Friday 19 July 2024

State of the Nation: Criminals hold the moral high ground, because crime pays by the Ringgit.

WHY do some criminals think they still have the moral high ground after they have broken the law?

SOME  would rightfully say it is because these law breakers have sociopathic  tendencies.  A sociopath doesn't think that the laws of society apply.

BEING  someone not trained in the laws of  psychology, I won't challenge the above assertion, but merely would like to add that in the Malaysian context, they act in such a manner because crime pays by the Ringgit.

TAKE  for instance, the  sentencing of READ : former Malaysian Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) CEO Madani Sahari, this week , for pocketing a RM5 million bribe, which resulted in a year's jail, a RM100,000 fine and  order to seize only RM3.4 million of his wealth.

BASICALLY,  it works out to be a  months jail for every RM100,000 or more, in bribe money that he get to keep.  If  I am confusing you a bit , just subtract RM3.5 million from RM5 million and  divide it by the months, he ie going to spend in jail.

CRIME apparently  pays by the Ringgit, the law breakers meanwhile only has to serve some time.

TIME apparently for those not yet charged with a crime , should be used or can be used beautifully, by self suggesting that you put yourself on GARDEN LEAVE. READ : HRD Corp Shahul Dawood volunteers to go on leave pending MACC probe

THE rules of Garden leave is very simple,  you still get paid RM63,000 a month as in the case of Shahul Hameed Dawood, and don't have to suffer the indignity of walking into office, knowing that everyone in the office from the office boy onwards thinks you are rotten scumbag.

THERE is no justice in allowing Shahul h
Hameed dawood a free lunch courtesy of the tax payer for doing a horrible job at HRD Corp.

SHAHUL Hameed Dawood being allowed to go on GARDEN LEAVE is akin to rewarding the guy who raked up derivative losses amounting to RM53.8 million in 2022 (Pg 179 of HRDC 2022 annual report).

AND mind you those losses have significantly widened now, when one takes into account how the WIDAD  Group shares are bleeding red ink.

THE best thing, the Government  can do for Malaysians today is to make sure Shahul Hameed Dawood clocks in daily to office  at 9 am sharp and leaves at 5pm, with his official duties as CEO suspended.

IT'S  called COLD STORAGE , and not GARDEN LEAVE. 

Thursday 18 July 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor

OVER the past 48 hours, there had two reports which specifically highlights, the importance drug cartels have placed on control of Airports and Seaports.

THE fact that Cocaine was now being manufactured in Malaysia, and then exported overseas via air transport should alarm the police and the general public.

IT is against this background, that one should look much closer into the Kedah Menteri Besar's plan to build READ : a new airport in Kulim, Kedah.

LET'S  not trouble ourselves with the merits and political gamesmanship in Kedah wanting to build an airport, but zero in instead on  the troubling aspect with whom Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor wants to build the airport with.

MEET Khor Eng Chuen, whoes ECK Development Sdn Bhd is still on record to own 80 per cent of Kedah Aerotropolis Holdings Sdn. Bhd , the SPV company which will undertake to build and manage the airport.

THE investigative site, the CorporateSecrets has alleged that READ:  Khor Eng Chuen is linked to scam king Teow Wooi Huat (Teddy Teow)

THE link to the Teddy Teow group is definitely a public relations nightmare, but one which Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor could wither the storm.

IMAGINE if a businessmen who had being doing business with say the likes of Pablo Escobar or Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman wants to build an airport in your backyard.

WHAT are the implications on the politicians pushing for the airport to be built on your backyard, as well as the implications to the security of the NATION STATE ? 

KHOR Eng Chuen has done business with companies controlled by the under detention drug lord Ooi Chieng Sim. VIEW : The Khor Eng Chuen deal with the then under direct control of Atta Global Bhd by Ooi Chieng Sim.

IF you are wondering who the hell is Ooi Chieng Sim? READ : In search of who the heck is Ooi Chieng Sim.

THE initial reaction, would be so what, where indeed is proof that Oii Chieng Sim is a dark lord? 

THE landmark judicial review this month, basically means, Ooi Chieng Sim can kiss goodbye to RM220 million. 

To be Continued. 

Wednesday 17 July 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The Corporate Mafia Infused Central Bank of Malaysia.

BESRA Gold,  a company publicly traded on the Australian stock exchange after months of being suspended from being traded, has finally admitted that money from Quantum Metal won't be forthcoming. VIEW : It's all over, for Lim Khong Soon's Quantum Metal.

THERE was a BL00D BATH  on the trading floor, with Besra Gold shares being culled by as much as 28 per cent on its maiden post suspension trading day.

WHILE  the blood stains haven't yet dried up, there was celebrations elsewhere specifically at the Australian Federal Police headquarters and at the Reserve Bank of Australia 

THE duo have worked together closely beyond the call of duty, to prevent money being suspected being churned by a Gold related ponzi scheme, and testosterone fuel drug money from entering Australia.

WHAT prevented, Quantum Metal from executing the deal with  Besra Gold wasn't a lack of money, but the moral fiber of the Australian Federal Police Force and the Reserve Bank of Australia, which insisted that wrongs don't make a right.

QUANTUM  Metal nor its agents were allowed to open banking accounts to transfer the money to Besra Gold.  Attempts to use legal firms in Australia to facilitate such transfers were not only stopped,  but in PUBLIC SLAP in the FACE of BANK NEGARA  MALAYSIA, the money was transferred back to Malaysia. READ :  The ties that binds a nexus of evil. Quantum Metal and Revenue Group Bhd, different names but same FACE

THE Aussies , most likely were cheesed of that a criminally inclined drug fueled ponzi scheme, with a RM11 billion money game on its resume was being protected by BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA.

THE central bank of Malaysia, which ultimately is answerable to the Minister of Finance , Anwar Ibrahim , who also happens to be the Prime Minister  had .READ : on Jan 2024, declared publicly that Quantum Metal are pioneers .

THE central bank of Malaysia, has much to answer for, more so to Anwar Ibrahim,  who is not part of the group, being paid money by the tonnes for being the willing WHORE of The Corporate Mafia .

MORE so, the central bank of Malaysia, not the institution, but those plying their corrupt trade there, definitely  have very short memories. REMEMBER 2014, under a different governor, the following name ; THE Quantum Capital programme?

BANK Negara Malaysia's liberal views on Quantum Metal and its strange actions in playing word games to keep the Corporate  Mafia's Quantum Metal, has been done at the expense of Anwar Ibrahim.

THE  Prime Minister, said to be the nation's greatest political orator on record, will be knocked out speechless on this one ; 

We can tolerate the inactions of the central bank, but whay do you make of a group who can't even open a bank account in Australia,  having even their money returned to Malaysia, being  glorified and toasted as pioneers,  by BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA?

Sunday 14 July 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The truth according to Sherlock Holmes.

SHERLOCK Holmes , the fictional character created by the Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle had a very odd way to unearth the truth.

"HOW often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

FOR months now, I had been pointing out that  the Corporate Mafia,  an organisation associated with Victor Chin Boon Long and his minnion Leong Seng Wui had been financing  Perikatan Nasional especially  PAS. READ : PAS, Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd type deal in Kedah, deserves more scrutiny

A major breakthrough linking money from stock market going either directly to PAS or indirectly via its cronies came through when the Auditor General revealed large sums of money was passed to Widad Group  via HRD Corp , using share warehousing as a front.

WIDAD Group, is widely known in the corporate sector as PAS favourite contractor, hence it will be  a very interesting outcome to find out who were the bankers that had brought the deal, and what were the criteria used by HRDC to evaluate the Widad Group.

WIDAD Group is merely a small piece of a much larger jigsaw that hides a MCA nurtured group  which received projects worth billions in revenue during the Covid era. 

IN return,  this purely ethnic Chinese brotherhood raised close to RM 10 billion  during the Covid era, backed by mainly projects in PAS led Kedah.  

THE fact that the NEGATIVE market sensitive information was only made known to public , after PAS had secured Kedah, should be a good feed for those who love conspiracies. 

THE very close links between PAS and this Chinese group, is however not just confined to the Islamic party.

PENANG DAP,  that started  during Lim Guan Eng's chief ministership era,  also has a relationship with these group.

TO be fair to DAP and PAS their links are not direct to the source, which is understandable as the source  ie the notorious drug baron Ooi Chieng Sim , who has with links to the Central American and South American  drug cartels is in police custody.

THAT being said,  Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, should seriously consider with merit what his daughter Nurul Izzah had proposed some seven years ago. READ : Nurul Izzah Anwar's 2015 POTA Act

TO be Continued... 


State of the Nation ; Speculation, Rumours and Heresay

FOR the first time in Malaysia's history, the auditor general's report was debated in Parliament this month. READ : Prior to this, the auditor general's report was never ever debated in Parliament before.

AND for the first time in Malaysia's history,  Parliament has amended the law, to allow the Auditor General to audits at any given time, not only on Federal and state entities, but also on any company which receives public money or grants. READ : Dewan Rakyat changes audit related laws for first time in 33 years to empower the auditor general.

AND come September 2024, the The Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) is expected to make a very significant rulling that will change the landscape of the paddy sector and control of the paddy business in Malaysia.

MALAYSIA, has even taken baby steps for every Malaysian to have the same education opportunities.  READ : Everyone who has ten A's for SPM, will be offered matriculation seats in local universities.

MALAYSIA has put a stop in intake of foreign workers, taking into account the potential fractions these workers can create to the irritation of the majority Malay populace.

CIVIL servants to will be getting a raise by year end, but it won't be a blanket raise but one based on merit, and for the first time in nearly half a decade, the stock market is not crashing.

PLUS,  for the first time in the country's history,  the Government has shown a real intent to cut the budget deficit, by taking the bull by its horns in cutting  fuel subsidies. 

WHEN , Anwar Ibrahim's time is up, as Prime Minister, Malaysia will definitely miss him , because, despite having done so much, the vast majority of Malaysians have been judging him based on heresay, rumours and speculation. 

THE masses own speculation, based on hearsay that the Prime Minister was behind a move  to release Najib Razak.

RUMOURS, that inflation will go out of control, and unemployment rate will rise up, under Anwar Ibrahim's too did not materialise. 

YET, Malaysians for some strange reason don't see Anwar Ibrahim as a success, perhaps because the Prime Minister is not boastful and hasn't  claimed any credit  to himself.

EVEN MCA mocked him on the matriculation issue, yet all of us know in our hearts, no Malay leader, what more one which doesn't seem to have the support of the majority of the Malays,  have the balls to announce what Anwar Ibrahim has done. 

LIKEWISE, no Malaysian Prime Minister has had the balls to take away subsidies except  Anwar Ibrahim. 

rumours and Heresay

Friday 12 July 2024

Anwar Ibrahim has won the game

COMING off the defeat at Sungai Bakap, in the Prime Minister's home state, the general sentiment is that it could be lights out for Anwar Ibrahim. 

FACT is Perikatan Nasional merely held on to a state seat which, does nothing to change the dynamics at either the state or at the Federal Level.

BEFORE, I elaborate on why Anwar Ibrahim has basically won the game, let's zero in a bit on what's  happening to Anwar Ibrahim's  life long friend Muhyiddin Yassin in Bersatu.

I was basically very shocked reading the Azmin Ali, financed and influenced Malaysia Now, portal  citing Azmin Ali's favourite toy Afif Bahardin, the Taman Medan state assembly men who said READ : Do we want an 80-year-old prime minister after GE16?

MUHYIDDIN Yassin would be 81 after GE16,  and the word is loud and clear that Azmin Ali doesn't want him around anymore.

BUT  does infighting among the big wigs in Bersatu and PAS, means Anwar Ibrahim is winning? 

HELL No. Anwar Ibrahim has won the game, because the BIG MONEY, who happens to be VERY OLD MONEY is telling us so. 

WHEN  JP Morgan , the World's Largest Bank tell you that READ : they are immediately and massively upgrading the stock market due to Anwar Ibrahim's economic reform, basically they are telling you the old money in whoes corner.

ALSO, the stock market always moves six to nine months ahead of what will happen at ground zero, meaning in nine months from now, get ready to crown Anwar Ibrahim  as OPTIMUS PRIME.

Wednesday 10 July 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Shahul Hameed Dawood

SOME 14 months ago, I had written specifically on Shahul Hameed Dawood, the CEO of HRDC.

FAILING which,  his time in making hay while the sun still shines, would come to a very  abrupt  end.

ANWAR Ibrahim is actually  pushing Malaysia in the right direction,  but the Prime Ministers worst enemy , is the Malaysian public, who wants to see instant results. 

INSTANT akin to the Maggie Two Minutes  noodles, normally  will result in the courts throwing the case out.

THE case that will be built against, the HRDC  CEO, who by the way draws a salary in excess of RM63,000 a month won't leave anything to the imagination.

THE little money making exercise, in warehousing stocks such as Widad Group Bhd, Berjaya Foods Bhd and  Serba Dinamik Bhd, seems to suggest that, the READ : loss of RM43 million on HRDC side, is actually much more than that. The figures being cited by the mainstream media is actually a bit out dated. The losses on the stock market itself in today market, could tip to RM100 million.

SHAHUL Hamid, should have walked away when he still could have, because NOT everyday is a SUNDAY.

Tuesday 9 July 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The boys of Summer.

SOMEWHERE,  not in Malaysia, something very big has been taking place, with the implications to those events, having a direct implication to market makers, dirty bankers,  head of dealings, and owners of dirty money 

WHAT I mean by dirty money  is money  generated by drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling  and so called Sharia complient GOLD SCAMS 

THE  bankers, will most  likely get off  citing BAFIA related laws and the unwritten bank brothers code of protecting their own kind.

IT is this brotherhood, which has seen Bank Negara Malaysia sitting silently as a church mouse, as efforts outside of Malaysia sees the heat of fury reigning down on a NICE ANGLO sounding FUND,  being  run by ex Bank Negara Malaysia  staff.

AT, this point I shall not mention names, but let's just say  Revenue  Group Bhd Chairman, Kamari Zamari Juhari who himself is an ex Bank Negara Staff, facing international scrutiny  is familiar with the INDIVIDUAL.

THE said individual who has visited Indonesia and Africa recently is an ethnic INDIAN of Malaysian decent. 

SO if the bankers are not going to bite the bullet, who then shall be the sacrificable male bulls to feed the inquisition?

VICTOR Chin Boon Long, still has options to smoke the pipes of peace, because the next time he is interviewed, it will not be as friendly as the first call .

BUT even then the inquisition machine's lust MUST be FEED, because actions have consequences and the consequences demand  that more than a single bull be brought in to the alter .

HERE is a clue, of what is in the offing, with KN Kenanga now officially making up the list that is ALMOST complete.

LEONG Seng Wui and KN Kenanga brought to court READ: in a case described as unprecedented in the history of Malaysia.

Sunday 7 July 2024

Pakistan Harapan, it's NOT the economy STUPID.

RISHI Sunak,  plucked Great Britain out of a recession in record time, and cut inflation down to it's knees, yet his party just lost the general election.

READ : Under Sunak, UK enjoys fastest growth in two years, and came out of recession in record time

ACROSS,  the Atlantic Ocean,  Joe Biden's next home looks most likely to be an old folks  home, rather then the White House,  READ : despite adding 15 million new jobs in his first term as President and cutting joblessness to it's lowest level in 50 years.

HASSAN Karim, the member of Parliament from the state of Johor, might have had the best interest of Anwar Ibrahim,  READ: when he advised the Prime Minister to focus on the economy to win the people's support 

BUT I am afraid. Hassan Karim is off the  mark on this one by a mile and a half.

SO what should the Prime Minister  do ? Well, for starters, he should start playing politics, and firmly by hook or crook not allow  his government to be bullied by novices 

NOTICE , how vocal UMNO Yourh head  READ: Muhamad Akmal Saleh has been on BlackRock taking a stake in Malaysia Airports, yet he has been as silent as a church mouse, when Najib Razak's son, Nazifuddin Najib, proudly declared that READ : that sketchers will be Malaysia's official shoe for the PARIS Olympics.

HEY, isn't  the Skechers owner a so call Zionist and  the brand itself is in the BDS Malaysia boycott list?

THE bottom line here is both Nazifuddin and Akmal Saleh have been bullying the Prime Minister, by using the Palestinian cause as a smoke screen.?

ITs time the Prime Minister returns the favour in kind, and I strongly suggest he does it himself instead of relying of Fahmi Fadzil, who will definitely  F IT UP.

ONCE,  the Prime Minister is done with that, the hd should reshuffle the cabinet, by dropping Mohamad Hassan, as Foreign  Minister, in order to strengthen  Zahid Hamidi's grip in UMNO.

ANWAR Ibrahim, should pull no stops in bringing back  Hishamuddin Hussein to rejoin the cabinet as Foreign Minister .

HE should then proceed to immediately  talk to Zahid Hamidi and Rafizi Ramli to knock some sense into their brains.

TO Zahid Hamidi,  the Prime Minister should urge the UMNO president to knock some common sense into UMNO on how to regain the trust of the B40 Malays.

AS such,  UMNO is merely going go IRRITATE  the B40 Malays a lot more if at the party convention, READ ; the main aim is to push for a resolution to be passed seeking justice for Najib Razak.

BEING a bit more Malay centric and actually doing something to lift B40 Malays from the  cycle of poverty, is a no brainer, to regain their attention, and overtime perhaps even their trust.

TO, Razifi Ramli, the message should be clear, stop giving interviews, and start delivering on the promise of lifting  Aprroved Permit restrictions on the automotive sector,  the telephony sector as well on imported rice.

LAST , yet not least  the core lesson the Prime Minister must learn fast on why Rishi Sunak fell and why Joe Biden looks like he is heading to an old folks home  is that if you act like a loser, aren't decisive in your actions, those who don't  like you , will most likely be pissing on your head.

Saturday 6 July 2024

Anwar Ibrahim, Oppositions don’t win elections, Governments lose them.

THE key take away from the crushing defeat in Sungai Bakap, Pulau Pinang yesterday is that voters were tone deaf to the Government narrative. 

THIS was very accurately  zeroed in by Chow Kon Yeow, the chief minister of Penang who put in very bluntly READ : Pakistan Harapan lost the election, because it's narrative was lost to it's audience

NOW, this must come as a shock to decades long Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) members, that a political entity led by Anwar Ibrahim, suddenly lost the ability to get its message across in a convincing manner.

AFTERALL, the core strength  of PKR has always been it's ability to communicate efficiently,  convince effectively,  and the mobilise the masses monstrously. 

MEN like Raja Petra, got the job done on a shoe string budget,  regulatory pressure and nearly zero airtime on TV, Radio and in news print.

NOW though, with all the communication assets, regulatory support and a budget that runs into  hundreds of millions in Ringgit terms, we are being told that the PKR led Unity Government,  knows pancakes in laying out a simple  narrative which the people can understand and support.

WHO should be held responsible on this matter. Here is a clue.  Who is the communications head of PKR? Who heads  the Government's entire communication apparatus?

MEET Fahmi Fadzil, the PKR communications chief and the Government's chief communicator, who has failed in his job.

INSTEAD of communicating  or even attempting to get the message across, Fahmi Fadzil have opted to use the entire Government machinery to curtail, and block others who know how to communicate normally. 

BY doing do, he has stupidly increased the popularity of those he had chosen  to curtail in the cyber world.

WITH increased popularity, comes  the mistaken public perception on the  trust worthiness of their narrative. 

ANWAR Ibrahim has a personal liking for Fahmi Fadzil, but as I have it before,  the single biggest threat to Anwar Ibrahim's  Prime Ministership, is Fahmi Fadzil. 

IN Malay, such a person like Fahmi Fadzil can only have one name to describe  him, and it is called BODOH SOMBONG.

Friday 5 July 2024

State of the Nation : Palestine

WELCOME  to the boomtown, welcome to this part of the world in swanky Kuala Lumpur,  boomed right into your bedroom throughout the Nation thanks to Apps such as Tik Tok, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and so on.

PALESTINE has become the buzz word to literally print money in Malaysia, with some fine acting, and  with the odd ball non muslim, as the supporting casts.

THE faces might be fresh, but the main handlers of this new bunch of  donation for Palestine social media *ARTIST*, are as old as they come.

SOME such as Amal Palestine, who got exposed READ ;by the Anwar Ibrahim administration, on what they were really doing with the donation money, have been more than happy to sit on their backsides and the free flow, keep flowing.

BUT, even there guys have political masters, who have a political agenda, namely to pile pressure on Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, in the hopes the Government will collapse. 

MEET,  Dr Mahathir's new breed of dogs of war.  

AND don't forget to meetNaemah Mohd Rafiqul Islam (@naemah.martyr), who   VIEW : upon meeting Tun Mahathir some two weeks ago, have decided to attack Anwar Ibrahim, politically by literally hinting that the Prime Minister is a sell out.

ANWAR Ibrahim can nip these new form of attack, by urging  the Tax man to check if the new dogs of war,  have beeb using money donated by the public, to fund their own household expenses, without actually having a real job.

Thursday 4 July 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Bank Negara Malaysia.

BEFORE the following question is asked in Parliament, which shall be hugely embarrassing to Malaysia's two Finance Ministers, Bank Negara Malaysia best get its act together. 

GETTING it's act together means, the Central Bank must publicly move against Kamari Zamari Juhari, Leong Seng Wui  and Lim Khong Soon.

HUGELY embarrassing because what on earth does Bank Negara Malaysia wants Anwar Ibrahim to answer in Parliament?

 WHEN  asked why did the Central Bank of Australia not only rejected Quantum Metal's payment to Besra Gold but also rejected the payment done via the company's Australian based legal firm.

WHY  did the central bank of Australia  INSIST that the money be RETURNED to Malaysia. 

HOW come Bank Negara Malaysia, hasn't clamped down the activities of Leong Seng Wui, Kamari Zamari Juhari and Lim Khong Soon. 

IF Bank Negara needs proof, or even why the Australians are suspecting that SCAM, PROSTITUTION and DRUG induced money from Malaysia have beeb attempting to gain RESPECTABILITY in the land Down Under.

ATTENTION PM DEPARTMENT  if you need to SCREW Bank Negara latter on, Please Click on this LINK

Wednesday 3 July 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The trial of Malaysia.

FOR years now, Bank Negara, had bent backwards, and sideways to see no evil when it comes to it's former lead investigator on fraud, Kamari Zamari Juhari and his crew.

HIS crew are the men who obtain his services, one suspects for the privileges it comes attached with.

BANK Negara Malaysia, pretended that this year, was the first time he had raised some concern about the activities of Quantum Metal.

2024, was not the maiden potential red flag raised on Quantum Metal. Some two years ago, the central bank had also issued an alert, with no follow up.

AROUND, this time, Indonesia's financial Service Authority's Special Task Force known as READ : Satgas Waspada Investasi, had on June 2022, banned Quantum Metal as an illegal investment scheme open to fraud.

BUT Bank Negara Malaysia's old boys club did nothing.

 Likewise, RM62 million that went into Revenue Group via transactions that smells like money laundering as it defies economic sense, also saw no action from Bank Negara.

WELL, I got news for you Bank Negara Malaysia, Quantum Metal's latest attempt to open an Australian Bank Account has failed.

Likewise, Quantum Metal's Melbourne  based lawyers,  attempt to use their legal office to pay AUD300 million to Besra Gold , was stopped, probed, and with the monies send back to Malaysia. 

BESRA Gold in Australia has been suspended for weeks,  likewise, Qmei shares in the USA  is also suspended as Quantum Metal money are not being allowed into the country.

WHILE regulators in those countries, are probing specifics, on trial actually is Malaysia.

THE side show is definitely  Bank Negara Malaysia, while the main show is the PM cum Finance Minister.

IF the old boys club at Bank Negara Malaysia think, they will be allowed to bring the Prime Minister into dispute ; READ the following. THERE WILL be HELL TO PAY FOR.

Tuesday 2 July 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The Brinks Singapore.

BANK Negara Malaysia,  when are you going to ask your counterpart across the cause way, for some assistance?

OUR central bank should ask the The Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) if the 31 tonnes of gold, Quantum Metal allegedly owns is stored in the Brinks, Singapore.

ATLEAST, that was what Quantum Metal VIEW : had on numerous occasions stated in its marketing kit.

IF you are wondering why the sudden urgency,? Well it has a lot to do with QMEI  which is listed in USA being suspended since late June, while, Besra Gold which was supposed to resume trading today, has again been suspended.

AS it is, Bank Negara Malaysia, will have to make a decision soon, if indeed over the past 24 months, Quantum Metal had defrauded it's members.

IF the answer is YES, then the Revenue Group Chairman Kamari Zamari Juhari, who was a key director and one time chairman of Quantum Metal, must be forced to quit, before another scandal errupts.

Friday 28 June 2024

State of The Nation : Jesus, he knows me

I laughed my ass out, when the MCA said the member of Parliament of Kepong, Lim Lip Eng's elegant silence , READ :as the biggest corruption / misuse of power is the biggest scandal facing the DAP.

DON'T get me wrong, over time bullying into submission will definitely take in RM1 billion or two but for a nation which wakes up consistently to mis use in range of hundreds of billion, a puny RM2 billion won't get you a seat on the main table.

LIM Lip Eng is rattled enough, to go above and beyond the unity government's chief whip to demand that Parliament declares READ :MCA is not a supporter of the unity government.

PERHAPS  Lim Lip Eng is rattled as he is a new kid in the power absolutely corrupts block, lacking the experience of Hannah Yeoh who has remained on the good side of Malaysians despite the Selangor state government sponsoring her husband's RM50 million company.

HANNAH Yeoh, needles to say is a women with experience, unlike her boss, who in his first term as Transport Minister was known as Mr Asia .

WHAT did Tony Fernandes had to BEAR to sow those seeds in Anthony Loke, we certainly aren't privy to.

BUT this much is known, the Mr Jesus He Knows Me, Do as I say and not do as I do, has developed a soft spot for Revenue Group and Tanco Holdings.

BOTH entities have legend scale human waste on their heads as well as being permanent family members of ; The Corporate Mafia

Tuesday 25 June 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Part 2

IT must be extreme desperation, that callous statements was made in Kenya, a slip of tongue perhaps, but nevertheless a very dangerous slip, that could trigger the #FBI.

SO what was this stupid but deadly statement which would be of interest to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

NOW 2.5 tonnes of pure Gold in Ringgit terms is valued just under RM800 million, which is fraction of the 31 tonnes of gold Quantum Metal claims it owns.

THE problem though is none of Bank Negara Malaysia's anointed syariah based auditors have managed to locate any of this gold.

THAT though, does not mean those running Quantum Metal hasn't been milking money, and we do know that these monies have been moved into stocks. VIEW : Quantum Metal has successfully transferred RM120 million into the Australian public listed entity BESRA Gold.

NOW, we do know one of Quantum Metal's most influential marketer and until very recently it's director , the former lead fraud investigator for Bank Negara Malaysia, Kamari Zaman Juhari's emergence in Leong Seng Wui and Teh Chee Hoe's (when you gonna resign bro) Revenue Group Bhd, had also seen some RM62.59 million pumped into Revenue Group Bhd VIA A SERIES OF WARRANT CONVERSIONS, SUPPOSEDLY BY MINORITY SHAREHOLDERS THAT DOES NOT MAKE ECONOMIC SENCE.

THE fact Quantum Metal's ultimate parent is listed on the US stock market and Banyan itself has roots in the USA, is enough for thr US Securities and Exchange Commission and the FBI to jump into action.

IT will be EXTREMELY embarrassing if the Americans were to beat Bank Negara Malaysia and our own Securities Commission to the END GAME.