Monday 30 January 2023

Anwar Ibrahim : One men can change the world

is the big big hit from the rapper Big Sean taken from his 2015 Dark Sky Paradise album,which won him a MTV award as well as a Grammy nomination.

CAN one men change the world? In Malaysia, we have such a man, and it's time for him to dust off his Italian suit and show Malaysians who have forgotten why he is known as the Renaissance Man.

Million dollar cribs havin' million dollar dreams
And when you get it all just remember one thing
Remember one thing
That one man could change the world

MANY including me have criticized Anwar Ibrahim for appointing his daughter as the senior economic advisor to the Prime Minister, but not many excluding me, have praised Anwar Ibrahim as the man single handedly responsible for the Ringgit trading at RM4.24 against the US Dollar and not RM5 against the Dollar.

EVER since Anwar Ibrahim became Prime Minister, the Ringgit has been one of the strongest currency in the world and the benchmark KLCI has come off its low of 1372 points to stand tall at 1499 points. Malaysia is doing well without even Malaysians knowing they are doing well, because Anwar Ibrahim hasn't blown his trumpet .

INSTEAD he had taken the failure of his team IE Rafizi Ramli's inability to take advantage of lower freight rates and a stronger Ringgit as his own failure.

HAVING done that, the Prime Minister deserve to bring in his own people to move this nation a step further. It could be Nurul Izzah, it could be Rafi Awang Kechik, or even Mohammad Agus Yusoff...Anwar Ibrahim has earned his right to call the shots,as he sees fit .