Tuesday 31 May 2022

Dial V for Victory or V for Vanquished. Axiata Group's VISITOR ;. Let's Go Crazy

Is the iconic song,. from Prince &. the Revolution's ground breaking Purple Rain album, that launched Prince as an equal  to Michael Jackson.

Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life
Electric word, life
It means forever and that's a mighty long time
But I'm here to tell you
There's something else

IT is that something else, which prompted a visit by the postmen to the Axiata Group with s letter from MCMC . READ :  Dear Celcom....

THE Kalimullah suit,. had unintentionally exposed THREE BIG FLAWS in the hurried DiGi Celcom merger. READ : The affidavit further raised that post-merger, Celcom Axiata can unilaterally terminate or vary the terms of the MVNO agreement.

THE  report also started TUNE TALK also contributes 36 per cent of Celcom Axiata's profit and 12 per cent of its subscriber base.

WHAT the report does not  state is EIGHT years ago,.the MVNO  business was contributing less than ONE PER CENT to  group profit.

TODAY, there are six MVNO under the Celcom network,.contributing much more than 50 per cent of Axiata Celcom profits.

DO note,  under the Digital Nasional BHD plan,. all telcos are MVNO' s

.CELCOM also has an agreement with all the MVNO it's flagship to take a third of the MVNO equities if they are successful in the business

CLEARLY 5G under Digital Nasional BHD  is good for CELCOM.  Yet Celcom stood against Digital Nasional Bhd

CLEARLY,.  the MVNO's have made Axiata Celcom very rich.  YET,  CELCOM suddenly wished to rock the boat and impose fresh conditions, post merger.

MVNO"s are the future. To undertake a merger at this point of time with a mobile network operator bears the risk of over paying for assets,  that will not be worth that much three years from today

WHY give 50 per cent of a good business ,. the profitable MVNO business to Telenor ? and why on earth go kill the local man,  for the foreign ONE? 

Monday 30 May 2022

Dial V for Victory or V for Vanquished. Axiata Group's Kalimullah Dilemma : Don't Marry Her, F Me ...

is from Beautiful South's smash hit of an  album ,  the 1996,  Blue is the Colour which spawned four major hits for the English,  and  in process helping the album sales  hit the platinum level 5 times.

BLUE is the corporate colour of  CELCOM. Blue is also the colour sadness, suspicion and unreliability that can dampen the spirits.

 But Blue is also the colour of surprise.  All things being equal,  Celcom's parent, Axiata is in one big BLUE mess.

THE UNTOLD story,  will eventually be told,  much latter than today,  though  I am dissapointed that the likes of the Edge  couldn't crack it.

ON March 2021,  Digital Nasional Bhd was formed,  and shockingly,  a planned merger which had failed before is back in the highlife again . READ : On April Fool's Day 2021, Axiata and Celcom announced RM15 billion merger plan, after having failed in 2019 to merge.

AZMI & Associates,  a  legal firm which specializes in merger and acquisition,   correctly opined in 2019,  that a  merger the size of Digi and Celcom based on past telco,  results in consumers having TO PAY MORE.   

BUT,  the Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul  had promised that we will PAY LESS with Digital Nasional Bhd,  READWith Digital Nasional Bhd, We all will be Mr PAY LESS  , while historically its  been proven that such a merger we will end up PAYING MORE.

IT is  because ,  both  were looking at two different world.  In Zafrul's  world  Digital Nasional Bhd will  live a long and happy life

IN  the other world,  the merger was to be the ace in the pack that will lead to the demise of the one month old Digital Nasional Bhd .

CONSIDER this . Under the Digital  Nasional Plan  all the telcos  become  Mobile Virtual Network Providers,  from mobile network providers,  meaning they no longer own assets. 

 The assets they currently own,  will  either become worthless,  redundant or faced with huge  depreciation the moment 5G is  officially saleable  on a  commercial  SCALE here.

Think of you with pipe and slippers,
think of her in bed.
Laying there just watching telly,
then think of me instead.
I'll never grow so old and flabby,
that could never be.
Don't marry her, F me

UNWITTINGLY and UNKNOWN  to themselves  the suit brought by Kalimullah Hassan and his Tune Talk  friends exposes a trail, a provable trail that something sinister  triggered the second coming  of the Digi Celcom merger , that was NEVER meant to be.


Mysejahtera in the MIX : A Man with authority Identified in court as having received vast sums of money for UNKNOWN REASONS from a private company, now wants to make six people richer, by providing them a 100 per cent monopoly, via a non tender exercise : Kita LAWAN mereka.

is from post punk rock trio   Stand Here Alone's 2015 hit debut album  MelodiChildish,  which brought the Greenday sounding band to the forefront of pop.

THE FAUX PAS in Khairy Jamaluddin's intentiond are too obvious,  for the working class not to rebel against. READ : MySejahtera To Store Childhood Immunisation Records, Book Health Screenings.

REACTION  from  Twitter has been sharp and unkind,  and try as we may,  one cannot fault them. VIEW : KJ is trying to make a corrupt procurement into a permanent feature. He is evil!

HERE  is  minister  Identified in court as having received vast sums of money for UNKNOWN REASONS from ULTRA KIRANA a now wants to make six people richer,  by providing them a 100 per cent monopoly,  via a non tender exercise.

Meski kami selalu dikucilkan
Kami tak pernah berhenti 'tuk membuktikan
Kepada semua orang yang selalu menganggap diri kami sampah
Kami 'kan buktikan mereka itu sampah
Takkan pernah menyerah
Kami tak akan kalah

WE,  have been warned on  the pitfalls of having a one app di it all health app. Being realistic though,  digitalisation in not an evil word . READ : Why “ one app to rule them all ” lead to an even worse client experience.

WHAT is unscrupulous  though is to insist on a no tender exercise. 

WHAT HURTS  hurts is Mimos chairman Sharil Shamsuddin,   who made READ :  Shahril and his brother received RM1.17 billion from Sapura in eight years, being giving yet another sweet deal.

WHAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE  is for a UMNO  minister to put the party under pressure for a  BERSATU  strongman to profit , in an exercise that is neither fair nor equal.

Sunday 29 May 2022

Ismail Sabri, Do You Really Want Digital Nasional Bhd to be under those people at : FUNKY TOWN?

is the second single from the Mouth to mouth debut album by  Lipps Inc.  The song topped  both disco and  pop charts in 1980.

WE need mouth to mouth resuscitation,  as reports  emerge that the  Ministry of  Comminication will take over  managing Digital Nasional which is  currently under Tengku Zafrul's  Finance Ministry. 

Talk about it, talk about it
Talk about, talk about
Talk about movin'
Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to

THE  main worry  is the competency  level  and difference between  Zafrul and those funky people @ KKOMM

IF  Ismail Sabri has  taken  the bait,  he would have lost his job  by  now. READ :Crypto currency trades at ZERO

Saturday 28 May 2022

Mysejahtera in the MIX : Is The Partyman's ICE Cold Enough To Freeze The BALLS of a : Brass Monkey?

is a track taken  from rap's  biggest selling group the Beastie Boys , who tuned the music business upside down,  when  thier   debut album Licensed to ill ,  became the first hip hop album to top the  US charts. 

The girl she gave me lip
It did begin, the stuff wore in and now she's on my tip
Brass Monkey
That funky Monkey
Brass Monkey junkie
That funky Monkey brass
Step up to the bar and put the girl down

COLD enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey is slang phrase that idescribes an impossibility.  Such is the task of  Khairy Jamaluddin , who prides himself as an UMNO partyman.  READ :MySejahtera to be reactivated for monkeypox - Khairy

WE,  Malaysians  are no donkeys. CONSIDER  this  , the Asia  continent covers 29.4 per cent of the Earth's land area , with a population of  4.69 billion , accounting for almost 60 pet cent  of the world population .

YET,  the continent has zero cases but Khairy Jamaluddin is delirious in pushing MySejahtera  to action. 

WHAT type of  a party man is this? ,  as his actions increasing looks like a huge liability  to UMNO,  when one  consider the following .

WHEN Khairy Jamaluddin was minister  of science technology and innovation ,  he had specifically mentioned MIMOS ,  an entity under the said ministry.  READ Khairy Jamaluddin laudes MIMOS’ capabilities in developing digital solutions for NATIONAL HEALTHCARE

CONVENIENTLYREAD : MIMOS chairman Sharil Shamsuddin is now part of the ownership of the new entity that controls MySejahtera

KHAIRY jamaluddin  as we know is  big fan of  MySejahtera  to the extent that he has dismissed  fellow member of parliment's demands that any deal involving MySejahtera  to be put on hold  until  further investigation  . READ :  Find MySejahtera alternatives, move away from MySJ deal

SUCH a RECALTRIANT action works against UMNO, who we all recall lost the general election  because of  the stain of  corruption.  READ :  Khairy: Umno got 'drunk on Kool-Aid' and lost GE14

Malaysia in 48 Hours : The Leadership : REMEH!!

is a popular song eworked  by Amuk one of the nation's biggest heavy metal band for their  2007  appropriately  titled  Hakikat.

HAKIKAT  has its origins from the Urdu word حقیقت /Haqeeqat which  means a statement of truth or the realities of the day @ ground  zero.

AT ground  zero,  from ground  zero concerning the leadership in Malaysia is :
Oh puji lah aku
Ampu lah aku
Senang hidupmu
Ada tangan tadah
Ada maruah campak

Yang remeh dan yang temeh
Berlegar sekelilingmu
Yang remeh dan yang temeh
Berlegar sekelilingmu

Buatlah tak tahu
Biarkan berlaku

LETs start with Azmin Ali and Khairy Jamaluddin,  who had either their names or those associated  with brought up in  court cases ,  yet both have  remained silent, in what must be seen as a lack in the qualities to lead.

AZMIN ALI's married   political secretary Hilman Idham's has been mentioned in  court.  READ :  Using the terms, BABY, and SAYANG, women says she had sex with Azmin Ali's MARRIED political secretary 

WHILE  a witness has identified  K.J  as READ : Khairy Jamaluddin, who is now the health minister  .

THE case is with regards to ULTRA KIRANA,  a  company run by Wan Quoris Shah Wan Abdul Ghani   who is known as  READ  : Wan BADAK, one of two most trusted lieutenants of Khairy Jamaluddin

WHERE  is  AZMIN ALI's  moral compass ?  A true leader would suspended his underling until there was clarity on  the  truthfulness of  the women's account in court.

AS  for Khairy Jamaluddin ,  the clock is ticking.  Sooner or latter,  the demons will be exposed and the truth will set Malaysia free.

FREE  from boot lickers too,  hopefully.  READ  :    PM’s honorary doctorate status not to be disputed, says MQA .  

THE  MQA,  has its own issues which, it should attempt to solve at lightening  speed  instead of  commenting on issues that are  REMEH such as the PHD for Ismail Sabri. 

ISMAIL Sabri,  the luckiest  man in Malaysia in 2021,   is a  decent men , but for reasons only known to the Prime Minister,  he seems hell bent to shoot himself on the foot.  READ :  Ismail Sabri's Un IRONED RM5000 shirt in Tokyo

AND  by doing so,  those who do not like us will  step on out heads . Home Minister,  Hamzah Zainuddin might not be well  liked  but he gets the job done to keep us all  safe.

I am sure deep inside  the unappreciated  Hamzah was furious when he found out READ : UNCHR providing refugee identification cards to several Indonesian nationals

Friday 27 May 2022

Dial V for Vanquished or V For Victory. Axiata Group Bhd awaits : The Bat Out of Hell.

is the stand out classic from Meatl Loaf's 1977 debut album of  the same name, which remains till today as one of the best selling rock album by a male artist.

LAST  week,  I had already stated that there will be a fight to the death In Axiata.  READ :  IS the REBELIOUS AXIATA CELCOM a modern day HANG JEBAT that is able and willing to fight till DEATH against the state

The sirens are screaming, and the fires are howling
Way down in the valley tonight
There's a man in the shadows with a gun in his eye
And a blade shining oh so bright
There's evil in the air and there's thunder in the sky
And a killer's on the bloodshot streets.

AND that the telco rebellion  will end by  the end of this week.  READ :  Looks like the rebel three will surrender before the week is over.

THE Vibes seems to have go its act together  and beat the Star,  Edge and NST to the story .  READ : The Khazanah Nasional OMEN hangs like a DAMOCLES sword @ Axiata Towers

Malaysia in 48 hours : Sensei PERLU Terapi!

is a  song  from French  born Sabahan Bennye Francis  or better known as Benzooloo  is now having a  second l lease of  life,  following its  re release  on April  this year, of the single  first released in 2015 with fellow hip hopper  High Rule.

HOW appropriate , since  the SENSEI's ,  we elected to Parliment, look like they  are in  dire need of  therapy,   going by what has taken place over the last 48  hours.

HERE in Malaysia ,  many of us are struggling to make ends meet.  The last thing  we want to see is our top men flashing his richness. READ ; Netizens pan PM for wearing RM5,500 designer shirt      

OR his minnion,  Noh  Omar,  officiating of all thing READ  : officiating a 30 year old library which is now named after him

At the end of the day
Bukankah kau juga yang untung?
Sebap badan masi kering
Aku habis basah kuyup
Hujung kulit jari mengecut
Macam kurma yusuf taiyoob

IT WOULD not matter if  the country was running like a well oiled machine,  instead we have  two funds,   in  which Ismail Sabri is the chair voting In opposite directions .
READ : Permodalan Nasional Bhd alongside the EPF , voted against the Khazanah Nasional backed Axiata proposal

THIS typre  corporate wiggling merely exemplifies  the dysfunctional situation Malaysia in  at  the moment.

ISMAIL Sabri is far from  perfect ,  but he is a good man and a  decent  Prime Minister, therefore he should not forget what happened  to the previous two Prime Minister's from UMNO  that got smitten  with  Khairy  Jamaluddin.

ONE guy who doesn't look like he needs therapy,  but need to brush up on social networking skills instead of trying to take a page off  Najib Razak's Facebook persona is Tengku Zafrul,.

EXCELLENT  job in doing the decent,  correct and ethical thing .  READ  :.  Finance Ministry to the rescue, axe initial tender winner and demands a fresh tender for the supply of computers for students

ONE suspects   the funky people at the communication ministey,  especially  Annuar Musa's  equally trustworthy deputy Zahidi Zainul will think hard and move than twice to slam dunk our Finance Minister.