Friday 22 February 2019

Islamic Arts Museum. Secret Lovers

Was a massive hit for Atlantic Starr, the first time Tun Dr Mahathir was Prime Minister.

Looks like a trio of secret lovers had met at the museum on a Saturday nite, and the hatchet job on Hishamuddin Hussein Onn was put in motion.

The ex defense minister is currently being blamed for the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia land for army base for votes scandal.

The trio are said to be a guy called Mat Syabu, a guy with the most stars in his shirt and a tycoon known only  as TSM.

Hishamuddin is seen as an UMNO leader acceptable to Tun Mahathir and to the Azmin faction, while Mr SYABU is known to work well with Anwar Ibrahim and DAP

Saturday 16 February 2019

Abdul Hadi Awang. Born to lose

Here is the lyrics to Motorheads born to lose :

Go ahead put the blame on me, 
Another reason to disagree,
Deaf to all the truth for sure, 
Hear the hammer knocking at your door.
But you know it's all fairy tales, 
A heavy heart like a bag of nails,

Stand up! Show your face, 
Another victim of the cold embrace.
Before too long, 
No more singers, no more songs.

0h no, last call
You had a chance, you lost it all*m.
Got some, bad news, 
Never learned to dance, 
Born to lose

*Telling lies just makes it worse*, 
Another loved one, blind and cursed,
*Don't speak the truth, only lies*, 
All we need is a reason why.
But then you always miss the point, 
Your perfect time is out of joint.

Stand Up! Bite your tongue, 
Hell coming and it won't be long.
Your wasted life, 
Cut to ribbons with a thousand knives

Right now, right here, 
Lose your mind, but show no fear.
Burn slow, no excuse, so unkind, 
Born to lose.

Be still, turn your back, 
You can't survive, and that's a fact,
I know you can't believe it's true, 
The evil years catching up to you.
Now your face, is awful pale, 
Never thought you were gonna fail.

Stand up! We cut you down, 
The worm awaits you in this barren ground.
Your last goodbye, 
Sweet justice for your wasted life.

Right now, no doubt, 
In a world of pain, no way out.
Be still, can't refuse, 
In a world of shame, 
Born to lose.
No remorse, can't cope, 
No getaway, up in smoke. 
Fade out, we accuse, time to pay, 
Born to lose. 
Born to lose.