Sunday 14 April 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : On This Day, April 15th 2019

AN old Bloomberg report from 2019, READ : not only certified the Malaysian stock as the worst performing bourse,but added a bit more venom to the bite by stating that the Malaysian market is boring.

IF indeed a big chunk of listed entities are con jobs, one wonders , how on earth did they pass through the entire listing process, of Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission, who supposedly have zero tolerance against corruption.

MAYBE  perhaps corruption is perhaps perception based. READ : Flashback to 2015, Wahid Omar says when the giving stops, the receiving will also stop.

HOW  nice just blame the giver, and no need to bother on how the taker, intimidates, threatens action, in the event there is no giving taking place.

WITH that brief overview of Wahid Omar's wisdom on the supposed fight against corruption, none of us  need to have even half of Albert Einstein's brain power to figure out why the SC and Bursa Malaysia collectively cannot tell us the following?


The Malaysian Omen

WHAT is certain in 2030, is that Malaysia will be categorised as an aged nation in that year, but what is uncertain is, will we be going down the route which China is free falling to?/. READ : China will grow old before it gets rich.

CONFIDENCE, should be soaring now in Putrajaya,  considering how the international press has been VIEW : Glossing Up Malaysia's potential to be a semi conductor super power on the world stage.

THE darkest hour, often comes before the dawn, and so it seems without missing a beat the dark clouds, that led many historians to conclude  that the first World War 1 (1914/1918) READ :which killed 17 million people, as a war triggerd by a comedy of errors live amongst us TODAY 

SURE, READ : Germany giving Austria a Blanck Cheque, and Serbia' READ : Black Hands use of the useful idiots that triggered the war, are also  important historical facts of World War 1.

MALAYSIA  being watched from a distance, got audience rate boost, on a comedy of  error in judegement which led to  READ : Six Guns, 200 Bullets, the story of Jewish Gangsters and the crazy things they wanted to do in Kuala Lumpur.

WE still live in a time, where I believe a vast majority of us, still do not know how to purchase a gun illegally, but the world keeps receiving news about us about GUN /Petrol Bomb CULTURE .

IN between them, we have the emergence of Muhamad Akmal Saleh, a patriot or a just another useful idiot, time will tell but no one can deny it , what has come after the READ :budak Hishamuddin Hussein has been, threats, intimidation ,  bombings and attempted bombings at KK Mart Outlets.

BECAUSE,  the Prime Minister looked sidelined, talks were rife that Muhamad Akmal Saleh has a  READ : Blanck Cheque to do as he please, what more with the UMNO man READ :saying he will give out ang pows to the police personnel, despite the Inspector General of Police who wants such practise nipped in the bud.

THE King, who only has a ceremonial role, READ :tried to cool everyone's head for the greater good of Malaysia, only for Muhamad Akmal Saleh to deepen his own involvement READ : as the Useful Idiot in Defiance of the Kings message of harmony.

TO those who still think every thing that happens is just a coincidence, just remember it was such co incidences which resulted in 17 million people dead  between 1914 and 1918.

SUCH  coincidence can also knock down a nations harmony, butcher the economy, and convince those who are watching us from a distance to put their money in some other nation.

Saturday 13 April 2024

Pakatan Harapan's communication strategy is pathetic, mainly because there hasn't been anything to communicate.

HAVING READ : The Malaysian Insight's take on why Pakatan Harapan's communication strategy has been failing, it finally dawned on me, that perhaps we have missed the uncomfortable giant white elephant sweating in the room.

THE elephant in this case being, that the communication strategy has not been able to work effectively  because there has been much  to communicate to the world in the first place.

LET'S take a step back to the past, and re-examine what Pakatan Harapan told us, they will do if they allowed into power  READ: break up monopolies and open up business oportunities.

WHY, PH cannot run away from its 2022, GE15 manifesto is because READ : PH says the manifesto for GE15 is a Kitab suci.

CHANGES in the AP system is required because among others, the AP system here has become an unmountable mountain, preventing the European Union from inking a free trade deal with Malaysia.

SOME blogs even went into the descriptive mode by stating READ : TYCOONS SHIVER! - A POLICY PAPER TO 'REDUCE' MONOPOLIES IS READY, ANNOUNCES RAFIZI 

I doubt, if those shivering on September 2023 are still trembling, and like wise those who own food related business, that makes it by Federal law a crime for other Malaysians to do the same type of business.

ANY one who knows anything about religion will tell you, if the prophecies in your holy book , hasn't been achieved equalls to your communication team actually have nothing much to speak, communicate,  or to convince and win new followers.

Friday 12 April 2024

Quantum Metal' third self imposed deadline to return investors money, is a no show. Is the Uber Rich Lim Khong Soon UNTOUCHABLE?

QUANTUM Metal, didn't meet it's third self imposed deadline today to reimburse it's trapped investors.

AFTER  failing to reimburse the public which gave money to Quantum Metal , twice this year, READ : on April 3rd, Quantum Metal pleaded for another ten days, but yet again investors were left with an empty promise.

SINCE,  January this year, Lim Khong Soon, the founder of Quantum Metal, VIEW : has been promising investors that none of them would lose money , for having backed Quantum Metal.

ON the ground though, investors who wanted to end their relationship with Quantum Metal were allowed to do so, but the catch has been READ: it did not follow with the promised return of their cash, as at yet.

IN some of the forums, some are starting to question, why is it Lim Khong Soon, has been allowed to act with IMPUNITY.

LIM Khong Soon has rubbed the mainly majority B40 Malay group the wrong way, as they are begining to ask, READ : why is it Quantum Metal who cannot return their money had spend lavishly promoting itself using the Malaysian banner.

Malaysia's second wind on Anwar Ibrahim's Watch is no longer a joke!!!

SECOND  chances are not given to make things right but to prove we can be better even after a fall.

Life's second chance doesn't always come knocking, but when it does, what we do about it, is what counts the most.

Malaysia's second chance has come knocking because largely due to Anwar Ibrahim's personal ties with the power brokers in the USA. READ : Malaysia in the running for as much as US500 million CHIP fund investments from US state department.

EVEN  before, Malaysia was in the running, we were already regarded as READ : The Surprise Winner from US-China Chip Wars.

WHAT should excite us in Anwar Ibrahim's plans to move Malaysia upstream in the semi conductor business valued at more than US$530 billion, because if successful, we will be economic powerhouse like taiwan, and South Korea.

WHO might derail our destiny? Well it is people like Muhammad Akmal Saleh, who instead of getting behind the Prime Minister, READ : chooses to bicker, turning the streght of our diversity into a cause of concern for outsiders.

ANWAR Ibrahim, may not be the Prime Minister a large chunk of Malaysia, may have wanted. He was even laughed at READ : when he brought investments from China.

TODAY the ones who are saying that Anwar Ibrahim's Malaysia, is on the verge of roaring like a tiger again are the likes of Japan's Nikkei, Forbes and the Washington Post.

WE owe it to the future generations of Malaysians, to stand behind the Prime Minister to deliver, what do many other Prime Ministers have failed,  ;  the reawakening of tiger, long taken for dead, and cursed as a failed being..

Thursday 11 April 2024

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : Bukan Ah Long , Cuma Nak Tolong.

IF there ever was a money lender in Malaysia, who deserves the undisputed angelic tag line  of : Kami Bukan, Ah Long, Cuma Nak Tolong, it must surely be Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd's money lending arm 

AH  Long's for the sake of this article refers solely and specifically to licensed money lenders, that comes under the control of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

GOING by what is being practised at Hong Seng Consolidated's money lending division, I believe Malaysians must apologies for stigmatising money lenders. READ : In 2023, Bernama Reported that licensed money lenders are acting like thugs.

JUST look at the good  deeds of Hong Seng Consolidated's money lending arm VIEW : lent out RM97 million of which 29 per cent or some RM28 million were given out without any collateral.

ON top of that,  two of the organisations given by the money lender a collective credit limit of RM108 million, only provided securities as collateral amounting to just under RM52 million. 

CURRENTLY more than five per cent of the RM92 million lend out is in default which works out to more than RM5 million.

BUT I reckon what ever the text book has teached us is wrong. The Bernama article too must be flawed.

EVERYTHING now seems to be crystal clear, on why another public listed company in which Leong Seng Wui is executive director  saw strange cash, defying the laws of economics flow in.

AND when Leong Seng Wui, was the Green Packet Bhd Executive Director,  read the article above ; the same shit happened.

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Did Quantum Metal Lie About Lloyds of London?

DID  Quantum Metal dupe B40 investors that it's so called 31 tonnes of Gold has been VIEW : 100 per cent insured with Lloyds of London? 

WELL  according to Lyolds of London, Quantum Metal is neither a customer nor client and as such hold no information in respect to Quantum Metal's insurance arrangements.