Saturday 4 March 2023

BURSA Malaysia : Are You Man Enough?

is a track taken from Def Leppard's 11th studio album, Songs from Sparkle Lounge, which was released on October 2015.

WHAT is the function of Bursa Malaysia? As manager of the Malaysian stock exchange, Bursa Malaysia is the front line regulator of the Malaysian Capital Market .

THAT is on paper, but in practise Bursa Malaysia is a postman. You can just send in any grandmother announcement, and Bursa Malaysia will paste it on their website.

TAKE for instance, on the announcements made by Revenue Group of late, some of which defies logic.

BURSA Malaysia are you man enough to question the  Revenue Group Board on the statements they have made recently? 

The devil would approve it
So the question on my lips
Are you man enough?
Are you man enough?
Are you man enough?

WITHOUT, the special audit, how does the Eddie Ng Chee Siong controlled board know for sure that Brian and Dino Ng, the two suspended executive directors are even remotely guilty? More pressingly, why even bother suing the brothers, when you can't confirm for sure anything? 

REVENUE Group requested the courts not to allow the brothers to sell any of their shares, while at the same time Eddie Ng Chee Siong has used this opportunity to press down the shares. 

EDDIE dumped some 14 million shares at a market discount, via off market deals just a day before Revenue Group posted record losses. READ :Insider trading at Revenue Group.

BURSA Malaysia' elegant silence, won't work this time, because among market players, the same question is being asked.

IF the Singapore requlator, can pursue John Soh,  READ : Malaysian mastermind of 2013 Singapore penny stocks crash John Soh gets 36 years’ jail, how come the likes of Kenneth Vun, a known funder of Perikatan Nasional, and the Bukit Bintang linked Victor Chin officially do not exist in market maker world.

WHY is that so?  Well namely because Bursa Malaysia do not know how to check on proxy accounts. So their half past six investigations, will conclude that the individuals themselves didn't purchase any shares under their name.