Tuesday 28 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : SERANA !!!

is the smash hit from the emo group For Revenge, who hails from Bandung, Indonesia, with the ground breaking Perayaan Patah Hati Babak 1 that was released just six months ago.

SERANA is a simple yet, very complicated Malay word, which can best be described as a complete breakdown of heart, body, mind and soul.

THE whistle blowing site Corporate Secret.Com is wrong yet correct with its report READ : Francis Leong Seng Wui & Mafia Korporat rugi lebih RM100 juta.

CORRECT because there were huge trading losses, but wrong that the heads of the corporate mafia had suffered tremendous losses, because the site had failed to take into account, that corporate Mafia had wiped out all of Revenue Group's RM100 million or more cash. 

BUT that is for the bosses, but for the foot soldiers like the ones who are being placed under public scrutiny due to their involvement in Revenue Group Bhd, they are left with crying blood type of losses .

Di setiap masa yang telah kulewati
Meluap bersama kisah tak terganti
Senja mulai membiru menunggu yang berlalu
Haru air mata menyela iringi.

AND the losses won't end, as the A I, WalletInvestor which uses algorithmically-derived price predictions as a starting point for generating trade ideas, has stated Revenue Group Shares will be worthless ie 0.000001 sen come next year.

TO stop this hemorrhage ....enter the Khairy Jamaluddin linked company.

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