Sunday 4 June 2023

Part 3 : The Corporate Mafia's Fall Guy!! : Azam Baki's Empire, To Strike For Malaysia.

IF you are wondering where is the Part 2 of this on going revolving story, well I will get to part 2 in a couple of days time.

IT  really doesn't matter, who was Azam Baki a year ago, it is who he is now that matters for Malaysia. 

I have said it before, Azam Baki knows how to clear house and ever since Anwar Ibrahim gave him a free hand,  the guy has basically out performed every other high ranking civil servant in this country.

THE on going investigations at the labour ministry, centered on individuals close to Labour Minister  V Sivakumar, is proof enough that when given a free hand, Azam Baki, wont be holiding any punches .

BUT in some cases, like the one  related to the Revenue Group Bhd,  it had to be done without anyone knowing, and if need be deny it, as the MACC boss had to  secure Malaysia's economic interest first

I am at liberty to now  state, the MACC chief, had been briefed months ago, on a  slew of public listed companies.and their directors, with ties to Victor Chin Boon Long's Corporate Mafia.
THE probe widened to specifically identity a few top dealers,  dealing directors as well as audit partners serving the Corporate Mafia secretly .

COMING back to the matter of securing the nation's economic interest, which is of national importance, thanks to Azam Baki, it is all good on that front.

WHAT  were or  are those interest?  Wait for part 4 lah, which should be out latter today, but I shall leave a small trail. Its in the title of Part 4

PART 4 : ALL 28 Roads Leads to Bank Negara Malaysia