Thursday 28 January 2021

Malaysia, Ebit Liew, . When Doves Cry

Was a massive hit for Prince, which proppeled him to be the only artist comparable or even slightly ahead of Michael Jackson.

Its something like Pele or Maradona...who is the greatest. For me it will always be Maradona. 

Anyway, what does Doves Cry mean, and what has it got to do with Malaysia.  Let's start with the stock market.

After years of getting hit in the teeth by funds and institutions, FED UP Malaysians have decided to say NO MORE, and in true KARATE KID style they have decided to make their maiden stand to defend the ionic Top Glove Bhd.  The Edge has the story .CLICK HERE

Coming back to what Doves Cry means, since Prince with an IQ  of 179, never really said what it was all about, some speculate that it could mean:

Sounds like Prince is really trying to drive the message home that something needs to CHANGE from bad to good just like the symbolism from Doves crying. One can read more by CLICKING HERE

On a personal note I am concerned that the Covid infection rate has surpassed the 4000 mark  and Code Blue had a 20,000  a day infection rate story.  You can read it by just CLICKING HERE

Surpassing the 4000 is fact, the 20,000 could well be fallacy.  Regardless, does this warrant these cookies below. No wonder UMNO Youth wants to pick Azmin Ali's brain.

2) All Go For 10pm
4) Pick Azmin Ali's brain
5) Now that PAS goverance (MUST READ)

With all these going on. Me, and a Malay professor  friend of mine will like to take this opportunity  to say thank you to Ebit Liew. You are indeed a son of this soil and a true blue Malaysian. Please read his story by CLICKING HERE

Wednesday 27 January 2021


Was a smash hit for Saykoji. Lyrics to this song goes something like this ;

Apapun mereka bilang
Tekadku takkan hilang
Jalanku masih panjang
Garis akhir yang kupandang

Yup. What matters most is the end game, and I can assure you on this point the dead can't be hurt by joblessness, or even a ruined economy.

But we the living will be effected. Hence, we have to ask ourselves,  are we willing to absorb a short tsunami of a  strike, and then live to fight another day.

The need for a new but fierce and strict lockdown are obvious, the effects though are  damning to millions. 

You can reead it ; HERE  and HERE 
The plus point is we live to fight another day, a fight we can easily win as Japan and South Korea have proven when they were razed to ground zero by World War 2 and the Korean War.

Why the need for a total lockdown .? The reason is because unlike everyone of us:, NUMBERS DO NOT LIE, THEY MERELY STATE THE SITUATION ON THE GROUNF.

The Code Blue  health portal  has some numbers for you to read, absorb and understand ;

1. Malaysia's Lost Year 
2. Malaysia in top 20, fastest growing Covid 19 spread
4. Malaysia is under testing

Meanwhile, Sourh China Morning Post had damning article on Malaysia's Covid 19 fight. READ HERE

An owner of an App company once told me that he has to eat the sweet, sour , bitter and all the rest, because as the boss he has to take the good and the bad of his people, and then come up with a winning strategy.

PM 8, Janganlah Gagap!!!.  Code Blue is a hospital code used to indicate a patient requiring immediate resuscitation.

That is the state of the nation now!!! This is your time to be a leader of man, save our country, cement your legacy. Don't be led by men  instead!!!!

Sunday 24 January 2021

Muhyiddin Yassin. GAGAP!!!!

by LHC Makasar, the band fronted by Indonesia's Kapthen Purek who found fame last year in tik tok via Kakak Main Salah.

Kudos to Azmin Ali' s MITI in putting lifes above the interest of Money. Malaysia Kini has the details citing a letter from the European Malaysian Chamber of Commerce that the Government in a matter of weeks will go for a more hardcore shutdown but sadly it has missed the story. (READ HERE)

Gapap in English means stutter.

I have often made fun of the PM8, but the truth is   a cunning politician he might be but he is not a bad guy, nor a racist.  

The media and big businesses  which were more than pleased to  play up the story on how the Bubonic plagued killed more than 100,000 people in France more than 300 years ago due to economic interest, (READ THE WASHINGTON POSTone has the feeling has a change of heart. 

There cannot be one set of morals when it's just the small guy being effected and another when it threatens to bring down some real heavyweights.

Don't  bother about the economy. It will be there next week. Give the  people free food if need be, but listen to the health ministry (yet again the mostly Malay led civil service, has shown its detractors that when push comes to shove will be what is right for the country.)

Don't wait for tomorrow. Do it now if it can save lives. Fuck the economy. Shut down everything. We can live to fight another day.

Din has got to lose the loser crowd and do the right thing now. To do that, he must stop thinking of power, but look to craft his legacy.  There is a saying in Malay, which PM8 is aware of ;
gajah mati meninggalkan tulang, harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama

Din janganlah GAGAP, Kan dah lama makan garam.  Buat lah mana perlu,, apa perlu,  bila perlu. Rakyat memang ramai yg dah perlu...

Lyrics to Gagap  , goes something like this

Lain dulu
Lain sekarang
Lain susah
Lain senang
Banyak korban berjatuhah
Jatuhnya di dalam tenda

More than 667, Malaysians have fallen. READ THE WORLDMETER.COMFuck the economy. The next to be dragged by Covid can be anyone of  YOU. 

Saturday 23 January 2021


was released by Canadian electronic music duo DVVBS and American DJ Borgeous, and co produced by KSHMR. 

In 2014 rapper Tinie Tempah added vocals to an already great music, resulting in the song topping the UK charts, plus winning the 2014 World Song of the year award. 

The lyrics to this song goes something like this, withs regrettably Malaysians today can relate to based sadly on first hand experience

I hope it's a phase, spending away more than I save
I don't know if I'm acting my age any more, man
I need to break out of this cage
Stuck in a daze I feel like I'm riding a wave
My life is a roller coaster inside of a maze (yeah)

Thankfully for me, this post is nothing about  that, but rather a Tsunami in the offing will even make NST backtrack on its opinion ; 2020 was the darkest year' for our tourism sector ? bleeding RM45 billion in LOSSES

Free Malaysia Today on November 2020 posted an article with no absolute numbers (VERY STRANGE) but mere percentages, citing a Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC) deputy head.
The official said up to 70 per cent of the tourism workforce may have to go if things remain the same in mid 2021. You can read the article HERE

According to  some 3.56 million people were employed in tourism sector in 2019, which roughly works out to a  quarter of Malaysia's workforce, You can cross check the figures HERE


#SayaanakMalaysia!!!, #Wewon'tgodownwithoutafight