Tuesday 28 February 2023

Agus Yusoff, the J Kom director : Going Down the Road Feeling Bad

is an American folk song, which was first recorded in 1923 by Henry Whitter, the first country singer,who sold a million records.

ANWAR Ibrahim has two big problems.  Problem number
 one is what Abdul Hadi Awang is telling Anwar Ibrahim to his face. READ : Kalau jatuh lagi jangan salahkan kami – Hadi Awang.

DOES Hadi mean that Anwar Ibrahim's Government  will fall this month? NO, what he most likely ment was that Anwar Ibrahim will most likely self destruct sometime between May 2023 and August 2023.

ANWAR Ibrahim  has only himself to blame, and his communication point men Agus Yusoff, when it comes to PR is basically an IDIOT.

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
Hey hey hey yeah.

HOW big an idiot is Agus Yusoff in PR terms ? Well as big as they come.  The guy does not even know the first rule of the PR rule book : The PR guy should never become the centre of attraction.  

AND here we have Agus doing just that READ : Agus: Jangan kaitkan isu royalti minyak dengan sentimen kaum

Eddie Ng Chee Siong @ Revenue Group aka : Speedy Gonzales

is the big big hit from 1962 by Pat Boone, but was originally recorded a year earlier by David Dante, who came to prominence for his portrayals of murderous villains and gruff characters in several films in the 1970s and 1980s.

BURSA Malaysia, here is a question for you,  can a managing director cum Chairman of a company sell via off market 14.82 million shares, just a day before the company was going to announce it's worst financial performance on record?

DEAR, Bursa Malaysia, do you think the buyer of the shares, was told a day in advance about the impending bad financial results? 

Speedy Gonzales
Why don'tcha come home?
Speedy Gonzales
How come ya leave me all alone?
Hey, Rosita-come quick, down at the canteena
They giving green stamps with tequila

WELL, Bursa Malaysia is this not what fast Eddie Ng Chee Siong has done? And mind you, he is the chairman and managing director of Revenue Group.

Part 4 : Besnya Si Anwar Ibrahim boleh : Pergi Mampus Dengan Mulut Orang

is a hip hop song from internet motivator Andika Putera with a little help from Snipersosa. The single was released about three years ago.

IF what the MCA president said in Parliament is true, then it looks like Anwar Ibrahim has yet again plucked again some numbers, this time to the tune of RM1 billion on budget day.

Tak pula sakit bila dikeji
Apa nak jadi 
Aku tak peduli
Aku just buat 
Untuk rasa HAPPY

I don't wish to elaborate more on this because, basically this has ripped into Anwar Ibrahim's competency to be the finance minister.

I said it, and Revenue Group did it : Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

is the smash hit from Billy Ocean, who may have pulled off one of MTV's greatest stunts, as the guy is actually below 5ft but looks 6ft tall in all his music videos.

I said it, and Revenue Group Bhd, literally did it. Who is responsible for all this shit? It's the Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group and Bursa Malaysia, for not doing anything to protect minority shareholders interest.

Get it while you canYour non-stop miracle, I'm your man
Get outta my dreamsGet in to my car

REVENUE Group, just announced their results, and just as I had warned a whole chunk of cash has been wiped out, this time around about RM12 million.

BASICALLY, in 180 days, some RM23 million of cash has been wiped out, or to put it in plain English, the company lost about RM127,000 a day, every single day.

TOTAL, cash now stands at about RM50 million, but don't jump for joy just yet, because in accounting terms the company is actually in zero cash position.

WHY is that so, you may ask? Well there are two reasons for this. First of all, because the company has bank borrowings that amount to RM41 million and receivables to the tune of RM28 million.

SECONDLY,  as you can see, the company is operating on a negative cashflow basis, which means in a quarter or two, if nobody steps in, this company is headed for PN17. READ : Super Computer predicts Revenue shares will trade at 0.001 Sen in 52 weeks time.

THE Revenue board members must be personally be held liable for what's happening in the company, as they cannot say that they are not aware that the group's managing director Eddie Ng Chee Siong has been facing margin calls after another, while the brothers Brian and Dino Ng which owns 17 per cent of the company has been shut off from the board 

Who has more integrity, a used car salesman or Anwar Ibrahim : Dulu, Kini & Selamanya

was a big hit for singer turned actress turned royalty,  Amy Mastura, who came to the attention of Malaysians after winning a talent contest in Japan.

WOW, below   is what Anwar Ibrahim said when he was leader of the opposition. VIEW : Kerajaan harus bertanggungjawap

Dulu Kini & Selamanya
Dulu Kini & Selamanya
Dulu Kini & Selamanya
Dulu Kini & Selamanya

HOW about the time, Anwar Ibrahim told Malaysians in November 2022, that Tengku Zafrul READ : is not fit to be an MP, and in that very same month appoint Zafrul as a senior minister? 

Monday 27 February 2023

Taniah Fahmi Fadzil : Crime pays (updated with correction)

is a song by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, sometimes known as MadGibbs. The  American hip hop duo has released two studio albums, Piñata in 2014 and Bandana in 2019.

TANIAH, Ahmad Fahmi bin Mohamed Fadzil, for appointing Mohamad Salim Fateh Din as the new MCMC chairman.

Crime pays, nigga, crime pays
Choppin' up this change wit' cocaine in my microwave
Diamonds in my chain, yeah, I slang but I'm still a slave
Twist it in the system, just a number listed on a page
Made it through my home wit' my lights out I seen brighter day

CAN you now tell us why did this former air steward quit as MCMC chairman READ : MCMC says Salim Fateh Din has resigned as chairman in January 2023.

DID he quit because the News Straits Times at that point was hounding the MCMC office, seeking an explaination on why the Ministry of communication had issued a RM1.2 billion contract on the day Parliment was dissolved?

HELLO, Ahmad Fahmi bin Mohamed Fadzil is this good corporate governance? If we knew, that you , 
Ahmad Fahmi bin Mohamed Fadzil is no better than the previous minister, we would not have bothered to vote for you.

SALIM must go , or you will have trouble Ahmad Fahmi bin Mohamed Fadzil , closer to the Selangor state elections...that will cost Parti Keadilan Rakyat big time 

Part 3 : Besnya Si Anwar Ibrahim boleh : Pergi Mampus Dengan Mulut Orang

is a hip hop song from internet motivator Andika Putera with a little help from  Snipersosa. The single was released about three years ago.

ANWAR Ibrahim, can you please explain why on earth has the allocation for the Finance Ministry been increased by a massive 125 per cent to RM 67.24 billion from RMRM29.87 billion. 

Tak pula sakit bila dikeji
Apa nak jadi 
Aku tak peduli
Aku just buat 
Untuk rasa HAPPY

WHY, have you prioritise, your political ambitions over education?  Are you trying to buy support among the 71 per cent of Malays in West Malaysia,who are not happy with you? It won't work, Anwar Ibrahim, the reason they will not support you has nothing to do with money or politics.

ANWAR Ibrahim are you planning to rule by decree, with the state elections in mind, like the your counterpart from years ago, the highly corrupt Ferdinand Marcos . READ : MARCOS DEFENDS HIS POWER TO RULE BY DECREE.

IS that also the main reason, why you have appointed incompetent people  as your advisors such as  your own daughter, READ : Nurul Izzah, who is not competent.

Revenue Group : After the Love Has Gone

won the Grammy for best R&B song of the year in 1980, following the song's outstanding chart success for Earth, Wind & Fire on both sides of the Atlantic.

AHEAD, of Revenue Group's results today amidst talk that a certain executive director will sell another 10 million shares at 33 Sen a piece, let take a look at the secondary parties that have their egos bruised after the love has gone

What used to be happy was sad
Somethin' happened along the way
And yesterday was all we had
And oh, after the love has gone
How could you lead me on

FORBES magazine's credibility has taken a big hit after consistently promoting Revenue Group as among the best managed companies in Asia.  READ : Revenue Group, makes it into Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion 2021

NOW , meet the bankers who got hoodwinked with all that glitter,which may not turn out to be gold after all.

CONGRATULATIONS,  Kenanga Investors Bhd, you now own more shares in Revenue Group than fast Eddie Ng Chee Siong.  How does that make you feel? 

AND CIMB, stop laughing at Kenanga, okay as you are not far behind  fast Eddie Ng Chee Siong, aren't you.

In Anwar Ibrahim's Madini, Bank's are selling the Ringgit for above RM4.50 against the Dollar while 1400 stocks see zero trade :. Run For Your Life

is the Beatles least favourite song and one of the few which they never ever performed live. It is the final track of the 1965 Rubber Soul album.

I warned you that Anwar Ibrahim is a half past six Finance Minister and now both the currency and stock market are voting daily with their thumbs down against this man.

Well, you know that I'm a wicked guy
And I was born with a jealous mind
And I can't spend my whole life
Trying just to make you toe the line
You better run for your life if you can

BOTH, RHB & CIMB are hurriedly selling the Ringgit at above RM4.50 against the US dollar despite the money market rate being only RM4.88,in anticipation that within the next ten days the Ringgit at the money market will be RM4.55 against the Dollar,  while at Bursa Malaysia,  1400 securities are seeing zero trade .

Zambry Abd Kadir aka Foreign Minister aka : Sleepy Head

is a song from Passion Pit,  an American indietronica band from Cambridge, Massachusetts, formed in 2007
 The band released their debut studio album Manners in 2009.

LUCKY me, I never been inside a prison, so I really don't know what it is like inside there, but I doubt that people are chained together in group's of twenties, and that too for long hours.

MEET Roger Ng, a known thief and fraudster. The guy just made the headlines on Bloomberg News. To those of you, who are unfamiliar with Bloomberg News,  Bloomberg News is read by more than 325,000 Terminal subscribers, who are among the most influential people in business and finance in the world.

Burning solid, burning thin the burning rim
Like stars burning holes right through the dark
Flicking fire like saltwater into my eyes
You were one inch from the edge of this bed
I dragged you back a sleepyhead, sleepyhead

SO what is Madini Malaysia 's foreign minister Zambry Abd Kadir, doing about it? Apparently nothing, and who can blame him, after all he must be still thanking his lucky stars, on how he ever got to be foreign minister, when the people themselves rejected him in GE15.

ENJOY, the nasi lemak, Zambry And Kadir while it last, and you can take my word on this , it won't last beyond 2023.

Ahmad Zaki Zahid : Everybody Wants To Rule The World (updated)

is the chart topper from one of the hottest British duo's of the 1980's Tears for Fears, who were formed in 1981 and hit it big by 1985.

AS the Edge reports that READ : Pharmaniaga at risk of large vaccine inventory impairment, let's not forget the people whom Khairy Jamaluddin put in place to make this all happen.

MAKE what happen? Well, cut Pharmaniaga so badly that it bled red ink to the tune of RM664.39 million, or 49.19 sen per share, in the fourth quarter ended Dec 31, 2022 (4QFY2022) as a result of RM552.3 million of impairment of Covid-19 vaccines. READ : State owned Pharmaniaga has become an affected listed issuer under Practice Note 17 (PN17) on the basis that Paragraph 2.1(a) of PN17 has been triggered in the company’s audited consolidated financial statements for the period ended Dec 31, 2022.

NOW, we haven't looked at the Government stockpile yet, but  if you add all together, the nation would have suffered a loss of more than RM1.5 billion.

I can't stand this indecision
Married with a lack of vision
Everybody wants to rule the world
Say that you'll never never never never need it
One headline why believe it?
Everybody wants to rule the world
All for freedom and for pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world

MEET Ahmad Zaki Zahid, the chief fourth floor boy during the reign of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,  who conviniently was appointed as READ :  National Institutes of Biotechnology chairman.

NOW, that Covid 19 vaccines are no longer the money darling in town, Ahmad Zaki Zahid has found a more respectable job as READ : Chief Strategic Officer at Digital Nasional Bhd I am truly amazed with the skill sets of this guy....

Revenue Group, there is a : Stranger In Town

was a hit for the group ToTo from their best selling Africa album which should have propelled them to rock stardom, but got lost in the frenzy created by Michael Jackson's Thriller .

BURSA Malaysia', how's the party going on at Revenue Group Bhd, are you monitoring it or as they say you are just waiting for minority shareholders to suffer a tremendous loss?

I remember it was late one night
In the middle of a dream
Woke up in a pool of sweat
Thought I heard a scream
Ran over to the window sill
Stuck my head out for a peek
Dressed in black was a man I didn't recognise
Running down my back street
My heart skipped a beat

MY heart skipped a beat when I noticed that 14.83 million shares were left off the hook at 35.8 Sen a share, at 4.45 pm. Revenue Group was last traded at 42.5 Sen.

THIS is a steep discount, one may say, but considering that the Artificial intelligence stock predictor had predicted that Revenue Group will trade at 0.0001 Sen in 52 weeks time,  this is one heck of a premium. READ: Super Computer predicts Revenue Group will trade at 0.001 Sen in 52 weeks time

DO we have any clues as to who wants to dispose of his shares in Revenue Group in a hurry ?  YES, we do have a clue from last Friday. VIEW : Managing Director cum Chairman Eddie Ng Chee Siong.

NOW,  let's wait for Revenue's quarterly results. Will they burn another RM11 million or more or perhaps less.? READ : Revenue Group RM11 million gone in 90 days

Sunday 26 February 2023

Mohammad Agus Yusoff : These Boots Are Made For Walking.

is the evergreen, stand out classic  pop hit from the 1960's by the daughter of the legandary Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra.

THE only reason why Mohammad Agus Yusoff, became the director of J Kom, at the Prime Minister's office is because, he is a bootlicker. READ : Agus proud to be among 70 academics backing Anwar as PM.

NOW AGUS is begging to be given more time so that less than 71 per cent of Malays in West Malaysia will dislike Anwar Ibrahim. READ : Mohammad Agus Yusoff, memerlukan sedikit masa untuk membetulkan persepsi masyarakat serta menyampaikan kepada rakyat segala pencapaian Anwar dan Kerajaan Perpaduan.

You keep lyin' when you ought to be truthin'
You keep losin' when you ought to not bet
You keep samin' when you ought to be a changin'
Now what's right is right, but you ain't been right yet
These boots are made for walkin'
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you

AGUS,  take all the time you want. You do not have the skill sets. Read on the printed line...these boots are not for lickin, these boots are for walking and these boots are gonna walk all over you.

Anwar Ibrahim : Sugar, We Are Going Down

is a single from the Fall Out Boy, an American rock band formed in Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, in 2001, who hit it big with this song in 2005.

THE stock market has reacted to Anwar Ibrahim's budget in the same way 71 per cent of the Malays across West Malaysia are reacting to the Prime Minister.

Sleeping in, and sleeping
For the wrong team
We're going down, down in an earlier round
And sugar, we're going down

A massive 1,476 stock are untraded, a key sign that the markets see the Anwar Ibrahim budget as a political hoax. 

ELSEWHERE, the Ringgit is pushed by the US dollar to its weakest position on record under the watch of Anwar Ibrahim's Government. The Ringgit now is at RM4.46 to the dollar, a strong indicator that this Government, looks like it won't last 

Revenue Group @ Manic Monday

is a song written by Prince, and recorded in 1986 by the all girl group, Bangles for their studio album Different light.

AT Revenue Group, it's gonna be a very manic Monday, let alone week for Fast Eddie Ng Chee Siong and friends.

HOW are they going to explain to the world  that when Revenue announces its results this week, it's cash will be less than RM70 million , considering that the announcement has been made for them in advance?

HOW is Bursa hoing to explain to minority shareholders  that a certain executive directors shares will be foresold this week because of margin calls, and again that the announcement has been made for them in advance?

I wish it was Sunday (Woah, woah)
'Cause that's my fun day (Woah, woah, woah, woah)My I don't have to run day (Woah, woah)It's just another manic Monday

UNFORTUNATELY for Bursa Malaysia, this is not just another Manic Monday , cause if everything written here becomes true before this week is over. What will Bursa Malaysia tell minority shareholders? Sorry? , We are now investigating?  

Wooi, Harga Barang Naik lah : Raja Bohong

is a song released in 2010 and is the most famous song, from the musical trio called the Petir Band which has been in existence since 2009.

NOW that the entire world knows that Anwar Ibrahim is basically toxic among the Malay community, and will most likely lose his job this year, the pressure on the man himself is about to explode.

Dasar kamu memang tak tahu malu
Bohong-bohong lagi, kamu berbohong lagi
Dasar kamu memang si raja bohong
Jangan, jangan-jangan kau penipu
jangan-jangan ku tertipu, dua kali.

APPARENTLY, with Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister,the price of even chillies have gone up so much that people can't afford them READ :CAP: Red chillies now priced at RM20 per kg, coriander leaves RM32 per kg

71 Peratus Melayu Semenanjung Amat Tak Puas Hati, Anwar Ibrahim, awak : Boleh Jalan

is the hip hop song produced by Malique, and  rapped by Zizi Kirana, the Sabahan , with one of the most versatile voice Malaysia has seen in five decades.

ANWAR Ibrahim's Government is in deep trouble, which means come June this year, we could have a new Prime Minister,  after Parti Keadilan Rakyat is humiliated in Selangor, of course 

Miang bemban
Tolong please
Dato gatal
Tolong please
Boleh jalan boleh jalan boleh jalan
THERE , you have it, Anwar Ibrahim's Government only have 15 per cent Malay support. This is so pathetic, as never in the history of this country,.has a sitting Prime Minister receive so much rejection from those of his same race and religion.

THIS survey was conducted with the help of Sinar Harian, Astro AWANI, The Star, Sin Chew dan Malaysia Namban.

Revenue Group @ Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club

is the definitive album from the Beatles, that was released some 54 years ago, and has defined how rock n roll is played today.

REVENUE Group, what can I say, except : 

I don't really want to stop the show
But I thought you might like to know
That the singer's gonna sing a song
And he wants you all to sing along
So let me introduce to you
The one and only 

1) THE AI : Meet Wallet Investor, which generates machine learning algorithms for over 70,000 stocks worldwide. This is the AI which correctly predicted that Serba Dinamik will trade at 0.001 Sen,  have now predicted that Revenue Group will trade at 0.001 Sen. VIEW: Super Computer has predicted Revenue Group shares will fall to 0.001 Sen in 52 weeks time

WHY is this AI very important to this story? Well because if it hits the jackpot again...minority shareholders who will lose money can sue the pants of Bursa Malaysia, from failing to stop it from happening.

2) FAST Eddie Ng Chee Siong : Now will anyone who is not insane allow a cat to look after some nice fresh fish with loads of flesh? Well if the answer is no, don't worry because apparently at Revenue group, the board of directors will allow an MD who himself has financial problems, look after the company's cash pile.

Under Eddie, some RM11 million was burned in less than 90 days.  VIEW : REVENUE Group, RM11 million gone in 90 days

How do we know Eddie has financial problems, well because his stock brokers sold his shares which he bought on margin. VIEW :Eddie Ng Chee Siong doesn't put up the cash to pick up Revenue shares. Brokers foresell those shares, but surprisingly Eddie is still calling the shots at Revenue

3). THE Revenue Board : Now since we all know that Eddie has financial problems .. every board member of Revenue , get prepared to be sued on a personal capacity, from investors who may end up losing money because of your actions in removing the check and balance in the company, and also for listening to Eddie despite the white elephant in the room that points to Eddie having financial problems.  

Questions must be asked on why the board have not hired a private investigator to check on Eddie financial health?

4) THE Shylock's  : Revenue Group has seen a lot of board changes. Some of these people's sudden appearance in Revenue seems to suggest that some one big in the company has lost a lot of money playing cryptos. Who that person is, will be in masked in due time.

5) THE check and balance : Eddie's partners, the two brothers, Brian & Dino Ng . These are the two men who actually built the business. What do they want. They want to saveguard their company and the money inside the company.

 They want Bursa Malaysia to act now on both the auditor's and board members of Revenue that if they don't play fair, then every one of them is criminally liable for any potential loss, which if you remember THE AI has already predicted .

NEXT : Manic Monday.

Saturday 25 February 2023

Pakatan Harapan : State of Shock.

is the classic from the Jackson's including Michael Jackson and with additional vocal support from Rolling Stones Mick Jagger.

THIS must come as a shock to the Pakatan Harapan supporters , that nobody including the Prime Minister received a minimum satisfaction score of 50 per cent in survey conducted with the help of Sinar Harian, Astro AWANI, The Star, Sin Chew dan Malaysia Namban.

In state of shockHey come over hereNo come over hereTalk, talk to meA state of shock, a state of shock

SO after spending all those money on the blue tick on Twitter, looks like the Unity Is highly disliked by the people.  READ : Skor kepuasan Anwar Ibrahim menjunam ke 40 peratus sahaja

The Unity Government's state of : Disunity

is song from, Timeless Rag, a Symphonic Power Metal Band, that hails from Germany, the same land that gave us group's like Scorpions decades ago.

THE unity Government may be united in governing but they are certainly not united when it comes to standing for elections.

UNLESS of course the DAP is willing to eat crow and humbly surrender seats it to took donkey years to win and nurture in Selangor to MCA and MIC such as the seats in Klang and greater Klang 

And what the hell you´re saying? 
You´re under my spell
It´s like a masquerade. 
You´re a devil in disguiseA smile on your face, 
but with eyes cold as ice.

WITH Zahid Hamidi already stating READ : Barisan to use own logo in coming state elections, it seems that the seeds of disunity have already been sown.

SELANGOR have 36 seats where the Malays , have a 60 per cent majority. Between 3 to 6 seats, where it has a 50 per cent majority.

DAP is good for 17 seats and Amanah up to 3 seats, while PKR is good for only 4 seats, meaning the state will fall, and demands will grow boisterously louder for Anwar Ibrahim to GO.

Part 2 : Besnya Si Anwar Ibrahim boleh : Pergi Mampus Dengan Mulut Orang

is a hip hop song from internet motivator Andika Putera with a little help from  Snipersosa. The single was released about three years ago.

IF you missed part 1, it was all about the READ : the so called 31 per cent Malay support for Pakatan Harapan, while in the current part, we continue with Anwar Ibrahim just whacking away the numbers, as he see fit.

Tak pula sakit bila dikeji
Apa nak jadi 
Aku tak peduli
Aku just buat 
Untuk rasa HAPPY

DOES anyone know how much is the national debt? ON Jan 17 2023, Anwar Ibrahim said READ :Malaysia's national debt now at RM1.5 trillion, or over 80pct of GDP.

AND then on Feb 22 2023, the Finance Ministry reconfirmed to the Parliament, the highest legislative body in the country that READ : The country had outstanding debt of about RM1.5 trillion.

SURPRISE,  surprise, surprise, just THREE days latter, the Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim tells the same Parliament that now the national debt is only RM1.2 trillion.

Khairy Jamaluddin : Hang the Dj

or better known as Panic was a hit single from perhaps the most influential indie rock/pop group of the 1980's from the UK,. The Smiths.

KHAIRY Jamaluddin might be enjoying himself as a disc jockey these days but how long he will be able to do that, is anyone's guess .

Burn down the discoHang the blessed DJBecause the music that they constantly playIt says nothing to me about my lifeHang the blessed DJBecause the music they constantly play

MEET the company appointed by Khairy Jamaluddin during the pandemic to build the Pusat Kawalan Penyakit Negara (NCDC) for RM284 million. MEET : Nepturis Sdn Bhd.

THE sticky point here is, it might also involve one of Anwar Ibrahim's deputy prime minister's Fadillah Yusoff.

Friday 24 February 2023

Dear Wong Chen of Parti Keadilan Rakyat : I'm with stupid

was the lead single from the Pet Shop Boy’s 2005 album Fundamental. The upbeat synthpop track is a metaphor for the "special relationship"  between then Prime Minister Tony Blair and then US President George W Bush.

DEAR, Wong Chen can you stop pretending to be a brilliant ass, when you are a proven but not certified dumb fart.

I'm with Stupid
Oh-oh, I'm with Stupid
Oh-oh, I'm with Stupid
See you on the TV

SO, Wong Chen, you want to know why Petronas don't want to even meet you or give you the time of day as how you lamented on your Facebook post . READ : It's okay if Petronas don't want to meet me.

I will tell you why Wong Chen,  because only an idiot will come up with such a math like you have done. A RM 60 billion investment, with a ROI of ten per cent,should then generate a return of RM60 billion.

DEI, Wong Chen stop making a fool of yourself. Stop it now, before dogs start barking at you, children throw stones at you,and adults start laughing at you 

PERIKATAN Nasional : Are You Sleeping?

is a children's nursery rhyme taken from the French song Frere Jacques. It was first published in a manuscript under the name “Frère Blaise” in 1780 but its author is unknown despite some theories that the song’s author was French composer Jean-Philippe Rameau.

HELLO,  Perikatan Nasional boleh tolong bangun dari tidor sekarang and put the fear of the Lord into the heart of Anwar Ibrahim so that he will back track on his cruel act . READ : Govt halts Muhyiddin’s waiver of RM8.3bil in Felda settlers’ loans.

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?
Brother John, Brother John,
Morning bells are ringing! Morning bells are ringing!
Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong.

THIS move by Anwar Ibrahim will hurt the common Felda man, who during GE15 shifted his votes from UMNO to BERSATU/PAS.

UMNO can still win back these voters but not by killing the Felda man this way. Anwar Ibrahim won't bother though, because PKR is basically an Indian party with 45 per cent of its members coming from the Tamil community.

Dear NST Business : Let's Dance

is the stand out hit of 1983 from David Bowie, and is actually the only song of the late singer, which I actually like a lot.

THE paper does not explain to its readers, why a listing will affect the jobs of 150,000 people? Is it because, Petronas is being run inefficiently ?

Let's dance
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let's dance
To the song they're playin' on the radio
Let's sway
While color lights up your face

OKAY , if you do not wish to list Petronas, how about a REIT on all the Government buildings in swanky Putrajaya and  Cyberjaya which can bring in anywhere between RM600 billion to RM1 trillion in cash proceeds to the Government?  READ : A Government REIT on the office space buildings it owns in Kuala Lumpur only could fetch more than the entire value of the KLSE' property index.

SO what is the Government doing about it? Nothing much apparently, apart from Anwar Ibrahim complaining every second he is on TV that the national debt is RM1.5 trillion.

Anwar Ibrahim, and his : Rich Friends

is a song from American rock band that who goes by the name, Portugal, the man. The group consists of John Baldwin Gourley, Zach Carothers, Kyle O'Quin, Jason Sechrist, Eric Howk and Zoe Manville.

I have ONE question for Anwar Ibrahim, and only ONE question.

I could really really really
Use a rich rich friend like you
I could really really really
Use a rich rich friend like you

WHY is it those who earn RM9000 a month have to pay more tax but those earning RM90,000 a month still end up paying the same amount as before?

WHY are the super rich not being taxed but the family man with a RM9000 salary is being punished by your cruel Madini Government?

NO wonder the Malays don't support you by the droves. #notourPrime Minister.

Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary : The One and Only.

is the smash hit from the one hit wonder Chesney Hawkes, who topped the UK charts with this song back in 1990.

NEVER in my entire life have I seen a scandalous drama like this on budget day, but Anwar Ibrahim pulled it off to save his long time friend and protege Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary.

YES, the one and only Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary.

tell me I know bestI'm not the same as all the rest
I am the one and onlyNobody I'd rather beI am the one and onlyYou can't take that away from me.

LONG before, the one and only Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary , became identified as a stooge of Tun Mahathir, and way after he became rich but not famous, the one and only Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary was known to many as one of Anwar Ibrahim and Muhyiddin Yassin's main men in business.

YES,  Syed Mokthar only got close to Tun Mahathir , after Anwar Ibrahim was no longer in the corridors of power, but apparently the friendship has stood the test of time.

IF not how else, can one describe Anwar Ibrahim personally thanking the Government for the Government's generousness and then attributing it to BERNAS?  READ : Budget 2023: Bernas to share 30pc import profits with paddy farmers.

SO  how is the Government so generous in this matter? Well because the Government owns the Golden share in  Bernas, and Anwar Ibrahim has used Budget 2023 too allow Syed Mokthar to keep 70 per cent of the Approved Permit Rice Import and Export business market by serving crump's to the B40 farmers for a single year, after which it reverts back to 100 per cent for the billionaire.

ALL this in a budget where nearly 24.5 per cent of the budget is from borrowed money. Anwar Ibrahim's generosity to Syed Mokthar is definitely defining, on who the real Anwar Ibrahim is 

Revenue Group : What's The Colour Of Money?

is a song from the one hit wonder , Hollywood Beyond, that has stood the test of time and remains a club favourite until today.

CHAIRMAN cum managing director Ng Chee Siong of  Revenue Group, has informed the stock exchange of his intentions to deal in the Securities of the company.

Principles denied
Passion faked and sold to the anthem green and gold.Colour of the virtue by working like a slave
More precious than life? itself
what''s the colour tempting fate?
What''s the colour of money

CO- incidentally, Ng Chee Siong's announcement comes just days before Revenue Group is about to release its second quarter results. 

YES, Revenue Group's cash burn rate has been heavy, but it still has some RM73 million in hard cash, which I suspect will be much less when it makes the announcement next week.

COMING back to Ng Chee Siong will he be a big buyer of Revenue shares next week? Well no need to wait for next week, let me spell it out for you now, his shares will be foresold based on his previous trading pattern. VIEW : Broker for sells millions of Ng Chee Siong's shares in Open Market

NOW , where have we heard that before of a company with dodgy financials and it's major shareholder uses the foreselling excuse to get out of the company?  SERBA DINAMIK.

AND do you know what are the other similarities between Serba Dinamik and Revenue Group?  Well if you don't it's called the Artificial intelligence site that predicts the future price of stocks.

THE only way this prediction will not come true is for  Bursa Malaysia to get  off its thick backside and put the fear of the lord in the hearts of the auditor's of Revenue Group, and it's entire board of directors now rather when the damage is done 

Malaysia Now : Stop in the Name of Love

is the smash hit from the Diana Ross powered Supremes, who are the most successful American vocal group of all time with 12 number one hit singles.

NOBODY needs to tell me that my blog is rocking, as I can see it with the number of hits I get daily, but what is begining to irritate me is the growing amount of people who seem to be picking on my brain without giving me a dime.

Think it over
 Haven't I been good to you?
Think it over
 Haven't I been sweet to you?
Stop! In the name of love.

NOW,  here comes the Azmin Ali financed Malaysia Now with READ :Bosses' group against all withdrawals before age 60.

Anwar Ibrahim's 2023 budget : Rob Peter To Pay Paul

is a song from the Roots,. an American hip hop group who won the 2000 Grammy for Best Rap performance by a duo or group.

ONE look at Anwar Ibrahim's budget and all I can see is the stupid strategy of robbing Peter to Pay Paul, and the not feasible strategy of having only one third of your budget for development, while two third goes for salary, subsidy and debt repayment. It should be two third development instead.

My way, my way
Yo, I'm always early
I never take off 'cause I got a job
Rob Peter to pay Paul
Now I realize it's the winner that takes all.

THIS is what the newspapers won't tell you, but I will show you.  Who are the majority tax payers in this country, by race?  Google yourself and find out. 

THE Budget 2023, is funded 39.9 per cent from income tax , which should amount to RM154 billion but this amount will not be enough to pay for the  perks, pensions, bonus, and salary of the civil servants, which takes up more than 40 per cent of budget 2023.

HOW cruel is Anwar Ibrahim's budget ?  Let me put it this way, even the Felda settelers are being punished by this cruel Prime Minister for their support to Perikatan Nasional. READ : The government is putting a halt to an initiative started by former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s administration in abolishing a portion of Felda settler’s loans amounting to RM8.3 billion.

SO if the poor are getting a raw deal, then who is getting a sweet deal? It is the elite rich, whom Anwar Ibrahim is protecting by demanding the M40 subsidise their usage of electrical vehicles.

TODATE,  some RM10 billion have out flowed from the country to purchase the equipments needed to setup the EV infrastructure with public money.  Tax losses from not taxing the EVs now stand about RM500 million.

Thursday 23 February 2023

MACC : We Can't Go On Like This

is the second single from the Rabbit album which was released back in 1977.  The track is from the country super star Eddie Rabbit.

MACC,. We Can't Go On Like This, anymore even though some Malaysians have been cheering you of late, at the end of the day, you are still the same playing to the gallery, playing your politics, and that's hardly becoming of a public servant.

Where's that feeling,
That special feeling,
We're not feeling any more?
We can't go on, living like this,
Just going through the motions

THE statement above came from an influential political backbencher, and then we have the Federal Court stating READ: Siasatan SPRM terhadap hakim kes SRC tak ikut protokol.

OBVIOUSLY, Azam Baki won't resign , so it's best the home minister do the needful and remove him from office because every raid or arrest being made now, might be justified, but then the fear is MACC is only dancing to the tune of its masters.  

Anwar Ibrahim's budget 2023 will be : Skin Deep

is a song from the Stranglers, one of the longest-surviving bands to have originated in the UK punk scene, in a carrer spanning five decades.

ANWAR Ibrahim will prove to the world today, that he is a half past six finance minister and for all the so called reforms he talked about, he will unviel a budget that is not sustainable.

Brother, you better watch out for the skin deep
better watch out for the skin deep
(Ooh-ooh-ooh) better watch out for the skin deep
(Better watch out) watch out for the skin deep
(Better watch out) watch out for the skin deep
Better watch out for the skin deep

SKIN Deep, sugared with some Arabic word, that is all what Malaysia, will be getting from Anwar Ibrahim.

HIS budget, is not sustainable because it will basically involve the following, as the Government will be spending the entire revenue it earns or a minimum 95 per cent of its revenue on operating expenditure of which atleast 45 per cent will be to pay civil servants salary and pensions.

LESS, than the 30 percent of Government revenue will go to develop the nation. Why do we have such a unsustainable budget? Because Anwar Ibrahim is a sub standard third rate finance minister.

Goldman Sachs : Hungry Like A Wolf

is taken from Duran Duran's second studio album titled Rio  which was released in 1982, and was a top 5 hit on both sides of the Atlantic .

PARLIAMENT is in session yet, not even a single member of Parliament had stood up and demanded that the Government, disclose in a transparent manner and in full the agreement it signed with Goldman Sachs .

In touch with the groundI'm on the hunt, I'm after youSmell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowdAnd I'm hungry like the wolf

THE US$2.5 billion settlement of which Malaysia hasn't received the money in full yet, was placed under the official secrets Act by Muhyiddin Yassin's Government.

ONE of the few people who is privy to the deal is Tengku Zafrul,  whoes brother, Tengku Zuhri is married to Fara Nadia Abd Rahim, while Fara's eldest sister is married to Muhyiddin Yassin's eldest son.

ISMAIL Sabri's Government did try to investigate, with the trail to that investigation leading to i-Serve Online Mall and its affiliates. READ : i-Serve Online Mall proceeds with judicial review bid as BNM unfreezes some accounts.

OF course the BERSATU MPs will not raise this issue in Parliament and neither will the PAS member of Parliament, because talk is anywhere between RM118 million and RM800 million could have exchanged hands to give Goldman Sachs a sweet deal.   

BUT why are the DAP and PKR MPs sitting in silence ????

Wednesday 22 February 2023

I said it, Rafizi Ramli, more or less have confirmed it : That's Just The Way It Is

is the chart topper from Bruce Hornsby and the Range, released in 1986 from the group's debut album , the way it is.

ON Feb 12 , I wrote READ : Madini Malaysia is in a technical recession. My assertion was further strengthened by two key factors, that points to a technical recession, even before the GDP numbers start to show . READ : A loss in real income, wage stagnation and loss in manufacturing jobs point to a recession.

Standing in line, marking time
Waiting for the welfare dime
'Cause they can't buy a job
The man in the silk suit hurries by
As he catches the poor old ladies' eyes
Just for fun he says, "get a job"

TODAY, Parti Keadilan Rakyat's genius boy, who has been sitting on his thick backside for 90 odd days, finally admits that Madini Malaysia is in trouble. READ : RAFIZI Ramli says GDP growth had declined for five consecutive quarters and the outlook can get grimmer.

BASICALLY, what this means is Anwar Ibrahim will loading the nation with a mouthful of rubbish on how the B40 can supplement their income  without another round of EPF withdrawal.

HOW, do I know this for sure? Well because I do, and you will see it tomorrow.  The plan will be to follow Rafizi Ramli's failed job generation plan that he had worked with Invoke in 2019, promising job creation for 25,000 people but hardly 250 people got jobs.