Tuesday 30 November 2021


was the debut single from the British trio Bros, which topped the charts in 1987.

 By all accounts, METAVERSE has become a very famous word,  though most people have very little inkling on what is all about.

That though hasn't stopped Metaverse related stocks to heat up from the USA all the way to China. READ ; The Trillion Dollar Meta Market

When will I, will I be famous?
I can't answer, I can't answer that
When will I see my picture in the paper?
I can't answer, I can't answer that
When will I, will I be famous?

EXPECT a slew of financially troubled companies trading on Bursa Malaysia  to soon jump on the Metaverse universe  market .

Investors,  will most likely get burned at the end of the day,  but amongst them, I was told there is 

a diamond in the rough, that will launch in 2022 an internationally recognized Metaverse of its own which has the three key elements needed for success,  namely a platform where  READ : Cryptocurrency, Gaming and Capitalism co-exist .

I can't say much 

except that they operate from  Ampang,  not far from KLCC.

Monday 29 November 2021

THANOS : Cakap Banyak

is a hop hop song from under ground hip hoppers who hits the right notes,  as an entity linked to the so called Malaysian  THANOS

Cakap banyak, bukti tiada
Cakap banyak, bukti tiada
Cakap banyak, bukti tiada
Cakap banyak, bukti tiada
Cakap banyak, bukti tiada
Cakap banyak, bukti tiada

READ ;Azmin Ali's joke of a portal may wreck havoc in Hungary's up coming elections  READ :Viktor Orban, Prime Ministet of Hungary alleges foreign interference.

The ramifications are deep,  as Malaysia NOW portal has been acused of plagiarism READ : Malaysia Now's credibility at stake

Despite that,  the portal seeks redemption in a failed story.  READ : The raid that was but was not ..

Saturday 27 November 2021

AirAsia X : Seek and DESTROY

is the first single recorded by hard rockers,  Metallica for their 1983 debut album, Kill' em All.

If Air Asia X thought by  READ  : ENTERTAINING Mavcom and then DEALING with the issue, they will get away with paying  RM50 from every RM1000 that wage earners gave the airline for promised flights which they NEVER TOOK PLACE 

It's best the airline think again, and this time around,  if they LOSE,  they won't end up with a puny fine READ : Mavcom fines AirAsia RM200,000 for contravening consumer protection code.

We're scanning the scene in the city tonight
We're looking for you to start up a fight
There is an evil feeling in our brains
But there's nothing new,
you know it drives us insane
Running, on our way, hiding
You will pay dying

The battle  won't be in Malaysia, with consumers pinning minuet hope on MAVCOM, which they described as 


For the record, Mavcom is a unit within the Transport  Ministry.  The minister in charge is the un charhistamatic WEE KA SIONG.

INSTEAD,  consumers have joined hands, and plan to challenge  Air Asia X  in Australia first, 

because the believe is down under is where they stand the best chance 

 to stage a dramatic fight back from the dead.

 Australia's best class action legal minds,  the publicly traded Slater & Gordon is the name most mentioned to lead the onslaught on AirAsia X READ : The Slater & Gordon Investigation

BEING the come back kid 
from behind and triumph won't  be EASY,  but it is  NOT impossible, as responsible Government's in US and the EU has done what WEE KA SIONG  has yet to do  by STANDING up and with the common man.


CLEARLY , it is GAME ON, and there WILL BE

Tengku Zafrul. : You're so VAIN

is the song most which is most identified with Carly Simon. She wrote and recorded the song in 1971, which the Rolling Stone Magazine  listed at 495 on the top 500 song of all time.

In the International Baccalaureate system,  weight is given  on how we articulate  our views  and responses

You're so vain
You probably think this song is about you
You're so vain (you're so vain)
I bet you think this song is about you
Don't you don't you?

With this in mind,  I find the views expressed by Tengku  Zafrul on budget 2022

to be weak and poorly articulated  READ : Tengku Zafrul  flake's Budget 2022 critics.

Why would I say such a thing?  

Consider this, in the said article Tengku Zafrul talked about equality,   a term I believe he is not fit to use.

A wise Minister,   is one who will help up lift people based on their low income,  while the minister who has seen wisdom run away from him will help based on RACE

Thursday 25 November 2021

The Vibes : Out of Touch

is the 1984 chart topper from Hall & Oates. It was also the lead single for the duo's Big Bam Boom album.

Having read the VIBES report on AirAsia X ,  I can only say 

You're out of touch
I'm out of time
Not around
You're out of touch
I'm out of time

What's so special about THURSDAY?  Well it's a day after the cabinet meets, and Wee Ka Siong should be given a break.

He could have been the butt of jokes among the Ministers during the post cab,  if the Vibes report had come a day earlier.

Wow,  Mavcom and it's Minister. I do believe that you have just been insulted and the humiliated. AirAsia X with regards to Mavcom, will entertain before DEALING with it .

The articles was written by two reporters,  yet it smelled like an ADVERTORIAL. 

I an. beginning to think that the Vibes business editor is either past his sell date or just out of TOUCH and Out of DEPTH

Do tell me, Azim Idris & Anne Edwards, since when AirAsiaX has a deposit taking license.  

It is a blatant falsehood by the AirAsia X CEO that all creditors treated equally.   The Vibes duo, were meek, failing to challenge the definition  of EQUALITY.

So is that man the first among equals or an exception cause he went to court and won. It is not an exception,  as Malaysia Airports also got what it wanted from AirAsia by taking it to court.

Any newsmen , that does not challenge the AirAsia X narrative that it MAY provide this and that.

The alternate to May in a different world ,is none other than May Not.  

Last but not least, AirAsia X was already on its last breath before Covid 19 came and allowed the company to survive.

For a CEO who is beginning to think that AirAsia X is too big to fail. One piece of advise. Karma is a mirror. What goes around will always come around!!!!


The Story about DNB will be TOLD: Calling Mr Vain

Was a smash hit for the German dance group Culture Beat,  taken from the 1993 Serenity album.

Digital Nasional Bhd,  has been sent to the dog house by a very seasoned and cynical communication machine.

They are the

the best money that money can buy. The objective is to destroy DNB,

and to allow a fresh group to take over

Call him Mr. Raider call him Mr. Wrong
Call him Mr. Vain
Call him Mr. Raider call him Mr. Wrong
Call him insane
He'd say: I know what I want
And I want it now
I want you cause I'm Mr. Vain
I know what I want and I want it now
I want you cause I'm Mr. Vain

Why destroy DNB you may ask? Well since DNB DNB will implement a 5G network using a single wholesale network at stake is BILLIONS of RINGGIT and with that 

control of vendors in  the telco eco system.

NEXT WEEK :  The Empire Stikes BACK!

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Najib Razak : Kasih Slow

is song released in 2019,  by Nonna 3in1 with Rap X, though it only started creating a buzz some two years latter.

Najib Razak has called out  Tengku Zafrul 

twice in three days regarding the I Citra One of 10k payment.

Jangan terlalu laju mace we pace we
Tahan-tahan tenaga kita goyang Sante
Ikuti tempo biar keringat sampe
Sengaja bikin pelan kasih minyak lante
Kasih slow kasih slow
Kasih slow kasih slow tempo
Kasih slow kasih slow
Kasih slow atau nanti kaco

The last guy who tried the elegant silence trick, lost his job to Najib Razak. 

CLEARLY , time is running out for Tengku Zafrul, an analyst,  turned reality TV actor who now happens to  run the Finance Ministry.

Tengku Zafrul,  can't afford to keep mum or ignore Najib Razak.  Najib Razak is no charismatic  speaker  but on social media , it's a whole different ball game. 

Tengku Zafrul  is not a bad guy, but he is running  
and soon he might be out of style too, due to the perception that the guy is out of touch with the common man

The Money Game @ Parlo Bhd On Bursa Malaysia : JASON's song

is a single taken from Ariana Grande's third album Dangerous Women,  which was certified  as a quardrable platinum album. 

JASON's song  (Bursa Malaysia that is a direct hint for you who to look out for before the SHIT HITS the FAN)

All the shit you've done
You can't outrun the way you understand me
You acted like you bought me at a bargain sale
You don't even care
You focused your frustration on a small detail.

The Money game happens everywhere across the world. READ ; Dogecoin A 'Victim Of Pump And Dump Scheme' By Elon Musk, Says Analyst.

When you have finess and don't insult intelligence of a normal human being, people won't come charging at you for tempting others with greed.

The story at Parlo though has too many holes, to ignore. Bursa Malaysia & SC must charge those involved .

CONSIDER this, by July 2020, Parlo was on shaky

During the June July period Parlo was trading at 8 sen a piece with a capital spread of 364 million. 8 sen times 364 million equals to RM29 million.

In between something happened  and the stock shot up to 65 sen. 65* 364 million, valuing the company at RM232 million.

Obviously somebody made tonnes of money. a minimum of RM200 million and a max estimate of half a billion ringgit
The in between though is the emergence of  ARIV Capital  Sdn Bhd, which coinsided with READ : A spectacular agreement with a Myanmar controlled entity

THE agreement  

And oh there was also a rights issue of which 11 million will be ploughed into the Myanmar business opportunity.

ONE of Diamond Palace sister company Ever Fine Services too provides on its own an almost similar service. 

Let's check out its website 

And oh by the way Arvi Capital has ceased to be a substantial shareholder, Parlo's results are weak at best and the stock had fallen almost 75 per cent from its peak.

Many retailers lost big time 

the regulators owe it to them to get this JASON's song JUSTICE!!!

Tuesday 23 November 2021

PENCEN : Panggung Khayalan

is a song from Malaysia's biggest mainstream rock group , SEARCH.  The song was recorded in 1996.

Kita terlupa pada yang benar
Ataupun takut tersalah tafsiran
Panggung khayalan ini
Menjadi gedung sepi
Kenyataannya sembunyi di hati
Dan lantas bertambahlah mimpi.



is to accept  that there can be many versions of one story but, only one is the absolute  truth.  

According,  to the Employee  Provident Fund READ : Members need to work 4-6 years more to rebuild savings used during pandemic.

My personal view is EPF is merely using the I withdrawals as an 

excuse  for not planning 

Mind you, this was written in 2002.  

Consider  affordable housing for the elderly, plus limit withdrawals post retirement to monthly payments, and cap it at RM2000.,  The payments can be based on how much an individual has with the provident fund.

Monday 22 November 2021

The Story About Scomi is About To Be Told (Part 5) : Mony, Mony, Mony

was a big hit for Billy Idol way back in 1981, taken from the album Don't  STOP.  Lyrics to this song goes something like ;

Well, I feel alright
You so fine (Mony Mony)
You so fine (Mony Mony)
You so fine (Mony Mony)
And I feel alright

That's  what, I believe anyone who is going to buy 2017 Honda CITY E I-VTEC 1.5, will be singing 
all the way to the show room.  

So what has 2017 Honda CITY E I-VTEC 1.5 got to do with Scomi Group, 

which received an extra RM303 million to supply monorail train sets to the Government ? which by the way it HAS YET TO DO SO.( I understand one third has yet to be delivered)

Well the 2017 Honda CITY E I-VTEC 1.5 cost RM64,000 , 
is exactly the amount SCOMI has  in the bank. VIEW : SCOMI's balance sheet

The amount though could be eroded, 

when Scomi announces its results in less than 8 days time. 

If this is not enough to cause deep concern among lawmakers and the ministry of transport then either they or we, the rakyat immediately need to seek council from a 

PENGUMUMAN Penting Dari Mavcom : MUSICA

is a dance hit for Fly Project,  Romania's most successful dance group. The lyrics to this smash hit goes something like this

I'm like a bird 
Flying in the sky, in the sky,
I see you're hot 
Selling me a lie, my, my!

Anyone know what has happened  after the statement was issued.  WHAT follow up 

ACTION, Mavcom has taken or did Air Asia X even bother to reply to Mavcom?  I do recall, Mavcom 

mentioning something about Malaysian Aviation Commission Act 2015 (Act 771). This is no ordinary act, as Mavcom can suspend an Airline's operating license.

Since, AirAsia X is listed on Bursa Malaysia, we need some transparency. That being said, since Mavcom

has already made a public statement, doesn't it owe tax payers a progress report ?