Friday 2 June 2023

Green Packet Down, Teleng Out, in round one

TELENG ,has walked away from the fight, as it is not his war. He is one of the central victims of this war.

TELENG is not part of the Corporate Mafia but they have sold his name to the max. READ ; Rahsia MAFIA korporat Malaysia, Victor Chin Boon Long peralat penguatkuasa terbongkar.

I can tell you off hand, that Teleng's  relationship is over blown,and the dealing director who called on behalf of Halim Saad can vouch for it.

THERE is another reason why all non involved parties, want to stay away from  Victor Chin Boon Long.

THAT reason is Francis Leong Seng Wui, the next on the list. What list ? 

YOU just have to wait for next week, because something big is going to take place.