Thursday 29 February 2024

Anwar Ibrahim ; Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions.

THE road to hell is paved with good intentions, is a saying not derived but made popular by Samuel Johnson, who in 1755 published the  ground-breaking  A Dictionary of the English Language, one of the most famous English-language dictionaries in history.

I am afraid Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is on that road when it comes to paddy, and he has every right to feel betrayed by the people he is trying to help and those had been tasked to right the wrongs of the past three decades.

ANWAR Ibrahim has been accused of READ : of favouring the cartels by his political opponents inside and out side of the unity government, when this is far from the truth.

IT is for reasons such as this, that I have often said that Fahmi Fadzil is Anwar Ibrahim's biggest political liability and his lack of basic competence could cost the Prime Minister his job.

WHERE is the proof then, that the Bernas Madani is actually a concept that came from the bottom and at ground zero it actually has tremendous support?

THE concept to come up with a singular rice brand actually originated from Non Government Organisations involved in the paddy sector, sometime in 2023, when they called for the abolishment of the Super Spesial Tempatan (SST) dan Super Spesial Import (SSI) rice category.

SO what's the problem then? Well the PROBLEM is as long as BERNAS is in the picture, the Prime Minister's good intentions will end up in hell.

HOW can we say such a thing?  Well let us examine the 2017 memorandum to the then Prime Minister Najib Razak by the Bumiputra Rice millers and wholesalers.

AMONG the sailent terms of the memorandum are as follows ;

1. Ada sebanyak 203 buah kilang-kilang Bumiputra yang menyertai Skim BERNAS sewaktu proses penswastaan tetapi kini hanya tinggal 20 buah sahaja yang masih beroperasi. Ini akibat daripada diskriminasi dan tekanan yang diberikan BERNAS terhadap kilang-kilang ini.

2.Sejak melaksanakan joint venture dengan pemborong-pemborong beras pada 2007/2008, BERNAS kini memonopoli sebagai pembeli padi terakhir, pengilang dan pemborong (melalui anak syarikat). Sebagai sebuah syarikat yang meletakkan keuntungan sebagai sasaran utama, sudah tentu membeli beras import dilihat lebih menguntungkan dan memproses padi tempatan diabaikan.

3. Beras tempatan pula sengaja dilonggokkan dan disimpan lama digudang, apabila sudah 'jadi lama' harganya turun. Apabila harga turun, ia dibeli oleh pemborong besar secara banyak dengan harga borong. Sudahlah untung dapat beras import, untung pulak beli beras tempatan harga diskaun. Beras tempatan ini peratus hancurnya adalah 15%, ia akan digredkan semula dan beras inilah yang dicampur dan dijual sebagai beras import

4. Sebenarnya di Malaysia hanya ada 8 pemborong besar yang mengusai hampir semua pasar raya dan kedai-kedai yang mana kesemuanya adalah anak syarikat BERNAS. Ini bermakna business BERNAS kini adalah membeli padi (sebagai pembeli padi terkahir), mengilang dan juga memborong (melalui anak syarikat).

YOU can find and read the entire memorandum which was signed among others by Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu (MTEM), Persatuan Pemborong Beras Bumiputera Malaysia, Persatuan Pengilang Beras Melayu Malaysia, Badan Bertindak Pesawah MADA, dan Badan Bertindak Pesawah Malaysia by CLICKING HERE.

SO there you have it folks, the Bumiputra's who are 95 per cent of the paddy farmers, telling us  in 2017, that local rice was being sold as imported rice, Bernas controls all the eight major rice wholesalers in the country, and Bernas also controls the major rice millers via joint ventures.

YET,  we have BERNAS paid Board Member, who also happens to be the director general of  the Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry (MAFI) Padi and Rice Regulatory Division, who has an alternate view.

AZMAN Mahmood reaction via the Syed Mokthar owned Utusan Malaysia was READ : Tidak perlu audit 39,000 lesen padi, beras.

AS BERNAS stated last year,READ : HARGA Padi, BUKAN Utusan BERNAS

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Tourism Malaysia ; What's the real story, Morning Glory?

AMMAR Abdul Ghapar, must feel like the most humiliated guy in Malaysia right now, for being the first widely known case, READ : of a director general in the civil service being demoted.

BIGOTRY has closed Malaysia's eyes, that money and not religion or race was the sole factor that determined  Ammar Abdul Ghapar's doom.

RACIST Malays and RACIST  non Malays  are a bunch of idiots who are being made used off, but because they so filled with bigotry, they cant even see it.

CONSIDER the following facts and RED FLAGS,  carefully, without a racial bias, but with a Malaysian heart ; READ ;

NOW many might think, this is a small matter, but things gets a bit more interesting, when. Tiong King Sing starts revealing the reason for giving Ammar Abdul Ghapar the boot.

TIONG King Sing's claim that Thailand receives 10 million tourist from China annually is a FABRICATION. READOnly 3.5 million China Tourist visited Thailand in 2023.

WHEN the Tourism Malaysia  Board READ : rushes in to support Tiong King Sing,, that is WHEN I become EXTREMELY  uncomfortable .

MEET READ : Yasmin Mahmood,the new chairman of Tourism Malaysia, who was formerly the Chief Executive Officer at Malaysia Digital Economy Corp.(MDEC)

THE power brokers, would like us to believe READ: that in a surprising move, Yasmin Mahmood had quit MDEC on December 2018.

IF it is indeed true, that Yasmin Mahmood quiting MDEC on December 2018, was a shock or even a surprise,  the I suggest FAHMI FADZIL  should immediately work on getting SABAHKINI a Pulitzer Prize Award.

THIS is because on August 2018, SABAHKINI had ran an exclusive report, which among others specifically stated  READ :  Yasmin Mahmood, the MDEC CEO which was placed on six weeks Leave, due to MACC investigation , has been ORDERED to RESIGN come Dec 2018.

HOW on earth , Yasmin Mahmood made a come back as chairman of Tourism Malaysia, MUST worry Malaysia, if we as a nation still believe in ethics and good governance.

WHAT has been taking place in Tourism Malaysia is certainly not good governance, nor is it ethical.

AMMAR Abdul Ghapar, has been singled out as a director general who failed to deliver the tourist numbers from China and that he lacks vision.

FAIR enough, as Director General of Tourism Malaysia, not achieving those metrics are Ammar Abdul Ghapar fault.

BUT, how come others , including Tiong King Sing are basking in glory on what  the ministry achieved with Ammar Abdul Ghapar in the driving seat.

NO doubt , Tiong King Siong is a hard working minister, but I believe, the numbers are in Ammar Abdul Ghapar's favour, merely because numbers don't lie, they merely state the facts on the ground.

NOW, if PAS can learn not to play the religion or race card on this matter, and get its so called Prime Minister in Waiting ,Ahmad Samsuri  Mokhtar to drill and grill Tiong King Siong in Parliament, strictly on the basis of Deng Xiaoping's wisdom ; It doesn't matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice, Malaysia will find out, if indeed a worthy challenger has ARRIVED FOR THE TOP BILLING IN PUTRAJAYA.


Bernas, Ini Semua Kerja Orang Gila lah

YANG telinga lembut dialah yang orang nak pulas, is an old Malay saying, which Padi Beras Nasional Bhd (BERNAS) is attempting to put in practise in this day and age.

BERNAS,  is wholly owned by Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary, which Fahmi Fadzil's communication team had placed on their heads VIEW : after he called Anwar Ibrahim, Abang and kissed the Prime Minister's hand.

BERNAS out of the blue, has decided to communicate with the Malaysian public. One would have thought, Syed Mokthar was going to use the BERNAS platform to inform Malaysians,on why he gave BERSATU, RM195 million in secret.

BERNAS, folks won't be able to get us imported rice at the lowest possible price, even if their lives dependend on it.

WHAT Bernas, did NOT tell the Malaysian public was that even when rice prices were low worldwide, Bernas was being laughed at, treated as a PARIAH, and made to PAY a higher rate than even THE FIRST WORLD NATION AND EXTREMELY RICH  COUNTRY CALLED, SINGAPORE

INDIA did something similar, when it told the Malaysian Government to its face, READ :the only way, Malaysia can get extra rice supply from India, is via a government to government deal, and NOT via Bernas.

BERNAS, though won't mind at all if it is slapped on the face and laughed at by major rice exporters, who see rice as a national security issue, hence the preference for Government to Government rice supply agreements.

SUCCESSIVE, MALAYSIAN Government's have attempted to prove that one can indeed have a different outcome, by doing the same cosmetic rearranging of chairs.

THUS far, they have failed. In the words of former MIC President, Samy Vellu ; Ini Semua, Kerja Orang Gila Lah!!!

Monday 26 February 2024

The Evil Hands Behind AmanPalestin

ONE would rightly assume if you haven't submitted your audited accounts to the registrar of companies since 2015,  there is no way on earth, a responsible Government, will allow you to participate in the food security business, which is all aboutvl NATIONAL SECURITY.

WRONG, because this is EXACTLY what the previous BERSATU/ PAS government did, when it started promoting and PAYING READ  : for the drone services provided by Aeronerve Sdn Bhd.

THE Aeronerve' chief executive Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman is one of the power brokers in Berjasa, a splinter from PAS, he has very good decade long  friendship with Muhyiddin Yassin, and strong links to the current PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang .

ABDULLAH Zaik Abd Rahman's dislike for Anwar Ibrahim is rooted in his support of Jemaah Islah Malaysia, a rival group to Anwar Ibrahim's ABIB.

THE Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation abbreviated MOSTI, under Adham Baba, via Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI), were the key Government agency responsible in promoting Aeronerve Sdn Bhd, the drone company, as well as Aeronerve Institute.

NOW, with more than RM 30 million , flowing from READ :from what is supposedly a 100 per cent now profit organisation into a commercial entity is definitely an ethics issue, that could potentially a criminal  offence.

AT the end of the day, this is a matter between the Government of Malaysia, and the key official of Aman Palestin, up to this point.

THE Perikatan Nasional made it, every  Malaysians problem by allowing Aeronerve Institute to train people on how to use  drones efficiently and effectively .

0BVIOUSLY , It wasn't a problem, that Aman Palestin had a keen and nnvery public insights  READ :  on Instagram provides insights about Hamas drones..

AERONERVE sharehoderAwang Sufian Awang Piut READ : has been listed by the FBI, allegedly on terror financing, is the single biggest threath to the Malaysian Ringgit.

DON',T have to take  my word for it, just try to convince yourself that everything writtenn above on Aeronerve and Aman Palestin, are mere coincidences...



Saturday 24 February 2024

Coming Soon ; The Secret's of the Carrian Group

NAJIB Razak, has chosen the wrong time to go rogue against Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, because political players like Dr Mahathir, will be opting to go under the radar, and be on their best behaviour..

DAIM Zainuddin, was the first to learn what is it to go against a sitting Prime Minister, who knows how to use the powers vested with a Malaysian Prime Minister.

DAIM Zainuddin has got some serious, issues ,because READ : his wealth estimated to be RM843.32 million in 1984, would have placed him in the top three richest individual in the country, but will his tax returns support those claims?

DAIM also owned The Malaysian French bank, READ:  with Robert Kuok, who will play a vital role in covering for Daim's Peremba Boys..

DAIM Zainuddin and Tun Mahathir's problems, could get a lot more serious, when the Carrian Group saga is retraced.

SPECIFICALLY on what happened to the company's assests in China, Europe, and the USA, as well as what triggered the murder of READ ; Jail Ibrahim in Hong Kong, and the suicide of READ :John Wimbush, a former chairman of the Hong Kong Law Society and a senior partner of Hong Kong's oldest law firm, Deacon's..

THE questionable judge in the case, READ : Dennis Baker, would die disgraced by accident, supposedly.

FOR over SEVEN years now, the Central Intelligence Agency's briefing to the American President Ronald Reagan has been declassified READ : The CIA Comes Swinging Against Dr Mahathir over his secret role in the fall of Bank Bumiputra..

Friday 23 February 2024

Najib Razak/ Anwar Ibrahim ; When Two Tribes Go To War

SINCE  October last year, there were already whispers that Najib Razak, wasn't happy anymore with Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim.

TO their credit, both men had kept it cordial and civil, up to last week, when the cold truce, had been official broken .

BACK in January 31 2024, short of calling Fahmi Fadzil an idiotic, moronic, bonafide but as yet to be certified baboon, I had chosen to be a bit more diplomatic READ : by stating, that the failed actor cannot even be quantified as half decent in his role as the PKR information chief

THE reason for my cordial description of Fahmi Fadzil, was in part due VIEW : to the Information chief of Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia, Wan Hadi saying PH needs Najib Razak badly

I guess everyone in town with the EXCEPTION of supposedly the chief communicator of Madani Government Fahmi Fadzil, was already in the loop that the relationship between the Anwar Ibrahim camp and team Najib Razak, NO LONGER  EXiST .

BEING incompetent, Fahmi Fadzil's communication team at Jabatan Komunikasi Komuniti (J-KOM), allowed Anwar Ibrahim to be wrongly held responsible for the steep slide in the Ringgit DESPITE WARNINGS from, READ STATE Street Corp, which manages US$3.2 trillion, that the Ringgit is on a one way ticket to RM5 at the slightest hint of political trouble in Malaysia

SOME 20 something days after the PKR communication team had toasted, and placed Najib Razak on their heads, the information chief of Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia, Wan Hadi has boosted his credibility to that of a DONKEY ASS, by now VIEW : singing a very NEGATIVE tune about Najib Razak.

IT was team Najib Razak which actually drew first blood, when an old close friend of Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution, from his days in PAS, but now seen as a Najib Razak loyalist VIEW : openly mocked the Prime Minister on the state of the Ringgit.

ANWAR Ibrahim, should shoulder the blame, on why Team Najib Razak feels secure and brave enough to go head on with the Prime Minister.

THE  Prime Minister had been repeatedly told, that, his blue eyed boy Fahmi Fadzil doesn't have the intellectual capacity to even come up with a poorly done half baked communiation strategy, and having  those loser types piggy back for a free ride, might cost Anwar Ibrahim his job.

ANWAR Ibrahim cannot have the cake and eat it too. The Prime Minister will have to choose now, if he still wishes to have READ : An Abang Adik Relationship With Syed Mokthar or kick start his reform agenda by killing off Bernas.

IF he chooses, Syed Mokthar, then the conclusion on the winner of this tribal war, is one that is cast in stone.

POLITICALLY,  Anwar Ibrahim, should no longer look at Syed Mokthar as merely READ ; the RM195 million cash donor to Bersatu, or the owner of BERNAS, which allegedly had help finance Bersatu with an additional RM300 million.

HE should be looking at Syed Mokthar as the ultimate owner of BERSATU.

Thursday 22 February 2024

Malaysia must shut down Aman Palestine's Drone Business, Before it's too late.

WHY is the Government hell bent on shooting it's own two foot, by protecting the real culprits, that is causing the run against the Malaysian Ringgit ?.

NOW, back to Iswardy Morni's naive schoolboy  text book explaination that the sell down on the Ringgit has all to do with the US economy and US interest rates 

IF the above statement is true ( ps I am not stating that the US economy and interest rates are not crucial factors that determine the value of our Ringgit), why is it READ : Only in February 2024, did the Dollar-ringgit forward points had an awkward rise, averaging around 184 basis points for the month of February, the highest on a monthly basis since March last year