Sunday 31 October 2021

Bursa Malaysia : Lotta Stress

is a song from Meerfly. The lyrics to this song released in 2018 goes something like this.

Got a lotta stress
 Got a lotta stress (ayy)
Got a lotta stress 
Got a lotta stress (ayy)
Tailong, Tailong, Tailong.

The stock market is down by more than 20 points on a day both Singapore and Jakarta are all firmly on bull territory. 

This is a big 
to Budget 2022

Gerimis Mengundang : The First Cut Is The Deepest

is a song written in 1967 by Cat Stevens,  though it's the 1976 version by Rod Stewart which rocked the world by topping the charts.

Some 18 days ago, I wrote READ : Tengku Zafrul : Gerimis MengundangThe talk in town is the first cut 

will start in Parliment today by none other than Najib Razak, himself a former Finance Minister

I know
The first cut is the deepest
 I know, the first cut is the deepest
'Cause when it comes to being lucky, she was cursed
When it comes to loving me, she's worst

Bisnes Editor Yg Malas & Akta KWSP 54 (6) (K) & (I) ; Apa Nak diKATA!!!

is a song from XPDC,  the Malaysian rock group which ruled the roost in 1998.

Gunung tak lari ke mana
Apa nak kisah mahu hidup
Asal hati ikhlas mulia
Kalau dah memang jadi mungkin
Apa lagi nak dikata
Di kata... aaa... aaa...

NONE of the Business Editors have thus far challenged the politicians 

deception by giving the rakyat their money before 50 or at 55, they are doing the rakyat a favour when it is written clearly that a withdrawal is possible under extraordinary  circumstances. 

Section 54 of the EPF states

K. ahli Kumpulan Wang itu memerlukan pembiayaan bagi maksud kelestarian hidup; 

I. ahli Kumpulan Wang itu memerlukan pembiayaan untuk menambah pendapatannya bagi maksud keberterusan hidup; dan

M.ahli Kumpulan Wang itu memerlukan pembiayaan untuk menambah pendapatannya bagi maksud kelangsungan hidup disebabkan oleh pelaksanaan Pelan Pemulihan Negara di bawah Akta Pencegahan dan Pengawalan Penyakit Berjangkit 1988 [Akta 342] untuk mengawal atau mencegah merebaknya Penyakit Koronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

So unless the Government  and the Opposition  jointly agree that the people can already  survive with the "AMPLE jobs outside there"...

EPF ; It's Hot In Here!!!

is the 2002 global hit by Nelly, taken from the multiple gold selling album called Nellyville.

So hot in
So hot in herre

So hot in

Wanna a little bit a
And a little bit a
Check a little bit a
Just a little bit a

Rarely have I seen or read a statement from the EPF on a non working day, a curious late statement on a Sunday night. 

I wonder why cannot wait until Monday morning. Could it be the EPF is getting pressure from the politicians who are starting to see Melaka slipping away.

Thus far, UMNO is getting very little support from PAS and BERSATU in trying to justify why UMNO Youth's TUNTUTAN for a one off RM10,000 withdrawal  from the EPF was not included in the Budget 2022.

Saturday 30 October 2021

Why Malaysia needs a new Finance Minister : Not Meant To Be

is a song from Theory of A  Deadman, the hard rockers from Canada.

Malaysia needs a new Finance Minister,  one who is fresh from the fight, and who knows how to win an economic street fight.

It's never enough to say I care
But I'm caught between what you wanted from me
And knowing if I give that to ya I might just disappear
Nobody wins when everyone's losing
It's like one step forward and two steps back

Why am I shocked?  Well it was just two months ago, Bloomberg told the world that the economy playbook for Covid 19, was written in MALAYSIA in the last CENTURY.
PS if the URL does not work just key in Covid 19 economic, playbook written in Malaysia in your Google search engine

We did that by taking risk. Countries like Indonesia and India are pushing economic boundaries and theories to the limit,  taking cue from Malaysia's defiance on those two nights in September 1998, when we defied and then won over the international critics.

We cannot have at this point, a Finance Minister, who plays by what others are doing.  
These are unusual times we are living in.  If this was a UCF match,  the last thing we want in our corner is a fancy talker like Connor McGregor.   We need a warrior like  Khabib!!!

Why I love my country : Saya Anak Malaysia

is a song from four decades ago by Dr Sam & Musafir.  In my country there is still racism and injustice,  but  to tell you the honest truth, I have never personally experienced it , be it from a Malay, Chinese or Indian.

I believe my country is like every other country. There are good sides to it, and also sides which we should work on improving.

Saya anak Malaysia
Saya anak Malaysia
Saya anak Malaysia
Saya anak Malaysia

What is it that I love most of about my TANAH TUMPAH DARAH ?  Well it is our peoples ability to take anger, frustration or even mockery  and  turn it into the most hilarious bind boggling comedy. 

🤣 Look what I found on the comment section in Ismail Sabri's Facebook 

Friday 29 October 2021

Syabas Anne Edwards but : We didn't start the fire

Was a song written and made popular by Billy Joel in the late 1980's.  I had previously criticised a piece written by Anne Edwards in the Vibes.

This time around, she has shown a mark improvement in disecting the budget in a way the layman will be able to understand  READ ; The government’s allocation of RM150 million for three million students, which is worth RM50 each, is barely enough to pay for their lunch for a week.

We didn't start the fire
It was always burning, since the world's been turning
We didn't start the fire
No, we didn't light it

This budget won't  fly, and the finance minister has to take  responsibility for this . I am so sorry,  maybe I am not so bright. But I have a question to ask.

How does this CUKAI MAKMUR work. Let's just take Westport as an example READ : Westports Q3 net profit down to RM199.06 mil

Will a company which earns more than 100 million be taxed via this CUKAI MAKMUR, even though their profits are down? 

Since when a lower profit is prosperity?

2300 komen dalam 49 minit : Gagal Lagi!!!

is a song from Mister Onet.  The lyrics to this song goes something like this.  

mati-matian aku berjuang
Ternyata akhirnya gagal lagi, lagi, lagi
Kita sudah lewati semua
Pahit manisnya pengkhianatan
Mengapa kini kau pertanyakan

If UMNO Youth head Asyraf Wajdi thought by merely saying he had GAGAL ed 
in the wings #tuntutan rakyat he was gonna get a free pass..

He better think again.  View his Facebook and read those angry angry comments : Pemuda Umno GAGAL meyakinkan Kerajaan UMNO


was a top ten hit on both sides of the  Atlantic for the soul legend Aretha Franklin & Eurythmics way back in 1985.

The inferior sex, has
Got a new exterior, yeah
We got doctors
Lawyers, politicians too
Everybody take a look around
Can you see, can you see
Can you see there's a woman
Right next to you, we say
Sisters are doin' it for themselves

The government  should not put its head where it does not belong.  READ At least one woman director to be made a must at public-listed companies

Providing incentives , is the prerogative of the Government  of  the day, but  forcing companies to either  expand their board member or drop one MALE board member who is there on merit is utter madness...people should be where they ought to be by MERIT and not because of their race, religion,  skin colour or gender.

What's next after this,  board membership based on race, or perhaps a special quota for bald men???

Budget 2022 : Hukum Karma!!!

is a song from Malaysian rockers,  WINGS.   I believe the first casualty of  budget 2022 is going to be  Barisan Nasional in the coming election.

Ini hukum karma...
Gila darjat
Gila nama
Gila kuasa
Gila harta...
Semua gila
Mulia dibalas syurga
Dosa kan sengsara

Both Najib Razak and UMNO Youth  lost big time as their #tuntutanrakyat for a RM5000 to RM10,000 one off pay off did not take off .

ONE of the major election issue for the non Malay's in Melaka is expected to be the alleged READ : NO BIN POLICY IN MELAKA

Zafrul meanwhile, must anwser this question READ :Why Can't Chinese and Indians join the aerospace fun?

Some may see this alongside racial lines,  which they have every right to do so,  but it looks to me like an inside job to make sure BN losses big time in Melaka.

Without Chinese and Indian support, BN and its master UMNO will be no match to Muhyiddin Yassin's  Perikatan Nasional  who are virtually  selling groceries  at half price in Melaka READ :Special buat Penggundi Melaka sahaja.

As i write ..all the UMNO heavyweights are silent on FB.....perhaps they too might be thinking why on earth Ismail Sabri had broken bread with Zafrul.

Thursday 28 October 2021

I Zafrul : Kita Jaga Kita

is a song everyone is familiar with.  It is a song from hip hopper Altimet.

Sentiasa kita jaga kita
Mereka tiada masa untuk kita

Mereka tak tahu rasa hati kita
Sama-sama kita
Kita jaga kita
Kita jaga kita

If this is Tengku Zafrul's last term as Finance Minister
and if UMNO Youth gets its wish for a RM10,000 one of I Citra (or perhaps maybe in a new I scheme),  then the former reality TV actor turned Finance Minister will go on record as having overseen so many I SCHEMES ( I LESTARI, I SINAR and I CITRA) in the history of our country .

As a result of  so many KITA JAGA KITA  schemes, we are now facing with READ : 3.7 million Malaysians having less than RM5000 with EPF. (ps the number has actually gone up now to 4.56 million)

To sum it up,  because of all these I ZAFRUL initiated schemes, what we have now is the RAKYAT has forked out  READ ; MORE THAN RM84 billion This YEAR to save the ECONOMY.

Allow me to remind you that the  RM84 BILLION POWERED BY THE RAKYAT is MUCH MORE than the READ : 

And that my friend is a RECORD expenditure  on development. 

Wednesday 27 October 2021

The Vibes, Budget, RM886 satu KEPALA : State of Shock

Is the stand out single from the Jackson's 1984 Victory Album,  featuring the Rolling Stones front men Mick Jagger.

A state of shock is what I got after reading the Vibes report on the Budget. READ : Budget 2022 : RM83 billion spending on development expenditure.

just look at me, look at me
State of shock, you drive me
You call me, you call me
You call me in a state of shock

I really wish the reporter did not use big words like Benjamin Franklin, Death and Taxes 

BUT rather just stick to the basics and tell us,  I mean the not so 
BRIGHT ones like me that a RM83 billion allocation for SPENDING ON DEVELOPMENT boils down to only about 23 PER CENT of the RM348 billion budget.

me see,  Malaysia has a 32.7 million population,   so if you take the amount set aside for development (RM83 Billion) and divide it with the number of citizens (32.7 million) and then divide it by 12 months,   the grand total you get is RM886.50 satu kepala.

And that is the amount which is gonna save us.? WOW indeed a WOW Budget!!!

Faktor paling WOW dalam Belanjawan 2022 : Bagai Bulan Jatuh Ke Riba

is actually just a line 😁 from Altimet's BUNGA, which was released just a couple of years ago. 

My expectation is the MOST IMPORTANT WOW factor will not be in the Budget,  and that is to ensure banks  aggressively lend to the productive sectors of  the economy.

Aku jumpa  satu brader
Tanya cam mana, dia berkata
Hey, isi ini borang
Keluar wang berkoyan
Korang jangan goyang (bayar kemudian, ooh)
Mohon terus lulus
Tandatangan terus
Siapa taknak berlambak fulus
Bagai bulan jatuh ke riba

I have explained this previously in my post STAY MACAM ROCKY, which in a nutshell states the following :

Banks reluctance to lend and the Government's hesitancy in ensuring that banks take a bit more risk has even forced READ : Mamak Restaurants Now at Mercy of Loan Sharks.

Yes, indeed some of the money lenders are licensed,  and have a new name READ : Kata ZURAIDA KAMALUDDIN Syarikat Kredit Komuniti dibuka elak rakyat pinjam ceti haram

Since the banks are not lending enough to the productive sectors of the economy,  perhaps its time for the Government  to give these so called  KREDIT KOMUNITI companies banking licenses,   so that the interest rates on their lending will come down.

These companies are very aggressive. I just surfed Facebook for about 30 minutes  and came across these. (PS THIS IS NOT AN Advertorial  FOR THESE ENTITIES AND MY ADVISE IS STAY AWAY FROM DEBT)

Hishammuddin & Muhyiddin: Akhir Zaman

is a song released by rock group Bunkface last year.   The lyrics to this song goes something like this

Belum tentu lepas,
Dulu hebat kini dah berkarat,

Semua bangsat sudah pun mendarat, (Hishammuddin Hussein who was foreign Minister and now Defence Minister,  should explain to Malaysians,  why is this  still taking place READ : CHINA Haresssing Us in Our Own Waters)

Mana pergi, mana pergi, mana pergi suara demi rakyat 
(Muhyiddin  Yassin,  should tell us that this is not the truth VIEW ; BENAR atau FITNAH?)

Bank Negara : Bunga

is one of Altimet's best known songs taken from the 2018 released AIR album.

Nak duit, nak duit, dapat sekali bunga
Jatuh bulan kan ada riba
Nah duit, nah duit, sertakan bunga
Jangan sampai kena sita
Takde duit untuk bayar bunga
Sampai boleh naik gila
Rumah takde taman, masih ada bunga

Looking solely at the BERNAMA report, although the report itself is confusing, the fear is Bank Negara Malaysia is preparing the rakyat for an interest  rate hike next year.

A dip in  liquidity is the second earliest sign  that interest rates are going to rise over the next 6 months or so.

What is the first sign then? READ : Banking system deposit growth SLOWS.

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Crypto Currency : Ketinggalan Zaman

is a song from  the Rock group SLANK.  Lyrics to the song goes something like this.

Kau tak tahu apa yang terjadi
Lihat-lihatlah disana sini
Perubahan kini .. cepat sekali
Kau tak pernah perduli .. nggak mau ambil pusing
Karna kamu . Kamu terlalu 

I believe if in this up coming Budget if we don't  do it,  years from now we will be sitting with a sad 

face like this, rueing our miss opportunities to develop the crypto currency business in Malaysia.   My Guess is we are going to miss it by a mile.

And if that is the case,  then do look at the facts below and understand  why we need a better Finance Minister sebab kita udah KETINGALAN ZAMAN