Friday 24 March 2023

Najib Razak : Band on The Run

is a 1974:hit single from Paul McCartney and The Wings, which helped the album of the same name being the most bought album in UK on that year.

CAN Anwar Ibrahim afford to have a Najib Razak, who is free as a Burung Merpati ?  The answer is a hell NO.

And the county judge who held a grudge
Will search for evermore
For the band on the run
The band on the run

THE courts will decide on March 31 2023, if Najib Razak will be freed. READ : Najib's SRC case: Apex court sets March 31 deadline to decide on leave application.

IN between now and Match 31, what has been taking place are leaks and more leaks, some on the judges, which I refuse to put in writing here as well as on the political front, that PAS will join the PH government soon, on anticipation that Najib Razak, might take UMNO out of the Government.

HOW true all these leaks are, God only knows, but one thing is certain, the street level crowd, especially among the Malays is with Najib Razak, who somehow managed to steal it from Anwar Ibrahim.

IF Anwar Ibrahim does not watch his back, the prime ministership could be NEXT.