Saturday 30 July 2022

Pertubuhan Entiti Vape Malaysia : Talam Dua Muka

is a song from Malaysia's  biggest rock band of the early 1990's.  The song was featured in XPDC second album Timur Barat , which sold more than 100,000 copies.

MOVE , the acronym for Pertubuhan Entiti Vape Malaysia, is in a tight spot, having been bullied,  and misled by Khairy Jamaluddin.  Didn't we all been misled too.

Jangan pura-pura, talam dua muka
Ke kiri, ke kanan engkau sapu
Keringatku kau hirupkan
Sehingga aku kekeringan
Kau menikam dari belakang
Berpura kawan rupanya lawan

APPARENTLY,  bullying small time traders in order to get himself on  the correct side of the news and public perception is paramount.

PARAMOUNT because election is coming next year,  and one needs to be in the news or one is going to contest against Anwar Ibrahim in Port Dickson and LOSE.

I have said this so many times. Khairy Jamaluddin is going to cost ISMAIL SABRI  the PrIME Ministership. 


Khairy Jamaluddin' we have had this experience since 1909 : Drama KING

is the haunting pop song from Meet Uncle Hussein featuring Black.  The song was released in 2020 to very positive response. 

KHAIRY JAMALUDDIN,  would have never made it in politics if not for who he got married to. And too drive the point deeper into our souls, we now forced to keep a straight face .

THAT smoking act, the generational game changer has politicians so spooked that they have stopped  thinking, fearful that doing so might lead them to reject Khairy Jamaluddin's waste of time.

Sampai bila
Kau mahu tersesat
Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh muslihat
Mahkotamu Raja Drama
Kau masih berpura-pura
Kata-katamu hanya propaganda

WE have had this experience  since 1909, and it always ends the same way .. wasted time, wasted money, wasted resources.  READ : In 1909, Coco Cola Nearly Got Killed, Not For The Cocaine but for caffeine on claims it is poison and a habit-forming drug

THERE are countless literature on real life case studies that show what Khairy Jamaluddin is proposing will mirror  himself,  a complete failure.   Where is Khairy's literature that this will work? No where in sight .

Dial V for Vanquished or V For Victory. Axiata Group Bhd',: Berdamai Dengan Diri Mu Sendiri

is the smash hit from Tulus this year, from the album Manusia. Upon release,  the video for the single notched a strong 16 million views on You Tube .

CURIOUS  minds seldom  cannot logically understand why Axiata Celcom is standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of U Mobile and Maxis.

ALTHOUGH,  I am against their point of view when it comes to 5G, I can understand the rationale behind Maxis and U Mobile's  fear of  5G  under Digital Nasional Bhd.

TAKE for instance,  the threat that eventually Maxis and U Mobile will face from the MVNO's . READ :  MCMC in favour of a free for all , with no restrictions on MVNOs in Our 5G World

Kau terlalu berharga untuk luka
Katakan pada dirimu
Semua baik-baik saja
Bila lelah menepilah
Hayati alur napasmu

AXIATA Celcom is the biggest MVNO player in this land, hence a free for all will benefit the company the most.

SO why then the hostility ?  Is it because lucrative contracts,  and self importance to contractors and suppliers will start fading away,  with Digital National Bhd at centre stage.

IS this self interest, the factual reason for Axiata Celcom's confused ang illogical behaviour?

Friday 29 July 2022

Thick As Brick : Look Closer

is song  by BRATZ , an American line of fashion dolls and related merchandise manufactured by MGA Entertainment

THICK AS BRICK aka Another Brick in the Wall is correct that Ismail Sabri did meet Serba Dinamik's Abdul Karim in Dubai. 

ISMAIL Sabri has his flaws but he is an okay guy.  What is more worrying for me is both the DAP and BERSATU have links with the same stock market syndicate. 

Concealed, will be revealed...
Look closer
Becomes clear
Nothing's the way it seems
Look closer
There's more there
Take time to really see...
Look closer...
In between the lines
More than meets the eye

KENNETH  Vun Yun Lun has been seen in a Bersatu fund raising event,  where Muhyiddin  Yassin  was present. 

KENNETH  Vun Yun Lun had operating interest in Astral Supreme, when the company in 2013 despite not having the required technical experience and know how was given a  RM275 million  contract linked to the Penang Undersea Cable project. READ :  Loss making Astral Supreme's shocking Triumph.

Thursday 28 July 2022

Dial V for Vanquished or V For Victory. Axiata Group Bhd : Apa Guna BerJanji?

is a song from Tan Sri P Ramlee's 1965 black and white movie Masam Masam Manis. The song was ablely brought to life by Puan Sri Saloma.

ON May 26 2022,  AXIATA Celcom  told Malaysians READWe will meet the June 30 dateline.

THE dateline concerned was for the TELCO to join the Government mandated 5G roll out plan under Digital Nasional Bhd.

SINCE,  then I have been harresing Axiata Celcom on why they have not started to advertise  5G services as a measure of support to the Prime Minister ahead of the now extended September dateline. 

I also noted that Celcom is not listed on the JENDELA map VIEW : As one of the telcos that will soon be coming up with5G services under Digital Nasional Bhd.

As a result,  Celcom had put out this meaningless advertisement.  VIEW  : Celcom 5G - The wait is over

Apa guna berjanji
Kalau tak ditepati
Kelak meracun hati
Tuan sendiri
Mengigit jari

AXIATA CELCOM stop undermining our Prime Minister and Finance Minister. Get Your act together or the entire board should resign as a matter of principle 

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Di Puji Tak Terbang, Di Hina Tak Tumbang : Malaysia's Inai Kiara : Break My Stride

is the one hit wonder of 1984 for Matthew Wilder, which re-emerged on the charts in 2020 with 1.4 million streams thanks to the power of Tik Tok.

WITH  reports emerging that INAI KIARA is on a no man is left behind mission, the onus now is for the company to get its act together.

Ain't nothin' gonna to break my stride
Nobody gonna slow me down, 
I got to keep on moving
Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride
I'm running and I won't touch ground

AT its peak, READ : Inai Kiara had 2,000 people on its pay roll. Hence to get back into full steam might take some time.

THE company should use this lag time to educate the Malaysian public and the political class that, the company is in a monopolistic position not by design.

BUT  rather because its rivals refuse to reinvest into the business,.choosing instead to rent equipments as well as human resources 

Rais Hussin : The Fool On The Hill

is a Lennon/ McCartney composition that was taken to the US Billboard Top Ten back in 1968, by yet another iconic band : Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66. The group is credited with bringing Portuguese language pop to mainstream America.

RAIS Hussin' must strive to do much better, even though he is in the corner that is firmly against Digital Nasional Bhd,. as life would be boring with out an alternate view.

BUT when that alternate view is FABLE,  that's when we need to truly worry.

Day after day, alone on a hill
The man with the foolish grin
Is keeping perfectly still
But nobody wants to know him
They can see that he's just a fool

HOWELSE  do we categorise this.  The minister clearly states 

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Serba Dinamik :. There is more than the eye can see

topped the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts back in 1967. The single is from Al Martino who is often described as one of the greatest Italian American pop crooners of all time.

THERE definitely is more than the eye can see in the case of Serba Dinamik, and this  train of thought has been fortified by creditors overwhelming  support for its debt restructuring exercise .

There's more than the eye can see
You've got more that gets to me
Deep inside you lies
wonderful surprise

ITS one thing massaging your accounts to pull the wool over the public eye,.but it's a whole new different ball game trying to fool suspicious hard nose bankers the second time around.  READ :  Creditors vote in favour of Serba Dinamik's scheme of arrangement.

NOW that creditors are satisfied after doing their own due diligence that your assets are as good as you say, don't you think that common logic will dictate that those assets can also earn as much as you claim?

PERHAPS Serba Dinamik's  mistake was they merely brought forward some of their earnings,. which is not a crime in accounting terms and that the real crime was that after the company refused to buy a certain dockyard at an inflated price,. somebody wanted the group to be broken up into piece....

Monday 25 July 2022

Annuar Musa's minister pay cut/inflation question : Let's Groove

Is the highest charting single on record from disco's. Earth, Wind & Fire,. which is taken from the group's 1981 album named RAISE.

ANNUAR  Musa who heads the Communication Ministry with the funky sounding abbreviation K-KOMM, as head of the Jihad task force has asked an important question.

Get you to move,
Let this groove
Set in your shoes,
Stand up, alright
Gonna tell you 
What you can do

WELL the answer is obviously no,. but one of the basic things we can do is to cut off duplication of resources. READ : Cut down on duplication of resources to beat inflation.

THEREFORE,. ANNUAR Musa should either sack himself and disband the entire jihad task force or sack Muhyiddin Yassin and disband the National Recovery Council, who is also in the business of so called beating inflation . READ : We’ll study ideas on overcoming inflation, says Muhyiddin