Sunday 19 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Karma is a Cat

is a track from Taylor Swift's MIdnight album which created history when all of the singles in the album occupied the entire US Top Ten in one go last year.

KARMA has been called many things, but no matter how you refer it, for Victor Chin Boon Long, Karma is about to knock the door in a very strange manner.

Cause karma is the thunder
Rattling your ground
Karma's on your scent like a bounty hunter
Karma's gonna track you down
Step by step from town to town
Sweet like justice, karma is a queen.

2023, could have actually been the year, that Green Packet Bhd get's a second short in life to play in the big league and  have a chance to truly be a Malaysian home grown blue chip .

GREEN packet's first short to greatness ended around 2014, when READ :  Telekom Malaysia had to buy out Green Packet's Wimax business.

LITTLE would have Green Packet's new controling shareholder, Victor Chin Boon Long expect that some eight years down the road, good fortune would come knocking on the door.

TOO bad for Victor Chin Boon Long, his preveived bad attitude, would turn the good fortune, into one of Karma's greatest success stories in corporate Malaysia. READ : Fail sulit Ketua Mafia Korporat didedah, Azam Baki KP SPRM perlu tangkap Victor Chin, Chong Loong Men & Datuk Eddie.

TESTING was successfully completed in the first quarter of 2022, and with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim now ready to loosen Touch N Go's hold as the sole payment gateway and relook into his Deputy Prime Minister's suggestion for an MLFF system instead, Green Packet has been cut off from the project due to its alleged mob links.