Tuesday, 26 September 2023

BERNAS did not pursue it, but Anwar Ibrahim must do it, by pursuing the Bukit Bintang Option in revitalising Paddy as a commercial crop.

WITHIN the borders of Bukit Bintang, in plain sight for everyone to see, lays one of the powerful options, Malaysia can use to revitalise and rebrand the paddy sector.

STRANGE, as it may seen, Bukit Bintang known more for its vibrant massage parlours, is harbouring a huge slice of the key, that can unlock paddy yield potentials to the point, it becomes commercially viable to make a decent living as a rice farmer.

WHY did Syed Mokthar's Bernas not pursue the Bukit Bintang option to boost yields,  when one of Bernas functions was to ensure that Malaysia achieved 100 per cent sustainable rice self  sufficiency?

WAS  it because the Bukit Bintang is mere hype or is it because the Bukit Bintang option is armed with the tools ,to give Malaysia, that one giant leap into self sufficiency,  that would result in Bernas having to close shop. 

WHATEVER, the reason is the Prime Minister, should take the Apex role in pursuing  this option  to the fullest.

SANDWICHED between swanky up market Bukit Bintang , and the seedier part of the city at Level 7, Menara Yayasan Tun Razak, 200 Jalan Bukit Bintang, is home to the Taipei  Economic and Cultural Centre, which represents Taiwan's interest in Malaysia. 

AGRICULTURE contributes VIEW : merely 1.4 per cent of Taiwan's GDP in 2022. The low contribution to GDP is understandable because of Taiwan's  READ : 60 per cent domination of the world semi conductor market and 90 per cent hold on more sophisticated chops

TAIWAN's yields are READ : as comparable with top rice yield producer, China which averages about 6.5 ha per tonne, with the core difference being  the Taiwanese rice are of  better quality and of a higher grade. 

TAIWAN aside, others which we should look at is  Egypt and how it transformed itself into rice self sufficiency . READ : United Nations backed rice cultivation project harvest a world record setting yield of 9.5 tonnes per ha in 2005.

BUT why the emphasis on Taiwan instead of Egypt then? Obviously,  Taiwan's superior paddy sees know how and its ability to cut water utilisation are mere bonuses in the scheme of things.

TAIWAN stands out, because the nation state has proven time after time, its ability to deliver results  well beyond her shores,  meaning  in Taiwan, we have a ready made partner who has proven expertise and experience in delivering the  goods globally. 

Monday, 25 September 2023

The Rice Blame Game : Malu Berani, Mati Takut!

MALU berani, mati takut is his one would describe a coward in Malay, without having to use tbe word Pengecut or Coward.

ONE can sence, when it comes to the issue of rice, Bersatu and Perikatan Nasional  have been infected with a huge doze of the Malu Berani, Mati Takut syndrome. 

INSTEAD of coming out to challenge the Government on the management of rice. BERSATU  and Perikatan Nasional have decided to send VIEW  : three idiots to do their bidding on the Tik Tok platform of misinformation.

I know it's rude to label people as idiots bit when the shoe fits, then there is no running away.  The three who are paid Perikatan Nasional operatives have  asked the following questions like why the government of Malaysia did not stock more rice and also why did the government not lock in foreign rice buyers.

THE reason is simple, because the Perikatan Nasional leader, when he was Prime Minister signed off a ten year concession to Bernas and READ :76 days latter, the Bernas owner Syed Mokthar gave Bersatu RM195 million.

UNDER the concession , it is Bernas which will acquire , store and manage rice stock pile and it is BERNAS who will procure on its own  rice from abroad .

WHY is Perikatan Nasional so sheepish with Bernas? is it because, of the RM195 million lolly pop given by Syed Mokthar?

THE Rice mess we have today is mess created by Perikatan and covered up by Ismail Sabri.

Sunday, 24 September 2023

Lessons Over The Weekend : Give The People What They Want and In Return They Will Give The Unity Government what it wants.

ANWAR Ibrahim, who is on his way back home from New York, should keep a very close eye on what is taking  place at ground  zero in Malaysia.

THERE are no new lessons for the Prime Minister to learn here, but rather to RELEARN a strategy which the political party he heads, seems to have forgotten.

LET'S go back in time to find out,  how Parti Keadilan Rakyat, captured Selangor n the 2008 elections, which also known as READ: the internet election that determined who came out on top.

KEADILAN managed to chop off Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's rulling coalition's head off in the nation's most industrialised state, by appealing directly to our mothers by addressing their concerns as the top priority of the state.  READ : Khalid Ibrahim's free water strategy, making Selangor the only place in the World where the state gives her people free water has proven to be an unbeatable strategy

WHILE the water bill, would rarely hit RM100, a month back in those days, what it ment for our mother's were an extra day in the week for us to have a whole day's meal filled with chicken.

NOW coming back to present day 2023,  the same sort of excitement  seems to have filled the womenfolk in Malaysia, when the Government  of Anwar Ibrahim decided to go down to ground zero to give the people what they want I.e RICE at a price acceptable to our mother's and wife's.

THE end result at Jelubu, when the Government agency FAMA released its own stock pile and went to the ground, meet the people and sold them 3,500 Kg of rice  at RM26 for a ten KG pack, the people not only came out and snapped the rice in 90 minuets,  they were also HAPPY WITH THE GOVERNMENT.

THAT same level of happiness could be seen in manjung when the private entrepreneur which owns MISI Rakyat READ : sold 1000 packs of 5kg rice at RM1 a piece, saw Manjung's womenfolk stand in cue since 6am.

THE point here is, Malaysians arent looking for the cheapest deal, that could push business into bankruptcy, but what we want is a fair deal.

THE challenge is now for Anwar Ibrahim to build a fair deal across every strata of the economy landscape, and if it targets the vote deciders in most family ie mothers and wives,  all the better.

ANWAR Ibrahim, if you build it, they will come. They will come in droves, with their little broom sticks to give Perikatan Nasional a good nip in the bud, which they will NEVER FORGET.

Saturday, 23 September 2023

Anwar Ibrahim speaking to a half empty United Nations ,wont matter if the Prime Minister ..

MALAYSIA Now,  the news portal run by former  MACC chief Latheefa Beebi Koya,'s baby brother seems to take pleasure READ : in reporting that Anwar Ibrahim spoke to a half empty crowd at the. United Nations.

THE  report is indeed true, but so what ? Will it really matter to Malaysians six months down the road if Anwar Ibrahim sticks to his game plan to abolish the approve permit regime for the automotive sector.

THAT very act itself,  will be good enough for the majority of Malaysians regardless of political affiliation to place Anwar Ibrahim as the only Prime Minister to have put the Malayian consumer first, well ahead of the approved permit kings.

THE approved permit King's thrived under the tutelage of Dr Mahathir, while the consumers had a yoke placed on their neck, that despite our low wages, we had to fork out even more US dollars than the American  consumer  has had to do for the same  set of cars.

WHILE Tengku Zafrul  would like to believe that READ : that the automotive AP regime will remain,  there is too strong a current which suggest Anwar Ibrahim is going to pull the plug on the Automotive AP business.

THE Malaysia  Government  can't say no to the other car makers, and I doubt they will say no, because targeting the AP business, has a two pronged benefit.

ONE, there will be a direct inflow of capital by foreign car makers to set up base in Malaysia, which is among the most vibrant automotive markets in South East Asia.

TWO, killing the AP will bring the cost of living down and provide the consumer adequate cash in the pocket to face the on going food inflation .

IF Razifi Ramli can slam dunk it for Malaysia, then come 2024 and beyond, the Malaysian voters won't give two hoots if even all the seats at the United Nations remain empty, but they will surely compare Anwar Ibrahim  to Tun Mahathir on the AP scorecard.

WHAT the heck, most of us might even come to the conclusion that Anwar Ibrahim, should have been given the Prime Ministership, a decade earlier, READ : as in 2013, when Daim Zainuddin said that the government should consider abolishing the Open AP policy for the import of vehicles to help reduce the cost of owning cars in Malaysia.

Friday, 22 September 2023

The Killing Field Part 2 : Langgeng dan bahagia dalam dunia kepura puraan

NOT since the days, of the first trial of Anwar Ibrahim had I come across a newspaper article with so much half truths in it ,that the entire integrity of the editorial board had been tarnished by a stroke of a pen.

YES, the adults will laugh at it, the children will throw stones at it and worst still doge shall gather from all across Malaysia, just to bark at it . 

LEMBU punya Susu, Sapi punya Nama, is  the term that best comes to my mind, as to who in Malaysia prevented a food crisis in 2008.

IT was the then Prime Minister Najib Razak who prevented the crisis and certainly not Bernas, which was supposed to absorb the losses but washed it's hands off, forcing Najib Razak's Government  to subside the purchase of foreign rice into Malaysia. READ : Looking Back at the ST15 RICE, Was this a subsidy to help the poor buy cheap rice or was it a subsidy to benefit Bernas directly?

THE government eventually had to kill the ST15 Rice , which BERNAS was tasked to manage READ : But there were too many leakages in the Bernas managed scheme that Parliament demanded that this can't go on.

SO the only time when the shit hit the fan, ie that being in 2008, Bernas not only wet its pants but the Government had to buy dispers for Bernas as well READ : to the tune of a RM750 per tonne subsidy for millers such as Bernas to process the ST15 Rice.

BERNAS sleeps on the job and yearly gets RM600 million to so call manage the country's rice needs but the moment there was trouble in 2008, who had to step in ? The Government of Malaysia.

FAST forward 15 years, to present day 2023, only for us to learn what out kindergarten teachers thought us is actually the gospel truth ; a leopard never changes it spots. READ :To the rescue for Malaysia, is the government's own Lembaga Pemasaran Pertanian Persekutuan (FAMA) and NOT the cash rich BERNAS

SO why are all of us still playing Santa Clause to a bum like Bernas???

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Big Mouth Stikes Again!!

IN shocking 24 hour period,  the Kedah Menteri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor has unintentionally  given life to a story that Hong Seng Consolidated's owner Teoh Hai Hin may have duped fellow listed entity CSH Holdings Bhd or worst still the Corporate Mafia had deliberately withheld information so that Perikatan Nasional will remain in power in Kedah.

MERELY threw months before the deal  with CSH Alliance there were significant movement in its board room, involving senior ex police officials.

 NG Keok Chai, the former Principal Assistant Director in Forensic Accounting Investigation Division, Commercial Crimes Investigation Department, Royal Malaysia Police, abruptly quit from being a director at CSH Alliance on March 2023.

IN April, Chong Mun Phing, the former  Assistant Director of Investigation {Syndicated Crimes}, CCID joined the CSH Alliance Board.

NG Keok Chai, quit CSH Alliance, supposedly because he wanted to focus on his job as executive chairman of Classita Bhd, in which Hong Seng is the major shareholder

DAYS after Ng Keok Chai quit the board of CSH Alliance, the former Business Times Chief Editor, Ahiruddin Attan, who is known to be close to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim wrote on his blog READ : The MACC is unscrupulous enforcement officers in our enforcement agencies, had been working hand in hand to fix certain targets in the corporate sector.

GREEN Packet Bhd, Revenue Group Bhd, Classita Bhd, CSH Alliance, Hong Seng Consolidated, MMAG are a slew of companies that is reportedly controlled by the now often unseem alleged Corporate Mafia crime boss Victor Chin Boon Long.

VICTOR Chin Boon Long allegedly man manages Hong Seng Capital, which oversees the money lending business of the increasingly dodgy Hong Seng Capital.

LET'S check our what is inside Hong Seng Frontier Sdn Bhd.

ACCORDING to CSH Holdings,  Hong Seng Frontier Sdn Bhd , is the beneficial owner “and has full benefit and interest” over a building comprising a factory, warehouse, office and a canteen that are erected on a 21,680 sq metre leasehold plot in the Bakar Arang Industrial Estate in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

The land’s registered proprietor is Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Kedah (PKNK) and the plot has  been leased to HS Vision One Sdn Bhd (HSV) and charged to Public Bank Bhd for a loan facility to Hong Seng Frontier Sdn Bhd.

Hong Seng Frontier Sdn Bhd, however, has “full interest over the lease of the land pursuant to a sales and purchase of lease agreement dated May 31, 2023 entered with HSV,” CSH Alliance’s filing read.

ALL of this chinaman deal looks very fine on paper until enter the Perikatan Nasional hero, the menteri besar of Kedah Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor,  opened  his BIG MOUTH.

SO if Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor had been provided with this privileged information in 2022 the questions should be what is Teoh Hai Hin thinking off, when he entered into an agreement with CSH Alliance using the supposedly rental income CSH Alliance will receive from the Hong Seng plant ON JUNE 2023 which by the way has now been axed.

OR does Hong Seng Consolidated  wants us to now believe that the deal not to start the RM3 billion factor was only made on September this year.

ATTENTION home minister of Malaysia, who is in charge of police affairs Saifuddin Nasution Ismail and PRIME MINISTER Anwar Ibrahim,  at worst Hong Seng merely wanted to dupe CSH Alliance Bhd, but at best the Corporate Mafia who are known financers of Perikatan Nasional have declared WAR AGAINST PAKATAN HARAPAN AND THE UNITY GOVERNMENT.

THE declaration was manifested from the Corporate Mafia by deliberately withholding information that it was going to pull the plug on a RM3 billion investment, because by doing so,  and now proven to be correct, Perikatan Nasional can HUMILATE Anwar Ibrahim in the now concluded state election in KEDAH.

Thursday, 21 September 2023

The Killing Field, where Malay Rice Millers Are Sent To Die.

BERPALING is a one worder to0 the English saying to have your head turned to a different direction due to the lust for money and with that the quest for power and the other finer things in life.

TUN Mahathir's Proklamasi Orang Melayu, I suggest in the strongest of terms change your name to Proklamasi Orang Kaya Melayu, for that is the disgrace you have become.

YOU claim to champion the rights of the Malays but in areas even a  blind man can see , that they are being oppressed,  you turn  the other cheek. READ On bended knees, the Malay Rice Millers Cry for Help

AND your barking  bull of a dark skin, whom Khairy Jamaluddin swears is the real deal, the superstar  of the moment, the menteri besar of Kedah  Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor,  is just another politician who does not have the testicle to name the so called NAGA led Kartel. READ : Otak Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor memang bukan otak udang. Pak Syed Mai, Sanusi terus menghilang

AND why is that so? Is it because when you read thier shareholders list it all leads back  to Bernas and those precieved to be close to the other Kedah billionaire  known as Daim Zainuddin. 

AT the end of the day, it all boils down to the lust for money,  never mind if it undermines the aspirations of Malays in land bestowed by GOD to them.

IN 2019, the Malay Rice Miller some which earn only RM500 a month, could still put out a football team, as they had 15 MEMBERS.

TODAY they are down to only 10 good men left. Where is that boisterous echo  of come what may, united we shall overcome voice of BERSATU?   READ : The RM195 million donation. that shut Bersatu's voice

HOW is it from having a p Malay based rice owning mill base of more than 100 , while some estimates placed them at around  200 Rice mill owners, when Syed Mokthar emerged as the universal force in Bernas, they are left with just TEN  left for extinction ?

IS this what the rice millers signed up for under VIEW :  The Special Bernas Plan For Bumiputera's is that UNTOLD story that must RETOLD.

THE story must be retold, but definitely not by the Syed Mokthar owned Malaysian Reserve. 

WHY not the Malaysian Reserve? My response for now is WAIT. ...just you WAIT for TOMORROW .... to be continued...

Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Revenue Group Bhd ; Cuba Berdiri, Jatuh itu PASTI

FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui's Revenue Group Bhd trades at 21.5 sen, but for how long will this sweet honeymoon  go on?

REVENUE Group at 21.5 sen is over valued by READ : some 153 per cent to bring its fairvalue at 8.5 sen a share.

A steep market value over Its fair value , how ever was not a convincing  story for READ : the 2022, Nobel prize winner in. economics, Douglas W Diamond who helps run the DFA Fund, nor Malaysian billionaire Vincent Tan  who owns Interpac to remain as shareholders of Revenue Group.

THE American fund and the billionaire, it seems had run away far from Francis Leong Seg Wui as  perhaps they do not want to be cursed with guilt via association. 

ARE they other reasons why  the big money is screaming to the small money to get the hell out while they still can.

SO what is the reason?  It's a four letter word known as Levered Free CashFlow. Revenue Group's Levered Free Cashflow is not only  negative,  it is negatively deep in red to the tune of RM 44 million.

WHAT is Levered  free cashflow? Levered free cash flow (LFCF) is the amount of money a company has left remaining after paying all of its financial obligations. LFCF is the amount of cash a company has after paying debts,

Ronald Kiandee, Bodoh tu, Jangan dihabiskan Sekali Gus, sebab esok dan lusa nak pakai lagi!

SABAH's  sole Bersatu member of Parliament, trends on Tik Tok as a stern warning to Malaysians, on the dangers of sending a genuine intellectually challenged  human being to Parliament. 

RONALD  Kiandee,  I repeat is not a mentally retarded human being and nor is he inflicted with tbe Down Syndrome.

SO how do we define Ronala Kiandee? Well the best description on Ronals Kiandee, you can get ie not from the Oxford dictionary.

GO to the Dewan Bahasa version and look out for BOD0H SOMBONG,  and you will find Ronald Kiandee there .

I cant believe that this wanker from Sabah ,who happens to a former Agriculture Minister actually had VIEW ; the gall to ask where is the missing rice, farmers themselves had told thier story that paddy pest, lack of rainfall, bad irrigation created the perfect storm that shrank output by more than half.

IT might come as a shock to a seasoned bodoh sombong like Ronald Kiandee that , nature, insects and some ex agriculture Minister's lack of  foresight and plain intelligence  can cause such as economic crisis.

AND, Ronald Kiandee, atleast not at this time  when the world is tipping towards a world war,while changes in the weather patterns are in a different type and class of war, do we have time to consider the realms 

NOT enough of minuets for us to even consider the plain bodoh sombong  theory that  Ronald Kiandee',s  missing paddy have been spotted in Jamaica with a very alive Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson 



Monday, 18 September 2023

Francis Leong Seng Wui, Time is a double edged sword.

FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui has obviously bought time by getting the Companies Commission of Malaysia to READ : allow Revenue Group not to hold shareholders meeting until March 2024.

REVENUE  Group Bhd shareholders, last gathered under one roof, back on Dec 6 2022, when its net income to stockholders stood at RM12.4 million as opposed to its current net income to shareholders SINKING in to NEGATIVE of  RM36 million.

 MAXIMUM time for a postponement under section 340 of the Companies Act 2016, is 15 months, which is what Revenue Group had opted form.

FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui, most definitely had acquired some breathing space, without realising that time is a double edged sword .

BURSA Malaysia, under the very well taken care of financially Wahid Omar , and Umar Swift, in terms of legally obtained salary of course, may have faked incompetence, for not putting Francis Leong Seng Wui to the stress test, specifically on the controversial purchase of  READ : a controlling 51% stake in Innov8tif Holdings Sdn Bhd for RM36 million.

THE common shareholders of Revenue Group, therefore shall do the job which Wahid Omar and Umar Swift were so super reluctant to do.

I shall not go into detail, on the entire spectrum of questions designed by a group far more sophisticated than the Corporate Mafia,  but what I will do here,  is just to take the mid question and not the killer questions designed to embarrass and floor Francis Leong Seng Wui for good.

AND the mid point question would be ; How come lah Leong Seng Wui, you did not disclose to Bursa Malaysia, that since April 27, 2018, you have been a firm supporter and SHAREHOLDER of  Securemetric Bhd.

WHAT is very strange in Francis Leong Seng Wui's multiple  purchase of Securemetric Bhd shares is, he actually bought it all for cash, and did not pledge it to K N Kenanga, as in all his other purchase imof public listed companies.

AND why is Securemetric important in this conversation? Well because ,Securemetric owns 20 per cent of Innov8tif.

THE very fact that neither the regulator was made aware of it and nor  did the independent valuer, mention this little piece of information is definitely cause for EXTREME CONCERN.

IF such an incident like the above, had taken place, say in neighbouring Singapore, most  will definitely assume thier regulators  would have thrown the entire penal code, plus anything else within reach on the heads of the parties concerned.

AND why will most of us make that assumption? It must be because our eyes can judge  their actions, which we often attribute to be from those who are competent as well as CORRUPT FREE.

I said it, and now Mat Sabu echo's it

NUMBER'S  don’t lie. People lie and manipulate numbers, but numbers they never tell a single lie, definitely holds true in the manufactured  rice  crisis in Malaysia .

SYED Mokthar and his 100 per cent owned Bernas from which he has collected close to RM1 billion in dividends in a span of 36 months, has come out smelling like a bed of roses, when the agriculture minister told Parliament today that BERNAS had to import 38 per cent more rice, than it even had to do before. 

THAT would bring , RICE imports by BERNAS to about 69.2 per cent to 71 per cent of Malaysia's rice needs.

WHILE Malaysian farmers, who normally supply READ : 62.6 per cent of the Rice consumed in this country saw thier output drop drastically by more than 50 per cent to a maximum contribution of 30.8 per cent.

FALSEHOOD was being streamed on Tik Tok into our homes that rice millers in order to make a quick buck was mixing imported and local rice together to make a quick buck.

WHEN in actual life they was no local rice to be mixed with in the first place because the paddy farmers were being hit by one calamity after another from weather patterns, water drainage issues and diseases killing their livelihood away.

RICE millers, especially  the BUMI PUTERA  rice millers are the only group in the paddy chain, with money, who oppose the  manner  in which Syed Mokthar is given privileges, denied to other sons of this soil. READ:Malay Rice Millers United In the Stance : Bernas Must GO!

THE entire PR Blitz,  will count giving rice millers a bad name as merely an insignificant bonus, as there was a two pronged agenda here at play.

FIRST , the lesser agenda, namely which is to show why BERNAS in its present form should not be shown the door, with the keys thrown away for good.

CONSIDERING, that Syed Mokthar has cashed out more than RM900 million (closer to a billion ringgit, really) over a three year period, in dividends, the average dividend pocketed by Syed Mokthar would be in excess of RM300 million a year.

THE entire PR Blitz had a RM90 million REASON to it because 30 per cent out of zero will always be ZERO. READ : Anwar Ibrahim, says Bernas going forward will have to pay 30 per cent of its profits to the B40 poverty stricken farmers.

CLEARLY ,there is a move to embarrass the Prime Minister if the 30 per cent profits ends up to be zero or a very insignificant  point percentage to the farmer.

ALL these are of course definitely coincidence, even if it is coming from a man who READ : gave Bersatu RM195 million in cash, merely 76 days after Muhyiddin Yassin gave Bernas a 10 year new concession.

ESG triumphs over Bursa Malaysia on Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd.

ABOUT 24 months before Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd, became the bona fide and certified by retail  investors as the PARIAH stock on Bursa Malaysia, ESG already knew it. 

THE Environmental,  Social and Governance  Platform or best known by its acronym ESG, have often been touted by its critics as a work in progress conceptional plan.

THEN of course we have people like Wahid Omar, who although on paper is designated as non executive,  his weekly chairing and input on Bursa Malaysia's weekly meetings, has seen him impose his will on the working committees.

WAHID can certainly READ : can certainly talk a good ESG talk, but in terms of practising it, there is nothing much to say, from Serba Dinamik Bhd to Revenue Group Bhd, its the same sad story.

IN the case of Hong Seng Consolidated , the report first prepared on October 2021 by VIEW : Morningstar Sustainalytics, is condemning and worrisome enough.

YET, it is short and very presice.  If Bursa Malaysia, truly wants ESG to be followed by the retail market,  then every public listed company should have this on pager report, which is good enough for investors to have an informed overview of a company.

MY take back from the report above, just by glancing at it one time, is that, Hong Seng Consolidated which through out very late 2020 and most of 2021, announced one giant plan after another,  running into billions of Ringgit, was basically  a company with a staff strength of TWENTY TWO.

THAT in it self should have been a red flag, that perhaps the projects were the pie in the sky type. 

AT, Hong Seng Consolidated 's peak market valuation of RM8 billion, its staff strength to market valuation (8 billion/22) was  an astonishing RM363 million per staff.

YET for a company, with a RM363 million per staff as its headline, the report notes that based on the ESG score card 32.6, Hong Seng Consolidated is the type of company that is negatively impacting the environment and has employees who are being poorly treated.

Sunday, 17 September 2023

BERNAS is good as Dead.

BACK in June 2023, the Malaysian Rice Grain Wholesale Association had READ : forewarned the nation, that there was a 50 per cent drop in local rice supply.

TENTATIVELY, a 50 per cent drop is equivalent to 31.3 per cent, local rice supplied by paddy farmers inside Malaysia.

WE  won't be restricted to READ :100k of rice per year cap purchase by per individual, if Bernas had covered the short fall, without the Government having to take off , to help sort out BERNAS very land back approach to this crisis.

SUPPLY, READ :  now seems to have been resolved, but for the manner and speed in which the supply chain seems to have been fixed READ :following a 36 per cent increase in the retail price of rice, seems to suggest that hoarding of imported  rice may have taken place.

WHO is the biggest winner in all this? It is  BERNAS, who seems to have a mixed personality.One hand Bernas is the nation',s sole rice manager and importer.

THE other face of BERNAS is that of a pure company for profit persona READ :with the best grade local grain being packed off to its own mills, claimed The Malay Rice Millers Association .

REGARDLESS, on how, we wish to see things, it is pretty obvious that Syed Mokthar has to be taken out of BERNAS, for poorly managing the rice needs of the nation.

THIS is the second time this year, Syed Mokthar via his actions have put Anwar Ibrahim's Unity Governent in a very tight spot.

DON'T discount a third strike by Syed Mokthar who collected nearly RM1 billion cash in dividend over a span of three years, might pour cold water of the Government's plan to give paddy farmers 30 pee cenf of BERNAS profit.

HOW will he do it? Simple READ: ; by getting Bernas to declare a group level loss


Malaysia's Rice Inquisition starts with an Aggressive Bang From Perikatan Nasional

WE can't take it any more, says boisterous Perikatan Nasional crowd, who must surely feel it in their pulse, that the recent increase in retail rice price, and shortages in supply,  are the perfect storm to bring down Anwar Ibrahim. 

ON the other side of the fence, the Unity Government is just waiting for the rank and file to male the rice situation into a political crisis. 

IT would be like Christmas has come early for the Unity Government, who would have gladly bet their bottom dollar, that the Perikatan National TIK Tok belivers, have no clue that the the first PH Government had decided to not extend the Bernas concession.

HOWEVER, when the home minister of the first PH Government became the Prime Minister, he decided to extend Syed Mokthar's Bernas concession.

FOLLOWING the extension which the vast majority of Malay farmers in Perlis and Kedah, had written in , pleading that the concession not be extended, Syed Mokthar, READ ; donated RM195 million to Muhyiddin Yassin and Hamzah Zainuddin's Bersatu.

THE donation took place some 76 days after the concession was approved and PAS, who threw aside politics to support the first PH Government's plan to kill off Syed Mokthar's concession,  READ :became Syed Mokthar's biggest defender.

PERIKATAN Nasional as I have said before, will attempt to pass the buck to READ : Ronald Kiandee, as well as point an accusing finger at Ismail Sabri.

ISMAIL Sabri, who off late READhas been talking about poverty eradication and the negative effects of monopolies on food prices,best hope what he said in Parliament just this week, doesn't come back to haunt him.

THE haunting of Ismail Sabri will definitely come in another form. READ : In 2014, Ismail Sabri said that Syed Mokthar had given him a personal undertaking to relist Bernas in 2019..

ISMAIL Sabri looks like a prime candidate for BERSATU to throw into the deep blue ocean for not stopping the concession deal, considering he was Prime Minister in 2022, and did nothing to stop a monopoly like Bernas, having negative effect to consumer retail rice purchases.

OTHERS, which the bus is waiting for are , BERNAS itself. Surely, Malaysians will want to know despite getting RM600 million a year from the Government, READ : why is FAMA doing Bernas Job, a job which they have been paid handsomely

LAST but not least, Kedah Menteri Besar, Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor,  who often cries when talking about his poverty stricken childhood, will have to answer what the entire nation wants to know.

WE are convinced 100 per cent the teenage Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, whom we all love, would have stood up and spoken for Joe Kedah and Joe Perlis, though shockingly the adult Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor,  merely stood in SILENCE.

Saturday, 16 September 2023

The Rice Public Relations Blitz, that almost fooled Malaysia!!!

OVER the past couple of weeks, Tik Tok was filled with issue related to paddy farmers  plus a claim, which I can now confirm is FALSE

OBVIOUSLY,  this was a high budget job in terms if boosting on social media, back ground layout of the studio sets, plus travel expenses to hood wink the entire nation.

IT almost worked, with Agriculture Minister, Mat Sabu, apart from going down to the ground, had also sent a very experienced team to investigate the matter.

SOON, the minister discovered that there was not a shred off proof to back up the story , and attempted to lay a trap himself by urging the relevant news spreader READ ; to make a formal report, which for some strange reason the well taken care conspirst refused to do until now.

WELL, I cannot in good conscious accuse  either Bernas or its owner Syed Mokthar of financing this caper, but  I am at liberty to say that who ever funded this blitz, was doing both Bernas and Syed Mokthar a big favour.

THE planting seasons, normally starts in April, which means Bernas would have been aware of what was in the horizon by as early as March 2023.

WE have to wonder now,  what has BERNAS been doing from March 2023 to July 2023, to source for new cheaper rice markets abroad, as well to build up inventory, in order for Malaysian consumers not to be too much exposed to the spot market.

OR perhaps they did make some big purchases, and merely kept it aside, ahead of READ :36 per cent increase in retail rice price in Malaysia.

WHATEVER, the case might be, BERNAS which every year receives nearly RM600 million of tax payers money,  should inform the Malaysian public, if they had expanded the pool of nations from which Bernas purchases rice.

OR if they had sat on thier fat backsides, after collecting the RM600 million cash from the government,  with the knowledge, that steeper prices, equals to a testosterone like boost to BERNAS revenue and cash generated from business dynamics.

THEY are also being given a raw deal by Bernas and  hit below the waisteline via very poor seed service by NAFAS, which is headed by Ismail Sabri's brother.

IF we don't stand up for our paddy farming brothers, regardless of their race, religion or creed, no one else will, not even the politicians,  with the exception of Anwar Ibrahim, the number ten of Malaysia.

Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, Panglima Perang Perikatan Nasional, Tunggu Apa Lagi?

RONALD Kiandee,  the former agriculture minister and current Bersatu loyalist from Sabah, the land below the wind was in top form this week, but the mass media missed the real story.

ONE suspects, that Ronald Kiandee who has for decades now been a BERNAS, loyalist and humble servant had smelt READ : What Bersatu was cooking for him.

THE Sabah politicians reaction on a secret contingency plan by Bersatu to pin the blame on him for extending Syed Mokthar's BERNAS concession for another ten years,  was to stick the knife back right into the heart of BERNAS.

BY  law, only Syed Mokhtar's BERNAS can import rice into Malaysia and despite getting around RM600 million a year every year from the Government, according to what Ronald Kiandee said, one can safely assume that BERNAS internal priority to was to bring in higher quality and priced rice.

IF this indeed is the case then why is it,  we are giving RM600 million a year to Syed Mokthar's BERNAS, which is supposed to manage the rice needs of the country competently and not hike up the price, every time BERNAS gets caught with its pants down, for focusing on premium rice imports.

KEDAH menteri besar, Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, who had volunteerd to fight dragons vulturing on the local rice market, should take note that Ronald Kiandee has identified  one NAGA.

ONE suspects that Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, would rather choke on his own vomit rather than take on Syed Mokthar, who like Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor's superior Abdul Hadi Awang are subservient to Dr Mahathir. 

TUN Mahathir for one knows the BERNAS story very well, beyond the head line grabbing reports of READ: Shahidan Kassim's ownership in Bernas, to how a fund under Daim Zainuddin's mothers name was the 11th largest shareholder of BERNAS.

LIKEWISE, Tun Mahathir also knows that the extension of BERNAS concession under the Prime Ministership of Muhyiddin Yassin for another 10 years, which 76 days latter saw READ : Syed Mokthar donating RM195 million to BERSATU , was not the only RICE favour done by Muhyiddin for Syed Mokthar.

THE favours started 48 years ago, when Syed Mokthar formed Syarikat Shah, a rice trader for the then government owned Bernas started supplying rice in 1975 to Perbadanan Kemajuan Ekonomi Johor

Friday, 15 September 2023

I said it, and now PAS is about to do Dr Mahathir's bidding

SOME 45 days ago, I specifically mentioned  that READ : A final solution was being prepared for Muhyiddin Yassin

REPORTS are now emerging that the self proclaimed Abah of the nation, has become an outcast READ : with efforts being made by PAS, which controls four state governments to install Tun Mahathir as Perikatan Nasional's de facto leader.

PAS having used the eight Prime Minister to their maximum advantage, have already started to roll out the communication plan for a change in leadership in BERSATU, by hinting that Hamzah Zainuddin will be the 11th Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

I had stated before, Muhyiddin Yassin should not take this insult from PAS, by merely laying down on the floor, to be steamrolled by Dr Mahathir and his latest green coloured minnion, 

THERE is still a small window for Muhyiddin Yassin to put aside "his short men complex", and come to the realisation that his political foe is not Anwar Ibrahim and has never been Anwar Ibrahim.

THAT being said, I believe PAS  blinded by success  and the thrill of fresh money from its new billionaire friends,  have finally shot themselves in the foot, by being party to the Final Solution of Muhyiddin Yassin .

Who screwed the Paddy farmer?

WAHID Omar started it, and Tengku Zafrul finished the act, which has doomed paddy farmers to life of hardship and poverty for the past decade. 

MAYBANK'S nucleas from its 1960 birth, was that of a community bank, with its heart set on paving the road of economic sustainability.

TO hear Wahid Omar, and Tengku Zafrul talk about the Environmental,  Social and Goverance, view point is sickening , but perhaps not as sickening as READ: Maybank's RM80 billion ESG related sustainability financing boast., as collectively they are akin to the lynchman who hadskinned the paddy farmer bare

LOOKING back, Wahid Omar and Tengku Zafrul should tell the nation how advancing close to RM1 billion to Syed Mokthar to own 100 per cent of Bernas,  had had a reverse effect on sustainability, as warned READ : by the World Bank A Decade Before.

IN 2009, under Wahid Omar's watch, Maybank lend RM526 million to Syed Mokthar to control 53.7 per cent of Bernas, and then under Tengku Zafrul's watch in 2013, an additional RM477 million was advanced to the Kedahan for complete control of Bernas.

IS this the ESG way to do things? Strike at the belly of the poor , for the elite who have been favoured to be rich, because the deals were sweetened with rebates far greater than the loan itself.

AS opposition  leader then, the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim certainly did feel that it was the ESG way to get things done and he outrightly labeled  Syed Mokthar READ : down right greedy

TENGKU Zafrul knows the answer, but as for Wahid Omar, he looks like following the same pattern at Bursa Malaysia.

HONG  seng consolidated shares in 2021, went from around the 60 sen a  share base to an overall open market valuation of RM8 billion, on announcements that it was entering the electric vehicle business and the healrh/glove business that will bring READ : RM4.22 billion yearly on top line revenue, and some RM18 billion by 2031

TODATE jackshit has happened, with none of the agreements going through. WAHID Omar  has done nothing to give , Bursa Malaysia, the institution its rightful dignity back.

ISMAIL Sabri, the ninth Prime Minister of Malaysia, who  these days love to write long winded articles  or make insulting READ : remarks, which many has taken as ment for Anwar Ibrahim's unity Government, should use the  might of his pen and write about BERNAS INSTEAD.

HE should also take Syed Mokthar to court for allegedly giving him a personal undertaking to requote Bernas on Bursa Malaysia.  READ in 2014, Ismail Sabri said that Bernas would be relisted on 5 years time, claiming the personal undertaking from Syed Mokhtar is more valuable. He is the sixth richest man in the country

HELLO, Ismail Sabri, nobody told you is it that around 2013/2014 READ : Syed Mokthar was in debt to the tune of RM28 billion. The last time, someone in Malaysia, had such a debt, was when Halim Saad's Renong Bhd, with RM20 billion went bust and tanked the entire stock market.

AND thanks to Ismail Sabri, who was then the agriculture minister,  who looked, smelt and feels like a pro Syed Mokthar man, READ : the moment the billionaire got 100 per cent control of Bernas, and after minusing his nearly RM1 billion debt to Maybank, made a net gain of RM1.2 billion instantly.

HOW is this possible? Well, in a written response to the Malaysian Parliament , Ismail Sabri wrote ; 
the government had waived RM2.25 billion worth of duty on rice imported between 2008 and 2013 by Bernas.

BY the looks of it, Ismail Sabri is not done yet, the faction Bersatu faction he associates himself with  are delirious in wanting to submit themselves to  Muhyiddin Yassin's Bersatu, who for some unexplained reasons received a READ : RM195 million ringgit , donation from guess who. if not Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary..

ONLY an indepth investigation on the so called undertaking which Syed Mokthar had allegedly given  to Ismail Sabri right up to why RM195 million was donated to Muhyiddin Yassin and Hamzah Zainuddin's Bersatu by a man who currently is still in debt to the tune of about RM20 billion, will give Malaysia CLOSURE!.

Thursday, 14 September 2023

Wil Andreas Heeschen's indirect links to Yin Guoju on the KNM takeover, trouble law enforcement in the EU and USA ?

KENNETH Vun Yun Liun, who has yet to be charged by the Securities Commission, on any criminal offence, that carries a mandatory jail sentence, despite appearing in most major publications as one or if not the major market manipulator of the country, seems to have over played his hands.

HIS agents may have managed to hoodwink Corporate Secrets into believing that he is in team READ : Andreas Heeschen, the German billionaire who wants to takeover KNM, when it is not the whole truth.

YES, it is true that Kenneth Vun Yun Liun is working with the German billionaires backers in terms of shareholding READ : with Azmi Osman and the rest on the list all have proven shareholding roots in SM Track.

THE truth is Kenneth Vun Yun Liun, that skinny pale looking guy is attempting to run away, from KNM or to put it plainly, he wants to exist KNM.

THAT being said Kenneth Vun Yun Liun seems to have used his proxies in SM Track Bhd, to lay a trap for the foolish German, who seems to have forgotten the EU laws and the American laws, on what can happen when they fill in the dots and find out, that your associates are friends with an associate who is friend to a major triad boss of this century.

MEET VIEW : Tan Choon Hwa, a friend and financer of Muhyiddin Yassin's Perikatan Nasional, who also happens to be a director of SM Track Bhd.

NOW, Tan Choon Hwa have taken the pain to write to the press READ : that he has no links with the Macau Triad Group led by Broken Tooth, Who is as Vicious as the Yakuza.

THE problem with Tan Choon Hwa's denial is that he and Wan Kuok Koi, better known by his gang moniker, Broken Tooth Koi, not only have been photographed together  but they also VIEW :Sat on the same directors board at INIX Bhd

YIN Guoju or Broken Tooth, is a former 14k triad boss who oversaw a period of intense violence and power struggles over the casino trade in Macau, and was jailed for loan sharking, money laundering, and triad membership in 1998.

Wednesday, 13 September 2023

RM3 billion won't save the Rice farmer !!!

NOW that Anwar Ibrahim has Consolidated his hold on the Prime Ministership, the biggest challenge will come not from the opposition block but from within.

IT will be the boot lickers, who to put it plainly and vulgarly will confess that even your fart have a nice aroma to it.

LEMBAGA Kemajuan Pertanian Muda was formed by an act of Parliament in 1972, and today in 2023, its chairman Ismail Salleh readily admits a large portion of the country's hardcore poor are paddy farmers within Mada's jurisdiction in Kedah and Perlis.

ISMAIL Salleh's shallow thinking that increasing the income of the farmer, equates to a profit for the paddy farmer is exactly why the paddy farmers make up the bulk of the hardcore poor of the country.

AS anyone with a common sence can see, we are forcing our farmers, to sell their output at below the market rates, resulting in our rice price  being lower than what you can buy off the shelf in Thailand and Vietnam, who are major export players. 

RICE farming is a business, and any business men still in business can tell you, if you are forced to sell below marker rates, and your production level is increased, you will get higher income/revenue and with that you brace your self with wider losses.

IN short, the farmers need to make a healthier profit to stay in business , so tying both their hands behind is not going to do the trick

Tuesday, 12 September 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : PAS is Watching!!!

HANCING like smell at Hong Seng Consolidated  Bhd, and that's of its submissive regulator friends, the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia, must be overwhelming today.

I wonder how the two see no evil duo at Bursa Malaysia, specifically Wahid Omar and Umar Swift made it to the office today, with a straight ethical face. READ : The last of the to good to be true Hong Seng Consolidated deal,that had promised RM4.22 billion in cash yearly or an estimated RM18 billion in cash from 2024 to 2031, has been cancelled by Hong Seng itself

WHY have I not included Awang Adek in the scheme of things? Well, to be fair to the career politician he wasn't in the frame, when the money game started at Hong Seng Consolidated. 

LET'S zoom to the second calendar  month of 2021 to meet the point men, who is about to kick start the READ Money Game

MEET Lester Chin Kent Lake, who comes in as executive director of Hong Seng Consolidated on February. 

ON paper, Lester Chin Kent Lake, has an air of respectability, as the analyst turned READ : associate director of equity capital markets, of UOB Kay Hian, but in reality, Lester Chin Kent Lake , had left UOB, sometime in October 2020, at a time, when UOB, READ : according to the Singapore Government, the Singapore owned banker exposed themselves to the risk of being used as a conduit for financial crime.

REGARDLESS, Lester Chin Kent Lake Valentine's Day appointment, looked blissful as true love, as Hong Seng Consolidated announced one deal after another, and at every stage of the money game, more Hong Seng Consolidated shares were issued.

HONG Seng Consolidated had risen from 63 sen to RM3.87 a share by November 2021, giving it a market cap in excess of RM8 billion. 

LESTER Chin Kent Lake, came into Hong Seng Consolidated Board as executive director, with a large enough stick, having todate VIEW : a 13.55 per cent deemed interest via Radiance Dynasty Sdn Bhd.

SO is Radiance Dynasty, Lester Chin Kent Lake's holding company? HELL NO, as our boy Lester Chin Kent Lake is just a pawn in this money game 

RADIANCE Dynasty is a vehicle of a Melaka based ex banker, the 60 something seasoned investor in Victor Chin Boon Long based companies for decades now.

MEET the former Maybank staff, named Lim Peng Tong, whoes family itself is a big name in the stockbroking business.

AND guess who gave Lim Peng Tong of Radiance Dynasty the hard cash to either directly purchase the shares or the ability to hold on to the shares? 

WELL the entity which Lim Peng Tong of Radiance Dynasty is called VIEW : CSH Network Capital Sdn. Bhd.

CSH Network Capital Sdn Bhd, is a money lender, that is  owned by Hong Seng Consolidated, and managed by Hong Seng Capital, where Victor Chin Boon Long is the ultimate warrior.

VICTOR Chin Boon Long, one suspects gives out money in the millions, without doing a proper indepth due diligence.

HOWELSE, are we to explain, another headline grabbing Hong Seng Consolidated deal, which managed to push the shares up, but eventually the deal got cancelled because READ : late in the day, at the very last moment, Hong Seng which had lent money to atleast two shareholders of CSH Alliance to buy CSH shares suddenly realised the CSH land was not suitable

MEET CSH Alliance Bhd, formerly known as KTG Bhd, which is owned by ChipSeng Heng Holdings Sdn Bhd, Victor Chin Boon Long's MMAG Bhd and the secretive Master Knowledge Sdn Bhd, was supposedly to be Hong Seng's entry into the EV business.

BOTH Chip Seng and Master Knowledge owe money, big money to Hong Seng Capital. ,

PLAINLY speaking, Master Knowledge, is an account funded and pledged  via Hong Seng Capital Sdn Bhd, and it appears in several list companies companies as a major shareholder such as in Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd,, MMAG, Complete Logistics, Greenpacket and G3 , with their positions are all pledged under Kenanga Nominees.

ANOTHER interesting personality in CSH Alliance is READ :it's executive director , the former RM790,000 kidnapped victim.

MEET Goh Soo Wee, who built the nation's largest Hyundai network, but became infamous by virtue of  his chairmanship of Sand Nisko Capital Bhd, which entered into an agreement  READ : to develop Meswara City In Melaka with Teow Wooi Huat.

TEOW Wooi Huat, a fugitive of law and order, is commonly known in Malaysia as Tedy Teow or Jho Low 2 ,  the founder of the MBI Group, READ : that is the epicentre of a RM338 million Macau style scam. The fugitive, reportedly have ties with the Corporate Mafia, of which Francis Leong Seng Wui of Revenue Group Bhd, is a named member

TODAY Hong Seng Consolidated has a market capitalisation of about RM200 million, which means, the Malaysian retail investors saw nearly RM7.8 billion of real wealth on paper being wiped out because too many of Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd's deals eventually did not materialise.

A former Prime Minister of Malaysia, the hugely popular Najib Razak is caged in a cell at the Kajang prison READ : for a RM46 million fraud case.

NON Muslim businessmen can walk freely , despite being named by every reputable publication in Malaysia of being an offshoot of organised crime ; the Mafia.

THEY can also promise you the sky and the moon, issue new shares largely to themselves, before pushing the price upwards, with the public holding the baby, which at the current stage , equals to a RM25 million loss for every one sen drop in the share price.

AND, you wonder why, PAS has become the angry man of Malaysia? For the record, Hong Seng Consolidated trades at about 4.5 sen.

Rafizi Ramli is right on the Private Funded Investment False Promise.

LOOKS like there is still some hope for Rafizi Ramli, as he gets it spot on that Private Funded Investment projects are a recipe for disaster.

IN Malaysia, off late the private funded investment scope has been a real favourite with companies that bleed red ink, or those whoes leaders at the board level have very valid question marks over them.

IN Green Packet Bhd's case, not only did the company on a full year basis lost RM19.21 million for the period ended 31 March 2023, its key people in the board seems to have issues with courtesy, morality and a blatant disregard to law and orderm

 FRANCIS Leong Seng Wui, had numerous police report lodged against him for using mob like tactics, while accountant Kenny Khow Chuan Wah, according to media reports is bribe giver, having induced a government servant with RM5 million. 

CONSIDERING, that Green Packet and its board leaders clearly have a hard time of truly embracing the Environmental,  Social and Governance  (ESG) spirit, the Government, has little choice but to make Green Packet Bhd PERSONA NON GRATA.

IT does not stop with Green Packet, as the nation was shocked that a consortium READ: SM Track Bhd was looking to raise funds and finance 5G and fibre optics-related projects.

NOT only is SM Track worth  two sen in the open market, its partners in the venture ,  Techna-X Bhd and MQ Technology Bhd , are more famous for appearing in the Edge's special report on share manipulation than any of their supposed business ventures.