Sunday 30 January 2022

EMIR RESEARCH, what happens when : Smokey Sings

is the first single from the Alphabet City album,  which was released in 1987,  by England's ABC,  which was part of the second British Pop Invasion of the USA.

Going through Emir Research's report on  READ5G in Malaysia, deserves urgent and closest attention, the highest level of scrutiny, gave me a real errie feeling. 
Errie because the EMIR RESEARCH appeared prominently in Malaysiakini as well as in many other portals in verbatim at about the same time.

 In  my opinion,  Emir Research, looks and   sounds like a less talented wannabe  hybrid . Not a poor man's version, but rather a beggars hybrid of Breitbart News Network and Cambridge Analytica.  

The front door might slam
But the back door it rings
And Smokey sings, he sings
Elegance in eloquence
For sale or rent or hire

And for good measure we have a husband and wife team,  making up two third of the reporting team.  So much for impartiality.

I stopped reading the article when I noticed something,  which gave the impression,  that the Emir Research report could either be due to naivness or it could have been funded.

One thing I am certain is the reporting team severely requires an indepth course on how to pee straight.  There was this particular sentence which caught my eye "even reliable 3G connection will suffice".

Yes, I admit that, I have taken those sentence  out of context,  though in the wider scope of things, one would assume,  if one is advocating a serious discussion on 5G,  the least one should do is to refrain from sounding like a court jester.  

For good measure my new found friends should go read what is 4G,  and what is 4G LTE,  so that we can take Emir Research a bit more seriously. 

Saturday 29 January 2022

Annuar Musa & CIMB : Cinta Sabun Mandi!!!

 was released in 1987 by actor,  newscaster and singer,  the multi hat wearing Indonesian veteran Jaja Mihardja who passed away in 2022

For the record it looks to me,  that Annuar Musa and CIMB could well be dancing on their own.

Cintaku kepada nyai
Tak seperti sabun mandi
Pabila sering dipakai,
makin habis kurang wangi
Percayalah cintaku suci ka nyai
Kujual baju, celana
Itu semua demi nyai

How many hats can one wear, how many political lives can one have. Annuar Musa , first came to Malaysia's attention around 1987,  as the strongman of Tengku Razaleigh,  the prince who lost a bitter power struggle against Tun Mahathir, ironically due to the last minute calvary coming for Najib Razak .

Annuar Musa, would profess love for UMNO first rather than his mentor ,  and over time became   a familiar face in Mahathir's cabinet.

He returned to the limelight, when Zahid Hamidi,  following Barisan Nasional's loss in the last GE, brought him back in a  total recall.

Annuar Musa even returned to the cabinet and soon was seen as one of the key players who was against the court cluster, pro Muhyiddin Yassin and most  recently the main advocate for Ismail Sabri  to be the  UMNO president.

In the clearest sign that Najib Razak and his merry men,  taken for dead politically  have  fought brick by brick at every stage and level is set for a home run .
Annuar Musa finally has some good words for the court cluster. READ :Annuar defends 'court cluster' after Hadi blames them for Johor polls

Will the battle hardend Zahid Hamidi,  Najib or Tengku Adnan bite the bait?

Despite the setback, CIMB will be be back in the high life again, unless the  bank is advised wrongly in the coming weeks.

CIMB must come clean on when it actually knew  there was an issue because there are indications from customer's,  that in early January they already were having problems with the bank. READ :  

Come clean CIMB,  don't fall into what the PR demons would advise,  as the downside to the advise is plenty of soap on your hands when your are dancing on your own in the bathroom.

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 11: The ties that bind : New Age Girl

peaked at number 27 on the Billboard  charts in 1994, for one hit wonders, The Deadeye Dicktaken from their debut album A Different  Story as well as being featured in the movie Dumb & Dumber.

The biggest pit fall
awaiting Digital Nasional Bhd as well as Malaysia's intention to get all the rural areas connected at same speed not only for 5G but also for 4G, are the state Government's.

One of the DUMBEST  

move taken by the Federal Government in recent years has been to mandate READ : The Internet as the third utility in Malaysia. The Year is 2020

This legislation is worthless, or should I say  great

The power
is actually in the hands of the state, and thus far only three states have complied, and too mostly for new development projects. READ : TINY Perlis, Buzzing Penang, and Giants Sarawak stands up for Malaysia

The state Government's will play dumb and dumber 

Mary Moon... she's a vegetarian (Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon)
Mary Moon... will outlive all the septuagenarians (Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon)
Oh, she loves me so
She hates to be alone
She don't eat meat
But she sure like the bone

Until,  one understands the meaning of 
" a vegetarian..will outlive all the septuagenarians... don't eat meat  but sure like the bone``  and with that A Different  Story  will emerge.  

READ : UNPRECEDENTED IN MALAYSIA : GLC Chief Speaks Without FEAR or FAVOUR on Corruption At the State Level, That Can Cripple Malaysia's Digital Ambitions

Any clue on how many Civil Servants under the state Government's have  since then been booked by the MACC,  and what about those sitting at state exco level, how many of them have had  their day in court.

These are the ties that bind,  which has all the aces up their sleeves to make sure Digital Nasional Bhd is going to have a torrid time building a network,  that could help our country fly in the new AGE.

Next Week Part 12 :  What's the Frequency KENNETH

Thursday 27 January 2022

Azmin Ali Shows Prove of Putrajaya's commitment...: What's My Name

was a smash hit for Rihanna ,  taken from her fifth album released in 2010,  titled LOUD.

After many moons of silence,  the nation's  favorite minister is back with a bang. 

 Azmin Ali captures the headlines after execlusively revealing this piece of information to a shell shocked nation. READ: Azmin: Malaysia's position as most attractive destination for foreign investments in SE Asia testament of Putrajaya’s commitment

I hope AZMIN ALI knows who is behind Milken Institute Global Opportunity Index. 

The guy behind Milken Institute  is the legendary 

Ooh na na, what's my name?
Ooh na na, what's my name?
Ooh na na, what's my name?
Ooh na na, what's my name?
Ooh na na, what's my name?
What's my name? What's my name?

Michael Robert Milken,  who happens to be an EX CONVICT. He is commonly known as the junk bond king and was fined some US$11 billion.  He was pardoned by none other than the equally dubious Donald Trump.  

Genting : When it rains, it pours

is a song taken from the Get Rich or Die Tryin, album, that introduced the world in 2003 to a reformed drug dealer , turned rap star called 50 Cent.

As early as the third quarter of 2020,  it was a well guarded open secret that the Mayer Brown advised US$3.5 billion restructuring of Genting Hong Kong,  was in rough waters.

As with the times, the sign of the time on what lay a head was the misplaced priorities.  

When it rains it pours
End up wet up
That's when
It rains it pours
It usually, goes down 
Over Money and whores

When Lim Keong Hui, the son of Genting Group Chairman Lim Kok,  who joined the Hong Kong unit in 2019, quit on August 2020,  he took with him ZOUK for about US$14 million.

So who is left holding the baby and the poop?  Well the biggest loser is Genting itself,  because the company will not be getting a digital banking license , from  Bank Negara Malaysia.

Unlike Boost,  who will not be getting the digital banking license this round,  but will be given in  the next stage, the doors are shut for Genting this year.

Shoppe, Grab, Aeon, Big Pay and 99 Speedmart are front runners though to get it next month.

The loser is Maybank with RM1.5 billion exposure , with about RM1 billion attached to the fast becoming worthless Genting Hong Kong shares.  RHB exposure is less than RM450 million,  but in terms of weightage it's about the same for both banks. 


CELCOM AXIATA : Sell Evil To The Devil (100 grandkids)

was the 2015 big ticker debut,  for Mac Miller,  the white dude who can certainly give Eminem a run for his money.

Celcom Axiata ,  the country's  oldest mobile phone company,  certainly got its money worth by teaming up  with M&C Saatchi.

Creative is what Celcom is,  and they are very good at it.  Though being creative alone is not enough,  when the deliverance is below par.

That's exactly  what happened to Celcom,  when a teenager called the giant out,  and got close to 100k likes. READ : Kata 5G tapi rangkaian Celcom di Langkawi cukup menghampakan

How extensive is Celcom's  actual 4G coverage is very debatable  when you go through their website.

I could sell snow to a ski slope
I could sell evil to the devil
Non-believers to a temple
Shit, I could sell water to a speedboat
And these eyes is iconic
I went pro, made profit
Now I keep some dead face in my pocket

The difference is as wide as Malaysia and Singapore. VIEW : Cleaners salary in Singapore in 2020 was RM6000 while the average HOUSEHOLD income in Malaysia in 2020 was at RM5208 ringgit only.

Basically what this means, is from the time Singapore parted from its motherland Malaysia,  our country has six lost generations,  who did not perform to their potential.

With Digital Nasional Bhd,  being the sole owner of 5G management for the country,  we have a chance to connect rural Malaysia, especially the school children and build them up via the power of Education.

Anything less than that,  such as trying to appease a selfish block,  by allowing another player to come in,  will  kill Digital Nasional Bhd , put profit above long term interest of  Malaysia,  and push us further down the drain that we are in today. 

Tuesday 25 January 2022

Edisi Siasat, Guan Eng, Khalid and Azam Baki : Both SIDES of the Story

is a song performed by English drummer  Phil Collins. The song was released in October 1993 as the lead single from his fifth album, Both Sides.

We always need to hear both sides of the story
And the lights are all on, the world is watching now
People looking for truth, we must not fail them now
Be sure, before we close our eyes
Don't walk away from here
'Til you see both sides

Something is seriously wrong here,  when  DAP, AMANAH and PKR having painted the MACC  boss AZAM BAKI of being corrupt based on what Edisi Siasat put in its Twitter handle,  now is singing a different tune when Edisi Siasat says that certain DAP, AMANAH and PKR leaders are corrupt.

DAP, PKR : Don't Forget Your roots

is a song released in 2011,  from New Zealand rockers 60six,  which was a top 5 hit in the country.

DAP and PKR,  should have a close listen to this song,  and understand why,  many have already given a walk over to BN when GE15 finally hits us.

Don't forget your roots my friend
The ones who made you, the ones who brought you here
Don't forget your roots my friend, yeah
Don't forget your family, yeah
Don't forget your roots my friend, yeah

DAP and PKR seems to be the spokesperson for big businesses.  So don't blame the rakyat,  if we seek shelter from the storm from the likes of Najib Razak.

Where was DAP and PKR when the government ended the 1GB  free internet data for the common men, specifically the B40 man on  December 31 2021? No where in sight.

But today, Lim Guan Eng has turned spokesman for the middle class and  business class.  READ :  Lanjutkan moratorium pinjaman bank 6 bulan lagi kerana Ekonomi masih lemah, kata DAP.

If what DAP says is true,  then why did Anwar Ibrahim alienate the Malay vote bank by stating READ :  Pengeluaran KWSP tidak boleh diberi laluan mudah: Anwar.

Has PKR become all about big business,  to the extent that Fahmi Fadzil, it's MP for Wangsa Maju can openly lobby for Maxis, Digi and Celcom. READ : The unofficial spokesman for the telcos