Friday 31 December 2021

Tengku Zafrul's : Jembalang Pokok Ketapang

is a song from Yo Comivator, who gets almost zero airtime on main stream radio stations,  but has a sizeable under ground following. By the way , Jembalang means Goblin in English.

First things first,  the cat is out of the bag finally on why the Rakyat will not be getting the one of RM10k payment from the EPF any time soon.  READ : Menteri Kewangan : Sekiranya pengeluaran ini dibenarkan lagi, KWSP terpaksa menjual pegangan saham dan bon di luar dan dalam negara secara besar-besaran.

Secondly, Tengku Zafrul  is finally hitting back on those who have been using him as a punching bag. 

Tidak ganggu orang
Aku malas menyibuk
Jangan jadi lalang
Hidup biar tenang
Kenapa ada problem
Aku pulak kena serang
Orang punya masalah
Aku yang dapat dosa
Kalau buat onar
Sila tanggung sendiri

I told you so,  way back on November 6 2021 READ : Another round of withdrawal will hurt account holders as WELL AS THE EPF,

Also I told you so last month READ : Zafrul has had enough of being everyone's football

So has Zafrul gone rogue in indirectly hitting at the real big wigs in UMNO?  I doubt it. From what I understand,  it looks like he has the Prime Minister"s ear and blessing!!!

Malaysia's Year of Living of Dangerously : No more Ace To Play, Winner Takes It All

is a song from ABBA , taken from its1980 Super Trooper album which peaked at number one on the UK charts.

2022 is Malaysia's year of living Dangerously, because this is the year that is too close to call.

played all my cards
And that's what you've done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play
The winner takes it all
The loser's standing small

 Will the economy boom?  Can it boom if we are going to be hit by a tsunami of a pandemic? READ : Health DG warns of ‘pandemic tsunami’ due to Omicron, Delta variants.

Will Ismail Sabri be booted out as Prime Minister?   Again It's too close to call. If the Prime Minister,  blinks and retweaks the Government's stand on Digital Nasional Bhd,  then he is ripe for the taking.  READ :Tun Mahathir : Kerajaan tidak bersikap prihatin terhadap malapetaka yang menimpa rakyat.

NAJIB RAZAK ,  I believe has come to terms virus or no virus,  he must push for an early General Election in order to pierce open the road back to Putrajaya.

ANWAR IBRAHIM, won't  be Prime Minister in 2022, but he will have a big on who will be the Prime Minister.  His ridiculous  allegations  on Digital Nasional Bhd  READ : Anwar ingatkan, DNB boleh jadi skandal lebih besar dari 1MDB

seems to suggest he is more aligned to the Zahid Hamidi/Najib camp rather than Ismail Sabri.

Muhyiddin Yassin is the odd man out. BERSATU is too weak to challenge  UMNO, but strong enough to take PKR's votes in a GE

2022 could end up being a wonderful year for 
Malaysia or it could end up being the worst year. There is no middle ground on politics or the economy.  

5G Shakedown, Karma Returns with Vengence : Who's Your Money On

is a single taken from the Inhaler's debut album It Won't  Always be like this, which topped the UK charts upon release this July.

It won't last
Time will pass
The thunder comes
On so fast
Who's your money on?
This plastic house is built on sand

It is written that a house built on rock will stand against time, while the ones built on sand will wither away.  What can I  say EXCEPT

Will Zahidi Zainul Abidin,  a Deputy Minister who has constantly  challenged Ericsson's RM11 billion contract award, after bidding  RM700 million lower than its rivals change his TUNE ?

Zahidi, who was overseas during the floods that ravaged my country,  had raised a point on the financially strong Ericsson  READ If Ericsson goes bankrupt, what will happen to this project? The rakyat want to know,”

I am CERTAIN, the RAKYAT will want to know and view with the UTMOST concern if Huawei is brought into the picture,  especially so since READ : ON THIS DATE : 21 SEPT 2021, Huawei chairman Eric Xu, hopes that the company will remain in existence 10 years from now, as revenue fall RM225 Billion

The truth is that 5G must not be seen as a plaything for you and me or even as a way to make an extra Ringgit or Two.  

Yes All these are important, but they pale with why the Government  has gone with Digital Nasional Bhd.

5G is our commitment and investment for a different Malaysia. The Malaysia,  we once had, but lost along the way.  

It's an investment on the future,  so that a child from Changloon in Kedah all the way to the child at swanky Kenny Hills will stand an equal chance to succeed. READ : The Man who runs Malaysia's sole entry in World's top 50 international schools, says all schools must be connected to the 5G Grid.

We cannot do, what we have done before and HOPE for success.  We will fail,  just like how we are now standing,  on the brink of failure.  The facts are as below, which we must rectify,  or we will surely fail :

1. MCMC must change its ways and insist on a minimum 95 per cent or even 100 per cent coverage of entire Malaysia. READ : CURRENTLY : the operator must provide connectivity to 95% of the population, not 95% of the geographical area.

2. Support Prime Minister Ismail Sabri aim to fight DIGITAL POVERTY  by providing equal  connection at equal speed to every Malaysian at the same cost. READ : Digital access is as vital as clean water and reliable energy supply if we want NO Malaysian to be left behind.

3. Accept that the telcos have had a field day with the 4G, which they help build with Huawei at the expense of the rakyat -consumer,  and move on by not falling into the same shit hole.  READ Laos and Vietnam have faster internet speed than Malaysia, which saw download speed fall at 4.8 per cent in 2020

4. The government of the day must  honour its word, as long as there is no corrupt practice is involved and not backtrack just because some powerful politicians are demanding a policy U TURN to a model which is a proven failure. NOTE :  Digital Nasional Bhd,  which is 100 per cent owned by the Government of Malaysia todate have inked agreements with private foreign companies such as Deutsche Bank & Ericsson  to the tune of  RM11.4 billion.

Tuesday 28 December 2021

PART 2 : Ismail Sabri's 5G word : The Winner Takes it ALL

is the last top ten hit for the evergreen ABBA in the USA.  The single is from, the super trooper album, which went Gold in most countries in Western Europe.

No self-confidence
But you see
The winner takes it all
The winner takes it all
 So the winner takes it all
And the loser has to fall
Throw the dice, cold as ice
Way down here, someone dear
Takes it all, has to fall
And it's plain, why complain?

Ismail  Sabri,  the luckiest man in Malaysia in 2021,  has only a single shot left, to prove that he indeed is the boss.  

He can do that by standing his ground  for the cornerstone of his maiden budget as Prime Minister. RECAP & RE READ : Digitalisation agenda, including implementation of 5G, which will be led by Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB), is the Focus of Ismail Sabri's maiden Budget as Prime Minister

One should smell blood when foreigners and foreign countries starts stepping on one's  head on  assumption that one is weak on security.

Throwing a life line for Huawei, at this point, though at no fault of the Chinese, is challenging at best READ :  TINY Lithuania, exposes cybersecurity risk, urges Civil Servants to throw away Huawei devices.

 Why am I insistent,  that throwing Huawei a lifeline at this point will be act that undermines the Prime Minister?

Well this week alone we have seen open challenges to our sovereignty and harmony from foreign  entities.

Zakir Naik,   who had been silent as church mouse when Muhyiddin Yassin, a known hawk when it comes to national security was Prime Minister, has suddenly found his voice.  READ : Based in Malaysia, Zakir Naik cautions Muslims against joining Christmas festivities,

Add this to the odd case of Indonesia officially and openly doing something neighbour's rarely do,  and this too coming so soon after Ismail Sabri took the trouble to go meet President  Jokowi in Jakarta . READ : From Ache with Love : Unwanted immigrants allowed to sail for Malaysia.

This is a cruel act, considering we ourselves are drowning in flood.  The Prime Minister,  must not only act,  he must be seen to act, by showing the world that national security is in our blood.

EPF : It's a SIn

is the 1987 mega hit for the Pet Shop Boys,  from the album ACTUALLY . The song is still going strong to this day,  despite a thirty year gap.

It's a SIN,  that  READ : 3.6 million EPF members have less than RM1k in savings.  But who is to be blamed here?   

  It's always with a sense of shame
I've always been the one to blame
For everything I long to do
No matter when or where or who
Has one thing in common, too
It's a, it's a, it's a, it's a sin

The EPF should get off its high horse and how many percentage of its members had less than RM1000 before Covid 19? 

Stop making the people look incompetent.   Why don’t  EPF speak the truth,  that the people saved this country with their EPF money.

Prior to any of the I scheme,  didn't EPF do any research on what will happen If an early withdrawal scheme  took shape.

WHY was EPF silent then?  I agree with EPF on trust and eroding of trust.  Members should see the EPF  statement  READ ; EPF warns of ‘erosion of trust’ if withdrawals continue 

For what it is : a political statement

Ismail Sabri's 5G word : All or Nothing at All

is song a that topped the charts and sold over a million copies some 78 years ago for Frank Sinatra.  The song was written a couple of years before that in 1939 by Jack Lawrence with composer Arthur Altman.

And if I fell under the spell of your call
I would be, I'd be caught in the undertow
So you see, I have got to say no, no
All or nothing at all
All or nothing at all
Nothing at all

Having made digitalisation, and that too the one  led by Digital Nasional Bhd, the cornerstone of budget 2022   the Prime Minister has little choice but to stand his ground or he will be branded a weak leader.

The Prime Minister cannot afford to be seen by the Tik Tok generation, as a leader who will back off,  from  the backbone of his Budget,  which is the digitalisation plan. READ ,:   Agenda pendigitalan diberi tumpuan dalam Bajet 2022 - Ismail Sabri.

Those who want to send Digital Nasional Bhd  to the gallows will try all sorts of tricks,  having failed to match,   the lowest cost with best efficiency model championed by DNB.

The latest attempt surprisingly comes from opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim,  who once again excels in getting his facts wrong.  READ : Anwar Ibrahim wants the Government to suspend big ticker projects such as DNB, that will eat into the national budget to help flood victims

For Anwar Ibrahim's information,  DNB gets its funding from the private capital market and not from the government. 

Ismail Sabri has a chance via 5G and DNB to checkmate his rivals within and outside of UMNO, failing which, Ismail Sabri will most likely be the game for those eyeing his seat.

Monday 27 December 2021

Hanya Di Malaysia Perdana Menteri dan Ketua Pemuda UMNO sama sama berkata : Bukan PHO

is a song from Liany Panuma &  Aldo Bz,  which bossed Tik Tok in the early parts of last year.

Today we have a  different type of Bukan Pho which is a street slang for perosak hubungan orang but in English, the appropriate term is It wasn't me..

Sekarang su terjadi baru ko ganas
Ko bawa dia sudah biar ko puas
Jujur sa su bilang
De yang gatal gatal sa
De yang mati gila sa
De yang gatal gatal sa

Two weeks ago,  UMNO youth head Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki had us believe READ ;  i-Citra KWSP: PM bincang dengan Menteri Kewangan

Ismail Sabri however said READ : PM says ‘no’ to EPF withdrawals as flood aid.

Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki should do some soul searching :  1. Does he have the PM's ear . 2. Is he being kicked like a football. 3. Why is he blaming Tengku Zafrul when Ismail Sabri is the boss?.

Lim Kim Yew, Malu APA ???? : BolehBla!!!

is a song from Malaysian hip hop singer Yonniboii,  which was released in 2019, which is some two years ago. 

Lee Kim Yew , I personally feel is out of touch with the  seismic shift on the ground. READ ; AIB BESAR MENGUNDANG NAJIB RAZAK.

Banyak semak-samun yang ku cuba untuk sapu
Sampah merata masyrakat tak boleh maju
I got low self-esteem but now I'm out of my box
Not a rapper, not a singer, I'm the voice in the box
You ain't gotta be that way
'Gila-BABI' that's a phrase
Kau boleh, boleh, boleh, boleh bla
Siapa? Mengapa?
Tak tahu? Mengapa?
Tak suruh kau suka pon (takyah)

It is best,  for Lim Kim Yew to open his eyes,  as the seismic shift have now taken a form and shape, that is ready for conquest.

 Indeed,  Najib Razak  is now a DANGEROUS  man,  far more DANGEROUS than when he was Prime Minister.

The World Chinese Economic Forum,  I believe recognises that the inept running of  the country especially the economy from the PH Government, and the ones led by Muhyiddin Yassin  and now Ismail Sabri,

has turned Najib Razak into the king of hearts, in Malaysian politics, regardless or shall I say inspite of 1MDB.  

And why is this so...only the man in the mirror knows 

Sunday 26 December 2021

Famili Malaysia : Own My Own

is the biggest hit for Patti Labelle & Michael Mcdonald,  two living legend,  who recorded the song in different studios miles apart.

I checked my phones after a very hectic yesterday,  only to find that the ONE GB free internet for Malaysians introduced by the much maligned Muhyiddin  Yassin was no longer an option I could use.  READ : Muhyiddin Yassin : Free Internet For Every Malaysian

Having checked the phones of a couple of friends the results were the same. I hope it's just a glitch,  especially  at a time when Malaysia has been bruised by floods, unseen before by our eyes in this land.

Now here I stand...
I wonder why
I'm on my own
Why did it end this way?
This wasn't how it was supposed to be...
On my own

If it is true that the Jaringan Prihatin is done with,  the Government  where the buck stops with ISMAIL SABRI,  understand this,  there are millions of us,  and even within UMNO, we know this is not what the leadership wants.

The UMNO leadership had pushed for the RM10k one off I Citra ,  but the Government  where the buck stops with ISMAIL SABRI,  did not do so but we gave him the benefit of the doubt and now this. 

I really hope it's a glitch 

SHIT!! buck up lah Ismail Sabri or soon there will be a tsunami of a voice to resurrect  Muhyiddin Yassin  and this time he won't  miss!!!

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 6: Communication Let Me Down

was a big hit for  Spandau Ballet,  way backin 1983. The song is listed in rhe group's third album  TRUE.

TRUTH  or dare, we shall soon find out,  thiough I can tell you at the Malaysian  telco heaven,  the God .'s  were concerned about an all out attack on Digital Nasional Bhd

The telcos  were hiding a secret unknown  to the Malaysian public until this  year.  READ :

But at the sana time rhe service provided is AMONG the  WORST IN South Eazy Asia, READ ;  The 5G future ready mantra has a slow network connection problem. Consumers are paying premium money for third rate service

Waiting for the bell to ring
Short change, fumble
Dial-a-heart trouble
And I ain't got time for searching through the rubble, oh no
Well, I know
Communication let me down
And I'm left here
Communication let me down
And I'm left here, I'm left here

The telcos know it and wants to have peace with Digital Nasional Bhd  as the 

truth will definitely come out. 

But there is another master in  this GAME,  one that is willing to let  READ : RM230 billion investment in education go up in smoke in order to pocket a maximum RM35billion.

Next Week Past 7 :  Master and Slave,  the untold story

Saturday 25 December 2021

Ismail Sabri , 5G, You can win if you want

is the second single from Modern Talking's debut album, 'The First Album' in 1985.  The song was a global success globally:

You can win if you want
If you want it you will win

On your way you will see
That life is more than fantasy
Take my hand follow me

Dr Vincent Chain,  who core owns Fairview International  School has asked a very important question.

The PRIME MINISTER  must have the anwser to this question as well as plans on how to execute  it,  before a decision on how Malaysia's 5G ambition will take shape.

Malaysia's future depends on it.

Thursday 23 December 2021

BIG mouth STRIKES again!!!

is a single taken from the Smiths third studio album The Queen is Dead ,  a multiplatinium  album that still sells well to today.

Bigmouth strikes again
And I've got no right to take my place
To the Human race
Bigmouth strikes again
And I've got no right to take my place
To the Human race

What can I set except READ :  Bill Gates predicts 'worst part of pandemic' coming

His claims came at about the same time,  Germany said  READ : A FOURTH Covid shot will be needed to tackle Omicron as it considers a Vaccine mandate.

The bad news is that if we survive the latest  onslaught,   we have to get ready for the fight of our lives as Dr Mark Dybul, a Georgetown imunologist and medical professor  warned by spring we will be facing a fully Vaccine resistant Covid.

This can potentially collapse  the Asian economy at worst, at best companies aren't going to expand aggressively until the FAT LADY SINGS.

Wednesday 22 December 2021

The 90 per cent man Learns That : Heaven is Place on Earth.

is former Go Go's lead singer Belinda Carlisle's one and only chart topper in the USA , taken from her second album Heaven is a place on Earth.

The Gods  must be crazy  or a very cruel sence of humour to put Ismail Sabri under torment in the very month,  the following infamous statement was made  READ :  Ismail Sabri gives his Ministers a 90 per cent score for a job well done.

Believe it or not,  the cartioon above first appeared  29 years ago, just around the same time,  Bukit Bintang's legendary member of Parliment Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye quit politics.

During the three decades, after having quit politics,  I personally have not read Lee Lam Thye make a  statement  that can have a political impact,  until YESTERDAY.

Lee Lam Thye is spot on . Every Ministry and the Ministers helming them should be held accountable  on  the slow response during the flood.

They should count themselves lucky that we are not living in medieval China. READ : How A leader can lose the right to lead by losing the mandate from heaven

Having said that,  perhaps its best for the Prime Minister to chop some heads off at the cabinet level,  or put his money where his mouth that his Ministers indeed  deserves a 90 per cent score   because

Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth
Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth
Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth
Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth
Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth
Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth

AnD it has the ability to pass judgements too!!!