Thursday 23 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Victor Chin Boon Long : The Heat is ON

is a top ten single from the Eagles front men Glenn Frey. The single is taken from the soundtrack from the popular TV series Miami Vice.

THE heat is on, but Victor Chin Boon Long is playing the same game without realising that armada against him is a different type of animal.

The heat is on, on the streetInside your head, on every beatAnd the beat's alive deep insideThe pressure's high just to stay alive'Cause the heat is on

AND what is Victor Chin Boon Long's  normal game?  Well it is to temporarily cut ties with his chief machai's so that any half hearted investigation by Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission won't find any links to him.

ACT 1, get the ex policeman to cut ties with Victor Chin's holding company, Hong Seng Bhd. READ : Mafia Korporat panas! Arah Ng Keok Chai letak jawatan pengarah semua syarikat Victor Chin Boon Long

ACT 2 , get Francis Leong Seng Wui who has just appeared as a substantial shareholder in Revenue Bhd, to VIEW : sell off his entire 59 million shares in Green Packet

TOO bad for Victor Chin Boon Long, the market sences that this time around, the heat is on, at a level unseen before and as a result, Hong Seng, Green Packet and even Revenue are trading at their 52 week low.