Tuesday 31 January 2023

Anwar Ibrahim's EPF trap : No way out

is the title track from Phil Collins for the Walt Disney  animated motion movie Brother Bear which made a net profit of USD 200 million upon its release in 2003.

THE time is close to 4 am now (but I will post after 8am today lah) , and I have been surfing Tik Tok for the last two hours on a random basis.

TO my astonishment, I may have viewed close to 50 clips demanding a one off EPF withdrawal from any where between RM20,000 to RM50,000 before Hari Raya Adilfitri which falls sometime around April 23 2023.

Can't turn back the time
There's no shelter from the storm
Inside of me
There's no way out of this dark place
No hope, no future.

SO i asked myself, why so many clips on EPF, when it's not  even on my search engine, and why the wide discrepancy in the quantum of demand IE between RM 20,000 and RM50,000.

THE anwser is actually very simple. Perikatan Nasional has sniffed blood in READ : Anwar Ibrahim's appointment of Nurul Izzah as Senior Economic advisor.

THE game plan now will be to kick up a storm that if there is no EPF withdrawal allowed, then it is entirely the fault of rich Nurul Izzah and her advise to her father.  This drama, I suspect will be played out over and over again with the specific aim of taking Pakatan Harapan down in Selangor.

TIME is clearly not on the Prime Minister's side, he has too make an announcement on the withdrawal in February 2023, or the IDES of March will come into play .

BUNG Mokthar: Big Mouth Strikes Again

is a 1986 song by the English rock band the Smiths from their third album The Queen Is Dead.  The song is written by Johnny Marr and Morrissey.

THE Sabah Big Mouth who is actually a long haired blogger from West Malaysia has striked again, this time training his keyboard on Bung Mokthar. READ :  Gambar Bung Moktar bekas TKM Sabah berjudi dengan banyak cip RM50,000, RM10,000 tular.

To the Human race
Bigmouth strikes again

TO be fair to Bung Mokthar, only those seated on the table will know for sure if they were playing for real money or just for fun.

REGARDLESS,  money or for fun, Bung Mokthar must be old enough to know promoting such gaming experience in public by a politician is not acceptable. Perhaps it's time for Bung Mokthar to take a back seat in Sabah politics and reflect on his unbecoming behaviour.

Siti Nurhalisa : Sekarang atau Nanti

is a single from one of Indonesia's biggest heavy metal band, Seringai. How big  are they? Well when Metallica had a concert in Jakarta, they were listed as the only opening act for the group.

SiTI Nurhalisa  was READ : Praised For Tamil Song Performance With AR Rahman On Stage, but who stole the limelight? 

THE other  READ :A social media influencer with more than 100,000 followers, who uttered the word Keling. 

Penalaran dungu
Sekarang atau nanti
Kebencianmu harus mati!
Berbeda ras atau warna kulit
Kebencianmu tidak berdasar
Angkuhmu berpikiran sempit

THE  media has had a field day going after the two women, and by doing so what they have shown is the local media is so SHALLOW and small minded.

THE real story here is almost zero of the people who follow this two women on social media have decided to UNFOLLOW them despite finding out that they are bigots.

WHY is that Malaysia? Let's not spite the messenger, while we turn a blind eye to the 100,000 supporters who are proud to be associated with them. 

DEFINITELY,  Islam did not teach this two women or their 100,000 followers to be racist, as it is against the religion. 

SOMETHING else did. And you can find it everywhere from the IC we own to the sorry state of people in charge of all things  : EDUCATION.

Hey Ahmad Mazlan, did you know that there is a song for you on Tik Tok and it's called : Ahmad.

is a song violently trending on Tik Tok by Arrora Salwa. The song is a massive hit because it's being used as a parody about Ahmad Mazlan.

AHMAD Mazlan is a very popular deputy minister, who Malaysians love to pick on for fun. VIEW : Hey Ahmad

Ah ah Ahmad
Dialah idolaDialah superstarMampu menggetarkan ranah jiwa

SO what is non tax revenue? Well basically it means Ahmad Mazlan and gang want to rob Peter (Petronas) to pay Paul (the Rakyat). Great strategy, Ahmad...keep it up

GRAB : Shake Your Money Maker

is a song from the Guana Batz ,  an English psychobilly band that was formed in 1982 in Feltham, Middlesex. It was one of the first psychobilly bands in the world.

MEET GRAB Malaysia, the new sharks for struggling Grab Drivers and riders.

Go a way down and die
You got to shake your moneymaker
Shake your moneymaker
Shake your moneymaker
Shake your moneymaker
Shake your moneymaker

GRAB is only charging the B40 drivers and riders a very modest interest rate of 21 per cent a year for a RM3,000 loan. 

THE only reason why GRAB can charge this type of interest rates is because Malaysian banks refuse to give out loans to honest gig workers . Rafizi Ramli, what are you doing about it? Sorry I asked...you are the Menteri Malas mah, who never Turun padang

Boustead Heavy Industries Corp Bhd : He Ain't Heavy, he is my brother

is the stand out classic, evergreen that was released in 1969 by the Hollies, with a little help from an unknown at that time called Elton John on piano. The single would top the chart 19 years latter in 1988.

MY brother asked me what the hell is going on, it is absolutely nonsense that six littoral combat ships, that should have cost RM6 billion, now will cost RM9 billion, but we will only get five ships instead.

SOMETHING is rotten withour defense ministry he screamed. IS there something rotten ie corruption in the littoral ship contract? I really don't know nor will I pretend to know.

BUT i do know something :

The road is long
With many a winding turnThat leads us to who knows where
 Who knows where

WHAT does all of this mean, you may ask. Well you see one of the major problems we have with the non delivery of the ships is because we have hired the wrong set of people to over see the programme.

AND you guys are wondering why we don't get any ship that is sea ready even after extra time is given? A Diploma holder is in charge of a RM9 billion project. He might be a very good manager, but technically he is way beyond his pay grade to be serving in such a capacity.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat : Who let the dogs out?

is the hit every late 90's and early 2000 child will know by heart. It is the iconic hit from the one hit wonders called BAHA MEN.

WHO let the dogs out on Parti Keadilan Rakyat? This is stranger than fiction but Parti Keadilan Rakyat has let the dogs out, with zero prodding from their rivals.

Who let the dogs out?Who, who, who, who, who?Who let the dogs out?Who, who, who, who, who?

NURUL Izzah, political secretary Amir Ghazali, let the dog out , that all may not be well between the finance minister and Rafizi Ramli.  Yes, I had wrote about this before.

YET when I wrote the piece above, I had zero inkling that Nurul Izzah's political secretary Amir Ghazali would stupidly confirm it by stating : "There is a need to have close teamwork between the finance and economy ministries…Nurul Izzah can play a role in fostering and brokering such ties".

WHO let the dogs out that Anwar Ibrahim does not trust his partners in the unity government?  Kebun Bunga assemblyman Jason Ong, from PKR.

JASON Ong said : "We must remember that it is not a Pakatan Harapan government in place now. It is a national unity government consisting of previous foes. Anwar needs someone he can trust to govern the country well"

WHERE is my prove that Amir Ghazali and Jason Ong are two individuals who either on purpose or perhaps they are naturally idiots , are trying to destabilise Anwar Ibrahim's government. READ : The two bodoh men who has let the dogs out on themselves

Hishamuddin Hussein : We don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time

was a hit for former Shalamar, lead singer Jermaine Stewart, yet another artist who could give Michael Jackson a run for his money.

APPARENTLY,  Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, we don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time, we can choose instead to read your explaination on why you got suspended from UMNO and then figure out that you actually don't know how to READ.

Not a word, from your lips
You just took for granted that I want to skinny dip
A quick hit, that's your game
But I'm not a piece of meat,stimulate my brain

HELLO, Hishamuddin Hussein, can you get someone who knows  how to read Bahasa Malaysia to explain to you that you were suspended from UMNO because you breached among others Clause 20.9 of the UMNO constitution.

HOW do I know this Hishamuddin Hussein Onn? Well because I know how to read and write in the national language lah.

Monday 30 January 2023

Nurul Izzah : Who's Johnny?

is that rare hit single from Janet Jackson's ex husband El Debarge, who on his day, vocal wise and dancing wise could give Michael Jackson a good run for his money.

I promised a friend that when I think of Anwar Ibrahim, only positive vibes will flow through me, at least for a week. I hope to keep that promise.

WHO is this Johnny called Amir Ghazali anyway? 

And playing games is part of human nature
My heart's in overdrive
It's great to be alive
"Who's Johnny?" she said
And smiled in her special way
"Johnny, " she said.

TURNS out that this Johnny called Amir Ghazali is actually Nurul Izzah's political secretary. Is Amir Ghazali getting paid for being Nurul Izzah's political secretary, we don't know but how can he get paid if officially Nurul Izzah her self has no salary.

SEE, Amir Ghazali how you have put your boss into a much bigger hole than before. And wait till Cambridge Dictionary hear about your definition of nepotism and how it defers from theirs. READ : According to Cambridge Dictionary nepotism is an act of using your power or influence to get good jobs or unfair advantages for members of your own family

NURUL Izzah why don't you dump this Johnny called Amir Ghazali before he gets your father sacked.

Khairy Jamaluddin : The Great Pretender

is the classic by the Platter's, that was taken to a different level by the legendary Freddy Mercury, the Indian singer born in Tanzania.

WILL Khairy Jamaluddin stand for election in the up coming Selangor state elections? I really don't know but what I do know it is Khairy Jamaluddin will not be standing as the Perikatan Nasional candidate. READ :KJ pertimbang gandingan 'Khairy-Rafizi-Nurul Izzah'

No one can tell
Oh yes I'm the great pretender (ooh ooh)
Adrift in a world of my own (ooh ooh)
I play the game but to my real shame
You've left me to dream all alone

KHAIRY Jamaluddin can stop pretending that Pakatan Harapan is interested in him, especially so since he insulted Anwar Ibrahim below the belt. READ :Main belakang' - mahkamah arah KJ bayar Anwar RM210,000

ANWAR Ibrahim might be a forgiving bloke but he is not a stupid bloke to hand over Parti Keadilan Rakyat on a silver platter to Khairy Jamaluddin',considering the Prime Minister is aware that Khairy Jamaluddin also knows how to dance to Tamil music .

WHAT is true is Perikatan Nasional wants Khairy Jamaluddin to stand as their man in Shah Alam, where his chances of winning is said to be above 60 per cent.

KHAIRY Jamaluddin will however decline the Perikatan Nasional offer not because of ideology or because he is not interested in being the Menteri Besar of Selangor but rather, Khairy Jamaluddin is fearful that if he attemptes a comeback at this point of time, he will be stirring the hornets nest.

WHAT is in that nest? Let that be my little secret for now...

Malaysia Now : How much is that doggie in the window?

is the timeless classic from one of the true, all time greats Pattie Page,who was the top selling female artist of the 1950's with over 100 million records sold.

ON January 22 2022, i wrote the Malaysia Now portal which is run by Latheefa Bibi Koya's younger brother not on merit and financed by Azmin Ali has serious competence issues. READ : THE incompetence is omnipresent with the web portal polishing Khairy Jamaluddin's credentials As the next Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan.

How much is that doggie in the window?
The one with the waggly tail
How much is that doggie in the window?
I do hope that doggie's for sale.

WELL if that doggy's name is Malaysia Now, I am certainly not buying it, especially so since Khairy Jamaluddin himself has stated READ I want to make my come back in Selangor.

NOW here is a little bit insight on how Malaysia Now manufactured the story. Apparently, Azmin Ali who wants to stand in Shah Alam does not want Khairy Jamaluddin anywhere near Perikatan Nasional's Selangor.

WHY you may ask? Well the reason being, Azmin Ali doesn't want any competition for the Selangor Menteri Besar seat in the event PN manage to wrest Selangor from Pakatan Harapan in the coming state elections.

H & M : Somebody's Watching Me

was a hit for Rockwell thanks to the then uncredited vocals from the Prince of Pop himself,the one and only Michael Jackson.

READING Hamzah Zainuddin & Muhyiddin Yassin's demands yesterday, kept me rolling on the floor while clutching my tummy.

ARE these two guys Mr H & Mr M , serious or did both of them lose many screws after losing power or are they trying some dark humour to win over Middle Malaysia?

Who's watching
Tell me who's watching
Who's watching me
I'm just an average man with an average life
I work from 9 to 5, hey hell, I pay the price
All I want is to be left alone, in my average home
But why do I always feel
Like I'm in the Twilight Zone?

WE, shall start with Hamzah Zainuddin first, only because it's a bit more saner than Muhyiddin Yassin's READ : Anwar Ibrahim's appointment of his own daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar as a senior adviser a betrayal of all Malaysians.

MUHYIDDIN Yassin meanwhile have more extreme demands. READ: Give up finance minister post, tell Nurul Izzah to step down, Muhyiddin urges Anwar.

WOW, Muhyiddin Yassin why stop at such demands, why don't you keep the ball rolling, and the beer flowing by asking the Prime Minister to do some doggy tricks as well. Who knows, you might get lucky.

THE moral behind this story are two folds. Both Muhyiddin Yassin and Hamzah Zainuddin know their goose are cooked, on the difficult task in explaining how Perikatan Nasional have more than RM2 billion (collectively between PAS and BERSATU in their bank accounts,) so therefore they don't wish to hit Anwar Ibrahim where it really hurts.

SECONDLY, why are both you guys talking to the STAR and not while you are in Parliment? I am sure, if as you claim MOST MALAYSIANS ARE OUT RAGED with the appointment of Nurul Izzah, it will not be a problem for you to get Anwar Ibrahim booted out as Prime Minister via a no confidence motion in Parliament? 

 OR is that your main problem now, that apart from the 71 others stuck with you, no one else has a death wish to drown with you? 

Anwar Ibrahim : One men can change the world

is the big big hit from the rapper Big Sean taken from his 2015 Dark Sky Paradise album,which won him a MTV award as well as a Grammy nomination.

CAN one men change the world? In Malaysia, we have such a man, and it's time for him to dust off his Italian suit and show Malaysians who have forgotten why he is known as the Renaissance Man.

Million dollar cribs havin' million dollar dreams
And when you get it all just remember one thing
Remember one thing
That one man could change the world

MANY including me have criticized Anwar Ibrahim for appointing his daughter as the senior economic advisor to the Prime Minister, but not many excluding me, have praised Anwar Ibrahim as the man single handedly responsible for the Ringgit trading at RM4.24 against the US Dollar and not RM5 against the Dollar.

EVER since Anwar Ibrahim became Prime Minister, the Ringgit has been one of the strongest currency in the world and the benchmark KLCI has come off its low of 1372 points to stand tall at 1499 points. Malaysia is doing well without even Malaysians knowing they are doing well, because Anwar Ibrahim hasn't blown his trumpet .

INSTEAD he had taken the failure of his team IE Rafizi Ramli's inability to take advantage of lower freight rates and a stronger Ringgit as his own failure.

HAVING done that, the Prime Minister deserve to bring in his own people to move this nation a step further. It could be Nurul Izzah, it could be Rafi Awang Kechik, or even Mohammad Agus Yusoff...Anwar Ibrahim has earned his right to call the shots,as he sees fit .

SMK IJ Convent Johor : Berjalan Ke Masa Hadapan

is one of my favourite Malay reagge song'. The single is from the talented group called Anak Funk, which released this hit record some two years ago.

KUDOS to Sekolah SMK IJ Convent for putting to rest the racial bigotry that had taken place at the school. I believe without the direct intervention of the Johor Royal Family, the principal would not have been so magnanimous. READ : To prevent recurrences of similar incidents, the school administration has agreed that all programmes – especially those held outside the school, must be communicated to the entire PIBG Committee right from initial planning stages.

WHY would the school principal be magnanimous if not for the fair play demanded by the Johor Sultan and his family considering in the education minister Fadhlina Sidek, she had the backing of a woman who READ : Indecently lied to the Malaysian public.

Berawal dari gunung berbintang
Saat itu ku ajak kamu kencan
Kutembak kamu kau anggap aku teman
Dasar menyebalkan kau pemberi harapan
Palsu, palsu

WHY am I saying something morally is not right with FADHLINA Sidek and she is not fit ethically to be this proud nation's education minister. READ : We will not tolerate if such an incident happened again, says FADHLINA Sidek on the Johor Convent issue.

I have a question for this  women. If as you previously claimed that no wrong had taken place then what are you referring to when you said "We will not tolerate if such an incident happened again".

Income Tax Department : What's the Frequency Kenneth?

is a song made popular by one of the biggest indie rock band in  the world,  the outstanding American group called R.E.M.

WHAT'S  THE FREQUENCY KENNETH?  0r should I spell it out ;  Kenneth Vun @  Vun Yun Lun. 

LAST year, the income tax department raided the office of Kenneth Vun Yun Lun, a known Perikatan Nasional financer. READ :Is Macau triad linked to PN's fund raising dinner for Johor state election?

I'd studied your cartoons, radio, music, TV, movies, magazines
Richard said, "Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy"
A smile like the cartoon, tooth for a tooth
You said that irony was the shackles of youth

SO how come,the INCOME TAX department did not charge Kenneth Vun or his business partner from Johor for any offences?

WELL basically instead of checking on the alleged numerous proxy account allegedly managed by Kenneth Vun Yun Lun, they purposely went checking on his personal accounts which are pristinely white.

WHY did the Income Tax Department deliberately sabotage their own investigations? Heads must roll. The Income Tax Department can decided for itself whoes head will roll ...either the Department or Kenneth Vun Yun Lun 

Anwar Ibrahim : King of Wishful Thinking

is the smash hit from Go West, the duo which were supposed to be the new WHAM. Go West never scaled the heights of George Michael but they did make a good career for themselves.

ANWAR Ibrahim now have visited three countries , namely Indonesia, Brunei and now Singapore.  

The king of wishful thinking 
I'll get over you, I know I will
I'll pretend my ship's not sinking
And I'll tell myself I'm over you
'Cause I'm the king of wishful thinking.

IN each of this three countries..Anwar Ibrahim witness the signing of many memorandum of understanding (MOU) supposedly bringing investments by the hundreds of millions into Malaysia.

TO cut a long story short, Anwar Ibrahim has been visiting all these countries to witness companies signing non binding agreements.  It's like being presented a mock cheque for RM1 billion ringgit which is actually worth zero sen if you attempt to cash it out 

Sunday 29 January 2023

Rafizi Ramli : Love Don't Live Here Anymore

is the Rose Royce classic that was reworked into a master piece by Madonna in a rare but timeless slow ballad.

WHO can blame Rafizi Ramli if he is feeling unwanted, unloved and spited by a large swathe of this nation's population.READ : Think tank takes Rafizi to task over inflation statements

INDEED for Rafizi Ramli Love Don't Live Here Anymore, as Anwar Ibrahim mercilessly humiliated his prodigy by appointing Nurul Izzah as SENIOR ECONOMIC advisor. READ : PM Defends Appointing Daughter As Senior Economic Advisor

You abandoned me
Love don't live here anymore
Just a vacancy
Love don't live here anymore

WHO is in charge of Economics, people of Malaysia? Anwar Ibrahim? Nope. Tengku Zafrul? Also Nope. Rafizi Ramli? YES, he is and he is also the minister, Anwar Ibrahim's blue eyed boy said READ :Menteri Malas Yang Tak Turun Padang.

THE knives are out for Rafizi Ramli, even before Musa Hitam poetically insulted him last week when he attempted to buy time. READ:  Musa Hitam tells Rafizi Ramli that after six months the Rakyat won't be polite to the Economic Minister anymore.

THE knives are sharper now that the Puteri Reformasi aka Daddy's Girl have self announced herself that she is indeed Daddy's senior economic advisor despite losing her panties in the Permatang Pauh elections to a virtually unknown up to the GE15 point, candidate from PAS.

WE must ask ourselves, is Nurul Izzah's appointment merely to boost her resume for a job perhaps in the United Nations or  is it as we suspect, Anwar Ibrahim is not satisfied with the BANG, presented by Rafizi Ramli ?

Perikatan Nasional : Shake Down

is Bob Segar's sole number one hit in the USA, despite being in the music industry for good 55 years. The single is from the Beverly hills Cop motion picture

IT'S Monday morning, there is a big story out there, but no one seems to want to share it out just yet.  So I will do everyone a big favour and let it out...

Your busted
This is a town where everyone
Is reaching for the top
This is a place where sceond best will never do
It's O.K. to want to shine
But once you step across that line
No matter where you hide
I'm comin after you
Shakedown, breakdown, takedown

PERIKATAN Nasional can you guys access your party's  bank account or has it been put on ICE. If so, by whom and for what reasons? 

COME on don't be shy.... Deny it if you have the testicles...or perhaps you do,  but are too caught in a situation that is bound to evolve this week into a SHAKEDOWN , followed by a complete nervous BREAKDOWN on the incomingTAKEDOWN.

Anwar Ibrahim : When Smokey Sings

is the classic from ABC, one of the leading bands which led the second invasion of British pop into the USA in the early 1980's.
THE Azmin Ali friendly mouth piece EDISI Siasat has slam dunked it with a damning exposure on the Teoh Beng Huat murder case.

She's spreading her wings
The front door might slam
But the back door it rings
And Smokey sings, he sings
Elegance in eloquence
For sale or rent or hire
Should I say yes and match his best?

WELL if this news is true, all I can say to Lim Kit Siang is Gong Xi Fa Cai to you, Penang is going to do to DAP ,what you did to Lim Chong EU.

I said it, Anwar Ibrahim did it : Seasons in the Sun

is the first record my father bought for me ever and he bought it in Saudi Arabia. The single is from Nana Mouskouri's Passport album.

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun
But the wine and the song like the seasons have all gone
We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun
But the wine and the song like the seasons have all gone

ANWAR Ibrahim says ADIOS to Rafizi Ramli's suggestion to open the PKR doors to Khairy Jamaluddin. READ : Demi kekalkan kerajaan, PKR mungkin tutup pintu buat KJ.

WHILE, this won't come as a surprise to Khairy Jamaluddin that he is not wanted, Anwar Ibrahim's latest take on the matter is a slap in Rafizi Ramli's face.

AS in the words of an economic professor who just text me on Nurul Izzah's appointment as economic advisor to the Prime Minister,   : The appointment is the PM's way of stating that he has lost confidence in the minister in charge of Economics,Rafizi Ramli.

Yam Seng Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim is just : One Drink Away

is a single from Cher Lloyd, who finished fourth in 2010 in British Idol TV reality show. This single was released in 2020.

YAM Seng, saudara Anwar Ibrahim, Perdana Menteri Malaysia Yang Tersohor lagi bijak pandai, looks like you are a just ONE Drink Away from exposing yourself to Malaysia.

I took nine shots, I like the way they hit me
I'm in this club and everybody tipsy, yeah
I was gonna take it nice and steady
But now I feel like getting kinda messy
I, I'm
One drink away from saying what's on my mind
Only just a drink away from.

DEAR, Anwar Ibrahim, we know you are not stupid so you must be tipsy when you uttered those now infamous words above.

FIRST of all, Dear Anwar Ibrahim, Nurul Izzah was not appointed as a minister but as an advisor, therefore your CNY tipsy logic does not hold water.

DEAR Anwar Ibrahim when you are sick why do you visit a doctor instead of a car mechanic or a plumber who have no medical degree? Advisors are meant to be experts in their field of work and not our family who we appoint after having one drink too many 

Anwar Ibrahim : The Road to Hell

is the Chris Rea classic of 1988, from the album of the same name. Both the single and the album topped the UK charts.

ANWAR Ibrahim is dragging us into being Asia's basket case, similar to how Turkey has become the basket case of Europe.

THE similarities are so striking, I am surprised that the half past six economist often contacted by Free Malaysia Today are missing it by a mile and a half.

What are you doing here
My fear for you has turned me in my grave'
I said 'mama I come to the valley of the rich
Myself to sell'
She said 'son this is the road to hell'
On your journey cross the wilderness
From the desert to the well
You have strayed upon the motorway to hell

CONSIDER this, Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is known for his basket case economy theories. READ : Turkey raises minimum wage, keeps interest rates unchanged.

SOUNDS familiar? Well this is exactly what Anwar Ibrahim is doing.   IF Anwar Ibrahim's bad habits were just confined to interest rates and wages we could brush it aside for ignorance.

BUT it doesn't stop there. READ : Erdogan Begins New Term and Names His Son-in-Law Finance Minister. Likewise, Anwar Ibrahim has now appointed READ : Nurul Izzah as PM’s senior adviser on economics, finance.

DEAR, Anwar Ibrahim if you value Nurul Izzah's advise then please pay her a salary. Nothing in this world is free, and we Malaysians are daft all right but most of us were not born yesterday night to keep believing in a family that takes no salary from the father to the daughter, it's the same ole same ole ...

Saturday 28 January 2023

Khairy Jamaluddin : That was then, This is Now.

was the Monkees first top 20 hit in 18 years, back as the sixties band, made an amazing come back to the charts, with the single which was one of the biggest hit's of 1986.

THAT was then, and this is now, and because of that,Khairy Jamaluddin's big come back to Malaysian soccer, lacks the glitter it once had, when he and the troubled Jason Lo came up with the MyTeam football concept idea back in 2006

Showed me the door.
I can't doubt it,
I don't doubt it no more.
That was then, (that was then) this is now.

SIXTEEN years ago, Khairy Jamaluddin was the superstar of Malaysian politics, and the idea was if he could build a successful national team, then there was no stopping Khairy Jamaluddin from assuming the Prime Ministership after his father in law.

MY Team failed, just like Khairy Jamaluddin is falling because apart from the manufactured following online, the guy has very little real ground support.

KHAIRY Jamaluddin is a man too afraid of his own shadow, afraid that the past will catch up with him,legally. 

HOW afraid is Khairy Jamaluddin? Well afraid enough, not to accept READ : The Bersatu and Gerakan offer.

Lokman Adam, berhenti : Cakap Dalam Gelap

was a smash hit for former naught boy turned rapper with a lot of help from the Selangor Royal Family and hip hopper Yogi B, that helped straighten the life of Shazzwan.

LOKMAN Adam, aka Khairy Jamaluddin's Lobakman, must come clean and set the record straight.

Gua tunggu lu nyanyi
lagi gua kasi sambong.
Lenggok ala toi , tengok ada soi.
tiu na seng lu nyalak time gua sempoii.
Tak apa la kawan lu
kasi nyanyi lama lama.

MALAYSIA needs to know why Lokman Adam has coined the moniker READ : ICE Man for a certain politician. What's the story here , morning glory ?

Kalimullah Hassan Masheerul Hassan : Almost Paradise

is a 1983 duet between two of rock n roll's most underrated artist Mike Reno of Loverboy and the Heart's lead singer Ann Wilson. The song is also the theme for the Footloose motion picture.

KALIMULLAH Hassan Masheerul Hassan, the man who made Khairy Jamaluddin an INSTANT millionaire, now says READ : Umno has become almost totally irrelevant.

WHAT is almost totally irrelevant? Is it something like almost paradise? Or is it something like knocking on heaven's door when you know the answer is a HELL NO?

We hold the future in our hand
Oh Almost paradise
We're knockin' on heaven's door
Almost paradise

WHATEVER it is, Khairy Jamaluddin is not getting into PKR, no matter how hard he or Rafizi Ramli tries especially after his attempt to humiliate Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's persona ended up in court. READ : Khairy Jamaluddin must pay Anwar Ibrahim RM150,000 for his main belakang remarks.

AT Parti Keadilan Rakyat, the knives are already out for Khairy Jamaluddin. VIEWWajah Sebenar Khairy Jamaluddin.

KHAIRY Jamaluddin, who equated READ : Moral Failure As A Mere Mistake has zero cards to play, and will once again rely on Kalimullah's generosity to perhaps rebrand the failed KJ brand name as the great grand daddy of Syed Saddiq's MUDA.

Friday 27 January 2023

Khairy Jamaluddin: I'm gonna be !!!

is the chart topper from Scotland's very own Proclaimers. The single is taken from the folk group's second studio album Sunshine on Leith which was released in 1988.

NOW that UMNO no longer wants Khairy Jamaluddin, will the politician join BERSATU?  Well, hell NO. Khairy Jamaluddin won't be joining BERSATU, rather he will bid his time, stay away from mainstream politics, and attempt to transform himself as a voice of reason on Twitter.

WHY, take my word for it? Well I am the guy who told you months ago, that Khairy Jamaluddin will chicken out from challenging Zahid Hamidi for the UMNO presidency. READ : Khairy Jamaluddin : It's Over

 WELL, you can say Khairy Jamaluddin got sacked that is why the challenge did not take place. Point taken, but nothing had stopped Khairy Jamaluddin from announcing his candidacy to challenge Zahid before the UMNO general assembly took place last month. Why didn't he? Coz he knew he will lose.

And I would roll 500 milesAnd I would roll 500 moreJust to be the man who rolls a thousand milesTo fall down at your door

BUT why stay out of mainstream politics you may ask? Well the reason is Khairy Jamaluddin needs help from his friends from DAP and the likes of Rafizi Ramli to save him from potential jail time, when corruption charges are slammed on him. 

In Anwar Ibrahim's Malaysia Madini, Malaysian Grab drivers are running out of : Money

money is a single from perhaps the most talented female rapper of the current generation, Leikeli47, taken from her 2017 Wash & Set album.

SO all you Grab drivers out there, who were jumping with joy when Anwar Ibrahim became Prime Minister, Sivakumar became works minister and Anthony Loke became Transport Minister,  are you jumping for joy still?

Chilling, layin' in the cut, doeEasy, tryin' see what up, doeBrooklyn, home of the cutthroatsNotorious, y'all know how the rest goSleeping, one eye openToo smart 'cause I'm always...

I guess you guys are not jumping with joy anymore now that GRAB with the blessing from Transport Minister Anthony Loke has cut your rates down since last week to 0.25 Sen per kilometer from 0.70 per kilo meter when Wee Ka Siong was transport Minister.

IT's okay Grab Drivers, Anwar Ibrahim will not allow you to dip your hands into your own EPF money, but as Finance Minister he is all smiles to allow GRAB to offer you financial products via buy now pay latter schemes which are a debt trap.

WHILE , Sivakumar is very concerned about Bangladeshi's housing needs in Malaysia, he doesn't give a shit if the Grab drivers sons and daughters have to end up living on the streets. 

BECAUSE, Grab drivers and riders cannot take it anymore, they will be going on a nationwide strike next week. WAKE up lah, Malaysia , this is not what we signed up for .

Thursday 26 January 2023

V Sivakumar : I'm gonna tear your playhouse down

is the smash hit from the 1980'd British superstar Paul Young, taken from his 1985 album titiled The Secret of Association.

SYABAS, V Sivakumar,  since when did you become minister of foreign labour only ? Don't you think that Malaysians as well as the world is not watching how your government treats Malaysian labourers?

You think you've got it all set up
You think you've got the perfect plan
To charm everyone you see
And playing any game you can
But I've got news for you
I hope it don't hit you too hard
One of these days
While you're at play
I'm gonna catch you off guard
I'm gonna tear your playhouse down

V Sivakumar are you a Malaysian or a national of another country? Because if you are a Malaysian than why don't you have the same standards as how the Singapore labour minister has set for his country men? 

V Sivakumar,  why don't Malaysians have a Progressive Wage Model? Why don't we have Local Qualifying Salary requirements to protect the Malaysian wage earner. 

BELOW, you can READ On The Singapore Model

Malaysia, Listen , There once lived a man in Egypt : Standing In The Eyes of the World.

is the 1998,. Malaysian Commonwealth theme song by rock singer Ella, that never really got caught on fire in the global market .

THERE once lived a man in Egypt, regarded by some as the pillar of Egyptian democracy, while others accused this man of being a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Setiap manusia ingin berjaya
Namun tak semua miliki tuah
Engkau menghampirinya
Kesempatan telah pun tiba
Kini "standing in the eyes of the world"
Hanyalah selangkah dari nyata
Keazaman membara di jiwa
Menanti saat ....

MOHAMMED Morsi had promised the Egyptian people great freedom, equibility, transparency and to return back this great people's dignity but within a year in office the Egyptian people had enough with the first democratically elected President of the country.

MORSI was no better than all those evil dictators. In fact when it came to allowing the people their personal freedom to choose, it is said Morsi's government was among the worst.

DO we have a MORSI in our midst, a man supposedly who will unite us? But is actually working overtime to divide us?. I don't know, each can make up their own mind 

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Madini Malaysia strikes Again : Bigotry Man

is a 1989 track taken from the album State Of Control, by the American version of Iron Maiden, the hard rockers known as Barren Cross.

FIRST of all. Do I think Homosexuality is a sin? YES I DO, but what I think or feel is my business and my business alone, and it should not be the basis for any type of public policy, which is why I feel Anwar Ibrahim's Government has gone insane.

Who, who are you
Are, bigotry manYou, you think you are better than themYour not

STOP bringing religion into science either into scientific education or into health matters. It's a recipe for disaster, with a capital D.

Malaysia desperately needs a Maldini not a Madini : Where have all the bootboys gone?

is a song from Malaysia's primier skin head group A.C.A.B, who is also the country's best selling skin head group of all time .

MALAYSIA desperately needs a Paolo Maldini type of captain to run the country and not a Prime Minister who is king in gloryfying Arab vocabulary IE Madini at the expense of Bahasa Malaysia.

I still remember those glory days
Where no one dared to get in our ways
It only seems like yesterday
Seeing boots and braces all the way
We used to live out on the streets
We used to drink and used to steal to eat
We shared the joy and we shared the pain

EVER since Anwar Ibrahim said Malaysians must say Madini and Malaysia in the same breathe ...what have we got? We have the Education Minister downright lying to King and Country. READ : Netizens blast Fadhlina’s explanation for allegedly Muslim-only SPM workshop

SO how did the school get the funds to organise the do? Who gave the school they money and why?  Can we see cheques from the same party issued on the same date for both functions to take place?

ANWAR Ibrahim if you cannot be a Paolo Maldini type of captain for team Malaysia, perhaps it's best you go too and try out for the up coming Mat Kilau movie since as we all know , you are a damn good actor.

The Madini Cabinet @ Liar's Bar

was from the Beautiful South's best selling album ever, the 1996,. Blue is the Colour album, which spawned hit after hit singles.

IT pains me to write this, because like most of middle Malaysia, we want Anwar Ibrahim to succeed but are we now willing to lower our moral standards.

WILL, we kid ourselves that Rafizi Ramli is just stupid when he claimed prices of Raw Materials had gone down or that Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek is just being a little naught READ : Several users pointed out that if the workshop had excluded non-Muslim students to avoid disrupting Chinese New Year festivities – as claimed by the ministry – the absence of Indian students at the workshop raised further questions.

Their noses are red
Whilst mine is only pink
And they didn't choose their drink
Their drink chose them
Rum by the kettle drum
Whiskey by the jar
At Liar's Bar.

THE ministers lied to us.  It always starts with a lie, before the pinching of money will start. Anwar Ibrahim either sack the lying ministers or middle Malaysia will have to sing Auld Lang Syne to you.

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Selangor, the eagle has landed and she sings : Green, Green....

or the full title of the song Green Green Grass. This club hit by George Ezra, you will be hearing a lot of this song on Tik Tok in the coming months as it is key to Perikatan Nasional's hearts and minds campaign.

THE holiday is in KEDAH READ : Kedah MB announces Feb 5 as public holiday for Thaipusam ,but Perikatan Nasional will be banking that this goodwill from PAS, will be enough to begun to stir a debate among the Tamil community in Selangor on their situation now that Anwar Ibrahim is Prime Minister.

Over the hills and undercover
Undercover, undercover
She said
Green green grass, blue blue sky
You better throw a party...

I understand in the coming budget, atleast RM30 million will be set aside by the Prime Minister for the Tamil community's territory education needs to match the RM40 million given to UTAR.

ANWAR Ibrahim's issue is how to get all of this done without involving MIC, the political party. That is the Prime Minister's greatest challenge, coz as it stands, PKR has more Tamil members than MIC itself.

Rafizi Ramli, stop : Walking in Your SLEEP

is a song from the 2012, Aussie nominated indie breakthrough artist of the year, the quartet that call themselves Husky.

RAFIZI Ramli, it seems will do anything to get some media minutes, even though every time he opens his mouth, all that the nation seem to hear are nonsense qué from a BUM,who seems to be walking in his sleep or to put it plainly day dreaming  AKA sleeping on the job.

Going backwards now
Every roll in reverse, with my eyes closed
Walking in your sleep, with the morning
Climbing the horizon, coming like a hurricane
Walking in your sleep in the blue light
Waiting for Poseidon to take you in a killer wave

HIS latest attempt will be today at 1pm, when he wants to sit the nation down and explain to us the Consumer Price Index of Dec 2022.

DEAR Moron Rafizi, in a couple of days it will be February 2023. 

WE are not interested in the past ie  the CPI of December 2022, but rather we are keen to KNOW about the future ie on how the CPI will look like in Feb, March and April 2023, and what are the measure's that will be put in place for us to have a balanced CPI that does not hurt the poor people's wallet.

#Rafizi Ramli is Anwar Ibrahim's Liability 

EPF says : When I lay me down to die, Goin' up to the spirit in the sky !!

is the Norman Greenbaum song, that was reworked by Dr & The Medics in the 1980's to create a sound unlike any before. Truly one of my favourite songs.

THE EPF no longer wants to be seen as the evil guy in the room or cursed by the hungry commen men, so it has done something it has never done before, when the now common call for another round of EPF withdrawal has gained momentum. READ : Make your voices heard if you want special EPF withdrawals, says Ismail Sabri

When I die and they lay me to restGonna go to the place that's the bestWhen I lay me down to dieGoin' up to the spirit in the sky

SO, while Anwar Ibrahim was happily away in down town Brunei, the EPF had made a STATEMENT READ : On whether it would allow another dip into members' savings, the funds chief strategic officer said the EPF would leave it to the government.

WOW, basically EPF have slam dunk it on the Prime Minister's head. That's you MR Anwar Ibrahim.

Trending at top spot on Twitter, Rafizi Ramli, Menteri : Malas

is a song from Teachers Pet, a quarter rock group from Malaysia, with just a single album out to-date, entitled Eh Keras Tu.

I have repeatedly told you so, that Rafizi Ramli is a mega bum, who has been selling us some fake grand ma stories on the economy, and that he is Anwar Ibrahim's number one PUBLIC LIABILITY.

Bilaku pejamkan mataSegalanya menghampiriTerlayar rasa semalamTermanggu sejenak
Malasnya ku melangkah ke sanaMencari sempadan kehidupanYang selalu hilang sebelumnya

FAHMI Fadzil  without  naming names, have told Malaysia, what I have been telling her all along , that Rafizi Ramli is a lazy bum.

Monday 23 January 2023

Rafizi Ramli, Are You : The Boy With the Thorn In His Side?

is taken from the Smiths 1986 The Queen is Dead album, which is regarded my many including me as among  the finest album released by a British band in that decade.

I told you guys that Rafizi Ramli READ : is one of this government's biggest liabilities, the reason being, Rafizi Ramli might be giving us fake figures so that he can look relevant.

TO put it plain and simple, the guy is a useless BUM. 

The boy with the thorn in his side
Behind the hatred, there lies
A murderous desire for love
How can they look into my eyes
And still they don't believe me?
How can they hear me say those words
Still they don't believe me?

HOW big a bum you may ask? Well BIG enough for the Prime Minister to directly contradict what Rafizi Ramli has been selling.

CONSIDER this, Rafizi Ramli  said READ : Prices of Raw Material are declining but the Prime Minister seems to have directly rubbished what Rafizi has been selling. READ :Govt focusing on efforts to reduce raw materials prices: PM