wise thing to do would be to instruct Victor Chin Boon Long to go on Garden leave, so as not to compromise the integrity of the payment gateways managed by Green Packet Bhd and Revenue Group Bhd.

IF you think treating Victor Chin Boon Long as some type of Fortunate  Son is a decease, confined to the central bank, you are dead wrong.

REVENUE Group Bhd, is a good example on how the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia ganged up, closed as both eyes at times, completely ignored calls for an independent probe to determine, if the corporate mafia working in tandem with Eddie Ng Chee Siong and two others directors, that were either his  business partners or related to him engineered a man made criss to tank the company's share price

EXAMPLES of the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia, giving a free pass and tonnes of benefit of the doubt to this group are legendary, as well as filled with intrigue, if the requlators have taken the role of DEAR JANE,  or perhaps the raw power of money had silenced them into obidience.

TAKE for instance, the curious case involving three directors of Revenue Group selling a large slice of their shares prior to the company announcing record losses.

EVEN the slightest sniff of Insider trading, should be enough to the Securities Commission to launch a much deeper investigation on why three directors of the company who acted as the strictest guardian of governance, make a U Turn on Governance by selling wildly just weeks and days prior to the company announcing that apart from the loss it's cash pile was sinking too.

YOU don't have to be Albert Einstein to notice that the Ng Brothers, were being punished for attempting to save their company despite being dragged by the MACC for an asset which is VALUED AT ZERO IN ACCOUNTING TERMS.

OUTWARDLY, the effects were damaging as Revenue Group Bhd's shares from its Jan 6 2023 peak of 75 Sen a share, got culled in the ensuring days to land at the rock bottom price of 25 sen a share by late March.

 THE Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia seem not to be curious at all on why these three sticker for rules directors, didn't even bother to bat an eye lid to sell their shares on the same month, the company had suffered an unprecedented historic pre tax  loss.

THE sell out were done by Ooi Guan Hoe, Executive Director Lai Wei Keat who owned million of Revenue Group Bhd shares, but was sitting very pretty and comfortable with a mere 100,000 shares by Feb 17 2023.

 GROUP Managing Director Eddie Ng Chee Siong dumped 14 million shares , that too at a discount, a mere 24 hours before,the world new that the once profitable company was bleeding red ink.

AGAIN weren't and Bursa Malaysia, the Securities Commission even a tad little curious on why three self righteous directors of Revenue Group, who fixed up the Ng Brothers, who are the dominant share holders of the over a technicality, seem to be blessed with telepathic understanding.

ACT ONE, place the mad cap on, and start trading like roques prior to the company announcing it's I'll fated quarterly results, spiced up with allegations of insider trading,followed by a record loss in earnings to pain a picture that Revenue was a company in crisis.

ACT TWO add spice to the story that the fake crisis has spilled out of control with dreaded PN17 undertaker ready to welcome Revenue Group on board. It is at this point,  the three amegos had a Bermuda Triangle moment.

ALL three, who officially had not planned any of the above, decides to resign from the Revenue Board in bits and pieces so as to squeeze the last once of blood from the already terrified retail investors.

THE narrated drama , don't fit the  perfect storm type of events,  but rather the entire story seem to have been crafted, and then neatly placed on a green packet to be delivered with gusto for a day light heist on the Ng Brothers hold on Revenue Group.

IF either Bursa Malaysia or the Securities Commission still lack, officially the mental capacity to fill in the blanks, then they should sound the Royal Malaysian Police for advice, which the men in blue may or may not define in stock speak ; PARTIES ACTING in CONCERT, though this case has a criminal feel to it.

NOW back  to the sale of Revenue shares in the critical month of February, which apart from having an outward motive,  comes with a sinister inward desire.

ENTER Francis Leong Seng Wui, a feared personality, who had intimidated and threatend the renowned business magnate Koo Tee Yam, in a case involving the Corporate Mafia's backdoor bitter take over of CAELY Holdings Bhd.

WHAT did Francis Leong Seng Wui do, upon warming his seat Revenue? He did almost exactly the same thing, he did at CAELY Bhd.  READ : Francis Leong Seng Wui, Di dakwa Kali ini mengugut pemegang saham terbesar Revenue Group.

"PARTIES acting in concert", terrified  retail investors and trigger happy punters, is always the right mix to engineer wave after  waves of herd selling, all  for the INWARD benefit of Francis Leong Seng Wui , who obligingly sccoped15 million shares at a fire sale price of 33 Sen.

REVENUE shares currently trade at 41.5 Sen, which means Francis Leong Seng Wui, is seriously in the money,  though it is actually  just a small bonus compared to the grand prize, courtesy of the Central Bank.

 BANK Negara Malaysia has been hit with a doze of amnesia, endering the central banker incapable of interpreting if a guy with two police reports for threatening and intimidation ,is the right fit  to be the unofficial role model for the bank's employee screening guidelines.

Mohammad Agus Yusoff : You can't have the cake and eat it too

THE main reason 1MDB,  ended up being the scandal it is today , owes a lot to  the PR Man, Low Taek Jho, losing the plot, and then ignoring  a 500 year old piece of wisdom by Thomas Duke : a man can not have his cake and eat his cake.

CALVERY at attention  for action, and also prepare the kitchen sink option too, as the omens are never, good  when the PR Man, gets PR'ed by deligent content creators. 

ONE would think that Mohd Agus Yusoff,should know better, having seen or read , how the fat boy Jho Low's obsession to be take centre stage, resulted in Najib Razak losing the Prime Ministership.

LOOKS like Mohd Agus Yusoff has an eye out for politics in the near future.. . How else to explain, influencers previously targeted by the Malaysian police force for issuing threats, suddenly gracing the stage to PROMOTE Mohd Agus Yusoff.

WHO is the loser here? Definitely not Jebat Derhaka, and certainly now Agus Yusoff, who has managed to get some airtime on You Tube and Tik Tok 

THE one name missing from the success story list is that of the  guy who signs the cheque for Agus and his friends, a bloke from Penang named Anwar Ibrahim.

I have a question for Agus Yusoff, can you name Lionel Messi' PR guy, or even Ronaldo's PR guy or better still Michael Jackson's PR guy?

THE the three gentlemen are global brands in their own right, yet we have little clue who are the PR brains behind the juggernaut. 

NOTICE global brands are run by PR guys who never make the news, but get the job done for their clients.

J Komm MADANI, hasn't offered anything new to the PR plan  under the self promoting Mohd Agus Yusoff regime.

 THE regime has a mantra that  data and algorithms equates  election and campaign winners. , blindly ignoring  the high take up Perikatan Nasional's  clips on You Tube, and Tik Tok had a lot to do with how the opposition group narrated their story to a set of believes 

THE MADANI  boys have placed too much emphasis on data, algorithms, spamming  and so on, foolishly hoping that machines can change their fortunes.

HAVE a look at contents put up by that MADANI believers, they are down right irritating, lackluster, while content building and content imagination are embarrassingly as the pre school level. VIEW ; Terbaru Satu Lagi Berita Baik

MOHD Agus Yusoff strength is his education, his achilles heel is that he does not have the skillsets to create PR dynamics  . As result on the DUD scale, Agus has striked  one jackpot after another

A jackpot by any name is a jackpot, especially if it is a DUD jackpot, that never gets you fired, a real confident booster that one should up the ante by rebranding oneself, a man who will fight for justice to triumph.

ENTER, Jebat Derhaka,  who came to public attention due to his on line fued with Rohingya 's very own LONG TIGER. VIEW : From Out of the Blue Long Tiger's internet Foe ,says political appointee Mohd Agus Yusoff is an outstanding principled bloke

SUCH blatant praise is neither indecent or sinfull, compared to the large chunk of money Mohd Agus Yusoff receives in salary..

A CAPITAL F, for Mohd  Agus Yussof, as a foot note on why so much money is being spent on a guy who has a PR skill set of Donkey?

 CASH being burned on Mohd AGUS Yussof , can be put for better use by the MADANI  custodians to punt on one of those billion dollar lotto in either Europe or the USA.

EVEN if we don't win, so what. Atleast we all would  experience the thrill of being  a billion dollar lotto contender, which is blissful endower than wasting it on Mohd Agus Yussof.

THE JKomm head has failed to market, promote and sell Anwar Ibrahim as the defining voice of the century for second coming of the Malaysian RENAISSANCE 

Monday 17 April 2023

The Pirates of Bursa Malaysia : Victor Chin Boon Long

THE state of Malaysia's financial sector must really be at the terminally ill level,  if we are to use Bank Negara's July 2018 Employee Screening Guidelines as a measure.

CONSIDER this betwen  2020 and 20220 some  READ : RM5.2 Billion Were Lost To Scams In Malaysia. The situation is not expected to improve anytime soon, despite the MACC' best effort to even the odds.

CLEARLY, there are a lot of rouge executives that are working in banks of late. The question, we should ask ourselves are, how on earth did this people get employed by banks by the drove?

BANK Negara on July 2018, implementated an Employee Screening Guideline, which is not only confusing but is toothless,because the Central Bank for reasons best known only to them have been lax in implementing the guidelines. 

IF indeed, the behaviours of individuals employed by a financial institution, is precieved publicly to be a reflection of the broader state of conduct and culture within the financial sector, then from a public relations perspective WE ARE IN DEEP SHIT.

ANWAR Ibrahim can thank Bank Negara Malaysia, if one of this days, a news man were to ask the Prime Minister cum Finance Minister, why is it Victor Chin Boon Long, Francis Leong Seng Wui are still in the business of managing payment getways when they have a host of legal issues that has everything to do with the quest of swiping other people's money easily.

CONSIDER this, the Royal Malaysian Police themselves made a police report so that it can deepen the probe against Victor Chin Boon Long, on the missing RM30 million at Classita Bhd. 

THIS is not the only, case involving hijacking money and Victor Chin Boon Long. Last November, self made millionaire, Koo Tee Yam, took the Vincent Chin dominated Classita to court after the company failed to reimburse him some RM3.9 million he had advanced the company. 

FOR many months, the narrative was Tee Yam was making a false claim, but lo on behold , Victor Chin Boon Long who is under tremendous pressure of facing jail time suddenly makes a U turn and admits that indeed the renowned businessmen had advanced the cash to the lingerie maker.

HOW come it took five months, for Classita Board to admit it, and during the five month period, atleast one unaudited quarterly results were announced by the company. 

IF, Victor Chin Boon Long is white collar, then Francis Leong Seng Wui is a blue collar type of guy. 

SIMILAR to Victor  Chin Boon Long, Francis Leong Seng Wui is not a one time offender.either.

TO cover it's back side, one can safely say Bank Negara will point to the following clause in its employee screening guideline as a get out of jail card.

THE sub clause states :  Prospective employees must provide a statutory declaration on past criminal convictions or ongoing criminal investigations or proceedings that he/she may be the subject of.

BUT then again this sub clause is actually ment for the rank and file officials at banks and at gateway payments and NOT for the  top officials of the company.

BANK Negara Malaysia has the power to ask Victor Chin Boon Long and Francis Leong Seng Wui to step aside temporarily to calm public nerves, but hasn't done so, and who can blame them, considering if something goes seriously wrong at this payment gateway, it is not the central bank's tush that will be on fire, rather it is Anwar Ibrahim who will get BURNED.

NEXT : A yes Men Called Bursa Malaysia