Saturday 14 September 2019

Malaysia. When we were fab

Was a top 30 hit in 1987 for George  Harrison. The lyrics goes something like this :

Back then long time ago when grass was gree
Woke up in a daze
Arrived like strangers in the night
Long time ago when we was fab(Fab!) Back when income tax was all we had

Why does this song remind me of Malaysia? Once we were known as the Tiger of Asia. Once our stock exchange volume could surpass that of Dow Jones . Once our football team was feared in Asia. Once we were a united  nation, a land blessed with milk and honey. God's Own, blessed with the most strategic sea routes, rich in palm, tin, rubber and oil.

So what went wrong. Why are we once FAB?  Has the PAS _UMNO deal pushed Malaysia to the edge? Will this nation now be about  Muslim versus non muslim? Will fellow Malaysians boycott products of their fellow Malaysians?

Will we spit towards the sky to only see it fall on our face? Will corrupt leaders use religion as a reason to return to power? If that were to happen will they mend their ways or go on a corrupt rampage?

The answer is on the shoulders of every Malay.  Malaysia's well being will be decided by the Malays especially  in West Malaysia.

That is the narrative, which we are hearing  and reading. But is this the TRUE  narrative?  Or merely  one built on hype?

There is no heavyweight  greater than Muhammad  Ali. But when he faced Larry Holmes, he was passed his prime.

It could well be, the Malay populace have decided sometime back to turn UMNO into the new aging Muhammad' Ali.

UMNO  was mostly great when it lasted, but the cooperation  with PAS is the clearest signal yet that it no longer is able to stand on it's own feet.

Its leaders, are facing massive corruption charges, hence the need to become the new Ultra. While it may find hay in some quarters, the Malays by nature are not extremist.

The UMNO _PAS pact has effectively returned Malaysia to its status que. Not Many realise that since 1957, the Malay votes have been split equally between  PAS and UMNO.

Now it that split is between UMNO/PAS and BERSATU/PKR.  To win a general election, these parties will require help from their Chinese and Indian counterparts.

DIVIDED we FALL. UNITED we stand a fighting chance not to sell our homes to wealthy mainland China nationals, not to sell our identity cards and identity to a foreign nation, not to be led by leaders who had sold Malaysia, in what is acknowledged  as the biggest CBT and fraud this world has ever seen.

Hence, the Chinese and Indians have a great responsibility. Don't judge and push your Malay friends into the arms of people and political parties they have rejected.

Don't look at them suspiciously, nothing has changed. UMNO is making its last stand. What Mahathir did not do, make UMNO irrelevant ,Zahid Hamidi is doing, coz for him and Najib Razak, the stakes are more than political office.

It's their liberty at stake

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Meet Anwar Ibrahim. The secretary song

Was a minor indie 2011 hit for the go !!! Team.  My dream job is to be Anwar Ibrahim's political secretary.

Can take long leave, go diving and my boss, no need tell him where I am. He will do my job for me too.

So what is the role of a political secretary? Well according to wikipedia, a political secretary's role is to assist political duties  and provide  appropriate advice on political situations in such constituency, such state or Malaysia at large. A political Secretary is expected to heed, support and inform to the people, development policies and programmes planned by the Government.

If Anwar Ibrahim  makes me his political  secretary. I can appear on the front pages of news papers more times than Anwar himself. People will be more interested to read about me than Anwar Ibrahim.

I will get paid, my boss will do my work for me. And if need,  to clear my system I can always go diving.

Obviously, Anwar Ibrahim pays well. So money won't  be an issue for me.  My only drawback for the job is my name is not filled with names of notorious world political leaders of the left or those linked in some way or another with terrorists.

Is this the way, the prime minister in waiting is going to run Malaysia? Now I know why some people in PAS and UMNO still refer him as Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI)🙄🤪😬🤗🤭

Tuesday 3 September 2019

Maybank. That joke isn't funny anymore.

Was a minor hit for British band the Smiths. Some 6 months ago, Maybank (link is below) said that by September 2019, the Ringgit will be trading at RM3.98 level. What are the PEOPLE at Maybank NOT smoking???  The RINGGIT now trades at RM4.20 against the US dollar .
Clearly the Maybank equity/research desk are not up to scratch. Stop saying things to the press, if  you don't mean it. Coz THAT JOKE of the Ringgit trading at RM3. 98 against the dollar  isn't FUNNY anymore.
By the way, check out the latest oil price. How are we going to finance our national budget?