Monday 28 February 2022

PART 2 : 146 year old Ericsson to Malaysia : PIJAK

is a single released just three days ago by the ever talented  Zizi Kirana.

is something you don't do to the 146 year old Ericsson .

Banyak monyet naik toncet
 Bila duit masuk kocek 
Banyak beruk makin teruk 
Bila kepuk naik gemuk 
Banyak bagi muka 
Nanti kepala kena pijak 
Aku bukan mak turut 
Kena pandai cakap
Tidak diam 
Ku berisi itu bijak
Elak riak 
Kau ingat boleh pijak
Ehh kau silap

Sunday 27 February 2022

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 16 : Ra Ra Rasputin

was a top 5 hit in the  UK just last year in 2021 for DJ Majestic & Boney M,  taken from the album Rasputin :  Lover of the Russian Queen.

There lived a certain man in Russia long ago
He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow
Most people looked at him with terror and with fear

Next week : As yet untitled.

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 15 : Bat Out of Hell.

is the first single from  the debut album of American hard rock singer Meatloaf.  The album released in 1977,  remains one of the best selling albums of all time.

LIKE a BAT out of HELL  

the gin bang gang  must now make a U TURN  and embrace Digital Nasional Bhd.

But when the day is done
And the sun goes down
And the moonlight's shining through
Then like a sinner before the gates of Heaven
I'll come crawling on back to you
Then like a sinner before the gates of Heaven
I'll come crawling on back to you

The STAR  spells it out WHY READ :  Why the Government must back DNB.

But there is more to Why the Government  will back Digital Nasional Bhd.

Part 16 : RA RA RASPUTIN, 

Friday 25 February 2022

2500 silent votes a day : Bukan Kerana Nama

is the 1986 classic from Sweet Charity  frontman Ramli Sarip &  1960's rock singer A Romzi.

Looks to me,  like  it's BUKAN KERANA NAMA time.
Jangan kau pandang bibir yang manis
Kerna dia bisa menghancurkan
Jangan kau pandang wajah yang indah
Kerna dia bisa meracunmu
Dengarlah hai teman, dengarkan bersama
Aku menulis bukan kerna nama
Kerna sifat kasih pada sesama insan
Dan menyatakan kasih sayangku
Kita sama, semuanya sama
Apa yang ada hanyalah kehidupan

144 is the number of hours,  that have passed since  BERSATU's  chief communicator  said  READ : Memorandum Tuntutan Pengeluaran KWSP Akan Diserah Kepada Muhyiddin.

In BETWEEN the 144 Hours or the SIX Days that  have passed us by, an average 2,500 Malaysian have daily voted in favour of the EPF,  allowing a 10k withdrawal for those who have such money with the Provident Fund. At Change.Org,  more than RM121,000 Malaysians have voted YES to such a withdrawal.

144 hours have passed since there was call for UMNO  to forget Najib Razak. READ : ORANG UMNO HARUS BERANSUR-ANSUR BELAJAR LUPAKAN NAJIB.

Will they? Can they? Should they?  The man may have committed financial crimes.... but so what,  says the common man....when they had no voice,  when not a single member of Parliment stood up for them...One Man Did.

His name is Najib Razak. Muhyiddin  may win  the thunder by getting the 10k deal approved, but he can't be the King of Hearts.

Thursday 24 February 2022

MAXIS Bhd : You Give Love A BAD name!!!

is Bon Jovi's  first chart topper in their homeland.   Taken  from the album Slippery When Wet,  which was a massive massive best seller in almost every corner of  the world.

Slippery When Wet is what  Maxis is READ : Maxis claims ' net profit decreases 5.4pc to RM1.31 billion for FY21 due to heavy investments to strengthen network, fibre coverage.

The damage is done
Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name 
SECOND  BEST  is what Maxis CONSUMERS are.  Let me put into prospective Maxis capital expenditure  for 2021 .

Maxis spend RM1.2  billion on capital expenditure,  which is less than the RM1.3 billion,  it gave away to  its rich shareholders as dividend.

CAN Maxis drastically  cut dividends  and invest much more on say 5G infrastructure,  as suggested  by those hidden hands trying to kill Digital Nasional Bhd?

Maxis cannot cut the dividend by much.  Do remember  that up until 2015 MAxIS WAS BORROWING MONEY TO PAY DIVIDENDS.

So why can't Maxis  reduce its dividend  by much?  READ : Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd's RM9.4 billion Debt.

Based  on Maxis RM1.2 billion capital expenditure,   If we are foolish enough to allow Maxis to build the 5G  highway for us,  it will only be fully ready by 2032!!!,  I guess 

Wednesday 23 February 2022

The RED Blogger : China In Your Hands

taken from the album,  appropriately titled bridge of  spies,  the song was a massive hit for Britain's T Pau.

THE CHINA put by a  blogger with more hits then the population of Malaysia  seems to be the last attempt by throw in  the kitchen sink.

To justify  the participation of two black listed  China companies,  namely Huawei and ZTE by the Western world in Malaysia 5G  super corridor.

We cannot live in the past. We learn from history, but  not live in it.  Popularity in the number of hits is not a reflection of CREDIBILITY.

One cannot be a supporter of Tun Mahathir at his PEAK and benefit from it,  by being the PROXY  of  the FAMILY  in  KULIM ,  KEDAH,  and then be supportive of Muhyiddin Yassin at his peak.

A chameleon can change  colors,  but ultimately there will be one CONSTANT. And that constant has always been :  CHINA

China in your hand
Come from greed
Never born of the seed
Took a life from a barren hand
Oh eyes wide
Like a child in the form of man

Tuesday 22 February 2022

A 5G Loose Cannon : In The Name of Love!!!!

is a song described by the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame,  as one of the key compositions that defined rock music in the last century.

Taken from U2's  Unforgettable Fire album,  In the Name of Love remains popular even in this century.

IN THE NAME OF LOVE ,  or perhaps it is due to the lack of it,   we are faced with this disgustingly pitiful and pathetic 

silence by men we thought would look after  our interest.

 Anwar Ibrahim ,  and Lim Guan Eng  are silent on  Ong Kian Meng,  breaking free and speaking the TRUTH. LISTEN : The Bangi MP, breaks free from falsehood, backs Digital Nasional Bhd instead

In the name of love
One man come in the name of love
One man, he come and go
One man comes he to justify

HELLO Anwar Ibrahim,  Lim Guan Engstop acting like you are cabinet Ministers and start doing  your job to look after the Rakyat's well being when there are overlaps.

I am sure the Government of the day would  appreciate  it,  if  both you men,  who seem to have lost your spine regain some of your early days mojo IN THE NAME OF  LOVE! 

Monday 21 February 2022

Muhyiddin Yassin : Bukan Kaleng Kaleng

is a song released on 2019, by Indonesian singer Nisa Fauzia to moderate success.  This is the song which is a perfect for former Prime Minister  Muhyiddin Yassin.

Mengusik relung kalbu
Sungguh aku tak mampu
Menahan perasaanku
Sumpah janji padamu
Ku takkan pernah jemu
Walau godaan mengganggu

KERANA gurau senda kamu tu dah agak aneh lah!!! 

BACA  BERITA YANG MENGGEGARKAN DUNIA & UMAT MANUSIA: Muhyiddin Yassin: 'Saya tak pernah bohong'

Huawei : Barbarism Begins at Home!!!

was from  the Smiths second album Meat is Murder which not only topped the UK charts for 13 straight weeks, but was a global  best seller as well.

There are very dangerous minds, attempting to play a high stake game of cards,  that could murder Malaysia's 5 game plan.

RULE  number one,  Uncle Sam always wins when it matters.  Which Ministers are going to say YES to a second group emerging to build a separate 5G network, without knowing who will be their strategic partner?

A crack on the head
Is just what you get
Why? Because of who you are!
And a crack on the head
Is just what you get
Why? Because of what you are!
A crack on the head
Because of :
Those things you said

Will it be Huawei which DISRESPECTED Malaysia  by not tendering for the job when offered but instead opted for a backroom deal which has stalled our country's 5G ambition.

Or will it be ZTE, also of China which has an equal amount of sanctions on its head.

What if either of these two parties are involved
 and half way through,  the sanctions start to bite into their telecommunication business?

You think it won't,   happen ,  hence you  want to play with our country's 5G dreams.  We'll please READ :  US warns that Huawei will leave 5G global customers high and dry

Let's not believe, the USA,  and throw our support  for those who attempting to play poker with our country's 5G Future .  

But before we do that,  every Minister, must look at this time line,  and give the nation a guarantee  that what has happened to the Chinese mobile business will not happen to its infrastructure business too.


Annuar Musa should stick to BAKSO BERANAK, because the show today just : Won't Bite!!!

is a single taken from American female rapper Dojo Cat's  second album Hot Pink which was released on 2019 .

No matter , how  attractive the show put on by communication Minister Annuar Musa READ :Pagi Ini, Saya bersama Bos Maxis, Celcom dan Digi

The minister,  will find it hard to make Malaysians bite into his story,  that with the chat,   telcos will  spend  more on infrastructure rather than borrow money  to pay dividends,  like the have  done before.

You look so tasty, but I won't bite
Really, I'm such a good kitty, don't put up fights
But if you trick me, baby, it gon' get sticky
I might (I might just)

MALAYSIA nor Malaysians won't bite into Annuar Musa' s narrative  because we do not live on trees. 

 The narrative looks like a prelude to justify a second consortium being included in the building of 5G  here.

We won't bite,  because we know :

1. To limit dividends,  would require some form of legislation.  READ : ECB orders banks to freeze dividends and share buybacks

2. We know the difference between the rights and power of the major shareholder and that of the CEO.  Below are links , which may be of interest to the minister.  READ : Shareholders have control of the board.  READ : The CEO vs. the Shareholder

If the show is allowed to go on,  I do believe  that around March there will be a great push to finish off Digital Nasional  Bhd. 

 But ,  Malaysians are not so naive,  hence its best for the minister to put on his best performance  with VIEW :  BAKSO BERANAK .

Saturday 19 February 2022

146 year old Ericsson to Malaysia : There is NO stoppin US...

is the all time classic of the then emerging breakin/rap and hip hop culture by  drummer , Ollie E. Brown and R&B singer Jerry Knight. Taken from the movie Breakin,  the song was a top ten hit  on both sides of the atlantic.

Sweden's  Ericsson which has a 146 year experience  in the telecommunication infrastructure  business,  is a Fortune 500 company,   not because it is the brain and has the patent rights over the Blue Tooth technology.

Ericsson is Fortune 500 company because it knows how to cut an airtight deal.  READ :  Ericsson: For Malaysia, with love : Precision 5G rollout AKA There's NO stoppin US!!!

You don't survive by being weak
This is our time
Walls were made for us to climb
Don't you try to lock us out
Cause were breaking down the doors
And ohhhh...we just came to fight
There's no stopping us
No one does it better
There's no stopping us

What is the Government  owned Celcom Axiata thinking when it joined hands with Maxis in proposing another entity to compete with Digital Nasional Bhd.

Who are they gonna pick to do the building works for 5G.  Huawei? ,  the same Huawei who refused to submit a bid when the Government of Malaysia asked for bids to be made?

THERE IS NOTHING BIGGER THAN  MALAYSIA... if Celcom Axiata does not understand that,  than it will definitely  not understand  that China's ZTE Corporation has sanction on its head, just like its big brother Huawei.