Thursday, 23 March 2023

Part 4 : Besnya Si Anwar Ibrahim boleh : Pergi Mampus Dengan Mulut Orang

is a hip hop song from internet motivator Andika Putera with a little help from  Snipersosa. The single was released about three years ago.

IN a single week, Anwar Ibrahim has done it TWICE, raising questions more than answers if the Prime Minister cum Finance Minister really knows what's going on at the Finance Ministry.

Tak pula sakit bila dikeji
Apa nak jadi 
Aku tak peduli
Aku just buat 
Untuk rasa HAPPY

CONSIDER this, after weeks of having the press accuse Muhyiddin Yassin of reinstating tax breaks for Yayasan Albukhary, the Finance Ministry dropped an atomic bomb of an announcement today. READ : No officials, previous ministers axed Yayasan Albukhary’s tax break: MoF.

SO what does this mean? What did exactly Muhyiddin Yassin do that was so wrong, because based on the press report, it seems the tax break was always there.

WHAT ELSE  did Anwar Ibrahim do this week, that makes people doubt that he actually knows whats happening instead of just shooting from his hip?

WELL,  it's all about Anwar Ibrahim's announcement about the EPF withdrawal. READ : EPF savings to support loan applications, clarifies MoF, instead of what Anwar Ibrahim said that it can be used as collateral.

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : MACC : Gangsta's Paradise

is the smash hit from the one hit wonder, Coolio, who won the Grammy for Best Rap solo performance. The single was released in 1995.

KENNETH Vun Yun Liun's personal lawyer who also acts as the lawyer of Victor Chin Boon Long, has yet again been caugh with his pants down.

AND yet again, his side kick in the business of threatening people with the full powers of MACC is the notorious Francis Leong Seng Wui, the right hand man for Victor Chin Boon Long. READ : Ting Yi En telah membuat laporan polis terhadap pengarah eksekutif kumpulan Francis Leong Seng Wui dan peguamnya atas dakwaan melakukan ugutan saksi.

FIRST let me explain how Kenneth Vun is involved in all of this. Well, it is because, the Kenneth Vun Yun Liun group and the Victor Chin Boon Long group are actually part of the same family, just that they are from different branches.

SECONDLY,  the entire crime family having messed up the entire stock market are now believed to be targeting the Malaysian soccer fraternity, having gained a foothold in the M League Via their ownership of the  Perak team. READ : FAM to call up Zulkarnain to assist in probe

COMING back to the question of Francis Leong Seng Wui and lawyer Chong Loong Men, who Ng Shih Chiow says have been threatened by the duo with the full might of the MACC ... who actually is in charge of the MACC?  Azam Baki or this two Chinese boys 

Been spendin' most their lives, livin' in the gangsta's paradise
Been spendin' most their lives, livin' in the gangsta's paradise
We keep spendin' most our lives, livin' in the gangsta's paradise
We keep spendin' most our lives, livin' in the gangsta's paradise

THE bigger boys have already made READ : Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim look like an Ass Clown, and now they keep using MACC' name. 

 WHY is that so, that this Perikatan National financers seem to be in control of Law Enforcement, is perhaps a question the Home Minister should answer.

Aaron Ago Dagang : Blame it on me

is a single from the English musician George Ezra. Taken from his 2014, debut album Wanted on Voyage which peaked at number one.

OH my GOD,  I really didn't know that we have a minister called Aaron Ago Dagang or from which political party this wanker is from.

The Suns's bleeding down
Blame it on me
When I lose control and the veil's overused
Blame it on me
What you're waiting for?
What you're waiting for?

I haven't bothered to check yet, which political party this Joe is from, but I do have some advice for him. Bodoh hang Tu, jangan dihabiskan sekaligus, sebab esok lusa nak pakai lagi.

AND why am I calling him BODOH?  Well because Aaron Ago Dagang thinks that the media ask him questions because we want to inflame the country. READ : Menteri dakwa media panaskan isu perkauman, agama

How the stock market syndicate led by KV made Anwar Ibrahim look like a : Budak Bodoh

is a parody single from the 1990's popular singer known as Pak Itam. The single is a parody from the infamous Bobo Di Mana song.

THICK As A Brick says READIt would not be presumptous to claim the Prime Minister is aware of the happenings, with regards to the activities of Victor Chin Boon Long and the rest of the corporate Mafia.

MY understanding is how can Anwar Ibrahim be not aware of their happenings, when the first act of the wider Corporate Mafia was to humiliate the Prime Minister in a manner in which NO Prime Minister in Malaysia has EVER been humiliated.

CONSIDER this,  40 days after Anwar Ibrahim became the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he took to his personal Twitter and Facebook to announce to announce a massive billion Ringgit venture between Computer Forms Bhd and the Elon Musk of Thailand.  READ : The prime minister’s tweet and Facebook posting on Computer Forms JV with Thai EV giant gets thumbs up from investors.

COMPUTER Forms Bhd shares  shot up to RM2.96, helped by the Prime Minister's announcement, back then, as the main operator of the stock, who goes by the initials KV, managed to massage the shares of the company controlled by Sunny Pang Chow Huat.

SUNNY Pang a top lieutenant of KV had in March 2022, gained control of Computer Forms, and to make matters worst for Anwar Ibrahim's persona as a sharp minded Finance Minister, both KV and Sunny Pang were spotted among the main table with Muhyiddin Yassin in Perikatan Nasional's private fund raiser. READ : Kenneth Vun in special Perikatan Nasional fund raiser with semi naked girls


CLEARLY, both men had managed to make Anwar Ibrahim look like an ass clown, when one considers that Computer Forms shares have crashed to trade now at 43.5 sen, with more than RM500 million lost in capitalisation alone and a  profit of about RM1 billion for the expanded corporate Mafia Family, who had helped fund Perikatan National in GE 15.

Tuesday, 21 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Calm Before The Storm

is a track listed on the debut album of the Fall Out Boys 2003 Take This To Your Grave album, which was rated by the Rolling Stone magazine at number 5 on their list of the 50 Greatest Pop-Punk Albums.

LOOKS like the calm at Revenue Group Bhd after READ : Embattled co-founders Dino and Brian Ng unexpectedly resigned from their director’s posts is merely a false dawn.

Said, between your smiles and regrets"Don't say it's over"Dead and gone, dead and gone
Calm before the storm, set it offAnd the sun burnt out..

OPERATIONALLY, Revenue Group is facing difficulties, with the brothers exit, as Dino is the information technology brains behind the entire set up and coupled with the massive exodus of long serving staff, has left a lot of questions hanging on the group's backend operational capabilities.

THAT, however will not be the Victor Chin Boon Long group's top priority for long, as they have made a cardinal mistake, a mistake which can land them in P R I S .....

Monday, 20 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : The Cost of War

is a single from JT Music,  formerly known as "JT Machinima",  who specializes in creating music with a video game theme. They consist of John Gelardi and Timothy Christian Ames. 

THE fight for Revenue Group is over, with the brothers, Dino Ng Shih Fang & Brian Ng Shih Chiow formerly deciding to quit the company they formed in 2003.

IT, is understood that a series of backroom deals, had facilitated their exit, in a company which they say has now a board which is unrecognisable.

WHILE, the Victor Chin Boon Long may have finally gained full control of the company, the cost the tycoon had paid for it, is something much more than he had bargained for .

People see the world in black or white
But have you crossed that line before?
You'll end up dead unless you have some fight
But either way
You're gonna pay the price of war

VICTOR Chin Boon Long's well crafted decent tycoon persona has been tested to the limit by the whistle blower site CorporateSecret.Com, to the extent that he will likely lay low for the next 12 months or so.

Victor Chin Boon Long : Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down

is the 1966 hit from Cher, which  was taken from her  second album The Sonny Side of Cher. Written by Sonny Bono, the single was a top 5 hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

STOCKS linked to Victor Chin Boon Long were the most actively traded stock on Bursa Malaysia, on expectations that the tycoon will soon be charged in court.  READ : Police probing Victor Chin’s alleged involvement in RM30.7m misappropriation from Caely.

Always laugh and say
"Remember when we used to play?"
Bang bang, I shot you down
Bang bang, you hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, I used to shoot you down

AT the start of the second half of trading today, Green Packet was the most actively traded stock with 143 million shares traded, followed by Victor Chin Boon Long's holding company Hong Seng with 129 million shares.

BOTH shares are close to their 52 week low, as the under pressure tycoon, feels the after brunt of the takeover of Revenue Group, which has gone really wrong, a case of bitting more than one can chew.

Sunday, 19 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Karma is a Cat

is a track from Taylor Swift's MIdnight album which created history when all of the singles in the album occupied the entire US Top Ten in one go last year.

KARMA has been called many things, but no matter how you refer it, for Victor Chin Boon Long, Karma is about to knock the door in a very strange manner.

Cause karma is the thunder
Rattling your ground
Karma's on your scent like a bounty hunter
Karma's gonna track you down
Step by step from town to town
Sweet like justice, karma is a queen.

2023, could have actually been the year, that Green Packet Bhd get's a second short in life to play in the big league and  have a chance to truly be a Malaysian home grown blue chip .

GREEN packet's first short to greatness ended around 2014, when READ :  Telekom Malaysia had to buy out Green Packet's Wimax business.

LITTLE would have Green Packet's new controling shareholder, Victor Chin Boon Long expect that some eight years down the road, good fortune would come knocking on the door.

TOO bad for Victor Chin Boon Long, his preveived bad attitude, would turn the good fortune, into one of Karma's greatest success stories in corporate Malaysia. READ : Fail sulit Ketua Mafia Korporat didedah, Azam Baki KP SPRM perlu tangkap Victor Chin, Chong Loong Men & Datuk Eddie.

TESTING was successfully completed in the first quarter of 2022, and with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim now ready to loosen Touch N Go's hold as the sole payment gateway and relook into his Deputy Prime Minister's suggestion for an MLFF system instead, Green Packet has been cut off from the project due to its alleged mob links. 

Anwar Ibrahim on EPF : ALAMAK!!!

is a single from Sophia Liana, a key member of the all female hip hop trio known as De Fam. The single is a duet with Harith Zazman.

AFTER months of faking concern for the B40 men, over their EPF withdrawal demands, the Prime Minister has finally let the cat out of the bag.

Jika mahu temberang
harus pandai tak terkena jerat
mulut mula bersembang
kau hanya mampu melihat
 sepandai tupai melompat
harus bijak tuk’ mendarat

SO this was never about, the EPF members in the 41 to 54 age bracket not having enough money in their accounts. READ : Wee Ka Siong : purata caruman golongan berkenaan dalam KWSP sebanyak RM197,590.

BUT rather it is all about fears on a run on the EPF, similar to what is happening to the bank's in the USA.  READ :US Federal Lending to Banks This Week Eclipses 2008 Financial Crisis Peak.

Saturday, 18 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Inside the Securities Commission: KORUPSI hati BESI

is a song from a year ago from the quartet known as Orkes A Hizadin, a Kuala Lumpur based alternative rock group which has been active since 2016.

TO state the obvious, there is corruption at the highest level within the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia.

LOOKING at how with impunity, Eddie Ng Chee Siong,  the Revenue Bhd former chairman had been able to sell his shares in off market deals just one day before the company announced record losses or even the fact under this man, Revenue Group Bhd, had been coughing out RM127,000 daily every day for the past 180 days, to state the obvious is a mere formality

THEN, suddenly he sells off all his shares but before doing that Eddie Ng Chee Siong created a false crisis over a RM400,000 car, which has resulted in a loss of RM500 million in market capitalisation. READ :Revenue Group Brothers charged in court over a RM400,000 car

THE crime and the maths do not add up on first look, but eventually they do, because a much larger activity was taking place right in front of the regulators eyes.

BASICALLY,  Revenue despite still having about RM50 million in it's accounts, are no longer in a net cash position when one takes into account the huge receivables parked in it's accounts. 

THE whistle blowing site CorporateSecret.Com states that Revenue Group, has been under seige from a pirate group known as the Corporate Mafia.

jangan disini jangan juga disana
jika tak beri duit kopi bawah meja
tak apa harta dunia arah kiblatnya
korupsi sang hati besi
bagi makan anak bini
masuk ke poket sendiri
korupsi sang hati besi
bila bertemu ilahi belilah syurga kamu sendiri.

MEET,  the lawyer for this group of pirates, who represent the likes of Kenneth Vun, dubbed the new Soh Chee Wen of Malaysia as well as Victor Chin Boon Leong. READ : Selepas Victor Chin, Fail Peguam Mafia Korporat Chong Loong Men pula terbongkar

MEET Chong Loong Me , who have managed to keep the likes of Kenneth Vun, Sunny Pang and Victor Chin free from any criminal charges by the SC and Bursa Malaysia. The whistle blowing site claims that he is a fixer. The trio are known financial supporters of Perikatan Nasional, along side a drug peddling group from Macau.  

ITS about time, Malaysia finds out who this man is in bed with in the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia, that he can get cases fixed in favour of his clients without even having to go to court, while in Singapore, the real Soh Chee Win has been placed behind bars.

Friday, 17 March 2023

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed : Timur Tu Panas!

is the apex Malay song on Tik Tok now. The single is from Donny Fernanda, and have spawned more than a dozen different versions in less than 30 days.

ANWAR Ibrahim looks like he is man who has learned well from Tun Dr Mahathir, on how to manage, contain and obliterate a security situation. READ : Security forces told to watch for extremists who stir up hatred, says PM.

TO those who think that Anwar Ibrahim is just talking hot air, should just look at the changes made at Police Diraja Malaysia level  over the past five days, as well as the forward looking statement by the Inspector General of Police. READ : Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani : Tindakan tegas terhadap pihak terbabit akan diambil tanpa sebarang kompromi.

INDEED, both these statement are ment for the Sunday gathering in which Dr Mahathir will attend. READ : Malay proclamation to be launched, witnessed by Dr M.

CAN Dr Mahathir  muster a force? The man certainly can with his network both  politically and financially, but there are two difference to this gathering than the one which brough down the first Pakatan Harapan Government.

Kali ini malas yah
Biar mo bicara
sini sana supaya
Ada hal kenapa
Baru sibuk ke saya
setengah mati Cari
Cara buat bahaya

THE conviction from the Malay community itself is not there, rather most are resigned that the community's good name is abeing abused for the benefit of Dr Mahathir .

THE MALAY community has huge respect for Dr Mahathir, but they want him to retire, which was signalled by voters in Langkawi, where Dr Mahathir lost hit deposit.

THE other factor that is different now is, we have a Prime Minister, who while definitely does not have the balls to strike directly at Dr Mahathir, has enough testosterones to strike hard on the rest of the gang in a style similar to Dr Mahathir's own Ops Lalang, even without the ISA 

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : the buck stop's at Anwar Ibrahim : Sang Saka Biru

is a hip hop song recorded by Joe Filzzow, Altimet, SonaOne and Alif in 2018 as the title track for the movie Polis EVO 2.

THE buck stop's at Anwar Ibrahim, who as Finance Minister is in charge of the Finance Ministry, which in turn oversees the Securities Commission of Malaysia  and Bursa Malaysia.

IT is always bad news, when you have reports that mobsters, have ganged up to not only operate shares in public listed companies, but having since cozy up with dark elements within the regulatory bodies, have taken to even managing the dày to day running of public listed companies. READ : Broken Tooth Koi, Inix’s new chairman, in the spotlight.

WHY are mobsters eyeing public listed companies.There are three reasons for this. One, the listed companies, may have the infrastructure needed to facilitate their, online scam, human tracking and drug business.

IT is evident now that, public listed companies are being used to clean dirty money in a very large scale. 

Ada yang kita lepas
Ada yang kita simpanKu menuju ke depanMenuju derngan lekasBertenangKalau ku diseruPasti datangSang Saka BiruKami akan menang

THE police on their part have been trying to clamp down on Victor Chin's activities, as his group have gone beyond what is acceptable by intimidating owners of listed companies with arrest, and freezing of their banking accounts to buy the companies for dirt cheap price.

OBVIOUSLY, the third reason why the mob wants to control these listed companies  is because they can offer legitimate  employment for their boys as well as cradle to grave employment for corrupted requlators.

SO, why is this Anwar Ibrahim's problem? Well because he is the Finance Minister, and for now he can explain the READ : Net foreign outflow from Bursa jumps to RM556.9mil to external factors.

SOONER  rather than latter, the secret will be out that some of this money have rushed out and will remain out because they don't want to be caught guilty by association to a major mob figure, which could result in billion dollar fines in the home country, be it Europe or the USA.

THE finance Minister, should take cue from what his daughter proposed some seven years ago. READ : Include Corruption And Economic Terrorism To Prevention Of Terrorism Act (POTA)

APART, from PDRM which has been acting as an honest broker, the game has now changed for the other regulatory bodies who have done nothing to reign in the likes of Victor Chin and Kenneth Vun.


Thursday, 16 March 2023

Revenue Group : Another One Bites The Dust

is the smash hit from the British rock band Queen, taken from the 1980, the Game  album. The song is regarded as one of the timeless classics of all time.

THE game looks increasing like it will be over in no time at Revenue Group Bhd, as yet another top official of the company has decided to quit now rather than be stained via association with Victor Chin Boon Leong 

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey I'm gonna get you too

THOSE within Malaysia's small but robust Fintech industry are saying that Group CEO Danny Leong Kah Chern has tendered his resignation just two months after he took up the position in the embattled company.

Danny will be step down officially on May 23rd this year, according to the resignation letter. The former GHL CEO,  came on board on January 6 this year, but has had second thoughts after it emerges that certain mob group's are trying to corner the company.

Wednesday, 15 March 2023

Victor Chin Boon Long dan : Tikus tikus Kantor

is a song from the Malay archipelago's version of Bob Dylan, the razor sharp wordsmith and protest  singer Iwan Fals.

ONE year, after claiming that is part of the company's  future, Victor Chin's  Green Packet Bhd is selling off it it's banking business for an indecent profit of RM13.79 million. READ :Green Packet to sell Labuan Investment Bank to Tan Wei Sun, controlled company.

WHY is this profit indecent?  Well considering it  was JUST a year ago, Green Packet  got the bank license plus  recent revelations about Victor Chin Boon Long's intimidation tactics which boils down to racketeering, there are serious concerns, that the sale to WKJ Capital Equity Sdn Bhd IS NOT IN THE best interest of MALAYSIA 

MEET  Tan Wei Sun,. who owns 35 per cent of WKJ Capital Equity Sdn Bhd, which wants to buy the bank from Green Packet.  

TAN Wei Sun is also the co founder of Gulf Petroleum Investment International Ltd, which is based in Shanghai, China.  

GULF Petroleum Investment International Ltd is also the main vehicle of Chee Kok Wing, a known fixer for the dark forces inside the Securities Commission. READ :Kris Azman [Director of the Securities Commission] called me and asked me for money

Cerdik, licik, tikus bertingkah tengik
Mungkin karena sang kucing pura-pura mendelik
Tikus tahu sang kucing laparKasih roti jalan pun lancarMemang sial sang tikus teramat pintarAtau mungkin si kucing yang kurang ditatar
Tikus-tikus tak kenal kenyangRakus, rakus, bukan kepalangOtak tikus memang bukan otak udang

IT will become very difficult for the requlatory and enforcement bodies to fein ignorance, because the links between the Kuala Lumpur based WKJ Capital and the Shanghai based Gulf Petroleum Investment Limited does not end  at TAN WEI SUN.

MEET, Lee Sa Teng, executive director at the KL based WKJ Capital and advisor to the executive chairman (Chee Kok Wing)  Shanghai based, Gulf Petroleum Investment Limited .

REFERENCE : The WKJ website

OR better still, meet Zihao Kimmey Wang, Julio Lee,Tay Su Tjie who happens to be chief operating officer , chief brand officer and head of sales of Kuala Lumpur based WKJ Capital and the Shanghai based Gulf Petroleum Investment Limited , an incredible feat if both parties have no direct shareholding links beyond what is officially revealed.

THIS striking links, don't end here however. Then there is the question on WKJ's executive director Ariel Huang who is also the , president of World Harmony Foundation Middle East and Africa Chapter, which is heavily backed by Chee Kok Wing.

Amy Search Lawan Anwar Ibrahim : Sebatang Tongkat Untuk Berdiri

is a track from Malaysia's premier rock band Search' 1987,  Mentari Merah DiUfuk Timur album, one of the definitive Malay rock album of all time.

IT has boiled down to a rock star rubbishing the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's plan  for Employees Provident Fund (EPF) savings to be used as collateral for personal loans. READ : Rocker Amy pans proposal on EPF savings as collateral for bank loans.

FANS of Anwar Ibrahim, or better still Anwar Ibrahim himself should ask himself, if the Anwar Ibrahim of 1998, who started the Reformasi Movement, would agree with what the Anwar Ibrahim of 2023 is proposing.

WAS the Reformasi Movement started so that the helpless, could use their own EPF savings,.as a bank collateral, which has interest ballooning elements that can wipe out a good part of the EPF savings in the event of non payments to the bank's? READ : Was the Reformasi movement a mere engine for regime change?

Di tengah kejayaan
Kau lupa dirimu dihasut bayangan
Dari emosi hatimu
Tongkat kau lontarkan
Baktinya kau lupakan
Dan secawan susu
Yang pernah menyambung hayatmu
Merenung bintang di langit tinggi
Jangan terlupa
Manakah tempat kau berdiri
Selama ini.

ANWAR Ibrahim has lost touch with the masses, especially the Malay street crowd at group zero, and this will tellingly show, when the six states hold the state elections in June.

IT is not a question about the PH and Barisan Nasional combo holding on to Selangor and Negeri Sembilan,  rather it will be the combo's inabiliy to win the popular Malay vote, that will haunt this government in the days that have yet to come

WHAT  Anwar Ibrahim says no longer rasonates with the ground zero Malay crowd, and this have frustrated them because among all the national level politicians over the past three decades, it was  Anwar Ibrahim that was supposed to be their voice .

THAT voice somehow got lost along the way. Tellingly, it was Anwar Ibrahim's loyal friend, the Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution who confirmed it. READ : Numbers Don't Lie : The confession of Saifuddin Nasution.

IF, the Prime Minister is unable to find himself, the man that he was in 1998, the voice that could bring Kuala Lumpur to a stand still by the sheer overwhelming number of the masses, who heard the voice and believed in it, then this Unity Government's days are NUMBERED INDEED.

Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Victor Chin Boon Long : Walls Come Down

is taken, from. Meghan Patrick's second album, Country Music  Made Me Do it. The 2018, single is Patrick's first country number one hit..

IT never rains, it pours,. Victor Chin Boon Long is a man in deep trouble,. now that the respectable business men face he had been wearing for well over. two decades have been ripped off .READ : Investigation on Victor Chin Boon Long's activities was completed last month. The file has been passed on to the Public Prosecutor's Office for further action

MAFIA, corporate or other wise, still boil down to the same thing ; a group of people with sinister objectives, using threats and underhand tactics to make money in an unsavoury manner.

When the walls come down
Brick by brick, room by room
'Til there's nothing left but the truth
When the walls come down
Crumble in the dust
when you find out
Sometimes love just ain't enough
To keep the devil out

WHAT worries Victor Chin Boon Long is not about losing some money, or even failing to gain control of another listed company or two.

WHAT,  troubles him, deeply is the prospect possibility of spending  a good part of his future  behind bars locked in cell like an ape.  Greater men, have gone into thw cell, for what Victor Chin Boon Long. has been doing with impunity. READ : Anwar Ibrahim was jailed six years for abuse of power

ABUSE of power, perceived or other wise, is a very serious offense.  Victor Chin Boon Long is no Anwar Ibrahim, prison won't make him,.it is going to BREAK him.

Eddie Ng Chee Siong : You can run but you can't hide.

is a song from Ck9c, who is actually an individual.  The acronym for Ck9c is Chaotic Canine Culture, specialising in Nerdcore music, which is music for video games.

EDDIE Ng Chee Siong, the chairman of Revenue Group Bhd, have sold his entire stake in the company in an off market deal .

IT is understood, that Eddie sold the shares to a notorious group, led by a Low Yat Plaza based businessmen, who specialises in using  law enforcement elements to take over public listed companies.

ABOUT 11 days ago , Eddie's  private business partner, Lai Wei Keat, also sold his entire stake in the company, and quit as executive director.

We are secretly watching you too
Trying our best to get at you
You can run
You can't hide
We'll always seek
We'll always find
You can run
But you can't hide

BASICALLY,  the duo, specifically Eddie Ng Chee Siong's goose is cooked, as detaila are now emerging that  many of his private business companies have been doing generous business with Revenue Group .

EDDIE Ng Chee Siong, faces the prospect of doing jail time, if and when charges are filed against him for insider trading, where by the buyer of his shares were largely the rouge group from Low Yat Plaza

in Malaysia, crime pays as long as : You Gotta Serve Somebody

is a track from Nobel Peace Prize winner, Bob Dylan. The track is from, the iconic singer's 1979 Slow Train Coming album.

THERE  is a slow train going nowhere in corporate Malaysia, because  those tasked to regulate, tend to workover time, to lend kind hand to those with blackend hand.

OVER here, crime pays, and if you are a bystander ot even attempt to stand up for what is morally right, rest assured, you will most likely be charged in court.

No matter what you say

You're still gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed

You’re going to have to serve somebody

Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord

, But you’re going to have to serve somebody

CONSIDER, the following ;  Some 30 months , have passed us by, since the Edge, in it's special hidden hands report, named Kenneth Vun @ Vun Yun Lun, and Jacky Pang Chow Huat  as leading illegal market makers on. Bursa Malaysia. READ : Hidden Hands Manipulating The Market

WELL in between that 30 months, Kenneth Vun  has been linked to the notorious Macau underworld, as well as being a big contributor to Perikatan National, while Jacky Pang has managed to upgrade himself to a Tan Sriship.

READ : Kenneth Vun and Macau Triad member spotted at private Muhyiddin Yassin fund raiser in Johor

FOR the Edge's trouble in exposing, the likes of Kenneth Vun and Jacky Pang,  some of their senior editors  were charged in court by Attorney General's office. READ : The Edge former editor-in-chief charged with criminal defamation for reporting abnormal penny stocks surge

IN between this 3O months, Singapore showed the world what it will do to market manipulators. READ :  Penny stock crash mastermind Soh Chee Wen jailed 36 years

HAVE , we learned anything from, the Singapore lesson? Apparently, we have learned not to follow morally right  examples, but to instead keep doing, what we have been doing all these years ; whack the weak and make a deal with the devil.

TODAY, Revenue Group founders Brian Ng Shih Chiow and Dino Ng Shih Fang were charged in the Sessions Court with fraudulently causing a bank employer to dispose of a vehicle belonging to the company without a resolution from its board of directors.

THE brothers, are worth a few hundred million ringgit, and the story behind this story is the brothers were concerned that the company's cash pile was being eaten up at a pace of RM127,000 a day, every single day since mid last year.

NATURALLY they confronted Revenue Group's current chairman Eddie Ng Chee Siong, who linked to known underworld figures, commonly referred to as the Corporate Mafia. READ : Skandal Revenue Group: Victor Chin, Leong Seng Wui gagal, salah guna kuasa Eddie Ng pula terbongkar

ARE , we to believe that Revenue Group , has lost more than RM500 million market capitalisation, because the brothers registered a car that is worth maybe RM500,000 under name , some 900 days ago, or is it because known  mob figures, have found another company which has cash and owners who they can intimidate  using official channels?

THE reaction, of the authorities has been predictible ; get the public prosecutor to charge, the brothers to for registering a vehicle won by Revenue Group  some three years ago at a CIMB lucky draw some three years ago under their name . 

MIND you, the car was always parked at the Revenue Group office, at all times when not in use and even non officials of the  company, such as Eddie Ng Chee Siong's father had access to the car. READ : Rahsia MAFIA korporat Malaysia, Victor Chin Boon Long peralat penguatkuasa terbongkar

MEANWHILE, Revenue Group  which had been consistently rated by Forbes as being among the best managed companies in Asia , has seen more than RM20 million of its cash eaten up, while it's chairman thumbs his nose on, the market regulators like they are toy boys, by selling his shares at a discount, one day before the company , announced record losses.

ANY, action taken on Eddie Ng Chee Siong or his ultimate god father,. Victor  Chin Boon Long, who has been using ex law enforcement officials as well as the current machinery to intimidate, any one who dare expose them?  HELL NO!!!

Sunday, 12 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd ; Team Victor Lim Boon Long : Reap What You Sow.

is a song from the best selling Reggae artist of all time, Lucky Dube, the South African singer who was shot dead on 2007.

TEAM Victor Chin Boon Long, won't be cheering that loud  this Monday, despite the heavy odds in their favour to bully their way into appointing READ : members of the Bursa Malaysia, Securities Commission old boys network into the board of Revenue Group.

EDDIE Ng Chee Song, the under pressure Revenue Group chairman who is being monitored for insider trading of the company's shares, looks very likely to be eventually dumped as collateral damage by team Victor Chin Boon Leong.

You rubbing shoulders with the law
But now it's time you pay the price
You gonna reap just what you sow
You gonna reap just what you sow
You gonna reap just what you sow
You gonna reap just what you sow

TEAM  Victor Chin Boon Leong's goose seems to have been cooked, after the Whistle Blowing site on corporate Malaysia, The corporate, named Victor Chin Boon Leong as the head of READ :  of a secretive corporate Mafia. Other members include a retired police man, and Francis Francis Leong Seng Wui.

SUBSEQUENTLY,  one of Victor Chin Boon Long's star man, NG KEOK CHAI,  had his executive powers clipped. READ :  Classita Holdings Says Ng Keok Chai Redesignated To Non Executive Chairman.

CLASSITA,  just like Revenue Group, saw a similar modus operandi, that involved MACC investigations, but in the clearest sign yet that Anwar Ibrahim wants to clean up corporate Malaysia, the Police did not mince its word. READ : Two investigation papers opened over RM30.7 million funds of Caely (M) Sdn Bhd, says PDRM.

BLOGGER, Another Brick In The Wall, suggest that READ : Police should use POCA in probe on Corporate Mafia, Victor Chin.

VICTOR Chin Boon Long only has himself to blame that the bulk of the  now notorious network was easily exposed by the electronic media. READ : Sun Tzu in the Art of War stated Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

LOOKING back, team Victor Chin Boon Long are on the defensive, and severely under heavy pressure because  they did not update their tactics, while keeping to their over all strategy.

TAKE for example the appointment of Virdos Lima Consultancy Sdn Bhd to do the forensic audit on both CLASSITA Bhd and Revenue Group.  

THAT'S a red flag on three counts,but not as big as the flag, that I am about to reveal below.  But first, why is it, Virdos Lima Consultancy a red flag? 

CONSIDER this Virdos Lima, which only have five people in it's payroll is either dodgy or an incompetent entity. READ : Virdos Lima gives Bright Packaging Bhd a clean bill of health.

RICKY Wong, who holds the record of being the youngest chief executive officer of a public listed company on Bursa Malaysia, is currently a fugitive of the law.

THE close proximity of Virdos Lima's office to that of Green Packet, at best is mere circumstantial, but the following is not,  specifically, on April 7th 2022, CLASSITA Bhd, then known as  CAELY Bhd,  told Bursa Malaysia,that it had appointed Virdos Lima Bhd, to do a dud deligence test. 

BELIEVE it or not, Virdos Lima on that very same day, wrote to the Victor Chin Boon Leong  backed board at CAELY , that there are grounds to believe that those alligned to the founder of CAELY  had crossed the line.

TEAM Victor Chin Boon Long's  biggest enemy is a VICTOR CHIN BOON LONG himself. The man has no sence of timing at all, and this in return is about to set the heat on his entire network, to a LEVEL UNSEEN BEFORE.

GREEN Packet said it is selling its entire equity interest in OCIB to WKJ Capital Equity Sdn Bhd, which is 35%-owned by Tan Wei Sun, and 30% each by Aeriel Huang and Wisen Soon, with the remaining 5% by Wisun Soon

A closer look at  the WKJ Capital's management team VIEW :  The WKJ website for information, bears a striking resemblance to that of Gulf Petroleum Investment International Ltd. VIEW : The Gulf Petroleum Team.

SO why is this of any relevance? Well because  the Gulf Petroleum's executive chairman and Chief Executive officer is a gentlemen by the name of CHEE KOK WING.

IN 2006, the Anti Corruption Agency now known as MACC  was  investigating Chee Kok Wing for  being the bag men for the Securities Commission.

INTRIGUINGLY, the Gro Point chairman at that point on time was Ali Abdul Kadir, who until end of February 2004, was the chairman of the Securities Commission. READ : Is the SC another Corporate Mafia group?


Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Got My Mind Set On You

was a song originally recorded in 1962, by James Ray, but it was given a new feel to it by George Harrison in 1987, who powered the song all the way to number one in the USA.

IS money from China based drug lords and online scam groups formerly based in Low Yat Plaza, being cleaned by the parties interested in taking over Revenue Group Bhd, is something for the authorities to check and verify.

THE idea though is not that far fetched, as early as last year the media was a buzz that the 14k, triad had been funding Muhyiddin Yassin's Perikatan National.  READ : Tan Choon Hwa : Denies Links To Notorious 14K Triad boss.

IN 2020, READ : Notorious, Broken Tooth Koi, Tan Choon Hwa and Lee Han Keat emerge in Inix Tech Bhd, ,although the relation, between the Perikatan National stock market funders, led by Kenneth Vun Yum Liun, and  Chin Boon Long was established much more earlier, perhaps some time in 2005.

MEET Chinese National, Zhang Jian the self proclaimed READ : future richest man in the world, who ran the marketing aspects of the 14k triad boss, Wan Kuok Koi, dragon coin crypto, which netted some RM 3 billion for the convicted gangster.

SUBSEQUENTLY, in 2014, Zhang Jian settled down in Malaysia in a high-profile manner, buying advertising space on giant billboards introducing himself as the future richest man in the world, and making donations to schools and charitable organisations.

ZHANG Jian, had plans to list his outfit on Bursa Malaysia, although it did not pan out, as the heat was on him, after having defrauded Malaysian investors, some RM300 million.

BY 2017, Zhang Jian was arrested in Indonesia and send back to China. The base he set up in Malaysia, apparently is largely intact.

It's gonna take time
A whole lot of precious time
It's gonna take patience and time, mmm
To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it
To do it right, child
I got my mind set on you

IT does not end there, however as there are others too that make up part of the Zhang Jian, gravy train.

AND no, the story does not end here too, as there are ties that bind the Kenneth Vun group , with that of Chin Boon Leong, as there are numerous instance of cross ownership in the companies both the Perikatan National friendly parties control.

THE KV group is to be behind Computer Forms Bhd's  highly unbelievable Electronic Vehicle story line that even fooled the Prime Minister. READ : Elon Musk of Thailand’, Anwar give EV lift to Computer Forms

COMPUTER Forms fairytale story however, looks like it is reaching an end, as the stock has basically crashed. READ : Bursa Securities queries Computer Forms after 30% plunge in share price.

ANWAR Ibrahim, however, should not feel to bad, about being taken for a ride, as both inter related group's are said to be very brave, due to the huge cash pile they are sitting on.

LAST year, the Chin Boon Leong group, attempted to drag in then Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri into its story line, in a move to take over CAELY Bhd. 


Thursday, 9 March 2023

Why Anwar Ibrahim will never get the support of the Malay Majority : Lawan Tetap Lawan

was a familiar war cry of Anwar Ibrahim, decades ago when he use to boss the Malay street corners. It is also the title track from 5forty2.

IF Anwar Ibrahim thinks dragging Muhyiddin Yassin to the court room is going to change his fortunes in the Malay heartland he his wrong .

THE Prime Minister's recent suggestion in Parliament READ : EPF-guaranteed bank loans for those in bad financial standing, says PM, says it all on how out of touch this man has become.

Biarpun pelbagai tipu daya diwayangkan
Dilayangkan dan kebenaran diganyang
Hanya yang lembik boleh tertipu terus menikus
Macam dibius terus lemah langsung tak mampu
Angkat suara tinggi ke angkasa
Lantang berdepan, berani itulah kuasa

THE Prime Minister's audicious proposal that people put up their locked up EPF liqud cash for interest eating loans will only go to cement among the Malay Muslim populace that he is indeed a cruel man .

Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : The : Untuk Apa Main Saham Mending Main Babi Ngepet

is the smash Tik Tok hit for Willy Winarko, that still trends on the social media app to-date. The rap hit has very little to offer lyric wise, some say., which is operated by a trio (actually two hyper active duo), the secretive site that has been active since January this year has hit the ball rolling.

Untuk apa main saham mending main babi ngepet
Main babi ngepet, main babi ngepet
Daripada Bitcoin mending invest babi ngepet
Invest babi ngepet, invest babi ngepet

I am afraid, has been too obsessed with the CORPORATE mafia,  that the site has failed to probe a bit deeper, where there would have found hidden behind all those proxies are the real mobsters, who control the racketeering, prostitution and the  drug business. READ : Tan Sri, Datuk drug lords hiding behind legitimate businesses, says Bukit Aman.

WHO this people are, are an open banter in corporate Malaysia. Take for instance, the battle for CAELY, which is actually a fight between two very real mob group's over a listed company.  

ONE was just trying to protect an old friend , while the other had more sinister intentions. 

ONE blog, which seems to be ahead of the rest, when it comes to the real underworld's involvement in the corporate world is Another Brick In The Wall. Rightfully, he has called for the READ : POCA act to be slapped on Victor Chin.

BUT, beyond that, the blog had previously linked the Macau Triad, notorious market manipulator Kenneth Vun to Muhyiddin Yassin's BERSATU, which should gives us a clue on why the mobsters who are trying to sieze Revenue Group are doing it in a manner like the own Bursa Malaysia. 

ONE name not mentioned by the blog, who also was in the main table with Muhyiddin Yassin is the corporate figure and friend of Kenneth Vun, Pang Chow Huat, who owns Computer Forms Bhd. 

SO how big are the mobsters and their likes who are trying to hijack Revenue Group ?  Just Google the name below and read what the ex policemen had to comment in the article . READ : Meet Mr Ooi Chieng Sim

NEXT :  Got My Mind Set On You

I said it, The Star is saying NOW : Trouble

is the international smash hit song from the Australian Lenka which was released in 2008, but until today remains on the must play list in most rave night clubs.

I said it, on March 3rd, READ : Muhyiddin Yassin: Don't Go Out Tonight, and the Star is saying now READ :Senior Perikatan Nasional MP to be arrested.

Trouble will find you no mater where you go, oh oh
No Matter if you're fast no matter if you're slow, oh oh
The eye of the storm and the cry in the morn, oh oh
Your fine for a while but then start to loose control

AND when will this all happen?According to the Star it will take place on March 9th.

BURSA/SC old Boys Club @ Revenue Group Bhd: I'm gonna tear your playhouse down.

is a song 1984 hit for Paul Young written by Memphis-based songwriter Earl Randle, and first recorded in 1972 by soul singer Ann Peebles .

UNDER pressure Eddie Ng Chee Siong and his masters are now turning to an old friend of Devanesan Evanson, the CEO of the minority shareholders watchdog group, to ease the pressure they have been getting and the ones they are about to get soon. READ :Devanesan Evanson is a valued member of the Bursa Malaysia Old Boys Club.

Using the power ploy
All you do is pass around
Hearts you use as play toys
You've been playing madly
With every mind in town
So what you gonna do
When you look up one day
And see your playhouse tumbling down?
I'm gonna tear your playhouse down
Pretty soon

MEET Chandera Sekaran or known as DAWSON, a former manager at Bursa Malaysia, which Eddy Ng Chee Siong proposes to bring on board as director. Dawson's friend Azman Hisham Doi a former SC executive has also been roped in.

THE duo have been brought in to lend credibility to the Revenue Board, ahead of an announcement soon that formal investigations have commenced against at least two directors of Revenue Group for Insider trading 

OTHER than DAWSON , there some are  familiar names linked directly to Victor Chin, the tycoon from Bukit Bintang that is being linked to organised crime, READ : Malaysia's corporate mafia' claim, case referred to AGC last month. also are expected to be brought into the board by March 13.

AMONG them are Teh Chee Hoe, the chief technology officer at Green Packet, and  Krishnan Dorairaju, who is the Chairman of the Audit Committee at Caely Bhd . 

BOTH companies are linked to the tycoon, who many now say is a front for organised crime, namely  drug runners and pimps.

Tuesday, 7 March 2023

INSIDER'S @ Revenue Group Bhd : No Smoke Without A Fire

is a US top 5 single by the  English  hard rock super group,  Bad Company, taken from their 1989, Dangerous Age album, that helped the them return to the lime light.

MEET Devanesan Evanson, the CEO of the Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group, whoes board members are made up of Fund Managers, Accountants, Bankers and lawyers.

IN theory, MSWG is there to protect the interest of the small man, but in practice it is the lap dog of institutional investors who funds the activities of the group.

DEVAESAN  Evanson, spend 18 years at Bursa Malaysia in host of leadership roles such as its Chief Regulatory Officer, Chief Market Operations Officer, and upon retiring was given a golden handshake to be the CEO of MSWG.

I won't play your gamesLet's talk about it
There's no smoke without a fire, 
And there's no heat
Without a flame

IN essence, Devanesan Evanson is a valued member of the Bursa Malaysia Old Boys Club, and a reliable team player within corridors of Bursa Malaysia.

SOMETIME in January 2023, Devanesan Evanson wrote on the MSWG website READ : Insider trading is a serious offence. Unpunished insider trading leaves a black mark on a stock market.

YET, Devanesan Evanson has now gone cold when no longer faced with a text book theory.  He and the MSWG, organisation as a whole, does nothing to disprove that they are not the lap dogs of their hidden master.

DEVAESAN Evanson has gone completely silent on READ  : Insider trading at Revenue Group. 

TO recap ; Eddie Ng Chee Siong, the managing director
cum chairman of Revenue Group Bhd sold via  the off market 14.82 million shares at a discount,  just ONE day before the company was going to announce, the biggest financial LOSS in it's history.

EDDIE Ng Chee Siong wasn't the only director bailing out of Revenue Group, that has seen the company's cash  dwindling by an average of RM127,000 a day, every single day for the past 180 days.

EDDIE Ng Chee Siong's private business partner LAI WEI KIAT sold two million of the 2.1 million Revenue Group shares, he owned in the open market for 49.7 Sen, also days before the company announced its results.  Lai has since quit the company.

SO why has, Devanesan Evanson who was so quick to paint a picture of guilt on the founders of Caely Bhd, when they were raided by the same group that now wants to take over Revenue Group, using the same underhand  tactics they used in CAELY, now gone on silent mode?

NOT only Devanesan Evanson, but a host of ....

To Be  CONTINUED NEXT on Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : The : Untuk Apa Main Saham Mending Main Babi Ngepet