Tuesday 6 June 2023

Amirudin Shari @ Worldwide Holdings : Demi panggung & demi nama.

AMIRUDIN Shari, the Selangor Menteri Besar should stop the theatrics, & get down to the business of clearing the mess created solely by the CEO of Worldwide Holdings Bhd  
Norazlina Zakaria.

SOME say, the manner in which READ : Western Power Clean Energy Sdn Bhd (WPCE) RM368 million suit is being played up by the online media, especially by the Johari Abdul Ghani's Free Malaysia Today seems to suggest that certain parties are not happy on how the allocation talks between Pakatan Harapan and UMNO is taking shape

INDEED, there may be some truth to this, as the reporting has come from the Business section, which normally houses the best reporting staff  instead from those covering the court beat.

IF indeed politics too is in play here, then it is best Amirudin Shari tread very carefully so as not to make Norazlina Zakaria's problems into Pakatan Harapan's problems.

REMEMBER,  if you give Perikatan Nasional an inch, they will take a yard. And if they sence that the yard is for the taking, then will want to take the state.

 BUT the question here which WorldWide Holdings have not answered is why transfer the entire RM1 billion risk to the state, considering the READ : the state has no experience and track record of overseeing the construction of a WTE facility in Jeram.

IF this was the second or third phase of the project, then it will make perfect sense for the state to go out on its own.

BUT why did Worldwide Holdings who themselves had sought a partnership in order to minimise its risk suddenly decided to go roque.

THOSE questions should not be answered by Amirudin Shari,  but rather the CEO of Worldwide Holdings Norazlina Zakaria, because this is her problem, her mess and nothing to do with either Pakatan Harapan or the UNITY GOVERNMENT.