Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Siti Nurhalisa : Sekarang atau Nanti

is a single from one of Indonesia's biggest heavy metal band, Seringai. How big  are they? Well when Metallica had a concert in Jakarta, they were listed as the only opening act for the group.

SiTI Nurhalisa  was READ : Praised For Tamil Song Performance With AR Rahman On Stage, but who stole the limelight? 

THE other  READ :A social media influencer with more than 100,000 followers, who uttered the word Keling. 

Penalaran dungu
Sekarang atau nanti
Kebencianmu harus mati!
Berbeda ras atau warna kulit
Kebencianmu tidak berdasar
Angkuhmu berpikiran sempit

THE  media has had a field day going after the two women, and by doing so what they have shown is the local media is so SHALLOW and small minded.

THE real story here is almost zero of the people who follow this two women on social media have decided to UNFOLLOW them despite finding out that they are bigots.

WHY is that Malaysia? Let's not spite the messenger, while we turn a blind eye to the 100,000 supporters who are proud to be associated with them. 

DEFINITELY,  Islam did not teach this two women or their 100,000 followers to be racist, as it is against the religion. 

SOMETHING else did. And you can find it everywhere from the IC we own to the sorry state of people in charge of all things  : EDUCATION.