Saturday 18 March 2023

Insider's @ Revenue Group Bhd : Inside the Securities Commission: KORUPSI hati BESI

is a song from a year ago from the quartet known as Orkes A Hizadin, a Kuala Lumpur based alternative rock group which has been active since 2016.

TO state the obvious, there is corruption at the highest level within the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia.

LOOKING at how with impunity, Eddie Ng Chee Siong,  the Revenue Bhd former chairman had been able to sell his shares in off market deals just one day before the company announced record losses or even the fact under this man, Revenue Group Bhd, had been coughing out RM127,000 daily every day for the past 180 days, to state the obvious is a mere formality

THEN, suddenly he sells off all his shares but before doing that Eddie Ng Chee Siong created a false crisis over a RM400,000 car, which has resulted in a loss of RM500 million in market capitalisation. READ :Revenue Group Brothers charged in court over a RM400,000 car

THE crime and the maths do not add up on first look, but eventually they do, because a much larger activity was taking place right in front of the regulators eyes.

BASICALLY,  Revenue despite still having about RM50 million in it's accounts, are no longer in a net cash position when one takes into account the huge receivables parked in it's accounts. 

THE whistle blowing site CorporateSecret.Com states that Revenue Group, has been under seige from a pirate group known as the Corporate Mafia.

jangan disini jangan juga disana
jika tak beri duit kopi bawah meja
tak apa harta dunia arah kiblatnya
korupsi sang hati besi
bagi makan anak bini
masuk ke poket sendiri
korupsi sang hati besi
bila bertemu ilahi belilah syurga kamu sendiri.

MEET,  the lawyer for this group of pirates, who represent the likes of Kenneth Vun, dubbed the new Soh Chee Wen of Malaysia as well as Victor Chin Boon Leong. READ : Selepas Victor Chin, Fail Peguam Mafia Korporat Chong Loong Men pula terbongkar

MEET Chong Loong Me , who have managed to keep the likes of Kenneth Vun, Sunny Pang and Victor Chin free from any criminal charges by the SC and Bursa Malaysia. The whistle blowing site claims that he is a fixer. The trio are known financial supporters of Perikatan Nasional, along side a drug peddling group from Macau.  

ITS about time, Malaysia finds out who this man is in bed with in the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia, that he can get cases fixed in favour of his clients without even having to go to court, while in Singapore, the real Soh Chee Win has been placed behind bars.