Wednesday 27 January 2021


Was a smash hit for Saykoji. Lyrics to this song goes something like this ;

Apapun mereka bilang
Tekadku takkan hilang
Jalanku masih panjang
Garis akhir yang kupandang

Yup. What matters most is the end game, and I can assure you on this point the dead can't be hurt by joblessness, or even a ruined economy.

But we the living will be effected. Hence, we have to ask ourselves,  are we willing to absorb a short tsunami of a  strike, and then live to fight another day.

The need for a new but fierce and strict lockdown are obvious, the effects though are  damning to millions. 

You can reead it ; HERE  and HERE 
The plus point is we live to fight another day, a fight we can easily win as Japan and South Korea have proven when they were razed to ground zero by World War 2 and the Korean War.

Why the need for a total lockdown .? The reason is because unlike everyone of us:, NUMBERS DO NOT LIE, THEY MERELY STATE THE SITUATION ON THE GROUNF.

The Code Blue  health portal  has some numbers for you to read, absorb and understand ;

1. Malaysia's Lost Year 
2. Malaysia in top 20, fastest growing Covid 19 spread
4. Malaysia is under testing

Meanwhile, Sourh China Morning Post had damning article on Malaysia's Covid 19 fight. READ HERE

An owner of an App company once told me that he has to eat the sweet, sour , bitter and all the rest, because as the boss he has to take the good and the bad of his people, and then come up with a winning strategy.

PM 8, Janganlah Gagap!!!.  Code Blue is a hospital code used to indicate a patient requiring immediate resuscitation.

That is the state of the nation now!!! This is your time to be a leader of man, save our country, cement your legacy. Don't be led by men  instead!!!!