Wednesday 29 March 2023

Anwar Ibrahim, You Better Watch Out For : The Walk of Life

was a hit for one of the biggest rock bands of all time, England's very own Dire Straits.  The single is taken from the Money for nothing album.

ANWAR Ibrahim is on the way to China, and may even bring back home investments worth billions of ringgit, but all the Prime Minister's good work might be eclipsed by a single B40 men, who is threatening to do the WALK of Life from Johor to the King's Palace. 

THE objective is to force the Prime Minister to bow to the wishes of the B40 citizens for a one off EPF early withdrawal scheme.

Do the walk of life
Here comes Johnny, gonna tell you the storyHand me down my walkin' shoesHere comes Johnny with the power and the gloryBackbeat the talkin' blues
He got the action, he got the motionYeah, the boy can play

THE guys name is Noorazlan Ismail, and Tik Tok has gone crazy as a sole B40 men, attempts to do what Tun Dr Mahathir failed to do in three decades ie; to get Anwar Ibrahim to back down from his stand