Thursday, 1 June 2023

Revenue Group briefly sinks to its lowest ebb in history.

REVENUE Group share price sinks  to a record low of 24 sen a share, as anticipation heightens, that a clamp down on the company itself has shifted from a probability to a possibility.

BANK Negara Malaysia must decide soon if the weird conversion of warrants to mother shares at triple per cent age  figures, that was not promptly reported by the gateway payment company, results in the public losing confidence on the entire system.

EVEN if Bank Negara decides to play it safe, by sitting on its lazy backside, the incoming wind is too strong and from too high up for Francis Leong Seng Wui, to have the same level of liberty.

IT will not happen this week, but by July 2023, this much I can tell you, that Francis Leong Seng Wui  will look back in anger and resentment with those he had sat down with last year on how to take over a profitable public listed company using a used Toyata Alphat.

IT may have looked like a brilliant idea then, but that was then and  this is NOW!!!