Monday 31 October 2016

Sapura Resources

Is the latest, bird to throw it's feathers into the RING.
The company said it's 100 per cent unit AeroManager has got the NOD from the DCA to perform unscheduled commercial air transport services.
The announcement comes days after, Malaysia revised airport charges upwards for 2017.

S&P 500 Armed & Dangerous

Slipping momentarily below the 2,120 support line on Friday, when news broke out that Hilary Clinton's email probe by the FBI is not yet over.

S&P 500 index is resting on the 2 year-long support/resistance level. Breakout to all time highs in July 2016 was followed by a weak rally in July-August period. Since mid-August the index has been in a sideways consolidation. The pull-back reached the previously broken resistance at 2,120 levels.

Over the past two months the S&P 500 index tested the strong support for 3 times. Breakdown below 2,120 levels will signal further correction for the U.S. Equities in a very VOLATILE manner.

Red Alert, The PMI Falls

Yet again, and Malaysian manufactures are not able to take advantage of the weak Ringgit and Strong Dollar.

The main reason why the PMI is falling is because, the manufacturing sector does not have reasonable cost effective labour to expand.

What the latest PMI figures DO NOT tell you is that , the manufacturing sector is actually running at almost full capacity, and the labour MINISTER has conveniently WASHED his hands, leaving PM Najib to solve this problem.

Read below, the latest news on the PMI:

The Nikkei Malaysia Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index, or PMI, fell to 47.2 in October from September's 48.6, marking the lowest reading since June.

A reading above 50 indicates economic expansion, while one below 50 points to a contraction. The latest figure shows Malaysia's manufacturing sector to be in contraction territory for 19 consecutive months.

Amy Brownbill, economist at IHS Markit, which compiles the survey, said that the deterioration in operating condition "was driven by falls in both output and new orders, with the latter declining at the sharpest rate since November 2015."

Jho Low, 1MDB, Relatives, We Didn't Start The Fire

It was always burning
Since the world's been turning
We didn't start the fire
No we didn't light it
But we tried to fight it

That's from the 1989, Record of the Year, from none other than Billy Joel. The Song, entitled We Didn't Start The Fire, hit number one in the USA.

And it looks like Low Taek Jho's family are singing the same song. But where ever you are, be IT in Kuala Lumpur or New York, if You break the LAW, the LAW will BREAK you.

Below is the latest update from BLOOMBERG:

Relatives of the financier accused by U.S. prosecutors of playing a central role in siphoning more than $3.5 billion from Malaysia’s state investment fund are fighting attempts to seize assets acquired with misappropriated funds.

Four family members of Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low, have initiated claims for properties the U.S. said he bought with money from the 1MDB fund, including a $100-million interest in EMI Music Publishing Group, a $35 million Bombardier jet, and a $200-million stake in the Park Lane Hotel in New York.

The family members, including Low’s brother and father, say they are beneficiaries of the family-owned trust that controls the assets and were forced to file claims themselves because the Swiss trustees have refused to take any action in the forfeiture lawsuits, according to filings Monday in Los Angeles federal court.

Malaysia Packaging Industry

(MAYPAK) Limit up in early morning trade. Now got zero buyer and zero seller. Can this stock go higher, considering the limit up was achieved in very low volume.
At last count, the stock is priced at 95.5 sen.


Now that you have done, the volume build up, can you go and do the slam dunk.
CIMB trading desk is heavy on this stock and the research firm itself has a trading buy on this stock.
The stock is the fifth most actively traded stock on Bursa Malaysia today

China's Country Garden Expanding In Malaysia

Country Garden, China’s third-largest home builder by sales, is speeding up its expansion in Malaysia and Indonesia within its core strategy of building mega projects across Southeast Asia, to reduce domestic risk.

The developer has signed another new project in Malaysia and its first on the Indonesian island of Bali, according to company statements.

In October, it formed a joint venture with Damansara Realty to build a 21-hectare integrated township known as Central Park in Tampoi, a suburb near downtown Johor Bahru on the southern tip of Malaysia.

“Central Park will target local Singaporean and Malaysian buyers and provide affordable quality housing,” the statement said.

The venture, 30 per cent owned by local partner Damansara, and 70 per cent by Country Garden, will pay 130.3 million ringgit for the 53 acres site, and the project will be developed over six to eight years, starting in the fourth quarter of 2016, Damansara said.

Central Park becomes Country Garden’s fourth project in Malaysia, after Danga Bay and Forest City in Johor, and Diamond City in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

DRB Hicom

Has been done IN, by EPF, who were net sellers of the shares last month, selling more than four million shares.

But with DRB Hicom 's Pos Malaysia in Beijing, trying to link up with China's Ali Baba, both DRB and Pos, have plenty of legs.

Pos Malaysia wants to use the tie up to propel it into the top cat position in the E commerce business here.

Smaller rivals such as GDEX, already have foreign partners, leaving POS Malaysia as the odd man OUT

Felda Global, Good Buy or GOODBYE

Is the most searched stock on the internet today.
This is according to 3investor. Rest assured with just minuets to go for the trading day to open, it's gonna be DYNAMITE.

Smooth Operators, They The Man?

Inside Hong Kong’s posh American Club, few worked a room quite like Avery Stone. 

Over steak dinners and cigars, Stone charmed a Who’s Who of financiers into investing millions in his fledgling business. Then, earlier this year, everything unraveled--and he vanished.

Left behind are the questions, including the big one: How did Stone and his partners at Global Merchant Funding Ltd. apparently dupe Hong Kong’s princes of finance into believing their business was on solid-footing? Accountants are still trying to piece together the answers.

"This isn’t a deal that went bad, these guys systematically preyed off their friends,” said Thomas Gallagher, one of GMF’s investors, who had set up Citigroup Inc.’s fixed-income prime brokerage in Asia and now works for a hedge fund services firm. “The fact of the matter is, these guys essentially were in our circle.”

For many, the money in question -- $32.5 million, a pittance by Wall Street standards -- is far less astounding than whose money it is.

Documents related to the liquidation of Stone’s company show that many of its investors were drawn from prominent international banks. For them, weighing financial risks is crucial to their day-to-day jobs. In this case, they didn’t see the danger until it was too late.

Creditors List

Among those on a list of more than 80 creditors seen by Bloomberg News are Morgan Stanley’s co-chief executive officer for Asia excluding Japan, Gokul Laroia; Martin Wong, now chief integrity officer at a U.S. software startup for online lenders and previously chief administrative officer and general counsel for the Asia-Pacific region at Citigroup; and Peter Tattersall, chief operating officer for fixed-income sales in Asia with Morgan Stanley, a role that involves responsibility for auditing and for implementing regulations. 

Others include Daniel Turner, a managing director for equities trading at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he has stock purchasing authority at the bank ranked No. 1 for equities trading market share in Asia last year; and Dermot Mayes, Nomura Holdings Inc.’s former head of fixed income and syndicate who is now chairman and CEO of Riviera Asia, which advises Asians investing in real estate in the south of France. All of them directly or through a spokesman declined to comment.

Hong Kong police began investigating GMF after the company’s liquidator, accounting firm JLA Asia, reported in April that it suspected the three directors -- Stone, Richard Grainger and Simon Zoen -- may have misappropriated some of the money owed to the investors. None of the three replied to telephone calls, registered letters or e-mails.

IF Opec Fiddle's

Oil prices could go under $40 a barrel, if the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) production cut agreement doesn't get worked out, according to one expert.

The group will likely get its planned production deal done, but Helima Croft, global head of commodity strategy at RBC Capital Markets, said the agreement won't be finalized until the last minute.

"I think they'll get it done, but I think they'll get it done right before November 30," Croft said on CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Monday.

Jack Ma To Be Given Advisory Role, Says NST

But like USUAL, NST lost out on the piece of news that investors can use to make some money.

And that is, POS Malaysia is also in Beijing to iron out a massive tie up with Jack Ma's AliBaba.

For weeks, the market has been craving for news of a possible tie up between Pos Malaysia and Alibaba...and what does NST do

Read Here :

Asia, Europe Bleeds Red, As Clinton's Lead Goes Up In Smoke

Most Asian stocks struggled higher on Monday but investors were rattled by news that the FBI is planning to review more emails related to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's private server, just a week before the election.

European markets also looked set for a shaky start, with financial spreadbetter CMC Markets expecting Britain's FTSE 100, France's CAC 40 and Germany's DAX <.GDAXI to all open down 0.1 percent.

Federal investigators have secured a warrant to examine newly discovered emails, a source familiar with the matter said on Sunday.

Clinton had opened a recent lead over her unpredictable Republican rival Donald Trump in national polls, but it had been narrowing even before the email controversy resurfaced. An ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday showed Clinton with a statistically insignificant 1-point national lead.

Gadang, A Good Buy Or GoodBye

It looks like a goodbye to me, unless the company discloses some major new contracts.
After two days of heavy selling, Gadang is now a RM2.86 stock, closer to its fair Value.
The best one can expect is a dead cat bounce.

Felda Global

Looks like the technical rebound has started.
Felda Global is now the most active stock on Bursa Malaysia.
It was down 23 sen, when we spotted it. Now it's down by only 15 sen, which means the stock has gone up by eight sen, an intraday traders dream come true.

Sunday 30 October 2016

Welcome To OPEC, Where Everyone Gets An Exemption

The growing list of OPEC members seeking exemptions from a planned supply cut has investors seeing future price drops.

Money managers increased bets on lower West Texas Intermediate oil for the first time in five weeks as Iraq joined Iran, Nigeria and Libya in seeking to be excluded from OPEC’s first agreement to reduce output in eight years.

The deal was reached in Algiers on Sept. 28 and sent futures climbing. But internal disagreements over how to implement the cuts prevented an accord to secure the cooperation of other major suppliers this weekend in Vienna.

Malaysia, Gender Equity, Must Be A Fake News

Because if you read most online news and blog news outlets, we MUST be the HOME of terrorists and are an intolerant nation.

The experts though, say Malaysia comes out SECOND in the UNIVERSE when it comes to gender equity, and we are actually  a very tolerant society, as long as you willing to work for it .

READ it ALL here :

Employees in Malaysia have the highest positive sentiments towards equality compared to Singapore and Hong Kong, according to the Q3 Randstad Workmonitor.

Malaysia ranked second highest globally with employees feeling that gender equality increased with the seniority of the job. 83% of Malaysian employees held this sentiment, compared to 61% globally, showcasing a confident outlook on job prospects for longer term careers. The genders held similar views, with 84% of women and 83% of men holding this sentiment.

When looking equal rewards for men and women in similar positions, Malaysians had the highest sentiment in the region with 83% feeling that rewards were equal compared to 81% of employees in Singapore and Hong Kong. This sentiment was split between the genders with only 80% of women compared to a much higher 87% of men.

Malaysian employees expressed the highest positive sentiment in the region when looking at equal treatment for men and women within organizations, with 87% of Malaysian employees, compared to 85% in Hong Kong and 81% in Singapore. Malaysian male employees were key in this high ranking as 91% of men, compared to only 83% of women, agreed with the statement.

Malaysia Must NOT Have A Foreign Policy

Nor must we have trade agreements with foreign countries. Because if we sign trade agreements or have a foreign policy, then our leaders are SELLING OUT OUR COUNTRY.

This is what happened when we signed the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement with the USA.

And now that PM Najib is in CHINA, the same set of accusation is on the AIR. It's a SELL OUT.

So how do we, sustain Malaysia's role as AMONG the top 20 trading NATIONS in the UNIVERSE?

I don't know, but maybe Tony PUA and CNBC can advise Malaysia how NOT to talk directly with your TRADING PARTNERS and BOOST trade.

Felda Global If You Believe

That 2017 is an election year and that stocks are prone to a technical reaction, then keep your eye on this stock.

Felda is down 23 sen to RM1.97 a share, but at least one analyst is banking on a rebound.

Hong Leong Investment Bank technical analyst Sia Ket Ee noted that FGV’s share price had tumbled by more than 20 per cent  from a 52-week high of RM2.52 on Sept 22 .

“Currently, FGV is trading at 1.25 times price-to-book (P/B) [ratio], which is 34% below its 10-year average of 1.91 times and 41% below its peers’ P/B [ratio] of 2.14 times, supported by [a] 2016 to 2018 earnings compound annual growth rate of 56%.

We believe such huge discounts and [the] ongoing rally in crude palm oil prices are likely to see share prices hitting bottom soon with a technical rebound in the offing,” he said in a note to clients.

Friday 28 October 2016

Sister's Are Doin It For Themselves

Is a 1985 hit single from the Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin.

Apparently in Malaysia, Sister's aren't doing it for themselves, atleast according to Khazanah Nasional.

The Malay Mail Reports, Women have a lesser chance of increasing their pay over time, the Khazanah Research Institute (KRI) found in its latest study on socio-economic mobility in Malaysia.

According to the study, which compared adult Malaysians' socio-economic stature to that of their parents when the latter were younger, women find it harder to move up the income structure than men.

“Women are less upwardly mobile than men. Policies focusing on removing gender barriers and encouraging higher female participation in the labour market should be continued,” said the report titled “Climbing the Ladder: Socio-Economic in Malaysia”

Thursday 27 October 2016

Singapore Stressed Out

AS, not only are some of its major oil and gas companies moving to Malaysia, due to lower cost, it's oil and gas firms are burning a big whole on the Singaporean economy and on its banking system.

Swissco Holdings, is the latest rig supplier, which has sounded the market, that a DEFAULT is about to take shape.

Companies including KS Energy Ltd. and AusGroup Ltd. have sought more lenient repayment conditions from their debt holders.

“I don’t think the oil and gas sector is in a situation where it is in a recovery mode yet, and continues to be under stress,” Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Chief Executive Officer Samuel Tsien told reporters at a briefing Thursday.

“I think the fourth quarter of this year will continue to be a difficult quarter for this sector.”

Hong Kong, Feng Tao, 1994, KLSE

This year, a Hong Kong IPO, Luen Wong Group Holdings Ltd has gone up by 6715 per cent, with little threat of a designation by the stock market regulator.

Back home, how can we forget that in 1994, our trading volume could even beat the New York Stock Exchange.

But today, trading volume have dried down due to too many surveillance. It's time for the regulators to LEGALISE market making here.

Do that, and you will see that even in Kuala Lumpur,we still know how to Feng Tao.

Ringgit 4.20, Here Comes The Wrecking Ball

According to a Reuters survey of economists, GDP probably increased at a 2.5 percent rate in the third quarter, quickening from the second-quarter's tepid 1.4 percent pace.

But advance data on Wednesday showing the goods trade deficit falling 5.2 percent to $56.1 billion in September amid strong exports suggested that third-quarter GDP growth could exceed expectations.

What this means is that the US ECONOMY could HAVE grown by as MUCH as THREE per cent in the THIRD Quarter, its sTrongest growth in TWO years

If that happens, then HEY, the Dollar is Just Going To Get Stronger. So WATCH out for Hevea

B Are You , The Next Default After Perisai

Petroleum Bhd. This time the amount is about US$20 million.

This default comes a day after, a Sumatec Associate company, was reported to have defaulted.

Who is next in line, for a default? The list is long, but the next oil and gas company which may go under Is one which has the alphabet B.

B is NOT for Berhad.

Reloaded & Dangerous

The US Dollar is BACK with a B A N G. One DOLLAR now fetches RM4.20.

This is the strongest position the Dollar has held over the Ringgit this week.

Its Raining Stocks

 Average oil prices are at their lowest since 2004, but this is by far the biggest year for equity issuance by U.S. E&P companies .

Early in 2016, as oil crashed below $30 a barrel and the E&P industry stared into the abyss, there was a flurry of equity issues to help shore up creaking balance sheets.

Almost 40 percent of this year’s stock sales happened in that fraught first quarter  which was also the best time to buy new E&P stock.

The rally in oil prices since then has lifted the entire sector, and some of those discount sales have notched up huge gains.

In general, though, if you bought the stock sold during that fraught first quarter, you have notched the biggest gains as the sector has since rallied along with oil prices.

But with oil prices mostly moving sideways since June, buyers of most of the latest issues could be waiting a while for big payoffs of their own

And It Was 29 Years Ago

Today, the Government, started a crack down, that would result eventually in  106 people being detained under the internal security act.
Three Newspapers, NAMELY, The Star, Sin Chew Jit Poh and Watan had their publishing permits suspended.

The operation was known as OPS LALANG, and it changed Malaysia for good BECAUSE

Yang Tegak Berdiri
Bukan nya LALANG

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Tata, Airasia, FRAUD

The axed chairman of Tata Sons has charged that there was an element of fraud in the conglomerate’s joint-venture deal in the setting up of AirAsia India.

Cyrus P Mistry was removed without notice as chairman of Tata Sons on Monday, and it has started a bitter war between him and interim chairman Ratan Tata, PTI reported.

Mistry has also alleged that due to Rata Tata’s passion for aviation, Tata Sons board increased capital infusion in the aviation sector at multiple levels of the initial commitment.

Tata Sons holds a majority stake in AirAsia India which started its air operations in June 2014.

UTM Wins Newton Fund Backing For Green Data Centre

A UK and Malaysian consortium aims to develop the next generation of green data centres.

They will improve their sustainability by changing the way data centres are cooled with the help of innovative technologies.

The consortium is made up of clean cold technology company Dearman, Green Data Centre, Heriot-­Watt University and University of Technology in Malaysia.

The research expects to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, improve energy security and cut emissions caused by diesel-powered backup generators.

A “next generation green data centre” will be established in Malaysia which will feature cutting-­edge liquid submersion cooling technologies alongside and engine to provide zero emission back up power and cooling.

The project has been awarded funding from the UK’s £731 million Newton Fund.

Teck Guan Perdana From Zero

Sen Limit up ceiling set by Bursa Malaysia, to 52 week high.

The stock is now trading higher by 14 sen to RM2.23, with each fresh purchase cutting into its THINNING free FLOAT.


How low can you go. At last count it's trading at 6.5 sen. According to the STAR, it's associate company has defaulted on a RM134 million debt.

If accurate, this will be the second public listed oil and gas company, that has defaulted on a DEBT.

The first being, Perisai Petroleum, and don't forget, recently theEdge, had placed Hibiscus Petroleum in the same basket. DYNAMITE!!!

And CIMB Says

Buy Hiap Teck Venture.  Target 41 sen, cut loss 30 sen .

And Buy Insas Bhd, target 87 sen, cut loss 70 sen.

Ringgit 4.17

Against the DOLLAR, while  Asian shares are poised for a mixed day with the focus on China Construction Bank Corp. earnings as the nation grapples with a rising tide of bad loans.

The yen was little changed after a three-day losing streak while oil traded near a three-week low.

Shares in Wellington advanced while those in Sydney were little changed. Equity-index futures in Hong Kong rose with those in South Korea.

Nikkei 225 Stock Average futures were little changed in Osaka

S&P500, New High, Great Depression

Since the end of June, after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, the S&P %00 indexSPX, -0.17%  has closed within 3% of its all-time high every day, according to data from LPL Financial.

That is a streak of 82 consecutive market sessions, a record unmatched since 1995.

And despite that tight range, the benchmark index hasn’t made a new high in 49 days, marking the longest period the S&P 500 has avoided making a record—while still staying within 3% of its record—since 1928, before the onset of the Great Depression.

Apple Got Debts

Apple is in an enviable position from a cash perspective, to be sure, but its approach to cash and debt makes that cash pile look much larger than it actually is.

So next time you see someone comparing Apple’s cash to the GDP of small countries or other companies’ market caps, respond by comparing its debt load similarly—after all, Apple’s $75.4 billion in debt is more than double the market cap of Tesla Motors Inc.TSLA, +4.33%  

Meanwhile, Apple’s bonds are not exactly looking like a good investment.

The most active bonds, the 3.850% notes due August 2046, were trading at 98 cents on the dollar, according to MarketAxess.

By comparison, IBM Corp.’s IBM, +0.62% 4.700 % notes due February 2046 were last quoted at 113 cents on the dollar, according to MarketAxess.

General Electric Corp.’sGE, +0.77% 4.500% notes due March 2044 were trading at 114 cents on the dollar, MarketAxess data showed. 

Air Asia X

The DeVIL is in the numbers, and we shall know by Today, if there is something aromatic brewing.

The carrier will be releasing it's load factor details today. À Load factor between 80 per cent and 84 per cent, should see the stock trading above 44 sen.

A load factor above 84 per cent, and AAX  will be looking like a 50 sen a share stock.

7 am, KL Time Is MOST Dangerous

If you ARE a CURRENCY or a CURRENCY dealer.

In the global currency market, the darkest hour comes just as dawn is breaking in Asia.

Between the New York close and the start of trading in Tokyo, foreign-exchange volumes dwindle to just 2 percent of peak turnover, according to Aite Group, a consultant in Boston.

As a result, any transaction in that two-hour window will hit the market disproportionately hard.

The plunge in Britain’s pound earlier this month shows what’s at stake. 

At about 7 a.m. KUALA LUMPUR time -- while London dealers were sleeping and those in New York were finishing up their day -- sterling slumped more than 6 percent in just two minutes, reaching a 31-year low.

Malaysia, This Cannot Be True

You'er supposed to be shit, and the Rakyat are living, expecting the worst, at least that's, the impression one gets when you flip through websites such  as Malaysia Chronicle and Malaysia kini.

Mind you, nobody is saying that Malaysia has no problem, It has a lot of problems, but APPARENTLY, CONFIDENCE is not one of them.

The LATEST Global Economic Conditions Survey (GECS) from ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) shows that business confidence in Malaysia has out performed most of its peers including SINGAPORE in 2016.

Ringgit 4.16, Watch Your Back

The U.S. dollar–already riding a three-week winning streak–just hit a bullish technical milestone.

The benchmark ICE U.S. Dollar Index last week experienced a so-called golden cross, a bullish chart pattern formed when the 50-day moving average for the index moves above its 200-day average.

Golden crosses are said to be positive indicators that underscore the extent to which short-term price momentum is building.

This Is Not Malaysia,

Serving tea and receiving guests may not be everyone's dream job, but it was a good enough prospect to make nearly 10,000 people apply for one receptionist job.

China's highly competitive civil service recruitment process recently saw a record-setting 9,837 applicants for a post as "China Democratic League public reception staff".

The Democratic League is one of several minority political parties in the country which have very limited powers, and is hardly seen as a prestigious placement.

Jailing The Central Bankers Who Saved The World

The U.K. may be on the verge of an unprecedented experiment in public accountability.

The courts may soon be invited to consider the following question: Should government officials face prosecution if the actions they took to support the financial system during the credit crisis stink in hindsight?

In late 2007 and early 2008, with markets in a meltdown and the health of British banks under relentless scrutiny, the Bank of England belatedly pumped money into the financial system.

With money markets seized up and liquidity hard to find, banks were invited to trade assets for central bank cash.

At issue is whether officials nudged, steered or ordered -- take your pick -- financial firms to act in unison, ensuring that no single bank looked more desperate for assistance than its peers.

In other words, were these transactions rigged?

Sir Paul Tucker, the former deputy governor of the Bank of England, was interviewed this year as part of an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Times reportedthis week.

The department, which opened the probe in March 2015, will decide whether to pursue any charges by the end of the year.


European and Asian shares retreated with U.S. equity index futures as oil prices slumped and Apple Inc.’s results disappointed. Australia’s dollar strengthened after inflation data.

The Stoxx Europe 600 Index fell for a third day and the MSCI Asia Pacific Index retreated from a two-week high amid a barrage of corporate results.

Apple, the world’s largest company, lost as much as 3.1 percent in after-hours U.S. trading following its first annual sales decline since 2001.

Crude oil sank to a three-week low after Russia said it wouldn’t join output cuts planned by OPEC

Tuesday 25 October 2016

170 Years

Jot this number down If any one of you are alive in the year 2186, then you will be able to witness Economic gender parity between male and female.

Atleast, that's what the world economy forum WEF said when releasing its 2016 Global Gender Report on Wednesday.

New Zealand Tops Singapore, while Malaysia

Came in at number 23, in the World Bank's latest report on the ease of doing business.

Within Asean, Malaysia ranks second after Singapore, while we also beat the likes of Japan, China, France and  Switzerland to remain competitive.


Against the US Dollar. Even as the Dollar has gained against other currencies, the Ringgit has managed to take in gains against the Dollar.

At this level, it's bad news for exporters, all ready being hurt by a lack of Foreign labour which is hampering them from ramping up production.

Globetronics Tech Under Pressure

As  Profits  fall to RM24 million in the first nine months of the year from RM63 million in the same period before.

Cash in bank meanwhile million eased To RM176 million from RM195 million

Asia Sees Red As Apple Sales

Fall for the first time in 15 years.

Asian and U.S. equity futures dropped after Apple ., the world’s largest company, disappointed investors with its first annual decline in sales since 2001.

The Australian dollar held gains ahead of key inflation data.

Apple fell as much as 2.9 percent in after-hours U.S. trading, dragging Nasdaq index futures 0.3 percent lower. 

Australian shares slipped along with equity futures in Japan, Hong Kong and the U.S

Rat In The Kitchen

Is the seventh Studio album by UB40. It is also a NOVELTY in this Japanese sounding bakery in Malaysia.
After being caught with their pants down, with a rat in the Kitchen, the bakery had this to say :
"We hope this doesn't deter you from your support towards our brand," Komugi Bakery Malaysia said.


Monday 24 October 2016

Hibiscus Brings The Higher Love

With the stock up by more than 6 per cent or two sen, it is the most actively traded equity on Bursa Malaysia.
At last count, Hibiscus is a 32 sen a share stock

Malaysia, Look Who Is Running Out Of Money

Singapore’s three largest banks are poised to report higher impairment charges for loans to the struggling oil and gas industry and weaker interest margins when they post third-quarter earnings in coming days.

DBS Group Holdings Ltd. is expected to lead the increase in impairment charges of S$255 million ($183 million) for the period, a 43 percent jump from a year earlier, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

DBS, Singapore’s largest bank by assets, and Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. will probably report a second consecutive quarterly profit decline, while United Overseas Bank Ltd. may post a 10 percent drop, analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg News show.

Teck Guan Perdana, After The UMA

And the ZERO sen limit up set by Bursa Malaysia last MONTH is back in the HIGH Life Again.

A 13 sen leap has helped the stock break the RM2 duck. Now trading at RM2.05,Teck Guan will be looking at its 52 week high of RM2.21 as the next target, as each trades EATS into its THINNING free FLOAT.

KStar, And CIMB says

Buy buy buy. Target 15 sen, cut loss at NINE sen a piece

KSTAR, Seven To Heaven

Is what the punters are banking on. This stock started ITS RUN at 7.5 sen a couple of trading days ago.
The stock is now trading at 11.5 sen and is sixth most ACTIVE stock


the China company with a pre tax profit of about RM18 million year to date on its financial calendar, and a share price of 0.03 sen, has seen its warrants burst into life.
Xinghe Warrants that expire on March 2019,  is the tenth most active equity traded on Bursa today.

Hibiscus Top Volume

But the price is all SQUARE at 30 sen. Expect DYNAMITE.

Bursa Bulls Get Ready To Break 1,700

Points. In the chart world, it's called RESISTANCE.

The key index now stands at 1677.60 points, hence on this TUESDAY morning, the bull's have got everything to play for, with the touch down line set at 1700 points.

The bears though, will have lower oil price and a not strong enough US dollar against the Ringgit, in its armour, knowing fully well, a failure to close down the 1700 points, risk turning the bears into BOUNTY

Samling Group Giving Up

On its 1.6 million ha forest concession in Guyana, which is most FAMOUS, due to a guy called JIM JONES.

The Guyana government says it is disappointed at the decision by Barama Company Ltd, the wholly-owned UNIT of Malaysia-owned Samling Global Limited, not to renew the forest concession and laying off employees.

Ringgit 4.17, But Watch Out

For Apple Corp's result. A strong showing by APPLE, could sting the Ringgit like a BEE.

At RM4.17 to the US Dollar, this is what the Ringgit will be facing today. It will be facing a US Dollar, which has put in a three day winning streak at the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index, which measures the U.S. currency against 10 counterparts.

That run, LEAVES the Dollar at its strongest POINT in 7 months, so dont bet too much against the dollar BULL, as you might end up with a whole lot of KERBAU , which doesn't sound so sexy as a BULL.

Samsung, When Shit Hits The Fan

is now facing a revolt at home as hundreds of owners of Samsung Electronics Co.’s fire-proneGalaxy Note 7 filed a class-action lawsuit demanding compensation.

To rub SALT into WOUND, , a South Korean investment advisory firm recommended shareholders vote AGAINST Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee joining the board, in the strongest public opposition so far to the heir-apparent’s ascension.

The twin setbacks come as the phonemaker grapples with the most serious crisis in its 47-year history, the debacle surrounding the global recall of a phone that’s been documented overheating and bursting into flame.

That brouhaha has pierced the company’s aura of invulnerability at home, and could prompt greater scrutiny of a national champion that once could do no wrong.

Hibiscus Petroleum, have legs

Will run. Having broken all SANE target, Hibiscus stands at 30 sen.

Is Hibiscus, the biggest GORENG pisang since IRIS Corp, or the Real Deal? We shall soon find OUT.

In the meantime, the 14 day relative strength index is at over bought coming in at 78.3, while the money flow index, which tracks block buying over a 14 day period is at a STRONG 71.65.

We all know Hibiscus is a dynamite stock, but we shall soon find out, if we are going strike it big like a dynamite, or get blown away with dynamite.

Futures Flash Green In Asia

Futures pointed to a higher open for Asian markets on Tuesday, despite a stronger dollar and falling oil prices tapering gains in the U.S. 

Nikkei futures in Chicago traded up 17,375, while Osaka futures were at 17,340; the Japanese benchmark index closed the Monday session at 17,234.42. 

In Australia, the ASX 200 index climbed 0.39 percent in early trade, with most sectors rising. The heavily-weighted financial sector was up 0.47 percent, with the country's so-called Big Four banks gaining.

Oil prices fell in the U.S. session amid renewed oversupply concerns. U.S. crude futures closed down 0.7 percent to $50.52 a barrel, after briefly slipping below the $50-handle.

Global Benchmark Brent finished down 0.6 percent at $51.46. 

What Tony Pua Did Not Tell You

Was, our armed force are the traditional vote bank for BN and in the budget proposed on Friday, it's the defence budget which got the deepest cut.

Malaysia's 2017 defence budget was cut by 12 per cent to RM15.06 billion.

This is the largest cut made to defence since 1998 , which will see spending  fall to its lowest level since 2012.

So the next time you read Mr Pua's "outsyed the box " take on the Budget, please remember, half a truth equals to ONE lie

Malaysia, F1, Apo Nak Dikato

According to Sepang CEO Datuk Ahmad Razlan Ahmad Razali, sales for the grand prix reached only 60 percent recently, in contrast to the MotoGP event, which is expecting a sell-out for this weekend's round of the championship.

Local media reported Razlan as saying the TV viewership for this year's Malaysian Grand Prix was the "lowest in history".

The circuit has a contract to host the grand prix until 2018, but a meeting between Sepang's shareholders and the ministry of finance will be held this week to decide the event's future.

Razlan said Formula 1 was no longer an exciting sport and that the country should re-consider the future of the grand prix.

All Down On The Bursa Malaysia Front

With after tax profit down by three per cent to RM143.5 million from the same period a year ago.

While the average trading value fell 6.1 per cent to RM1.85 billion a day in the first nine months of same year.

The government's fresh RM 3 billion injection into the capital markets should help the bourse, as well as the RM75 million for research and analysis of small cap stocks.

While the government can only do so much, it's time the regulators find ways to LEGALISE market making, instead of lumping all market making activities as SYNDICATE.


That should be the new name for Icapital.Biz Bhd, the fund manager company, which told Bursa Malaysia today that it's holding about RM299 million in cash.

Revenue for the first quarter was under RM5 million, while pre tax profit came in below RM2.5 million.

There has been a lot of pressure for Icapital to use the money to invest in the market. The management has been reluctant thus far.

Fair ENOUGH, but  please don't give us SHIT explaination like BELOW, to justify your POINT of View.

How Your share price performs is NOT an Indicator that YOUR call to hold on to the CASH is correct, it could well be as THE MARKET knows, the FUND managers from London buying up ICapital shares, so that they can eventually close down Icapital.Biz

China Made Cameras Took Down The Internet

A Chinese security camera maker said its products were used to launch a cyber-attack that severed internet access for millions of users, highlighting the threat posed by the global proliferation of connected devices.

The attackers hijacked CCTV cameras made by Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co. using malware known as Mirai, the company said in an e-mailed statement. While Xiongmai didn’t say how many of its products had been infiltrated, all cameras made before September 2015 were potentially vulnerable.

The attack, which took down sites including Twitter, Spotify and CNN for long stretches, underscored how hackers can marshal an increasing number of online gadgets, collectively known as the Internet of Things, to disrupt the internet on an unprecedented scale.

“Mirai is a huge disaster for the Internet of Things. XM have to admit that our products also suffered from hacker’s break-in and illegal use," Xiongmai said in its e-mail.

Millions of internet users lost access to some of the world’s most popular websites on Friday after hackers hammered servers along the U.S. East Coast with phony traffic until they crashed, then moved westward.

The attackers hit Dyn Inc., a provider of Domain Name System services. Agencies including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are investigating the outage but the perpetrators remain unknown.

Xiongmai said products made before September 2015 were vulnerable because they ran on older firmware, or software hard-wired into devices.

The company urged users to update their firmware and change their default usernames and passwords.

Security professionals have anticipated an increase in attacks from malware that target connected gadgets. 

In Friday’s instance, hackers launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack using tens of millions of malware-infected devices connected to the internet, according to Kyle York, Dyn’s chief strategy officer.


And respected by Friend and Foe, as the Japan Times reports THAT a group of former U.S. diplomats held closed-door talks at the weekend in KUALA LUMPUR with senior Pyongyang officials to BROKER peace.

The two-day meeting in Kuala Lumpur, which was confirmed by the South Korean and U.S. governments, was the latest in a series of unofficial talks commonly referred to as Track 2 that are closely monitored in the absence of any official contact between Washington and Pyongyang.

Sunday 23 October 2016

And Bloomberg Says, The Ultimate Warrior

Seeks An Ultimate Victory, With A Budget That Comes With Very Little Flaws, Because It's a doable and workable budget.
Read Here the article entitled : Najib Chases ‘Ultimate’ Win as Supporters Get Budget Goodies

Read it at :

What Happens When Najib Thinks "OutSyed The Box"

And instead of giving the people A FISH to eat, he encourages them to FISH instead.

In a NUTSHELL, that's what the PM did, with the RM4,000 allocation for those in the lower income to get a new car and become UBER drivers.

UBER Drivers here make any where between RM3000 and RM10,000 a month, and the PM is rightfully AWARE that you must start from the BOTTOM to build a HOUSE.

You cannot turn KAMPUNG folks overnight into nuclear scientists, so those who have this nations interest truly at HEART, kena SEGERA ...

Rusa banyak dalam rimba
Kera pun banyak tengah berhimpun
Dosa banyak dalam dunia
Segeralah kita minta ampun

Ringgit 4.18

To the US Dollar. But the heat is on, from Beijing To Baghdad, the Dollar bulls are being given the right signals to go on a rampage.

In Beijing, Chinese investors are holding back their money from being pumped into the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, in anticipation of a RATE hike in the USA.

While in Baghdad, Iraq has refused to BREAK BREAD with OPEC on output cuts.

As a result, Brent crude futures LCOc1 were trading at $51.59 per barrel at 0133 GMT, down 19 cents, or 0.4 percent, from their last close.

U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude was down 22 cents, or 0.4 percent, at $50.63 a barrel.

And To top this, PIMCO is LONG on the Dollar and SHORT on the Ringgit.

This is music to the ears of Malaysian Manufactures, one of the key economic component, PM Najib, has placed his bets on to revive Malaysia's economic fortune, in EYE of The Tiger style

BCM Alliance

Clearly Got The MOJO. Its up 7.5 sen to 26.5 sen . It's the most heavily traded stock, and number FIVE on the TOP Gainers list.

BCM's advisors for this listing exercise is M&A Securities.

The STAR Says

That a  special F R E S H fund of RM3 billion would be set up to invest in small and medium cap companies

And RM75 million has been allocated for the establishment of the Capital Market Research Institute  to conduct research on 300 companies.

You can read the article here :

All these efforts are an attempt to bring back the MOJO back to life on Bursa Malaysia.

And WHAT DOES THE MARKET say : Thank YOU, but P L E A S E find a WaY to LEGALISE "MARKET MAKING" like in the USA.

And The Star Says BCM Alliance

Could be Amongst the STOCKs that could see HEAVY trading ACTION

BCM Alliance, Does The Speed Queen Have Enough Speed

To Fire up the company , on Its DEBUT today on Bursa Malaysia.

The numbers indicate that BCM will have a good day today. There is only about 22 million shares in the market place, as the rest are 'locked up,'.

The IPO price is 19 sen, with JF Apex valuing the stock at 31 sen, while Vincent Tan' InterPac values BCM at 26 sen.

And what does BCM do ? Well it runs the Speed Queen self-service launderette outlets in major townships such as the Klang Valley, Johor and  Penang.

Is Xinghe Holdings A "Tapian" Stock

Or is Xinghe getting bashed because it is a China based company listed on Bursa Malaysia .

Up to the six months ended June 30 2016, Xinghe posted a pre tax profit of RM18.79 million.

It's NTA is 21.3 sen. The stock was last traded at THREE sen

Dollar Up, Apple In Focus, As

Stocks futures across Asia pointed to a mixed open ahead of a busy week for earnings reports in Japan, China and the U.S.

The euro was near its lowest since March while the dollar extended gains against the pound and the yen.

Equity-index contracts in Hong Kong declined with those in Australia, while Japan was little changed and futures in South Korea rose in most recent trading.

The pound and the yen both retreated 0.1 percent against the dollar. Oil held above $50 a barrel as Iraq, OPEC’s second-largest producer, balked at joining efforts to trim output to prop up prices.

A busy calendar for earnings this week will see Apple Inc. and Caterpillar Inc. in the U.S., and Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. release results, with more than 350 companies on Japan’s Topix index scheduled to give quarterly updates.

  Data is due on Japanese trade, along with inflation releases in Singapore and Vietnam, as well as the latest visitor figures for Macau, the gambling hub.

When Will Malaysia Have

UBER Eats , to give the likes of Food Panda a RUN for its Money.
Ever since, Food Panda Dropped Dome Restaurant from its list of services to Times Square, life has never been the same in swanky Kuala Lumpur.
UberEats has AlREADY hit the streets in Singapore, promising to bring food from your favourite restaurant, to your doorstep at UBER SPEED

OPEC's Bluff Just Got Caught

OPEC’s second-largest producer threw an obstacle in the group’s path toward a final deal to stabilize oil markets when Iraq balked at joining efforts to trim output to prop up crude prices.

Iraq should be exempted from cutting production because it’s embroiled in a war with Islamic militants, Oil Minister Jabber Al-Luaibi said Sunday at a news conference in Baghdad.

The country currently produces more than 4.7 million barrels a day it pumped in September, and Iraq’s output could rise higher still as the government urges international companies to boost production at its fields, he said

China Betting On A Fed Hike Next Month

The flood of Chinese money into the city before the mainland’s National Day celebrations in early October has slowed to a trickle since traders returned from the week-long break.

Investors in Shanghai spent more than $8 billion on Hong Kong shares in September, the biggest monthly inflow through the exchange link since it began in 2014.

Net buying this month has been just 7 percent of that amount, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

The narrowing valuation discount on the city’s dual-listed shares and concern about the Federal Reserve’s impending rate increase may have spurred mainland investors to turn off the taps, according to Hong Kong analysts. 

Budget Snapshot


- Budget stands at 260.8 billion ringgit ($62.3 billion), a rise of 3.4 pct from 2016

- 2017 revenue collection to expand around 3 pct to 219.7 bln rgt

- Budget deficit expected at 40.3 bln rgt or 3 pct of GDP for 2017


- 2017 tax revenue seen up 8.1 pct on corporate tax; oil revenue to remain weak

- Almost 30 bln rgt has been collected through GST as of Oct. 19

- PM Najib: goods and services tax will not be raised


- 214.8 bln ringgit for management, 46 bln rgt for development, 2 bln rgt for savings


- Govt will provide nearly 10 bln rgt for subsidy allocation in 2017

- Govt cash aid programme BR1M to be allocated 6.8 bln rgt in 2017


- Govt to enhance affordability for first-time home buyers by providing more land

- PR1MA to build more than 30,000 houses with selling prices from 150k-RM300k rgt

- Home financing will be made easier and more accessible to buyers

- To upgrade hospital facilities nationwide with an allocation of 536 mln rgt

- 4.5 bln rgt for the operations of clinics in city and rural areas

- 4 bln rgt for supply of drugs, vaccines etc to all govt hospitals and health facilities


- 2017 GDP forecast at 4.0-5.0 pct vs 4.0-4.5 pct estimate for 2016

- 2017 inflation forecast at 2.0-3.0 pct vs 2.0-2.5 pct for 2016

- Export growth estimated at 2.7 pct in 2017 vs 1.1 pct gain in 2016

- Expansion expected in services, manufacturing, agriculture, mining and construction

- C/A account surplus to narrow to 14.8 bln rgt in 2017 from 16.4 bln rgt in 2016

Malaysia Running With The Light

While our neighbours are running with the night, as PDRM comes out strongly against any plans to legalise online gambling.

Read Here :

They say, actions speaks louder than words, and our actions show, it's not us who ARE running out of MONEY.

Our immediate neighbours, Singapore has US$1.76 TRILLION worth of debts as at November 2015, which comes up to about 408 PER CENT of GDP, making them the most indebted nation in the PLANET based on Debt To GDP ratio.

They may NEED the MONEY, hence the okay for online gaming. Read Here how Joe Singapore are united in saying : TAK MAHU to Online gaming :

Our country's external debt to GDP is at 63 per cent, which is one of the lowest among the top trading nations.

From the Huffington Post To Oil, countries are being asked to emulate the Malaysian model, but ordinary Malaysians seems oblivious to this.

WHY? Because NURUL IZZAH and TONY PUA didn't TELL them SO.

Saturday 22 October 2016

ZERO revenue on Bursa Malaysia, coming to an end

With China Securities Regulatory Commission investigating six companies over alleged wrongdoings related to initial public offerings and disclosures.

In August, Bursa Malaysia was made into a LAUGHING stock when the China based Maxwell International Bhd said that their revenue was ZERO while losses came up to more than RM30 million.

Longbao Ginseng & Antler Co., which is applying for a listing, is among the companies, the CSRC said in a statement posted on its official Weibo account.

The five other companies, which have already gone public, are Guangdong Guangzhou Daily Media Co., Ingenious Ene-Carbon New Materials Co., Infotmic Co., P2P Financial Information Service Co. and Shenzhen Ecobeauty Co.

The US$1.7 Trillion Curse

Might find its cure in Malaysia, so says OILPRICE. COM.

The oil market is currently valued at US$1.7 TRILLION and as such, has the unique power to build or break nations.

Often referred to as the oil curse, many countries, such as Venezuela, Algeria and others, depend almost entirely on oil and gas income to sustain their economies, have seen their economies in DIRE STRAITS.

As such OILPRICE.COM suggest that African & South American oil rich nations can learn a thing or two from MALAYSIA by adopting a DUAL-track development strategy that pursues a strong manufacturing sector alongside natural resource exports. 

Daiman, Something Good Is Brewing

For this small cap property developer from Johor.
Over the past ten months, it's major shareholders have been buying the shares for THEMSELVES.
Ever since Damian Development Bhd's major shareholders started BUYING the shares for THEMSELVES, the company has stopped buying back it's own shares.
Damian now owns some TWO million of its own shares, while the major shareholder owns more than 104 million shares or some 49 per cent of the company.
Damian was last traded at RM2.39, with some over enthusiastic investors branding RM18, while the more sane investors are targeting a MONEY in THE BAG, RM4 a share target .

Reach Energy, Now That Sam Allardyce Has Been Spotted With Sir Alex Ferguson

WILL Miss Tee Lin Say's mysterious INVESTOR FINALLY SHOW UP to BUY up TO 20 Per cent of the COMPANY for 72 sen a piece?

In the meantime both England and Reach Energy seems to be getting "Tuff Love"

Reach Energy got some tuff love from its yield investors, namely Credit Suisse and Pacific Alliance Group.

Filling to the stock exchange on Friday and Thursday shows that the duo had bought more than 1.5 million shares.

The duo's recent purchases, seems to indicate, they are NOT going to sell the shares, and the WHOLE STAR report increasingly looks like a Hogwash.

Back in England, The FA which were forced to relieve Allardyce of his duties as England manager following allegations of corruption, now describes the whole episode as a TRAGEDY.

First They Trick Us, Then They Insult & Cheat Us.

And now finally, they want our SYMPATHY. Go read here what the BIG Taxi firms think about the budget :

Friday 21 October 2016

Malaysia Running On An Empty Tank

With hardly any innovation, and nothing to contribute to the world.

The Budget 2017, is such a joke, that the people who we sent to parliament to REPRESENT our INTEREST, were busy sitting outside of the Parliament.

This COUNTRY is 3rd largest market for start-ups in the WORLD, and WE are leading a quiet REVOLUTION, that even most Malaysian don't know, that to the OUTSIDE world WE ARE a REAL big BOY and out national budget is taken seriously across Europe and the US.

The PM is correct, this is the age of the digital economy. Malaysia’s successes is on the  BRINK of breaking its cloak of invisibility.
The world has TAKEN notice but when will Joe Malaysia stand up and notice that he actually has got one heck of a BACKYARD.

Here is a SNAPSHOT of the BEST we GOT in the digital platform :


Founded by serial entrepreneur, Andy Sitt, 123RF, the flagship of the Inmagine Group is the fourth largest royalty-free digital media library in the world with 60 million stock images, audio clips, video footage and illustration and sales presence in 40+ countries. More than 70% of its sales are from the US and Europe.

2) Grab

Founded in Malaysia, but now based in Singapore, Grab is often described as the startup unicorn of Southeast Asia. Grab was co-founded by Anthony Tan and Hooi Ling Tan who were motivated to enhance the safety of Malaysia’s substandard taxi industry. What began as a taxi booking app company quickly grew into a multi-service transportation provider.

Today, Grab is used by one in nine smartphone users in Southeast Asia, present in six countries and 30 cities in the region, and offers the most number of transport services which span private cars, carpools and even motorbikes.


Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Fusionex helps its clients manage, understand, and derive value from data. With offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States, Fusionex works with many fortune 500 clients worldwide, bringing innovative, breakthrough concepts and solutions to its clients


iflix is a subscription Video-on-Demand platform based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is considered the Netflix of Asia. iflix has partnerships with over 150 of the world’s most highly acclaimed studios and content distributors .

iflix was founded by Southeast Asia’s leading Internet Group, Catcha Group and Evolution Media Capital (EMC), a merchant bank focused on media, sports, and entertainment industries.

5) HappyFresh

HappyFresh is Southeast Asia’s leading hyperlocal food-tech company, enabling consumers to shop from their favourite grocery retailers via mobile and web platforms; using technology to enable delivery within one hour, even in traffic-congested cities such as Jakarta, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia Running Out Of Money

Has been the theme for those who say that we should not take Budget 2017 seriously .
"I am right, You are Wrong", Edward de Bono's masterpiece on lateral thinking is being used literally to bash Malaysia into the doomed economic club.
Does Malaysia have problems? You can bet on it, but are they terminal problems, or as financial experts say problems that occurs DUE to NORMAL course of Business 
Let's let the numbers do they talking, BECAUSE numbers CANNOT lie, they only state what is FACTUAL.
According to IMF, the World has US$152 trillion worth of debt, and this is the main reason why nations economies are due for slower growth.
The US is the most indebted nation with some US$19 trillion worth of debt, which is about 114 per cent of its GDP.
How about Malaysia, then . Well as at March 15 2015, We have about US$230 billion worth of external debt, which comes out to about 63 per cent of GDP.
Our immediate neighbours, Singapore has US$1.76 TRILLION worth of debts as at November 2015, which comes up to about 408 PER CENT of GDP.
At this level, based on Debt to GDP ratio, SIngspore is ACTUALLY, the most INDEBTED nation in the WORLD.
Malaysia is one of few leading trading nations whoes debt to GDP ratio is still in Double Digits.
So Tell me, who is RUNNING out of MONEY? Certainly not MALAYSIA, you might find the anwser on the OTHER side of the ROAD.


Next year ends in a 7. If you’re superstitious or a little loose with statistics, that makes us due for another financial crisis.

The biggest one-day stock drop in Wall Street history happened in 1987. The Asian crisis was in 1997.

And the worst global meltdown since the Great Depression got rolling in 2007 with the failure of mortgage lenders Northern Rock in the U.K. and New Century Financial in the U.S.

Jolie Taxi

This is the best policy that came out of the 2017 budget.

Malaysia will be the first country to give a rebate for the purchase of a new car specifically to become a driver for ride-sharing services.

PM, Najib said anyone who qualifies for the BR1M cash aid, will also be given the opportunity to buy a new car with a RM4,000 rebate for the express purpose of becoming a driver for ride-sharing services.

The offer is limited only to the Proton Iriz model.

The government should open the rebate for all types of cars, as many Proton driving UBER riders, have privately complained, that the cancellation of rides, for those using Proton cars, by consumers is amongst the highest in the industry.

Apparently, Malaysians prefer to sit inside foreign made cars

Thursday 20 October 2016

Apple: Many 'Genuine' Apple Products on Amazon Are Fake

APPLE says it has been buying Apple chargers and cables labeled as genuine on and has found nearly 90 percent of them to be counterfeit.

The revelation comes in a federal lawsuit filed by Apple against a New Jersey company on Monday over what Apple says are counterfeit products that were sold on Amazon.

In the lawsuit, Apple says Mobile Star imprinted Apple logos on cables and chargers that "pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock." It says the chargers and cables were being sold on Amazon as genuine Apple products.


That's what one US dollar will fetch you today against the Ringgit.
The larger picture here is that the DOLLAR is fast playing catch-up, in making up lost ground yesterday.
Yesterday, ONE US Dollar. Fetch RM4.16.

And The Singapore Business Times Says

With Malaysian stocks on the brink of their longest stretch of annual losses ever, one money manager is buying amid bets valuations and signs of shifting overseas sentiment will spur a rebound.

Gan Eng Peng of Affin Hwang Asset Management Bhd says earnings are stabilising after sinking to the lowest since 2011, while an undervalued ringgit may prompt foreigners to consider buying again. Overseas brokers he spoke to have signalled unusual interest in Malaysia, says Mr Gan, who took "big positions" in three of the largest stocks including Sime Darby Bhd and CIMB Group Holdings Bhd. The move comes in a market clouded by weak profits and a scandal linked to a state fund.

"After nine quarters of earnings disappointment, we could be reaching the end of the downgrade cycle," said Mr Gan, equities head of Kuala Lumpur-based Affin Hwang, whose Select Opportunity Fund beat 97 per cent of peers with an 11 per cent return in the past year.

"Foreign funds are on the hunt for ideas in Malaysia. The strong outperformance of Indonesia, political issues in Thailand and Philippines, could drive some re-balancing of monies into Malaysia."

Mieco GO Is Good

As DEAD. Ng Ah Chai made a mandatory general offer for Meico at 90 sen a share.

The stock now trades at RM1.03, though volume so far is not convincing enough, for Meico to retest the RM1.40 level now.

That could however change in December though, if the dollar keeps firm, and the spring cleaning takes place as planned.

I like Meico, but this no contra Meico's real potential might only be realised in 2017.

SYF Resources should be a good proxy if one feels Meico is to expensive in absolute terms, because in Ng Ah Chai, both firms boast the same common dominant shareholder.

Head Fake In Crude Oil, Will End

In TEARS, the experts say, hence the market should not eat too much into the crude oil price rally cake.

True or False. You can read it all here at :

The Dollar Bull Looks Unstoppable

With the European Union sticking to their QE plan, there is no where for MONEY to go to but to the USA.
Don't read too much into the small rise of jobless claims, as they were due to partly because of natural disasters.
A deeper look at the jobless numbers, will show you why, this DOLLAR BULL, has some massive testosterone's to PLAY with.
Jobless filings have been below 300,000 for 85 straight weeks -- the longest streak since 1970 and a level typical for a healthy labour market.
That'46 years and counting. So the Ringgit might take a step or two forward due to rising oil prices, but after the ECSTASY dies DOWN, the Dollar Bull is going to play the sweet chin music.
That should be sweet music for Malaysian Exporters, who are finally going to get a solution tomorrow on their foreign labour shortage

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Will The Govt Bring Back

Inheritance tax in Malaysia , that was abolished in 1991.

Until then, net worth exceeding RM2 million  was taxed at five per cent, and a rate of 10 percentwas imposed on net worth exceeding RM4 million.

We shall soon find OUT tomorrow.

The Dollar Bulls Come Out Fighting

Texas style, pushing the Ringgit to RM4.17.
Overnight the Ringgit was traded at RM4.16, after touching an intraday high of RM4.20.
A positive Beige book, has put life back into the Dollar, with the Ringgit despite having a stronger crude oil price in its ringside, must surely be aware, that from the word go today, it's got ONE HECK of a FIGHT on its HANDS.
The Beige Book, more formally called the Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions, is a report published by the United States Federal Reserve Board eight times a year

The Devil Is In The 50 Day Moving Average

For the 29th-straight session, the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.22% has closed below its 50-day moving average, but has yet to fall enough to even touch its 200-day moving average on an intraday basis.

That marks the longest stretch the Dow has wavered below its 50-day MA but above its 200-day MA since the 29-day stretch ending in November 1989.

During the current streak, the Dow has closed below its 50-day MA, which currently extends to about 18,330, since Sept. 9, 2016.

During that time, the closest the intraday low came to the 200-day MA was Oct. 13, when the low of 17,959.95 was more than 300 points above the 200-day MA at 17,640 at the time.

Since the 50-day MA has been falling by about 7 points a day, and the 200-day MA has been rising by about 5 points, the Dow will need to close Thursday up over 120 points, or fall at least 541 points intraday, to break the streak.

Why this Dollar Bull Just Won't Go Away

The construction of U.S. single-family housing surged in September, though a drop in apartment building pushed overall home building activity to an 18 month low.

But Wednesday's report from the U.S. Commerce Department also showed building permits jumping last month, suggesting overall residential construction may rise again in the fourth quarter.

In its Beige Book report also published on Wednesday, the Federal Reserve struck an upbeat note on the housing market, saying residential real estate activity expanded in most districts in recent weeks.

The East Is Green

Most Asian index futures signaled gains with oil near a 15-month high and the dollar nursing further losses. Mexico’s peso traded around its strongest level in six weeks before the final U.S. presidential debate.

Shares in Australia rose a third day, while those in New Zealand retreated amid a mixed outlook for Japanese stocks.

Futures on indexes in Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai advanced, however, with the S&P 500 Index capping its steepest back-to-back climb in three weeks on Wednesday

A Crash Like 1987

Is the sky falling for stocks?

Time to head for the hills and put all your money into cash and gold?

You Be The Judge.

But some investors are starting to worry the market could be due for another huge sell-off -- just like the infamous Black Monday crash that happened exactly 29 years ago.

October 19, 1987.

In anticipation of this not exactly significant milestone, some traders have started to circulate a stock chart that appears to show eerie parallels to 1987.

If you look at it quickly, it's more frightening than any creepy clowns that may be wandering around your neighborhood this Halloween.

The chart simply traces the current performance of the S&P 500 over the 1987 chart. It doesn't take into account percentage moves

Malaysia, Why Give Love A Bad Name

Pops out of my mind, each time I type Malaysia on the Google News Search Engine.
Check Out the LIST below. Are we that bad, weird, crazy and out of this world ????
I don't think so...I might be wrong, but I hope not coz in Tanah Darahku Tumpah!!!!.

If You Are The Contra Man

Then, Vivocom looks like match made in heaven for Y O Ü, if indeed word on the street, proves to be SPOT ON, that the Budget will favour mega construction projects.

Such projects should help the likes of Gadang, Bina Puri and Gamuda, though at 18.5 sen, in absolute VALUE, nobody comes cheaper than the China backed Vivocom.

Ringgit 4.16, And Counting

As the bull's take the small window of opportunity, which saw oil giant's Haliburton's share price in New York shoot up by five per cent.

U.S. commercial crude inventories fell by 5.2 million barrels to a total of 468.7 million barrels in the week through Oct. 14, the Energy Information Administration reported. 

Analysts polled by Reuters had expected the EIA to report a crude build of 2.7 million barrels.

Benchmark Brent crude futures were up 89 cents, or 1.7 percent, at $52.57 a barrel by 2:38 p.m. ET (1838 GMT), having earlier risen as high as $53.14.

U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures settled up $1.31, or 2.6 percent, at $51.60 a barrel, the best settle since July 14, 2015.

They touched $51.93 at the peak of the session, the highest level since July 16, 2015, when WTI hit $52.17.

Bangla's ® Coming

So says the Dhaka Tribune, citing sources from the Bangladesh Embassy here in Kuala Lumpur.

According to the  report, Malaysia will HONOUR a Government to Government PLUS agreement signed with the Bangladesh way back in February.

Recently, Top Glove had been very vocal on the lack of affordable labour in Malaysia, citing flip flops in policy, as one of key reasons why they have had to expand operations to China and Thailand.

The Taiwanese have also been complaining, that they can't get affordable labour in Malaysia.

You can read the entire Dhaka Tribune report here :

Mercedes Bashes The Beamer

As TOP PREMIUM marquee in MALAYSIA with, sales in the first nine months of the year expanding ten per cent to 9,047 units sold.
At this pace, the Stuttgart car maker is on course to post record sales this year.
The highest sales in Malaysia, thus far for Mercedes Benz, stand at 10,845 units, which was notched just a year ago.

Saudi's Need Oil To Be At US$79.70

To BREAK EVEN says the  International Monetary fund.

The KINGDOM'S fiscal break-even price will drop to US$79.70 a barrel this year from US$92.90 in 2015, the IMF said in areport released on Wednesday.

In April, the IMFprojected that the Saudi break-even price would decrease by 30 percent this year, to US$66.70 a barrel from US$94.80.

The new NUMBERS, released ahead of Saudi Arabia’s first-everinternational bond sale, suggest that the government’s efforts to cut costs and diversify its economy away from petroleum are having less of an effect than the IMF forecast previously

Kossan Rubber

Your DATE of Notice is Wrong. it is not POSSIBLE for EPF to have NOTIFIED your company secretary on 17 March 2016, that they TRADED on some Kossan Shares on OCTOBER 2016.
Time Travel as we know it, is still not possible...or is it Kossan Rubber????

Jolie Taxi ....

UBER and GRAB car drivers will be required to get a YEARLY renewable Drivers’ Card, starting NEXT year.

Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chief executive Mohd Azharuddin Mat Sah r said the new rule will be implemented after the Land Public Transport Act 2010 is amended.

“This Drivers’ Card system is only valid for a year, and those who wish to renew that card have to be inspected and vetted in detail first,” he was quoted saying on Wednesday (Oct 18) to local daily Utusan Malaysia.

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Malaysia, The Grass Here Is As Green As On The Other Side Of The Road.

With more than US$400 billion of proposed energy projects worldwide have been delayed since mid-2014 and pushed into 2017 and beyond, according to consulting firm Wood Mackenzie Ltd, OUR NEIGHBOURS SINGAPORE is FACING the HEAT.

Singapore, the global center for oil-rig construction for decades, the slowdown contributed to the economy contracting the most in four years in the third quarter.

Businesses that have relocated to MALAYSIA over FROM SINGAPORE in recent months include McDermott, Technip, and Subsea 7.

As a RESULT , over a 104 week period more than US$24 billion has been WIPED OUT from the market value of Keppel, Sembcorp and Singapore’s other listed oil-services companies -- or about two thirds of their pre-July 2014 capitalization.

Since then, at least 25,000 jobs have been axed and one company, Swiber Holdings Ltd., has defaulted.

“We’ll see more failures within the oil services sector,” said Song Seng Wun, regional economist with CIMB Private Banking in Singapore, in a telephone interview with Bloomberg.

Malaysia Airlines Fights For Your Money

As, fare cuts to London, expands the national carriers share of the KL-London market.

Malaysia Airlines Bhd's Chief Executive Officer Peter Bellew said fare cuts aimed at boosting passenger numbers on Kuala Lumpur-London flights are bearing fruit, with the carrier’s market share up 9 percentage points in the past 11 weeks.

Malaysia Airlines, which saw passenger confidence slump after two fatal crashes in 2014, now accounts for 53 percent of traffic between the two cities, up from 40 percent as recently as May.

Bellew, who took over on July 1, said in an interview.

British Airways has a 20 percent market share, he added.

Gadang, Vivocom

Attracting INTEREST, ahead of the BUDGET, as Investors are banking on Big INFRASTRUCTURE spending by the Government.

But it's always best to HEAR it from the HORSES mouth. The PM himself have said that 2017 will be the YEAR of Internet ECONOMY.

Psy close ATTENTION to Iris Corp and POS Malaysia. And since the PM will be finding a SOLUTION soon on foreign labour shortage here, don't discount an export play taking shape, after the DUST on the Budget, has SETTLED.

EXODUS - Investors Sing The Redemption Song

And flee Japan. After dumping their Tokyo stock holdings for four of the past five months, foreigners are on track for their biggest annual EXODUS since 1987.

Back then, they were fleeing bubbly valuations and the BLACK MONDAY crash. This time, they’re fed up with Shinzo Abe’s ineffectual economic policies and the surging yen.

The US$59 billion outflow, bigger than in any of the 33 markets tracked by Bloomberg, helps explain why unprecedented exchange-traded fund purchases by the Bank of Japan have failed to prevent a 12 percent slide in Tokyo’s Topix index this year.

With overseas funds pulling out faster than the BOJ can buy, some of the world’s biggest investors say there’s little hope for a market revival anytime soon.

Leonardo DiCaprio Talks On 1MDB

Leonardo DiCaprio says he's awaiting direction from the U.S. Justice Department regarding any ill-gotten funds that may have supported his environmental foundation or 2013 film "The Wolf of Wall Street."

The Oscar-winning actor released a statement through his representatives Tuesday saying he will return any gifts or donations connected to a Malaysian wealth fund, pending a fraud investigation of that fund by the U.S. and other countries. 

Ringgit Stands At 4.20 As

Stocks in Asia look poised to extend their rebound, with most index futures foreshadowing gains ahead of key data on China's economy. The dollar held declines.

Shares in New Zealand rallied from a three-month low after gains in the U.S. and Europe helped lift MSCI’s global equity gauge by the most in almost a month.

Futures on indexes in Japan, Australia and South Korea advanced before reports on Chinese growth, retail sales and factory output

Stronger Growth As

A Malaysian government-backed think tank forecast economic growth to accelerate to between 4.5% and 5.5% next year helped by stronger domestic demand and exports recovery.

The government should unveil an expansionary budget for the next year with some fiscal measures to further strengthen domestic demand, and offer incentives to encourage private investments, Zakariah Abdul Rashid, an executive director of the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research, also known as MIER, said at a news briefing.