Thursday, 1 June 2023

The Royal Malaysian Police is Being Targetted, by the failed Twitter Army.

I sence a group of failed twitter warriors, are beginning to mock the Royal Malaysian Police force. This must stop immediately!!!

THE "crime committed" by the Royal Malaysian Police Force, was to merely call up Wee Choo Keong for a chat. 

NO charges were filled against Wee Choo Keong nor did his personal belongings such as his handphone were taken away from him.

SO why are this group so shaken, that they have now started to mock the Police force in a manner, which can create hatred and contempt against them. READ : 

WEE Choo Keong is the guy who maliciously did something Hadi Awang, Muhyiddin Yassin, nor ant of the Bersatu, PAS or UMNO leaders  have never done. 

HE created a false allegations that the country's respected former opposition leader Lim Kit Siang was READ :Making money on the side selling APs. DAP wants this guy put behind bars.