Sunday 10 November 2019


is a song from Radiohead released in 19 years ago. It was never released as a single, but is without doubt the most popular song by the group.

The Rolling Stone magazine lists the song as among the top 40 greatest songs this century.

Malaysia best be taking cue from THAT song, if Alan Greenspan's men's underwear index is accurate as the markets say it is. 
You can read more here :'s_underwear_index

According to Greenspan sales of men's underwear tend to pick up just before the economy heats up and likeversa .

As you can see here :

Upon peaking in 2020, it's a nose dive all the way to 2023. A mix of bad politics, bad financial position, could well sink Malaysia.

Here is Radiohead singing about it in Idioteque :

Ice age coming
Ice age coming
Throw it in the fire
Throw it in the fire
Throw it on the
We're not scaremongering
This is really happening