Friday 30 September 2022

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki : Bersalin Kulit

is from the four man band known as Kristal that has been active since 1999. The song is from their 2021 Terpisah album.

ASYRAF Wajdi  Dusuki, the UMNO Youth head seems to be out of ammunition, as the General Election looms, as his chances of getting elected in Kelantan without the help of PAS is very slim.

TO stay relevant, the UMNO Youth head, is now playing to the gallery, while trying to kill two birds at one go. READ : KWSP tersasar untuk golongan Yang amat terkesan.

Baik dan buruk

Terletak ditangan siapa?
Dulu lain sekarang wayang lain

Hidup hanya lah main-main
Dulu lain sekarang lagi lain
Macam ular kulit bersalin-salin

ASYRAF,  knows that Tengku Zafrul will not agree to it, as even the last time, the Prime Minister had to veto the Finance Minister.  

SO why hasn't he asked the Prime Minister instead, as this is going to be a campaign issue in the coming GE.

Thursday 29 September 2022

Bursa Down, Shot Selling at Sapura Energy, Oil Palm Must Carry Malaysia To Safety : Sign O The Times.

was the maiden hit for Prince after his break up with the Revolution, way back in 1987. The single is taken from the album Sign Of The Times, following the massive blockbuster Purple Rain.

BURSA Malaysia is struggling at a 52 week low at 1397.130 points while the Ringgit is howevering at RM4.64 to the US Dollar. 

AS at 11.30 am today only 171 counters are up while more than 1000 securities are either down,. Unchanged or Untraded.

Oh why, oh why?
Sign o' the times, 
Sign o' the times mess with your.....

LOOKING at yesterday's data provided by Bursa Malaysia, the sign of the times definitely looking gloomy, with only one hero in sight 

THERE is a clear short selling position built up on oil and gas counters and also on rubber glover exporters,.as well as telco's such as Maxis with a net short position of 65 million shares, Hartalega with 51 million shares, Top Glove 120 million shares and Sapura Energy some 51.5 million shares.  You can view the entire list HERE.

OBVIOUSLY,. the big market players are discounting the weak ringgit as a boon for exporters and the signal is clear, Malaysia will once again have to bank on the Oil Palm Sector to deliver big time to save us from this mess.

Ringgit Malaysia Now Trading At RM4.87 to the US Dollar : In A Different World

is the smash hit from 2018, taken from DJ Alan Olav Walker's debut album titled A Different World, with vocals from Sofia Carson.

THE Ringgit now trades at RM4.87 to the US Dollar in the crypto world. VIEW : USDT TRC20 price in Malaysian ringgit at 4.87 MYR.

We've been fighting our demons just to stay afloat
Been building a castle just to watch it fall
Been running forever just to end up here
Once more
And now we know
This is not the world we had in mind

IF you are wondering what the T behind the USD is ?, Well it's known as TETHER. According to Wikipedia, Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency with a value meant to mirror the value of the U.S. dollar.

 THE idea was to create stable digital cash. Tether converts cash into digital currency, to anchor or “tether” the value of the coin to the price of national currencies like the US dollar, the Euro, and the Yen.

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Ismail Sabri : Running Out of Time

is a song taken from Simple Plan's third studio album the self titled 2008 release, which made the top ten in atleast five major countries, including Brazil and the USA.

THERE is no denying Ismail Sabri  has been a fairly decent Prime Minister but the Premier is Running OUT OF TIME .

You're stuck in your old mentalityYou can try to lead us on 
But there's no one else to blameWon't be left to clean the mess
When you're gone
We're running out of timeAnd you just don't get it.

THE primier should decide if he still wants to be the Prime Minister.  Because if he does then he should cut down on the READ : Enough with the cuti cuti luar negeri.

YESTERDAY, the stock exchange fell during intra day trading to a fresh 52 week low, the Ringgit looks like it's heading towards RM4.70 to the dollar and the flood season has begun. 

THE Prime Minister should get on with the job or call for fresh elections, so that he can be out of a job.

Suara Tunku Abdul Rahman : The way it is!!!

is the chart topper from Bruce Hornsby & The Range, taken from their 1986 debut album, titled The Way It Is.

THE truth is still out there somewhere if indeed Suara Tengku Abdul Rahman is the real acronym for the STAR publication. READ :  There was a popular belief that The Star stood for Suara Tunku Abdul Rahman, or the Voice of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

THE STAR had a piece today on how READ : The Japanese YEN was sold out , with all those changing the money being mainly Chinese and then we have Tun Dr Mahathir making a claim that VIEW: The Chinese own half of the land in West Malaysia .

YET, if the internet is to be believed, Malaysia is READ The second most racist country in the world.  

Standing in line, marking timeWaiting for the welfare dime'Cause they can't buy a jobThe man in the silk suit hurries byAs he catches the poor old ladies' eyesJust for fun he says, "get a job"
That's just the way it isSome things'll never change

SO are we a racist country or are we just helping the wrong set of people?  VIEW : Anak hidup mewah travel merata, naik kereta mahal, tunang naik first class.

Tuesday 27 September 2022

NST under Farrah Naz Karim : How Low Can You Go?

is a song from Laura Pergolizzi, the artist commonly known as LP. The single is taken from her 2021 album Churches.

NST has gone back to its bad old days of reporting without thinking under the stewardship of Farrah Naz as Group Editor .TAKE for instance the following report. READ : RM90 million too cheap to 'buy' Pas, says Hadi  

Wanna know
How low can you go?'Cause I wanna knowHow low can you go?How low can you go?

NST under a decent group editor would have questioned or attempted to question Hadi on his thoughts on why READ : Pious Hadi Paid RM1.4 million to Claire Brown in UK.

Monday 26 September 2022

SGD10,000 notes : Sang Penikam

is a song from Noh Salleh released in 2014.  The single is taken from the album Angin Kencang.

THE angin is memang Kencang to tarnish the public perception against UMNO president Zahid Hamidi by a host of bloggers on how the SD10,000 notes  can fit in a single envolope . VIEW:  Singapore has 10,000 NOTES that can fill a single envolope..

Kau kan memburukuDalam bencimuDa da da da
Dalam terang malam
Ku cari semua yang telah padamDari suaramuDendam

IT is true that Singapore has the SGD10,000 notes and it is true that it is legal tender, but there are other truths about this SGD10,000 notes that are not being told, for unknown reasons.

SINCE 2014, Singapore has stopped issuing these 10,000 Singapore Dollar Notes. READ:  Singapore to stop issuing SGD10,000 notes in a bid to stop money laundering activities.

SO anyone who has this notes will probably have to provide their details such as name and IC number if they wish to cash out . ALSO READ : Some SGD10,000 notes were withdrawn as early as 1989

Sunday 25 September 2022

Polis DiRaja Malaysia : Kau ilhamku

is the massive hit from a decade ago from the former frontman of Gersang, Man Bai from the album Inspirasi.

PRIME Minister Ismail Sabri says he hasn't found the inspiration yet to call for GE 15. READ : Ismail Sabri belum lagi dapat ilham untuk bubar Parlimen.

Maafkanlah, oh (Maafkanlah)Andai lagu iniMengganggu ruangan hidupmuKau senyumlah, oh (kau senyumlah)Sekadar memoriKita di arena ini
Kau ilhamku.

Apparently, the men in blue has have had enough inspiration of their own.  READ : Police appoint Comm Hazani Ghazali as GE15 operations director.

Nasi Pattaya & The Edge : Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

is the 1986 classic from indie band The Smiths, taken from their album The Queen is Dead.

ALL eyes should be on the Attorney General's Office if the latest police report lodge for defamation would lead to the public prosecutor charging any of the parties concerned . READ :  Complaint of ‘pricy nasi goreng’ leads to defamation charge by restaurant owner.

From the ice-age to the dole-ageThere is but one concernI have just discovered
Some girls are bigger than othersSome girls are bigger than othersSome girls mothers are bigger than other girls' mothers.

DO recall that some of the most respected names in Malaysian journalism have been charged in court for criminal defamation. READThe Edge former editor-in-chief charged with criminal defamation for reporting abnormal penny stocks surge.

Ringgit now going for RM4.74 per : American Dollars.

is a song from the Toronto based experimental pop project consisting solely of American musicians and record producer Meghan Remy .

COMMERCIAL bank RHB will only part with the US dollar if you are willing to pay RM4.74  for every dollar.  This is a steep premium to official exchange rate of RM4.58.  VIEW : Official RHB Exchange Rate

Numbers on a screen mean nothin' to meWe're on the same boat but different seatsAnd how could you ever believeIt's not personal it's business

OTHER commercial banks were a tad bit kinder,. with Bank Islam demanding only RM4.63 for every dollar,.while Maybank wants RM4.64

ALL these points to a stronger dollar in the coming weeks that can run helter skelter in November if the floods are bloody enough.

WHERE is that Jihad minister who is supposed to put inflation to sword????? READ : Annuar Musa : Jihad Force Will Not Be Disbanded.

Friday 23 September 2022

Zahid Hamidi to Ismail Sabri : Sayang Jang Marah Marah

is the massive Tik Tok hit of 2021 from the Ambon based singer   R Angkotasan that had spawn multiple cover versions up till today .

MALAYSIA's luckiest man of 2021,. ISMAIL SABRI, looks like he might be running out of time and out of luck, as Zahid Hamidi, the sitting duck politician of 2021 gets some breathing space. 

JUDGE Mohd Yazid in reading out his judgement, poked so many holes in the case, which makes one wonder if we have the right guy sitting in as the attorney general.  READ : And the Judge said ....

NOW a freeman,. will Zahid Hamidi allow the Prime Ministership on a silver plate to be handed to the current incumbent?

Sayang jang marah marahPendam tu masalahBuang senyum sajaJang dengar orang ceritaTetap percaya

OF course the UMNO president will not rock the boat and publicly challenge the Prime Minister,. but Ismail Sabri will know in his heart of hearts the moment has slipped from his grasp, it is as good as GONE